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Kittenn: Konnichiwa. This was a writing exercise, and I like it. It'll be a series of drabbles.
Elmo: It turned out better than we thought!
Kittenn: Anyways, I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho!
Elmo: OR me! I own me!
Kittenn: -hits on head with frying pan- Now get typing mister!
You Could Never be More Wrong
Kagome Higurashi: a simple student and girlfriend to `Shuuichi' Minamino. Kurama Minamino: an intellect student and boyfriend to Kagome Higurashi. The two have more in common than they would have thought.
Kagome Higurashi: A simple student.
Kurama Minamino: An intellect student.
Their everyday lives were simple and their secret ones exciting and special.
They had many things in common that they didn't know about. They both fought demons on a daily basis, for one.
Another one was that they were both oblivious to the other's secret.
To Kagome, `Shuuichi' Minamino was a sempai that happened to be a genius, and had many fan girls, and her boyfriend.
To Kurama, Kagome Higurashi was just another freshman that happened to not be all over him like the rest, so he fell for her.
To Kagome, `Shuuichi' was a human boy with no spiritual or demonic powers and had no idea about the dangers of the world. A boy she hoped never to bring into the things she was no longer afraid to face.
To Kurama, Kagome was a human girl with no demonic or spiritual powers and no idea about the other worlds, the way it was supposed to be. He could only try to make sure she never learned of the worlds unless absolutely necessary.
To each other, they were what they pretended to be.
To each other, they were phoney. They were phoney like the way they were to the rest of the world.
In truth, Kagome was a powerful miko, even though she was untrained. She was the guardian of the Shikon no Tama, and faced horrors that a normal teenage girl wouldn't dream of.
And as for Kurama, he was a demon thief that had forced his rain of terror on the world until his death, seventeen years ago, and was reborn and retrained himself. He faced demons regularly.
They contemplated on telling each other about who they really were, but knew that it would blow up in their face, thinking that the other was normal.
Maybe someday, they always promised themselves, but someday never came. Even if it did, it would be too soon.
Maybe if they got married and had children, then they would tell.
It wouldn't do for Kagome to give birth to a demon without knowing. She'd be obviously freaked if her kit had a tail.
It wouldn't do for Kagome to have a child and have to keep her training of her child secret from him. Or if there were complications because of her spirit energy, when it came to how the child acted. Random bursts of energy wouldn't do either.
There was a big IF in that though. Marriage was the last thing on their mind in high-school.
They were both afraid that if they told each other, than the other would call the mental institution for them to be taken away.
Unknown to each other, they would understand.
But because that important fact was unknown, the secrets remained untold.
Kagome Higurashi: An average untrained miko and protector of the sacred Shikon no Tama.
Kurama Minamino: A demon thief who was feared of in the demon world, and soon to be second of Yomi.
Kagome Higurashi: A girl keeping secrets from her boyfriend.
Kurama Minamino: A boy keeping secrets from his girlfriend.
Kittenn: Okay, now that that's finished…
Elmo: JA NE!
Kittenn: Hai, ja.
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