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You Could Never be More Wrong
Kagome Higurashi: a simple student and girlfriend to `Shuuichi' Minamino. Kurama Minamino: an intellect student and boyfriend to Kagome Higurashi. The two have more in common than they would have thought.
Broken Glass:
It was going to be hard to explain to his mother how she managed to get all the way to the hospital by herself…
Here's what I'm gonna do:
This is going to be “themed chapters” of how Kagome and Kurama's relationship grows, and how their life as boyfriend & girlfriend is. Each chapter will have its own summary, and will rarely be over 1000 words. Understand? Good. (Story ends when they break up, or soon after they find out each other's secrets. Whichever happens).
If anybody wants to be a beta for this story, tell me.
Please don't expect updates very often on this story, just whenever I feel inspiration I'll write a chapter. You may get two in a row then two months without anything for all I know, okay.
“Why do I have to do this?”
“You just do Kagome…”
“But it sucks!”
“If life gives you lemons, Kagome, you make lemonade with it.”
“Actually, if life gives you lemons, throw them back at life. Tell it to make its own damn lemonade!”
Kurama sweatdroped and then closed over his textbook.
“Kagome-chan! You're so stubborn. I don't know why I tutor you!” Kagome stuck her tongue out at him. How he wished he could show her his demon side. If she knew he would have made a wise-crack about ripping her tongue out and having life eat that instead.
“Because I'm your beloved girlfriend.”
He couldn't deny she was. She just didn't know the real him, and unknown to him he didn't know the real her. He stuck his tongue out back at her.
“Since when,” he joked, “did you just decide this yourself?” He leaned closer to her and she could feel his breath.
“Of course I did. I know I should have told you, Shuuichi-kun,” she played along.
“Then I'll just have to show you the punishment for making decisions like that without telling the opposing party.”
Kurama pulled her face closer to him and then reached down and began to tickle her. Kagome fell backwards and began to laugh hysterically as he continued his tickle-torture. She rolled off the couch and fell onto the tea-table that sat in front of the couch which they used to study.
Unfortunately, the table was glass.
Kagome sat up in the pile of broken glass and wiped the blood off her cheek. She only streaked it, and her she noticed her fingers were bleeding too.
She quickly scrambled up and inspected the damage. Lucky for her, no glass was actually in deep. She looked over to Shuuichi and glared at him.
“Wasn't that your mother's favourite table?”
“She's not home.”
“Why don't I take you to the hospital?”
Kurama couldn't help but laugh at the fact that she still kept her sense of humour while in pain.
“Umm… Kagome, I can't drive without a parent or guardian…”
Kagome blinked a couple of times and then glanced at the door. “Shiori will be home any minute,” Kurama promised.
“Forget Shiori! Run, Shuuichi, run! We have to get to the hospital and can't get caught near the broken table!”
He watched in surprise as she dashed out the door. After a minute he realized where he was standing and followed her out the door and to the hospital.
This was going to be a hard one to explain to his mother.
Yeah, Shiori had faced glass in her flesh before; this was going to be hard to explain.
Kagome didn't really react to falling onto the glass table because she had felt worse pain and the glass really wasn't in very deep. It wasn't even really stuck in her skin like the “plate incident”.
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