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Title: Tales of the Seasons
Author: inuyashagirl5
Rating:  T
Romance   (The genre will vary between chapters)
Pairing: Ryuichi/Kagome (The pairing will vary between chapters)
Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha or Gravitation. InuYasha is owned by Rumiko Takahashi and Gravitation is owned by Maki Murakami. I borrow them and make no money in the process.
A/N: These little fics are all separate stories. If one is ever a sequel I will mark it as such. You can suggest a pairing as long as it fits into the InuYasha/Gravitation crossover and I will do my best to write it. All stories will take place in modern times and will only sometimes mention the past if it fits the plot. These stories will not coincide with the current season or seasonal events. You may very well see a winter fic in the middle of the summer and vice versa. With that being said, I hope you enjoy this series of drabbles and one-shots.
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1. Summer Whirlwind

Kagome never thought that her days of relaxing on the beautiful beach owned by Sesshomaru would turn into one of the best summers of her entire life. Never did she think she would be spending every day having fun and being silly with one of Japan's hottest bachelors. Sure, strange things always happened to her. She did fall down a well and end up many years in the past and had an adventure she would never forget for as long as she was alive. So, perhaps she shouldn't have been too surprised when he stumbled, quite literally, through the shrubbery separating his beach from Sesshomaru's beach. She panicked, thinking he was hurt and she was immediately at his side checking him over. He was laughing, claiming that there was no way anyone would dare think he'd hide on Taisho's property. Then he looked up at her and grinned. She was instantly floored by the revelation of just who he was exactly.

Before she could speak, he was covering her mouth and going silent. Someone else was nearby and looking for him and he had been right, they didn't believe he was bold enough to hide out in the neighbor's yard. Then the voices were drifting further away again and he released her with an apology. He laughed more at her flustered state and then gave her a good once over, never letting his eyes stare in one spot too long. She felt just a bit self conscious about the small amount of fabric covering her form at that moment.

"You're cute."

He grinned when her cheeks darkened. She didn't respond, still silently stunned at the situation. He was famous and she never had to really deal with that. While Sesshomaru was rich, and always voted as Japan's sexiest bachelor, she had never felt that urge to go fangirl around him. He was Sesshomaru after all and her first encounter with the insanely powerful demon was not the best memory she had. Yes, she lived, but it still sucked. This though, was different. This was Ryuichi Sakuma, someone she never thought in a million years that she would ever meet and he just stumbled into her presence as if it were normal.

"What's your name?"

She managed to get herself together enough to answer his question. He laughed, a very sexy sound she noted, and exclaimed that her name was cute as well. That exclamation alerted his friends that they had been very wrong about just how bold he was when it came to hide and seek. He had crossed the property line none of them had dared to cross before. He begged quietly for her to help him hide, but he never gave her a chance to protest. Instead he grabbed her hand and hoisted her to her feet, forcing her to run further down the beach and further away from his friends. Upon closer inspection, Kagome noticed as she peeked over her shoulder, those friends were two members of Bad Luck. They looked very hesitant to follow, so she motioned with her hand that they could. The chase was on.

"Ha! Ha! You're a traitor, Kagome-chan!"

He laughed more after seeing her allow Shuichi and Hiro entry onto the land. Shuichi cheered and gave chase with Hiro following behind. Why not, she thought. She was supposed to be relaxing, but having some fun was good for her too. There weren't many hiding spots on the beach itself, so the other pair caught up very quickly. After that, Ryuichi and Hiro were tossing Shuichi into the water and Kagome couldn't stop giggling at how funny it was. Ryuichi advanced on her next, which made her panic and back away. There was no way she was letting him grab her and toss her into the water.

She didn't have to worry about that possible scenario. His steps slowed and his gaze landed on someone behind her. Standing on his terrace and looking out to see what all the commotion was, was none other than Sesshomaru. He took in the sight of all of them, landing lastly on her. With a smile, she waved up at him. He inclined his head and turned to go back inside.

"You know Sesshomaru Taisho?"

She explained that he was a friend of the family and she had been really good friends with his younger, now deceased, half-brother. He knew she needed a break from her work and was letting her stay at his beach home for the summer. He stopped in from time to time, but he never stayed for more than a day. He was a very busy man after all and he couldn't be bothered with something so simple as relaxing. Shuichi was brave enough to ask if there was something between them and Kagome laughed a little loudly at the thought before explaining that they were only friends and would only ever be just friends.

As the day shifted into night, Shuichi and Hiro said their goodbyes. They had to get on the road and get back home for work the next day. They expressed their pleasure at meeting her and hoped they could see her again someday in the future. When they were gone, Kagome was more or less at a loss for what to do. Ryuichi was still there and he looked content to stay there with her on the beach.

"The stars will be out soon. There's a whole sea of them in the sky!"

They watched those stars for a long time and talked about the things they did and the people in their lives. By dawn, Kagome felt comfortable being in his presence as if he had been a good friend all this time. She was amazed at how easily he had dug his way into her heart, but then again, she had a tendency to let people into her life with very little restraint. She had a good heart from what Sesshomaru had said and people tended to gravitate towards it, himself included. She was pleased he had accepted her friendship, even though deep down she felt he was doing it for InuYasha.

They watched the sunrise together too, but he departed after that, telling her he needed to get home and get some sleep and that she should do the same. She showered and hopped into bed smiling. She hoped he would stop by again sometime that summer. She had more fun with him than she had had in awhile and she really wished she could get a repeat. She found her wish to be answered that evening. A few minutes after Sesshomaru left the house, Ryuichi was at the front door. She inwardly laughed at how he avoided speaking to Sesshomaru and then invited him inside for something to drink. They didn't stay inside for long. He was adamant about getting her back outside to watch the stars again.

"Some of them are falling! We might be able to make some wishes!"

It was chillier the second night so she brought a couple blankets for them to use. However, he never touched the one she brought for him, but instead talked his way into sharing hers. He was very innocent in his request and Kagome found it hard to refuse. It turned out for the best because by early morning it was really cold and the second blanket was spread across their laps. He was pressed against her side and they shared body heat with one another as they talked. He talked a lot about his close friends and how much he adored Shuichi's friendship because they were a lot alike.

He asked about her friends and she admitted that she didn't have any friends she was really close to. Her friends from high school were married with children and she was lucky if they called or e-mailed her once a month. She was alright with it though because they were happy and that made her happy too. He asked if she had a boyfriend she spent her free time with and she shook her head sadly and admitted she worked too much for a social life. She was on vacation only because Sesshomaru had told her she was. She worked too much for a woman her age and he felt she needed a long break and refused to let her back into work until summer was over.

"He sounds like he cares a lot about you and your health."

She didn't deny it because she agreed and he admitted that he sounded a lot like his best friend Tohma. She briefly wondered if Tohma was really anything like the demon lord because Sesshomaru was downright intimidating. She giggled a little at the thought and told him she hoped someday she could meet his best friend as well. That perked him up considerably and he quite loudly stated he'd love to introduce them to one another. He was certain they would become good friends too.

As the days continued on and the end of summer neared, Kagome knew one thing for certain. She was in love with him. Somewhere along the playful summer, Ryuichi Sakuma had stolen her heart. What they would do once it was all over and they returned to their normal lives, Kagome didn't want to look forward. She wanted to stay on the beach with him and enjoy life and his company. She would even like to spend more time with his friends now that she had gotten to know all of them. But she didn't know what he thought of her and she was too timid to bring up the topic. For all she knew, he might only view her as a friend and nothing more. The last thing she wanted to do was create a rift between them before they went their separate ways.

"I have to head back into the city tomorrow. Tohma says I've had a long enough vacation."

As far as she could tell, he seemed to be gauging her reaction to his statement. She was sure her face reflected her sadness, even though she spoke kind words about their time together through a forced smile. She didn't want him to be sad just because she was and she did have such wonderful memories to reflect back on when she needed them. Ryuichi's face became more thoughtful the more he stared at her and listened to what she had to say and she wondered what he could be thinking about that made him make such a cute face. Thinking Ryuichi was always a cute Ryuichi.

He motioned for her to stay right where she was and darted back up the beach and into his own beach house. She watched him go, curious about what he was up to this time. He returned a few minutes later, cell phone in hand and a bright grin on his face. He handed the phone to her and told her to put her number in because he wasn't willing to let her go so easily. His admission was surprising, but Kagome accepted the phone and put her number in, making him promise to call her as soon as he was back in the city.

"I'll call you a lot, Kagome! Don't you worry!"

They spent their last night together on the beach. He sat closer than he had previously, but Kagome didn't mind his closeness. The air around them had changed, switching to something that warmed Kagome. His arm was around her waist, his fingers brushing lightly over the soft flesh of her stomach. The movement was lazy, but there was no doubt in her mind that he was slowly seducing her and she was very much ready to let him. Even if it only happened this one time, she wanted it. She turned her head slightly to peer up at him and he captured her lips before she could speak.

As the sun rose the next morning, neither wanted to untangle themselves from the other's embrace. They were content to lie there for as long as they could and enjoy the warmth their bare flesh shared. Ryuichi groaned at the distant ring of his cell phone, the tune it played told him it was Tohma calling. She gave the hip under her palm a gentle squeeze to get his attention. With his bright eyes on her she told him she wanted to leave too. She didn't think she could stay there with no one to talk to and the weather was turning colder. It was time for her to end her vacation too, but she was going to make some changes. She did work far too much.

"Anytime you want to see me, Kagome, call me. The only thing that will stop me from coming to you is if I'm on tour and far away."

She was so happy to hear such a response that she kissed him and neither made it out of bed until almost noon. By then Tohma was waiting. He greeted her casually and talked with her as Ryuichi hurried to pack his things he needed at home. Once Ryuichi was ready to go, he gave her one last, long kiss. Tohma's soft chuckle interrupted them and Ryuichi promised one last time to call her when he was in the city and that they could make plans then.

With a wave, she saw them off, smiling as the car drove off down the road until it could no longer be seen.  It had been one of the best summers she could ever remember. It had been a whirlwind of laughter and love and she hoped she could coax it to continue on into the following seasons.