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Last Chapter
        There was that time when they had visited Botan on her first day of her human job, and he had began to strip on the bar.  That time that he had put on a human woman's dress (better left unknown where he had gotten it) as well as pantyhose on his head, and gone dancing around in the streets of Tokyo.  Oh, and of course, when he had tried to seduce a terrified Botan.  And can't forget the less bizarre, but the first time that he had gotten drunk.  When he had gone around talking to every particle and substance.  Including a tree, a telephone post (which he ended up fighting) an innocent squirrel (with which he had a very serious conversation with) and, of course, Lulu the blade of grass.
        Kurama didn't want to think of what his friend had done this time.
Chapter 3: Kagome Higurashi
Kagome rolled over on her bed.  The pink sheets a deadly reminder of what she used to be.
        A little girl clothed with innocence. 
        Innocence that was stripped from her.  And the innocence that she allowed to be stripped from her.
        `I really shouldn't be feeling sorry for myself… but…'  she thought.  But, her head only felt like it was about to  explode.  She had heard of hangovers before. She wasn't dumb after all, and she knew she would most likely have one when she reached her tenth shot.
        However, she hadn't actually taken it into consideration at the time.  All she could think about was…
        “Inuyasha.”  A low, unlady-like growl rose from deep inside of her throat. 
        She clenched her eyes tightly together, remembering his actions.  Honestly. 
        Wasn't she enough for him?  Did she mean anything at all to him?  Seriously, what she wouldn't give for once.  Just once.  One second of the ever spinning wheel of time.  One moment in the flow of eternity.
        For Inuyasha to have her…only her on his mind. Was that so much to ask?
        But no.  Because for each and every time which he looked at her.  For each and every “I love you” he breathed.  He couldn't… he wouldn't be able to see only her. Even if he wanted to, Kikyo would still be buried within his emotions. 
        It hurt.  It really hurt. Wasn't she anything?  If she was the reincarnation of Kikyo… then did she even have any worth at all to the world? 
        Worst of all was that she tried.  Tried so very hard to hate Kikyo.  To despise the woman with every shred of her existence. 
        But she couldn't.  She knew that inside that ashen expression was a feeling of incompleteness.  A puzzle which Kagome held the last piece of. 
        Gathering all of her strength, Kagome forced herself out of bed. 
        She stumbled immediately, suddenly forgetting how to do that thing… what was it again?  You know when you do that thing with shifting weight?  You know… that… that thing! With your feet.  And your legs… What?  Oh yes, walking.  Yes, suddenly forgetting how to walk.
        She slammed into her wall with a thud.  Leaning on it a while for support, she panted heavily.  I will kill Inuyasha.
        She used her palms to push herself off her wall.  She could almost feel the warm shower she would take… you know if she actually got into her bathroom before the next ice age.
        All she succeeded in doing however, was fall backward. 
        Boy, she really did miss too much school.  Maybe she would have to retake her Physics class completely. How hard was it?  Girl A pushes off from Evil Wall A with just enough force…  Girl A gon' fall. 
        And that's exactly what she did… with another thud.
        Just kill me now…
        She thought bitterly to herself.  She lay sprawled on her bedroom floor.  Wondering, yet not caring at the same time where her family was.
        Giving up, Kagome allowed her heavy eye lids to close.  Maybe, just maybe, if fate was smiling upon her, she wouldn't wake up.
        Yusuke punched the nearest building in frustration.  Unfortunately, it happened to be a building which belonged to an elderly woman.
        After getting over shock at the fact that there was now a rather large crater in the CONCRETE wall, the woman yelled at the delinquent.
        “Why you little punk! You'd better pay for that!” She yelled, waving a broom in the air, which a certain fire demon found rather amusing.
        “Yeah, yeah shut it ya old hag.”  Yusuke said in an annoyed tone, arms behind his head, he continued on their idiotic trek. 
        This was harder than he had thought.  The girl wasn't a demon, so obviously his detective items were hardly of any use.  10 hours had passed and what had they had to show for it? Nothing.
        … Ok, so maybe it might have been 10 minutes but that's a lot for someone of little patience! It's not like that was his fault.
        “You really should think first before causing a scene.”  Kurama stated, walking alongside his oh so very professional friend.  He eyed the many humans around the busy streets. 
        “Hn.  They suspect anything, I'll have their throats.”  The shorter demon said, his Jagan glowing slightly.  He was clearly annoyed by the vast amounts of humans, and Kurama could tell that he was itching for just one kill. 
        Kurama knew Hiei wasn't going to kill a human.  He was certain that the Jaganshi wasn't exactly eager to be on probation again.
        “Oooh Shortie's going to be on probation again?”  The obnoxious Kuwabara cackled, voicing Kurama's thoughts… more or less anyway.
        “Hn.” Was the only reply he got, but the death glare sent his way was enough of a comeback anyone could ever need anyway.
        “Perhaps we should simply contact Koenma?” Kurama suggested, seemingly the only sane one in the group.
        “No way am I asking for directions Kura-“  Yusuke stopped in mid-sentence.
        “-yes, thank you Koenma, I thought you'd have found something by now.”  Kurama finished, looking away from the Communication Mirror to shoot Yusuke a knowing look.
        The red head sighed at his partner's previous antics before informing them, “We need to find the Higurashi Shrine.” 
        “Wait! Wait Kurama! There's something I have to te-“  But Koenma's voice was never heard, as the Communication Mirror had already been closed.
        “Hey, that's on the other side of town.  My sister went there once to buy something that was supposed to help with her powers, but everything was either fake or useless.”  Kuwabara said, happy that he knew something.
        “Sounds like someone I know.”  Hiei said in a monotone voice.
        Kurama decided to cut in before yet another argument started.  “Shall we be going?”  He asked, changing directions from the way Yusuke had been leading them. Kurama made a beeline to the Higurashi shrine, eager for their trek to end. His companions were worse than fighting chickens at times.
        Kurama was thankful, at least for the fact that he knew exactly where the Higurashi shrine was.  He himself had sensed a strange presence there a few times, but had never really found a source.  The only thing he ever saw was a crazy old man asking him to buy a bunch of… well… crap. 
        Looking back at his companions, he sighed heavily.  Amongst them was a fuming, hot-headed once thought human, a fire demon who looked ready to kill, and a ningen who simpy looked exactly what he was thinking… `A, B, C, D, E, F…. Z? No that wasn't it. Start over….'
        Kurama quickened his pace.  This mission could just be the beginning of World War 3.
        Kagome released.
        The arrow flew through the air, a whizzing sound was all that filled the atmosphere around the desolate shrine. 
        The arrow hit its target.  Bulls eye.
        Her brows furrowed in determination as she notched yet another arrow onto the string.  Rotating the bow as she lifted and drew, she eyed her target.  Relaxing her fingers, the arrow flew.  It whizzed through the air before slicing through her previous arrow. 
        The point of the head pierced the wood directly in the middle as the string binding the arrowhead snapped.  The arrow vibrated from the force before settling.  The shrine moving into silence yet again.
        Kagome sighed.  If people were going to sneak up on her, they should at least stop making so much noise.
        “What do you want?”  She asked, her voice taking no heed whatsoever to her mood.  If these were more people who wanted to buy those stupid kappa hands or little marbles, they could just forget it. 
        She turned to the intruders.  Three of them.  One red head, one orange topped, and one gel brain.
        `Grrreeeat' She thought bitterly to herself.  The three simply stood there in silence, watching her.  Staring at her.
        Looking at her with those beady eyes...
        “What?”  She snapped, glaring at them.  Kagome Higurashi had been brought up to be a nice, kind, caring person.  A woman with manners.  Blazing with maturity and grace.
        The orange topped tall oaf skipped… yes, skipped over to her.  Before she had time to react, her hands were prisoner to his.
        “Hey! You're pretty! We just came to see where the energy bursts were-“  Thankfully, his voice… and his grip died when the raven haired boy's fist connected to his head.
        The ogre slumped down to the ground twitching and making a rather odd “yeahaaaaa” sound. 
        “Why don't you tell her that we think she's not a normal human too!”  The boy said, glaring at his fist's victim.
        Normally, Kagome would be highly suspicious right about now.  Thousands of questions would be flowing through her mind. She would want to be friendly, get to know these people maybe. But now…
        “Hey! What are you doing!?”  The orange haired boy squealed… yes, squealed. Kagome stood there glaring and aiming an arrow at them.  Which one, she didn't care, she could take them all in a few seconds if she felt like it anyway…
        Kurama's eyes widened a bit, but over all, his expression remained calm.  There was something about this girl… something wrong.  Her scent was mingled with the salty scent of her own tears. 
        Still, he didn't expect her to just be aiming an arrow at them all of a sudden.  They weren't that far away, and even if they were, she didn't seem the type to miss. For a fraction she thought he had seen her eyes widen. 
        Then his suspicions were proven correct when she breathed a single word.
        They did as they were told… wouldn't you?
        The girl released her arrow, and Kurama could sense all of his companion's surprise when she channeled spirit energy into it.  A bright cyan glow surrounded the arrow as it flew above their heads. 
        A piercing cry rang throughout the Higurashi shrine, followed by an explosion of blinding light.
        The boys all turned around slowly to peer at what had just happened.  All they saw, however, was a glimpse of a… was that a baboon?... as it faded away.  Purified.
        “It's gone!”  Yusuke said, stating nothing but the obvious.
        “She purified it out of existence…” Kurama said, staring at… well now it was nothing.
        “Right… English please?”  The ever dense Kuwabara piped. 
        Kurama, ignoring the familiar urge to lose his cool on Kuwabara (compliments of Youko) did what he always did… ignored him.
        “Did you sense her energy?”  Yusuke asked no one in particular.  That, apparently was a statement that shouldn't have been made around the mysterious girl.
        “Who are you?”  She inquired in a deadly tone.
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