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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Iris: At the request of a close friend and fan, Goofy and Donald will be left in a plot hole. I'm tired of messing with them. Besides, the story is more for Riku and Sora.


"Thank you for helping us." Miroku bowed.

"Where did Sephynii-san go?"

"I dunno, Materia.", Sora pushed Materia towards the well, "I hope that we find Kagome and the other girls who are being kidnapped."

"Come again soon." Sango said. Inu-tachi and Sora-tachi waved good-bye to each other as the latter jumped down the well. As they reached the other side, ^5 cheered and hollered down the well.

"Will you quit that, you moron!?" Riku shouted, climbing out of the well and catching the spaz by his neck.

"But, Heart-man! j00z w4z 50 r00xx0r3|\|! 3`/3 w4z li3k, '\/\/04|-|! Heart-man w4z |(!(|(!|\|6 Fluff-m4n'z 41253!'"

"Do you ever speak like a normal human?"

"I amz normal!"

"^5nii-san!" Materia stumbled out of the well and glomped ^5. The spaz laughed and let Materia piggy-back ride back up to the mall. Riku helped Sora out of the well. The younger boy noticed that their swords had returned to their original states.

"Maybe it's me..." Sora started, "...but it seems like Materia is learning more, but isn't at the same time."

"What do you mean?"

"It's like she see what happens, but doesn't realize that it's actually happening."

"Oh, you mean because she always smiles after something dangerous happens?"


"Eh, don't worry about, Sora. She's like a little child, remember? Materia probably remembers all the bad things, but she doesn't like to think about it."

"Ahhhh!" cried ^5 from the top of the stairs. Riku and Sora broke out into dead runs to catch up. When they reached the spaz and little girl, ^5 had dropped Materia.

"What's wrong?!" Sora cried.

"Tis my beautiful XD! Dee-chan! Dee-chan!" ^5 took off in the direction of his DDR-chick, leaving the three behind.

"Do we have to rely on such an idiot?" Riku growled.


Iris: Ahhhhh.... my brain is dead!

Siri: Big surprise.

Iris: Let's reintroduce the characters....


Sora: Yo! My name's Sora, from the original KH. I am 15 years old in this story and I wield the Master KeyBlade. My adventure started on my home island of Destiny Island and I hope that it will end there.

Riku: I am Riku, the main hero/villain from the original KH. In this story I'm 16 years old and my weapon is the DarkBlade. Don't get me wrong, I'm still in love with Kairi (foreshadowing), but right now, Materia needs my protection.

Materia: Materia is Materia! ^o^ I'm a main character in this version of KH. Materia is 16 and uses arrows to fight. Rikunii-san and Soranii-san are really nice, Materia likes them. ^_^

^5: d00dz! ^5 ish m3h n4m3 and b3ing the oh-so 1337 guide for Heart-man, Keyblade Master, and Arrow-chick ish m3h g4m3! I'm not dead sure how old I am... I love m3h beautiful Dee-chan!

XD: My name is XD and later on in the story I'll be like an items shop for Sora and the others. I am 18 years old. DDR is my profession and love.

Death: I am Death, one of the main villains in this story. I was created to be 24 years old and my weapon is a lightning/lava whip. Recently, I have been wondering about myself.

Despair: Hello! I am the beautiful Despair of the Death and Despair combo! My design is that of a 22 year old woman and I use an ice sword to capture my cuties! I love catching bishounen!

Iris: Thank you, and now for a teaser. In the next KHII: ANR...

Death: I have a plan...

Riku/Sora: Kairi?

^5: j00zz c4n 5t4y h33r 'til we findz d4 n3xt p0rt4l.

Materia: Materia is crying....

Siri: 'What I Thought I Lost', see you soon.

*~*Omake Fin*~*