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"I can't believe I never drew that card! Now, Black Mist! Absorb his energy so I can go home!"
Bakura fell to his knees and pulled at the card on his face. A black fog had begun to appear around his face/ Materia, having woken up from her absence, ran to his side. **No! Bunnynii-san!** She draped her hand over the card and pulled it off. The card shimmered and disolved in her hand. Death stepped back, he and that card were made of the same materials, that might happen to him. **Marik is insane if he thinks I'm going to stay here and be chasitized by that brat... but there's something very familiar about her...**
He turned around and ran away, fearing for his life. Materia watched him run then turned her attention back to Bakura. The white haired duelist had his face against her chest, breathing very heavily.
"Bunny? Bunny? Please no go."
"Don't worry." Normal Bakura whispered, "I'll be fine."
"Good." Bakura smiled and fell asleep against the little girl.
-the next morning-
"What? Death was here?" Sora slammed his hand into the table, causing the breakfast items to clatter.
"Don't freak, Sora.", Goofy caught his omelet before it toppled over.
"I don't blame him.", said Donald, "that's something you don't want to miss."
"Bunny was hurt."
"We heard you Materia. What should we do?"
"You should leave and leave Marik to us." Yugi left his seat to place his plate in the sink.
"But Death has wronged us." Sora said "He's the whole reason we're here! If we could just get up and leave, we wouldn't even be here."
"Why don't we all just relax?", Goofy handed Materia a piece of toast, "According to what Materia saw, maybe he won't be back for a while."
"I guess maybe. Materia, go upstairs and change your clothes."
-that afternoon-
Materia spent the whole day cleaning up the game store while the others went around the town asking people if they had seen Death, Despair, or Marik. No one had seen them until they came across a very.. disturbing young lady. She had her hair pinned up with spikes, her face was covered in dark make-up, and her t-shirt had a rather vulgar picture on it.
"Um... have you seen-", Riku started, bothered by the woman's resembles to ^5.
"Two strange guys and a kimono chick wandering around?"
"Nope. But I have seen two guys meandering around in normal clothes, although I think that one guy with the black hair was hiding something."
"Do you know-"
"High-five? No, but I know ^5. Name's Rent."
"Why 'Rent'?"
"Short for parent, Heart-man." Riku twitched "^5's my son."
Rent lead them to a dingy club scene. Yugi shied away as girls tried to entice him into a back room. Rent shooed them away and continued to an office room. Inside the office was several pictures of Mune and ^5, a telephone that had strayed from its stand, and a few other random items of interest. Yugi and Sora sat in two dark colored bean bags while the others stod at the door way (note: Kaiba stayed behind to 'watch' Pegasus and to keep his eye out for another portals.) Sora asked again if she had seen their villians.
"I haven't.. not directly. But my friend has seen them, fought with them even." Rent gestured for someone to come out of the shadows. As the man stepped out, Sora thought he was going to have a heart attack.
"Leon!" Sora shot from his seat and glomped Leon, over-joyed to see his old friend, "How did you get here? And why?"
"Aeris began having these strange dreams, then the barriers between realms crumbled so me and a few others guys decided to investigate, but we got seperated. I can't contact any of them, there's something in the atmosphere that's interfering with the gummi ships progress."
"Yeah, Scar-dude. These friends of yours?"
"They are, Rent." Leon went on introducing his friends and (the original Yugi crew) introduced themselves. They discussed the threat that was the trio and Rent came to one final conclusion.
"We'll hold a big tournament and put these things that Marik wants up for grabs and when he gets to the final stage, you'll beat him, nab whatever's giving him the power to change the very fabric of reality in this world, get rid of the guy and chick, and everyone can go home!"
"Okay. Then who will fund us?"
"No way." Kaiba shook his head, "I have my own problems and I don't have the time to bother with you."
"But don't you want your brother back, Kaiba?", Ishizu sat next to Kaiba and placed her hand on Kaiba's thigh (just to piss Jasmine off XD), "This will be a perfect opportunity to retrieve him, all we're asking is for a sponsor."
Kaiba's nerves gnawed together, but after a few hours, he gave in and sponsored Yugi and the others.
"Okay. Materia, would you like to help?"
"Goofynii-san! Can Materia make 'after these words from our sponsors'?"
"The what?"
"I think she means commercial, Goofy."
"Ah... sure you can make the commercial"
(note: commercial is written in script form)

Ishizu: *as schoolgirl* Hey, Patty.

Pegasus: *imitating James* Yes, Isis?

Ishizu: Did you hear about the new Duel Monsters tournament?

Pegasus: *fake gasp* No, I haven't! Have you- *tries not to laugh*- Liana?

Leon: *extremely pissed* Yes, I have. And the prize is kewl.


Leon: Yes, kewl.

Ishizu: Well, I like to duel. What's the prize?

Leon: *becoming even more pissed* The prize is this. *steps to one side to reveal the prizes* These great millenium items and the title of 'King of Games' given to you by the King of Games himself, Yugi Motou. *camera brings up a pic of Yugi giving the 'victory' sign*

Ishizu and Pegasus: KEWL!

Ishizu: Wow! That's great.

Leon: *hmph*

Pegasus: Where can I get more information?

Leon: At the Kami Game Store, sign up before this Saturday or you could lose your chance.

Pegasus: KEW- *is tackled by Leon*

Leon: Shut up!
-end commercial-
Marik sat before a TV, amused at his sister. He wondered why his sister was ridiculing herself on a national scale, but that was beyond the point. The prize for that tournament was the remaining Millenium Items, exactly what he needed to rule this world.
"You do understand that this may be a trap, Master Marik."
"That's why I have you and Despair, my disposable servants. Where is Despair?"
"Playing with her 'toys'."
"Tell her to prepare for battle, we're entering a tournament."

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