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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Iris: Mm...kay... since battle chapters are stinky things to write... here's how everything went down.

-Marik beat Bakura
-Despair beat Joey
-Yugi forfeited for Kaiba's sake (though Kaiba said it wasn't needed)
-Death wins
-Marik seduces Despair into quitting (um... yeah... you can think about that...)
-Death quits (he hates Duel Monsters)
-now Kaiba and Marik are about to duel.

Iris: So now here is Kaiba and Marik's battle in script form.


Marik: Okay, Priest, times to seal your fate. I'll take your blood as well as your brother's heart for my powers.

Kaiba: *tch*

-now we duel-

Kaiba- summons Lord of Dragons and Summoning Flute to then summon two BEWD and places one card face down.
Marik- summons Dark Necra, plays Yami, plays Dark Hole
Kaiba- *grr* plays Ultimate Sacrifice to Summon his last BEWD & plays Monster Reborn to bring back one other BEWD
Marik- -insert speech- draws some big card that Naraku gave him. And defeats Kaiba.

"Hah! How's that Kaiba? Now you've lost your brother and your tournament!" Kaiba fell to his knees in anguish. How? How could he be beaten?!?!?
"M-Mokuba..." a glazed look came over Kaiba as he doubled over and whimpered into his hands. Marik, pleased with his work, summoned a force field to take him and his prizes away. Death and Despair walked up to him to take off.
"Yeah! Marik-sama will never be defeated by a bunch of weaklings like you!" Despair happily took her place beside Marik, draping herself over her mad master. As Death made his way to his sister and master. Sora caught him.
"Death! Tell me, why are you doing this!?!? You can choose not to!" The man glared down at Sora with an almost forlorn look.
"Despair and I have no choice, those who control our essence control our actions... I thought you'd understand that by now..." He broke away and enter the field, where the trio disappeared. Yugi sadly looked down at his bare neck, now that it no longer held his Millenium Puzzle.
"Yugi..." Sora clenched his fist "I'll never stop until you have your items back!"
"Soranii-san~!" Materia jumped onto Sora's chest to wake the young boy up. He sat up in surprise and was greeted by the girl hugging her tightly, "Soranii-san! You came home! Did you win?"
"I'm sorry, Materia, I didn't win." Materia's expression didn't drop immediately, but slowly fell into tears, registering her 'brother's' sadness, "Don't cry. Everything is going to be alright, I promise."
He held her close, smiling down at her. Riku and Donald entered the touching moment, both with an almost disgusted look.
"Rent said she has our gate ready to head back to Lasara's." Riku said.
Tears were all around -Materia's face that is- as the group gathered around a blank manga to leave the Yugioh realm. Sora reminded Yugi that they would return Mokuba and the Millenium Items to their dimension.
"Don't forget."
"I won't."
"Bye-bye, Yuginii-san!"

Iris: Hah! After waiting for so long there is the chapter -I swear to God that will never do another Yugioh story as long as I live!!! I hated that! But don't worry, you'll never have to wait this long for a stinky chapter like this ever again. Now to work on the other things....