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Nine Months
Chapter 2: The Mission
        Kurama sighed, casting yet another look at his friend. 
        Sure Hiei had never been the cheerful, Botan type, but he had never seemed this… distant and irritable before.
        “Maybe its PMS.” Kuwabara suggested quietly.  In truth, Youko wanted dearly to smack the baka up-side the head for his stupidity, but thankfully, Kurama resisted.
        “Suggest that I'm a female again, baka ningen, and I'll relieve you of that ugly head of yours.”  Hiei had spoken for the first time since they had arrived in Spirit World. Not counting, the “Hn's” of course.
        Even Kuwabara was smart enough to take heed to the fact that the room's temperature rose rather significantly.  However, he did mutter, “When did I say shorty's a chick?”  The heat stung at his cheeks as beads of sweat began to role down his face.  He whimpered rather pathetically and inched away from the fire demon.
        Kurama shook his head, praying that Kuwabara never marry Yukina.  Heaven forbid the two would become in-laws. 
        All hell would break loose.  Knowing Hiei, it might very well be literally.
        Before Hiei could burn Kuwabara to death, a blue ogre emerged from the large office doors.  “Koenma will see you now.”  Face straight and chest puffed, he looked just as distinguished and business-like as a blue man with two stubby horns and a leopard-skin kilt possibly could.
        Hiei, Kuwabara, and Kurama stepped wordlessly into Koenma, son of King Yama's office. 
        Making their way through the mountains of paper-work, the three found the “Mighty Prince of Reikai”.
        Without so much as a greeting, the orange topped ningen idiot asked “Hey Jr. What's with all the paperwork?” 
        Ever seen a stressed baby dressed in a fighting outfit and burdened with many wrinkles? Well, that was exactly what the Mighty Lord Koenma looked like.
        “It's almost summer.”  The baby explaimed, slamming his fist on his paperwork. “Stress from finals.  Restless kids killing classmates… you do the math.”  His eyes darted as they scanned the trio.  “Where's Yusuke?”
          & nbsp;           &nbs p;            & nbsp;           &nbs p;            & nbsp;           In Ningenkai 
        “YOU PERVERT!”  Yet another scream emitted after yet another slap throughout the school's halls. 
        Keiko Yukimura stormed away from the said “pervert” who was currently twitching in the hallway's floor.  She ranted and fumed as she pushed her fellow, wide-eyed students out of her way, ranting things about perverts and stupid Yusukes.
        The boy lay there murmuring incoherent words, somewhere in the middle between bras and teddy bear land.  This was however, before he felt a vibration in his left pocket.
        “Great.”  He groaned.  Taking a… compact mirror out?  The passing students watched in interest as the boy flipped open the mirror.
        “Hey! Looking good!”  The students stared at the delinquent as if he had just grown a second head atop of his shoulders.  They decided this was ordinary Yusuke Urameshi behavior before checking their watches, gasping, and hurrying off to class. 
        The boy, as always, ignored the period 6 bell. Whoever thought of scurrying to get to class had obviously never experienced skipping in his life.
        “Shut it Yusuke.  It's because of your slacking off that I have bags under my eyes in the first place!  You were supposed to be here an hour ago!”  The mirror was as no student would find out, was actually a link to another.  Another that was held by Kowenma.
        Yusuke thought for a moment as Koenma, on the other side of the link glared at his Spirit Detective.  “Oh yeah, I forgot about that.”  Koenma seemed enraged.  “Well, are you coming or not?!”  Yusuke weighed his options.
        Stay here in school, ditch class and stare at the sky in peace, orrrr go on some God forsaken mission that would most likely get his head chopped off. . .
        Decisions, decisions. . .
        “Yeah, Yeah, I'm coming.”  Yusuke growled.  If your falling over at his choice right now, you obviously don't know Yusuke Urameshi.
                          &nb sp;                         &nb sp;            One Hour Later
         &nbs p;            & nbsp;           &nbs p;            & nbsp;
         &nbs p;            & nbsp;           &nbs p;            & nbsp;           &nbs p;    Koenma's office
        “Now that you're all finally here…”  The reikai prince started, glaring pointedly at the detective.
        “Yea, yea, toddler, hurry up, the sooner the ass-kicking starts, the better.” The boy cut in, folding his arms across his chest, he began to tap his foot impatiently.
        “You moron! You do realize that I could have started explaining by now don't you?”  Koenma growled, pounding his fist on a small pile of paperwork.  It was clear that he was already hooked up to a short fuse, this of course, never did stop our favorite delinquent.
        However, before Yusuke was able to ignite the bomb, Hiei cut in.  “Just give us the damned mission.  I too am in the mood for a good kill.” 
        After a final murderous glance to Yusuke, Koenma sighed, talking to Yusuke was one thing, Hiei on the other hand, wouldn't give killing him a second thought. 
        “This could be a very serious case.”  Koenma said, suddenly growing a hell of a lot more serious than earlier. “There have been reports of strange energy bursts coming from your city.  Each one is faint, and disappears before we're even able to trace it.”
        “Probably a lower class demon?”  Kurama suggested.  Why would this be such a “serious” case?  There was probably more.
        “No.  Although the energy bursts are faint, they are powerful.  There is however, some evidence that they are somehow linked to a human girl.  And another thing is for certain... each is a defect in time.” Koenma stopped to let that sink in.  If the team had any mind at all, they'd realize that this was in fact a serious case.  An ordeal which could be very danger-
        “Hn. So what do you want us to do about it?”  Hiei asked, glaring at the toddler.  He, unlike the others who were standing shoulder-to-shoulder in front of Koenma's desk, was leaning almost carelessly against the wall.
        “You moron! I want you to investigate this of course! Honestly, how can you be so damned stu-“  Koenma gasped and instantly clenched his eyelids together.  Oh had his temper drove him into a crater this time!  His life flashed before his eyes, as he prepared to be sliced into many, many pieces by Hiei's katana.
        … but it never came… Maybe he was dead already?  What happened to him if he died anyway?  He was the prince of reikai, and he didn't even know.
        Did it matter anyway, but seriously, what was going on?
        “Hn.  Doesn't sound like anything I'd be interested in.”  The young apparition said calmly, before turning on heel and strolling out of the office. 
        The four remaining in the office stared at the door in complete shock. 
        “What's up with shorty?”  The human asked, his crackly voice breaking the silence.  There was only one thing going through all of their minds, and that was `what the hell?'
        Koenma allowed his head to fall to his desk, before the starting to bawl like the baby he was.  “I'm ALIVE! I'm ALIVE!”  He cried, tears soaring like waterfalls.
        “Something is most definitely wrong with Hiei.”  Kurama said, for once stating the obvious. The real Hiei would have killed the prince right on the spot, yelled something at the very least… anything.
        It was then that death decided to come.
        Now, before you jump out of your seat and gasp and say that its far too early in the story for someone to die! Like, Oh My Gosh! I'll tell you that death decided to come… literally.
        Lady Death anyway.
        You know, the Grim Reaper.
        “Botan! Don't pop out of nowhere all of a sudden!”  The orange topped ningen yelled, finding himself clinging to Yusuke for dear life. 
        “Botan”  sweatdropped as Yusuke started yelling at Kuwabara. “Gerrof me you stupid ass!” However, the girl instantly remembered why she had come.  She looked around at the occupants of the room and gasped.
        “AAGH! WHERE'S HIEI?!”  She demanded in a high pitched squeak.
        Yusuke, being one to always manage to get himself off subject smirked a rather perverted grin.  “Why, little Botan have a crush?”
        Kurama shook his head, `And to think, these are some of my best friends…'
        “You idiot!  This is serious!” 
        Yusuke's smug look transformed into one of mild curiosity.  “Why?”
        “Botan, what is it? Do you have any idea why Hiei is acting so strangely?” Koenma asked, for some reason, he was in his teenaged form.  He had been doing this a lot around Botan lately, Kurama noted.
        Each of the men around her stared at her expectantly, as beads of sweat started to roll down her face.  “Well… It's quite funny really… you're going to laugh.”
        “What happened Botan?”  yusuke asked slowly, as if he wer speaking to some little child.
        “Uh… heh heh… well, you know how I got that job in human world right?”
        “Botan, that was a year ago, of course we do.”  Kuwabara said, he, like the others, was getting rather annoyed by this lack of information.
        “Well, Hiei kinda… came by yesterday… and he well… hekindaaskedforsweetsnowandIkindagaveittahim…” 
        It took a while for the boys to take those words apart and put them together again.  Finally, Kurama figured it out, while Kuwabara was still on “he”.
        As realization hit him, his eyes widened. “You WHAT?! How much?”  This could be bad.  If the same thing happened as last time…
        “Uhm… heh heh… enough for him to start flirting with a human girl.”  Botan squeaked, a pathetic excuse for innocence.
        “Oh boy. Suddenly, I don't feel so good.”  Koenma said, his eyeballs dashing this way and that.  Slowly, he blurred back to his toddler form and fell into a lump on his chair.
        “S-So… he got drunk again?”  Yusuke asked, starting to feel rather nauseous himself. That question went didn't exactly need to be answered.
        “Hiei probably realized he did something stupid.”  Kurama sighed, remembering the last few times Hiei had gotten drunk on that wretched substance which he called “sweet snow”.
        To say the least, basically every time he had made a total fool of himself, and denied any memory of it the next day. And, well, each time everyone else had been yelling, “Hiei! What the hell are you doing?!
        There was that time when they had visited Botan on her first day of her human job, and he had began to strip on the bar.  That time that he had put on a human woman's dress (better left unknown where he had gotten it) as well as pantyhose on his head, and gone dancing around in the streets of Tokyo.  Oh, and of course, when he had tried to seduce a terrified Botan.  And can't forget the less bizarre, but the first time that he had gotten drunk.  When he had gone around talking to every particle and substance.  Including a tree, a telephone post (which he ended up fighting) an innocent squirrel (with which he had a very serious conversation with) and, of course, Lulu the blade of grass.
        Kurama didn't want to think of what his friend had done this time.
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