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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Goofy took a deep breath. He shot awake to the smell of food. Materia was kneeling before a large cauldron, stirring its contents. Lasara was standing a short ways away from her, cutting vegetables.
"Very good, very good, Materia! Like I always say, a good sleep always helps the mind."
"Ah!", Materia nodded and sipped her stew. Her face twisted in disgust.
"Maybe some garlic will help. Here.", Lasara handed Materia a few cloves and she dropped them in, now stirring in a figure '8' motion.
"That smells great!", Goofy stood up and ambled over to the fireplace.
"It's a good thing that I woke up, Materia must have found a recipe book and was trying to make some.. unfortunately it wasn't as good as this." Materia giggled at her pot. Riku and the others began to stirred and rise to the smell of soup. Sora rubbed his eyes and yawned a drowsy 'Good morning'
"Good moaning!", Materia replied. It was just then did they realize, now that their pains were no longer excruciating, that Materia spoke like a two-year-old. Donald sighed and climbed into a chair.
"What are you cooking, Materia?", he asked.
"Oh, I forgot. I was teaching Materia a few more words this morning." Lasara walked towards her, taking the ladle from her, "Will you get the bowls?"
Materia stood and walked to the cupboards. On her return, she passed in front of a window and Sora saw that her shirt was so torn that her midriff could be seen.
"Maybe we should buy Materia some new clothes. Do you know of a show near here?"
"I guess you all really aren't from around here.", Lasara said, "I suppose I can show you all our.. 'shop'."
"Wow!", Donald craned his neck but still couldn't see the top of the building. It had large neon letters reading 'Shishiwakamaru Mall'
"Shishi-what-a-maru?", Sora tried to repeat.
"Shishiwakamaru Mall. Shishi was a demon who wanted a bit of recognition after attempting to win the dark tournament-"
"The what tournament?"
"Nothing, Riku, anyways... They held a mall naming contest and a lot of his fans entered so... here we are with Shishiwakamaru Mall.", Lasara sighed and chuckled a bit, "The women here."
Inside the mall, there were so many different people and creatures it made Sora's head spin. Materia bounced around the group, pointing at things and trying to get someone to explain. Both Sora and Materia were amazed by the colorful clothes, candy, and other assorted items.
"Oooh..", the little girl pressed her face against a glass panel at the front of a store. Behind the panel was a book with a very pretty girl and the word 'Chobits' on the front.
"Matewia.", she pointed to the book, then at herself.
"Do you want the book?", Lasara asked.
"Materia." Lasara responded in a parental tone.
"Um.. yes, sir?"
"Very good." Lasara patted Materia's head and went into the bookstore.
"We're here for clothes, remember?", Riku tugged on Materia's sleeve, which tore off.
Lasara bought the entire set of Chobits for Materia and a few other books. They followed the spry teen girl around the mall until she came across a store entrance that looked like a giant black bracelet on it's side (circles dun have sides -.-) with the words 'Hot Topic' on it.
"Materia," Sora started, "Maybe we should look somewhere else."
"Yeah it's creepy here." Donald shrunk away behind Goofy as gothic, pierced, and tattooed characters filed out of the store. Materia had already walked in and was rummaging through the many clothing racks. Lasara simple followed in her wake and pointed out her clothing sizes in pants and shirts.
"How does he know that?", Riku asked bitterly.
"Get your mind outta the gutter, Heart-man.", a guy, dressed entirely in black and reeked of ramen and fried computer disks, stood behind Riku and was talking directly into his ear, "Lasara's smart, he knows everything. Man's the shiznit, dammit."
"Who are you?" Sora jumped back and pulled his keyblade on him.
"Whoa there, Keyblade masta. I |\/|34|\| |\|0 |-|4r|\/|. Name's ^5."
"What?", Sora was thrown off by the man's sudden overflowy speech.
"High-five, Key Masta."
"Why do you keep calling him that?" grumped Riku, crossing his arms over his chest at the sound of 'Keyblade master'.
"Cuz you is da Darkblade Masta, heart-man.", ^5 gazed over the group and saw Donald and Goofy, "The Dage and Duard!"
"What?", Sora said again.
"Man, j00z needz ta get inta da age. Da Duck-Mage and da Dog Guard. Donald and da Goof-man!", ^5 made some spastic looking movements while he talked. Riku uncrossed his arms and stepped up to face the obviously delirious teenager.
"The Darkblade?"
"d4|\/||\|! j00 ain't suppose ta know that! Man. Hey, L-man! Who da chick?"
"Yeah, gambit, j00 da Darkblade Masta, Heart-man. Dey gots ya blade in dere, I'll go getz it 4 j00!", ^5 ambled into Hot Topic, he looked like he was going to pass out at anytime, and talked to the cashier. The cashier stepped back and opened a cabinet. Within the cabinet, the cashier pulled out a black and red version of Sora's Kingdom Key. Riku dashed inside the store and snatched the sword from the cashier.
"d00d, he's more than obsessive, he's mental.", the cashier turned away and smiled at Materia who was hidden beneath a mountain of clothes. The cashier laughed and began ringing up prices for her.
"Lasara, you're too much. At last someone will buy enough things for you to give them the bag, huh?"
"You're amused, aren't you Mune(mew-nay)?"
"Very much. First I didn't think it was possible, now I know better. Then I didn't think you couldn't find anyone who would need it." Mune sighed happily and pulled out a gym bag that was colored black and blue. Sora and the others watched in amazement as Mune put all the clothes into it.
"Okay Materia, let's go buy you a weapon."
"Yay!", Materia took the bag and swung it over her shoulder, following Lasara happily.
"Whoa.", Riku stood and went after Lasara, "Weapon?"
"Did I stutter? If Materia is going to go fight the Heartless with you four she's going to need a weapon, doesn't she?"
"She's not going to fight with us.", Riku grabbed Materia by the arm and shook her. Materia giggled, "She'll get us killed!"
"Killed?" Materia repeated.
"Yes! It means... it means... (-Chobits parody alarm-) It means that we'll stop moving, talking, breathing, being! We won't be here!"
"Won't be here?", Materia's voice was wavering slightly, "Not here for Materia?"
"No! We won't!" Materia threw her arms around Riku and began to wail like a five-year old not wanting to leave the candy store.
"No! No! Rikunii-san stay with Materia! Stay with Soranii-san, Donaldnii-san, and Goofynii-san, no get killed!"

Iris: Okay folks... *sighs* That's where Chobits starts to creep in. I have a friend with the mangas and I spent half the night reading them.

Materia: *wiping tears from her eyes* Rikunii-san, no get killed?

Iris: Who knows...

Materia: *begins wailing again*