InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ A Feudal Era Fairytale ❯ Prologue ( Chapter 1 )

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Title: A Feudal Era Fairytale
Author: C-Chan2 aka Neptunesdemon
Archive: For this, none yet.
Category: Adventure, romance, drama, mention of Mpreg
Pairings: Sesshomaru/Miroku, Kouga/Inuyasha
Spoilers: None at all
Warnings: OOC, yaoi, AU
Author's Note: This little ditty has been gnawing at my brain since I wrote the end of Unexpected Circumstance. Blasted thing refused to let go, so I finally started writing it. It would seem I am particular to long, complicated fairytales. Le sigh. Please, read on!
Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was great Dog Demon who ruled all the Eastern lands of Japan as far as the eye could see. There was also a monk, who had dedicated his life to spreading the message of the great Buddha. One day, as fate would have it, the two crossed paths. And that very day, as fate was very strange, they fell madly in love.
Such an odd pairing, a demon and a human, but the two were not to be discouraged. They loved each other for many years, despite the consequences, and there were many. The demon lord lost his kingdom, turned on by his own kind for his love of a human man, the monk was excommunicated from the temple he resided in. But they were not deterred and they soon found a place, in a small forest, to call their own.
They spent many years together, happy years, until one day, the monk grew very sick. The Dog Demon came to realize that his human love was fragile. He aged rapidly like humans did and was so susceptible to sickness, and he was so fragile that it scared the demon. There had to be something he could do.
When his love was well again, they traveled to a faraway temple, where the god Fukurokuju resided. Being the god of longevity, the Dog Demon thought him the best deity to ask this favor. They were happily met and when asked, the Dog Demon’s wish to have his lover’s life last as long as his was granted. In a valley, near the borders of the South, was land that held magical powers. The human man would age as slowly as a demon as long as he lived there. Fukurokuju granted them the right to live there.
“However.” Fukurokuju slowly said, wizened eyes looking at the former lord carefully. “If he were to leave, he would age rapidly and die quickly. And let it be known, his life is bound to yours. If you are to perish, he will die with you.”
The Dog Demon took the warning seriously and the two left Fukurokuju and headed for the valley. There the Dog Demon built their home with his own two hands, and though it took years, when it was done they were happy.
That is until the human man grew sad. The Dog Demon was at a loss as to why his human lover was suddenly so distraught and one night begged his lover to tell what was wrong.
“It is good that I can now give you my heart for as long as you shall live, but I cannot give you a woman’s gift.”
The human man wanted a child and the Dog Demon was determined to give him all that he desired. So, with the promise to return, he left his love behind and headed out for the help of a different deity.
Kichijoten was beautiful goddess and she was known for her ability to grant barren women the gift of a child. Perhaps it was farfetched, but the Dog Demon was determined to give his mate all he desired. When Kichijoten revealed herself to him, he offered his dilemma and the goddess answered with a bubbling laugh.
“I will admit, a human man having a child will be a sight to see. However, you must first pay the price.”
“I will pay any price to see him happy.” The demon responded and Kichijoten smiled.
“You have lost your throne, but I offer you another. In the West is a ruthless villain, a despicable ruler that mistreats his people. Bring me his head and I will grant you your wish.”
So the Dog Demon did as was asked of him and he killed the wicked ruler, bringing his head back for Kichijoten. Pleased with his success, she pulled a seed from her sleeve and handed it to the Dog Demon.
“Give this seed to your human mate before you lay with him on a full moon and he will bear fruit.” She said to him, and he thanked her for her help. “The West is yours. You must rule it well. I know of Fukurokuju’s spell and that the monk must not follow you. I will build a magical barrier that will protect him from harm. That way you can leave him behind when you are needed at your palace. Rule well, demon, and I will be sure your life is a happy one.”
With his gift in tow, the Dog Demon returned to his mate and told him of the news. And though he was a bit saddened that there would be times that his love would not be there, he was happy to know that soon he would have company in a child of their own.
On the first full moon after his return, the Dog Demon fed the seed to his human mate and made love to him. Kichijoten was not untrue, for soon the human male’s stomach was swollen with the life and soon after that, their son was born.
And they were happy.
Though soon, the Dog Demon was called away to take care of the land the goddess had gifted him. And though his mate and child were left behind, he returned to them often.
“And then what happened!” The over excited half-demon cuddled beside him was now sitting up and bouncing happily. “I grew up and became a strong demon, right!”
The human man that lay beside him only chuckled and sat up, hugging onto the puppy-eared child in hopes of calming him down.
“You become a rowdy pup who was impossible to keep calm.” He teasingly reprimanded, the young child playfully whining before giggling and hugging his father back.
“Well, Inuyasha, I believe it’s time for bed.”
“But, Daddy’s not here yet!” The boy whined. “You promised I can stay up until he got back!”
“I’m sorry, but it’s very late.”
The whining and faux tears followed, and the human man merely sighed, before he was snuggling up with his son, trying to calm him down.
“How about I wake you when he gets here?”
“You promise?” The boy sniffled and he could only smile warmly at him.
“I promise.”
After agreeing, Inuyasha was soon asleep and his father followed after him. It was quite some time before the feeling of fingers gently stroking his cheeks caused him to stir. Violet eyes opened to look up at warm amber, and he smiled as his lover leaned down to kiss him gently.
“Sesshomaru.” He greeted sleepily, sitting up and wrapping his arms about his mate’s broad shoulders. “You’re late.”
“Forgive me, Miroku. There was cause for delay.” The Dog Demon gently explained, one hand stroking at his mate’s hair. “Trouble has been brewing with a group of tyrants back West. I have disposed of most of them, but I fear their leader has been warned.”
“I’m sure you’ll find them.” Miroku said, gently pulling back. “Let’s not talk of that right now.”
The sleepy mumbling of the pup beside them pulled their attention and Sesshomaru chuckled warmly at the sight of his son tangled up in the sheets. Miroku smiled, welcoming the nuzzling that the Demon Lord offered him, pulling closer into the embrace of his lover.
“He wanted to wait all night for you.”
“He is incorrigible.” Sesshomaru laughed, before he was placing a kiss to Miroku’s head. “In the morning, I’ll take him hunting.”
“Of course, that’s after his lessons.” Miroku firmly stated, eyes looking up at his lover’s face.
“Yes, of course.” Sesshomaru confirmed leaning in to kiss Miroku again, this time not as innocently as the one he had greeted with him. “For now, while he sleeps, I shall steal away my mate and greet him properly in my bed.”
As Miroku yelped, having been lifted off the bed and flung over a strong shoulder, he could only laugh heartily as he was carried off. So far, this tale turned out to be heading for an end that was happily ever after. And he hoped it continued for a very long time.
So, I started another fic. Yes, I know, Sesshomaru is out of character, but it’ll work. Trust me. Please let me know your thoughts and constructive criticism. I want to make sure I do my best.