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The sun rose over Domino city the morning of the tournament. (note: Since the Mokuba incident, everyone's been staying at Yugi's XD) Ishizu sat by a window and sighed heavily. Her heart was torn between her brother and saving Mokuba. As a sister she had to protect her own brother, but as a friend, she had to help get the younger Kaiba back. What could she do?
"Kitty?", Materia had come upstairs to retrieve Ishizu for the tournament. The Egyptian women smiled tenderly at Materia.
"Materia, can I ask you something?"
"Yes." She hurried over to Ishizu's side and sat beside her.
"If you were torn between two conflicting sides, what would you do?"
"Compromise." Ishizu was surprised that the little girl knew such a big word.
"Lasara-san told Materia that if two things become a problem, compromise. Find someway to make both things turn out good."
"Marik-sama! I hate this game! Why do I have to play?"
"Don't you want to get revenge on that girl who hurt you?" Despair draped herself across Marik's back, purring seductively in his ear.
"Oh, Marrrik-sama... If we do win, can we have an afterrr tourrrnament duel? Myew?"
"Please, Despair." Death pulled his sister off the psycho, "You're embarassing me and we aren't even at the tournament."
Despair and Death argued while Marik walked ahead. His mind was set on winnning the tournament and controlling the Millenium items. Nothing would get in his way, nothing, no one.
Donald and Goofy watched in surprise as the many duelist filed into the remodeled Battle City, Materia handed out updated duel disks, Sora and Yugi passed out tournament boosters and everyone else had other varied jobs to do. Yugi recognized many of his friends and waved to them, but had to straighten out his act when Marik showed up.
"No hard feelings, Yugi?"
"None at all." The little duelist handed Marik his booster pack and returned to other matters. Marik and his cronies walked away right as Materia run up to them.
"Starfish! Sora! Materia all done! Kitty said to change shifts so Materia could have a break. Kitty looks sad."
"I'm going to check on Ishizu, okay Sora?"
"No problem."
The tournament was under way after a few... 'encouraging' words from Seto and all ready top duelists were winning left and right. Everyone was certain that by the end of the day they would have their 8 finalists.
(Narrator: and by the end of the day we DID have 8 finalists. Yugi, Sora, Joey, Bakura, Marik, Seto, Death, and Despair....)
The 8 finalist met at the still unfinished stadium and waited for Kaiba's blimp to show. The two sides (the 'good' and bad side) talked amongst themselves.
"This is really bothering me, Marik-sama."
"What is it now, Despair?"
"There are talking animals everywhere! First that talking chicken and now that talking dog over there!"
"I hoid dat!"
"Calm yourself, sister, soon enough we'll be rid of those brats and their talking animals."
"What do you want, Materia?" Riku shifted his weight and focused out the window again, watching for the KaibaCraft to fly by. Materia skipped over to his side and huddled next to him.
"Why did Rikunii-san no play with Soranii-san?"
"It's a dumb game.", he paused and looked down at her, "We really need to do something about your sentence structure."
The KaibaCraft landed in the stadium and the finalist (and their friends) got on. An announcer came over the P.A. system to announce (duh) that the pairings would be talking place in a few minutes. (and to save time-) , Sora, , , Death, and

Round one:

Bakura+Marik winner
+----------------- winner
Joey+Despair winner
Yugi+Kaiba winner
+----------------- winner
Sora+Death winner



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