InuYasha Fan Fiction / Galaxy Angel Fan Fiction ❯ Time Warp ❯ Whats that light? ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter 1
What's going on?

Takuto woke up early in the morning."Yawwwwwwwwwwwwn" Man I got a massive headache. (italics are thougts). He ran down to the ships cafetiaria to see what was for breackfast. "Your up early". "ACK"Takuto yeled really high. "Oh Millfie you scared me."said Takuto gasping for breath. Millfie apologised and went to the kitchen to cook breakfast. Well it'll be a while till she's done. Better go to the bridge. When Takuto got to the bridge, he was surprised to see it empty. Not even Lester was there.What the...where is everybody?" He went to the space whale room and the only thing he found there was the lush green forest and the manufactured ocean. "Takuto Meyers to the cafetaria" said someone on the com-link.When Takuto reached the cafe,eveyone jumped out and said "happy birthday" "You guys remembered!" yelled Takuto in surprise. "Of course we did! Would we honestly forget our commander's birhtday?"said the blond Ranpha. After a while of dancing and partying Takuto notices Lester and Mint slip out the door. Whats up with those 2? Meanwhile in the hallway. "What is it Mint?" whispered Lester. "Well there's a time warp in the ships route and we cant turn the ship in time. If my calculations are correct this one will send us a few thousand years back."explained Mint. "Dang."said Lester. They slip back into the party.A few hours later Takuto yells "Whats that pink light?" "Thats a time portal" says Mint. "Okay but where does it lead?"asked the pink haired Millfie. Before Mint could respond every thing went black.