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Materia happily hugged ^5 and nibbled contently on his ear. Sora and the others started to explain what had happened when the spastic goth flashed a DVD box in their faces.
"Boom, baby! I gotz it all on D-Vay-Deeeee! Ya'll wanna watch it?"
"A.. DVD?" Sora said, slightly confused.
"Oh yeah, forgotz dat j00z guyz came from somewherez elze. Wit-out da vids." His face seem to stop shining.
"What's wrong?"
"Ahhh... nothing. Say! Letz go for some pizza!"
"Pizza! Pizza!" cried Materia, who leapt off ^5 and onto Riku, "What's pizza?"
"... I don't like pizza.", Riku said, "Why don't you stay with me, Materia?"
"Wow" Goofy chuckled "I didn't think you liked Materia."
Riku didn't answer, he just turned on his heel and left, Materia happily perched on his shoulders.
-Following Riku-
"What's that? Can Materia have some?"
"It's 'May I have some', Materia."
"May I?"
Materia dragged Riku all across the giant mall, exhausted the poor child. He couldn't believe how cheerful she was, and how she was able to move so quickly with her bag and archery pieces. Even if she was Death and Despair younger sister, the little girl didn't seem to have a cruel intention about her. The friendly air was soothing for Riku, but there was something more to her, something more to her gentle smile and wayward hair and crystal blue eyes that shimmer with childish delight. He knew there was something more; he just couldn't figure out what.
"Rikunii-san? Are you home?" Riku snapped from his reverie to find Materia attempting to scale a wall.
"Materia! Get down!"
"AH! Not like that!" He leapt out and caught Materia, "You're so hard to take care of."
Materia giggled and hugged her 'brother' tightly. Riku decided that it was about time for them to meet up with ^5 and Sora. They happened to walk by an arcade.
"I'm so tired..." Riku sighed.
"YAY!!! DDR!!!" a crazy girl leapt up beside Riku and ran past him into the arcade. She was dressed in a skirt, a blouse with way too long, almost cut-off sleeve (both decorated with hearts), with translucent pink butterfly wings on her back, black and purple pantyhose, and worn in combat boots; she jumped onto a machine that had eight arrows on it, four on each side of the machine, and a screen that showed song titles and played little snippets. The girl dropped three little coins into the machine, set her level, and choice a song. The one called 'Cow Girl'.
"Whee!" she cried as her feet darted all over her half of the machine, landing gently on the arrows. Her hair bounced and flew around her face, but she never lost the beat. The machine shouted out random praises. Riku watched her intently as Materia pretended to dance beside him. Neither noticed ^5 and the other walking up behind them.
"|/\|04|-|! Check out the DDR Chick!" ^5 joked when he noticed Riku. The silver haired boy was shuddering in his spot, his hands were pressed over his reddening face.
"Dude, Heart-man. j00z all red and jiggly... like something red and jiggly... like red Jelola!"
"Hey.. are you alright Heart-man? Here, mebbe you can't breath cause ya hanz is in the way." ^5 tried to pulled Riku's hands off his face, but when he did... "OH d00d! J00Z GOTZ A NOSEBLEED!!!! WHERE'S DA CHICK!?!?!?!?"
He scanned the arcade several times over until he found what Riku had been gawking at, the girl who was just about to finish her third song ('Afronova'); her skirt was flying up, flaunting her pink panties. ^5 gave a low whistle.
The girl finished and turned to find the group staring at her, especially the handsome goth whose pupils were shaped like hearts. She skipped over to him and looked up (I mean UP^^^^) at him with her own, asterisk shaped eyes. Without any warning, the DDR gal brought herself to her toes and kissed him on the cheek.
"It might just be me, but I see hearts in your eyes.", she said quietly, "My name's XD"
"What?" whispered Sora.
"Ecksdee. My friends call me Dee."
"Well.. I see asss-ttteeeerr-aaarrrssss (stars) in yours." ^5 said in a vain attempt to sound romantic, his voice failing him while his face turned a bright red, "Name's ^5."
XD giggled and skipped away, leaving ^5 in a poetic daze.
"Ahh...dearest Dee, how beautiful Thine art to me. You have stoleth my heart, may we never part!"
"What?" Donald said it this time.
"I mean.. YEAH!!! She's a total bishoujo! Hell, yeah!"
"^5nii-san is acting weird, Goofynii-san."
"Just nod and smile, Materia. Hyuck."

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