InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ A Feudal Era Fairytale ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 2 )

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Title: A Feudal Era Fairytale
Author: C-Chan2 aka Neptunesdemon
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Category: Adventure, romance, drama, mention of Mpreg
Pairings: Sesshomaru/Miroku, Kouga/Inuyasha
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Warnings: OOC, yaoi, AU
Author’s Note: Sorry, with my summer winding down, my mother has deemed it necessary to have uber family fun time. Lol. I hope you enjoy the next installment.
The unmistakable sounds of a child’s laughter echoed through the gardens of the manor that Miroku and his child resided in. Deep violet eyes looked up from the poetry he had been reading and he smiled warmly at the sight of his demon lover carefully spinning his child about by his arms. As the two tumbled to the ground, Miroku could not hold back his laughter, placing his scroll beside him and standing from the stone bench to make his way to his mate and child.
“That was so much fun!” Inuyasha was squealing, sitting up and climbing all over his father. “Please, can you do it again, Daddy?”
The young half-demon was only pealing with laughter again as his father lifted him into the air easily, chuckling warmly as he looked up at his son, before lowering him to hug him gently.
“Your father is tired, Inuyasha.” He said carefully, the boy merely pouting. “I believe that is enough playing for now.”
“Fine. Can we play after lunch?”
“Of course.” Miroku answered for Sesshomaru, smiling down at the two loves of his life.
Inuyasha leaped up and hugged on to his birthing father, excitedly bouncing as if he could not contain his joy.
“Baba, did you see me spinning really fast! Daddy’s strong huh! I can’t wait to be strong like him!”
Both parents could only laugh at their son’s childish rambling, or at least that was until Sesshomaru caught sight of one of his messengers from the West. His face fell and the sight of it had Miroku’s smile fading as well, and then his eyes followed Sesshomaru’s. As he turned to look behind him, his heart sank at the sight of the demon from the Western palace. Inuyasha was now peeking around Miroku and small hands tightened onto his father’s robes. It would seem that Sesshomaru’s visit was to be cut short.
As Sesshomaru stood from the ground, he placed a reassuring hand on his pup’s head before walking forward and was greeted by his servant with a bow. He nodded to acknowledge it and then was shocked at the scroll that was thrust out for him.
“My lord, your presence is required back at the Western palace.” The demon announced as Sesshomaru opened the scroll to read over the details. “It would seem the tyrants have regrouped and have gained larger numbers.”
“And their leader?” He asked, closing the scroll and tucking it away.
“Still at large, my lord.”
“Very well, prepare my steed for travel. I will leave at noon.”
With a salute and a bow, the servant was on his way and Sesshomaru could only sigh before looking behind him to his family. Miroku’s sad eyes looked back at him with reluctant understanding and his pup’s. . . Inuyasha was already tearing up but stubbornly trying to hold them back.
He turned to face them fully, kneeling before his son and reaching out to stroke the locks made unruly from their roughhousing.
“You can’t go!” Inuyasha was soon sobbing out, sniffling and rubbing at his eyes. “You promised you’d stay longer this time.”
Sesshomaru could only try to shush him and cup his son’s face in his hands, wiping away the tears that just kept falling.
“Inuyasha, I am a ruling lord, and as such there are times when I must leave you suddenly. But you must not despair, I will return for you and for your father. Do you understand?”
“But I don’t want you to go!” The pup continued to sob, hugging onto his demon father, who easily stood with his child in his arms.
“I will not be away long, Inuyasha.” Sesshomaru soothed him, eyes looking to Miroku, who offered him a sad smile. “I will be back soon.”
As Inuyasha quieted, he was rested on his feet again, Miroku taking hold of his hand in a form a comfort. Small, reddened eyes looked up at his demon father, wanting to beg him again to stay but knowing it would not change a thing.
“Why can’t we go with you?” He questioned, and Sesshomaru simply offered a soft smile.
“When you’re older, I will take you to the West, but then that would mean leaving your Baba here by himself.” He explained, knowing that Inuyasha was well aware of the magic keeping Miroku bound to the land. “For now, you keep him safe while I am away. I know a strong demon such as you can protect him.”
Inuyasha merely nodded, sniffling as he wiped the drying tears from his eyes as Sesshomaru pet his head gently. Then golden eyes were looking back up at his mate and Miroku only nodded, before accepted the parting kiss that he was offered.
No more than half an hour later, Miroku and Inuyasha stood on the entrance stairs of the manor, watching as Sesshomaru rode off with his servant in tow. As the demon waved goodbye as he rode away, Inuyasha waved back stopping only when his father could no longer be seen over the horizon.
“Come, Inuyasha, I believe it’s time for lunch.”
Red eyes gazed out over the horizon from a high window of a fortress that was in need of repair. Black, wavy curls framed a pale, smooth face, while dark circles and make up circled those burning eyes. He was dressed in dingy white robes and a fur pelt skinned off of a large baboon demon. The head was still attached and was used as a hood, but it hung behind him at the moment as it wasn’t needed.
At the present moment he was looking off into the West, knowing that a few hours ride from here laid the kingdom of the West. It had once belonged to an accomplice of his, some fifty years ago, a human ruler that he had been planning on betraying and stealing the kingdom right out from under him. All that had been interrupted by the present ruler.
Lord Sesshomaru.
The disgraced Dog Demon from the East, who had been mutinied by his own followers and cast out of his land by birthright, all because he had fallen in love. It was already disgraceful that a demon of his caliber had reduced himself to fall victim to such a weak emotion, but he had fallen further still. His lover was a human monk.
The mystery man snorted, turning away from the window to face a young girl who sat quietly on a cushioned chair next to the makeshift throne he himself occupied when he addressed his men. He strolled closer to her and began petting her hair, the girl obediently bowing her head lower and lifting a large mirror she had in her hands for him to see.
The surface of the mirror rippled and settled again to show the bright, saddened eyes of the human man that had stolen the Dog Demon’s heart. He hummed in appreciation. The Lord of the West did not have bad taste.
And then he was snarling again as he was reminded. Lord of the West. Sesshomaru was now Lord of the West. Sent on a quest by the goddess Kichijoten, he had succeeded and was granted the very lands that this stranger had been meticulously plotting to gain.
And for what?
The image in the mirror shimmered and the dark-haired man’s eyes narrowed on the vision it showed. Silver hair and golden eyes, set in a cherubic face marred with tears stared back at him. His fingers reached out to stroke over the image as if he could feel the silken strands through the glass.
A child. . .a son. Sesshomaru had done all of this to have a pup with the male mate he had taken. A beautiful child.
A crooked, maniacal smile broke out over full, pale lips. His revenge on the unsuspecting ruling lord was near. Sesshomaru had taken what was rightfully his. He would repay him in kind.
“Master Naraku!”
He slowly turned to face the soldier that awaited him on bent knee, head bowed respectfully and body tense with nervousness. All of his men were nervous when they approached him. They were right to. He had taken many heads for even a wrong glance or an offending posture.
“What news do you have for me?” He questioned; his voice low and gentle, hiding the violent and deranged nature hidden within.
“Lord Sesshomaru has been drawn out. He heads back to the West at this very moment.” The soldier told him and he smiled.
He turned away to seat himself on his makeshift throne, and rested a hand on the child’s head, not missing as she flinched. His eyes then looked to a shadowed corner of the room, where a dark silhouetted figure stood; red, glowing eyes the only thing defined.
As he spoke the name, the figure stepped forward, dressed in a red and white kimono, a folded paper fan held in her right hand. She bowed her head as she revealed herself and awaited his direction. He did not call her forward unless he needed her.
“You’ll go to the borders of the South. Deal with the human whore.” He ordered her, the woman bowing. “I will head to the West and deal with Sesshomaru myself.”
“As you wish, Master Naraku.” Kagura responded, lifting from her bow and turning to leave.
“And, Kagura.” Naraku called after her, causing her to turn and look back at him. “The half-breed child is to be brought to me alive.”
“Very well, master.”
And then she was gone, leaping out of a window and then soaring off atop a giant feather.
Naraku stood from his throne then, hands lifting the hood of the pelt so that the baboon head sat like a mask.
“Gather the men.” He ordered the soldier still bowing before him. “We mustn’t keep Lord Sesshomaru waiting.”
“And then the princess released the entrapped prince from his prison by pulling free the arrow that trapped him to the tree.”
“Did he wake up and fall in love with the princess?” Inuyasha asked, looking up at Miroku, snuggled in his Baba’s arms as they lounged in one of the second story sitting rooms overlooking one of the lush glens surrounding the gated manor.
Miroku only hugged Inuyasha closer, shushing him gently before kissing him on the temple.
“How can I ever tell the tales if you keep asking so many questions?” He asked his son, who only whined a bit.
“But, Baba! I wanna know!”
Laughing at his sons antics, Miroku merely situated them until Inuyasha was curled up on his lap and his head tucked under his birthing father’s chin.
“Well, the prince did open his eyes after he was freed and woke to the site of a beautiful woman. ‘My fair maiden, was it you who awoken me,’ he asked her, enraptured with her beauty. ‘Aye, my lord,’ she answered him, ‘It was I.’ The prince took his first steps after many years toward her and with his legs weak from so many years of not using them he fell forward. The princess panicked and reached out, catching him in her arms and their eyes locked, staring forever into the others. It was love at first sight.”
“Hooray. . .”
The half-hearted call of joy was followed by mumbling and Miroku peaked down to find Inuyasha’s eyes falling closed as he fell asleep. Smiling warmly at his only son, Miroku carefully maneuvered him so that he was easy to carry before walking out of the room. Outside the doors, he was met by a servant who bowed her head in respect before reaching out for the child.
“Please, my lord, let me take the young prince.” She insisted and Miroku only gently refused her.
“No, it’s alright, I am fine. But please, I would like some tea in the library. I wish to read when I am done with my afternoon mantras.”
The servant bowed to show she understood before heading off and Miroku carried his son off to his bedroom. Once inside, he laid Inuyasha on the bed, the pup fussing a bit before settling again. After the boy was tucked in under his blankets and cuddling one of his many stuffed toys, Miroku kissed him softly before leaving him to have his afternoon nap.
Then he was off down the hall and heading down the stairs, greeting the servants as he walked the halls. He made it to the private room that Sesshomaru had built especially for him and he slid the doors open to reveal a room that was dim and decorated with different scrolls and images of the Buddha. He closed the door behind him as he stepped in and made his way to the fairly large shrine at the back of the room, where he knelt and began lighting incense to prepare for his daily mantras and prayers.
He had been excommunicated from his temple where he had been training in the ways of a monk, but that did not mean he was not true to follow what he had learned. Sesshomaru, being a demon, did not give praise to the deities unless it was necessary, such as when Kichijoten and Fukurokuju helped them with their plights before Inuyasha. And though occasionally, when asked, he would join Miroku here in his private temple, but other than that, he did not freely practice any form of religion.
With his alter prepared, Miroku began his chants, trying his best to clear his mind so as not to lose focus. It was difficult, as it always was when Sesshomaru was away, but he tried his best not to worry. His mate always returned home safely to him, he was sure this time would be no different.
Golden eyes laid their gaze upon the grand gates that closed of the majestic palace where Sesshomaru reside when he was away from his mate and pup, and his heart sank. Inside it was bustling with people. Servants and nobility, as well as esteemed guests who visited in cycles, but he always felt so distant and lonely. This palace seemed so empty without his lover and son, that there were many times he concluded it was best to never return and stay with Miroku back at the manor. He knew however that his debt was to be paid through his rule. Kichijoten had granted him a gift he had long ago settled with not having. With Miroku being male, he had accepted he would not have a child. It wasn’t necessary anyway, he had lost his kingdom for refusing to merely slake his lust and kill the human as his court had been demanding. They refused to see that his lust for Miroku was endless and his love was everlasting. He refused and they revolted, but he left after barely a battle. He would do anything to be with the human man and if it meant giving up his throne, then so be it.
“My lord, we’ve reached the gates.” The messenger announced and Sesshomaru looked up just as the gates were swinging open.
Their horses rode in at a comfortable gait, Sesshomaru ready to receive the small band of guards that would lead him to the stairs that led up to the large doors of the palace’s entrance. However, he had to frown as the courtyard was empty. In fact, it seemed abandoned.
The horses snorted softly as they came to a stop, both Lord and servant looking about for any signs of people. The messenger carefully dismounted before walking off in the direction of one of the stables, leaving Sesshomaru seated atop his horse with golden eyes focused on the palace. Usually there were people passing back and forth, but now, there was nothing. It seemed too quiet, as if the Western palace had been unoccupied for years.
“My Lord!”
The cry was followed by the gurgling sound of a person having their throat slit or choked and Sesshomaru quickly dismounted, and ran off to the stables, drawing his sword as he went. He burst into the stables, and had to stop wide-eyed and confused.
It was empty.
There were no horses, no stable-hands, and his messenger who he was certain to have heard being killed, was now gone. He was alerted by the terrified shriek of the horses and he spun back only to have his eyes widen further, finding them gone as well.
His hand tightened on his sword, senses honing so as to try his best to detect what presence was out there, but he could find nothing. He looked up at the palace and decided that it was his best choice to go in and see what was happening and why it was happening.
His feet carried him swiftly and soundlessly, bounding up the stairs in nearly an instant before he was pushing open the doors to the main hall of the palace. It was empty. . .and quiet. His eyes looked around to see if they was anyone still around, but he found no one. Walking inside, his ears listened carefully for any sounds, but he heard nothing. Everyone had simply vanished and left no trace that they had been there.
His ears twitched at the sound of a whisper and his head snapped to the left, but found nothing but an empty hall. Carefully he followed the sound, passing empty rooms and unoccupied spaces. His searched pulled him through the kitchen and it was set up as if dinner had been in the process of being made, but the pots and pans were devoid of food. The fires under the pots were out and even the pantry was empty.
As he stopped to peek into an empty pot, the whisper came again, and Sesshomaru’s head snapped up to the doorway that exited out to lead to his private wing of the palace. There he saw a small girl holding a mirror, and he froze momentarily, a frown marring his face as he looked at her.
She stared down at the floor, the mirror held out before her so that the glass faced the demon lord, the image of a purplish-colored skull grinning back at him. It faded and the glass rippled like water before it showed the image of a frightened Inuyasha, banging against the glass as if trapped. Golden eyes were wide with terror and Sesshomaru’s heart dropped at the image, his feet moving forward before his mind could think things through.
“Daddy, help me!”
And the little girl was gone. Sesshomaru let out a rage-filled roar before he was tearing out of the kitchen and down the hall, falling Inuyasha’s screams and the whispers of a little girl who kept fading in and out of sight like a ghost.
It led him to his private study, where he stopped short at the sight of someone seated behind his desk. Or at least he thought it was someone. The baboon head that stared back at him with dead eyes was disturbing.
“I’ve been waiting for you, My Lord Sesshomaru.” A baritone voice greeted him, and Sesshomaru could only frown again as the baboon head was pushed back to reveal a demon he had never seen before.
Red eyes stared back at him, set on a pale face, framed by thick, waving, black curls. The figure stood, his cloak falling off of him as he did to reveal his state of dress, which was a ragged kimono, though it was clearly the cut of a nobleman’s suit.
“Who are you?” The lord demanded his eyes narrowing as the demon in front of him merely smiled. “What have you done with, Inuyasha?”
“Inuyasha?” The strange demon asked him, before he was carefully circling out from behind the desk. “Why, I’ve done nothing to him yet.”
Sesshomaru growled then, and was rushing forward, sword aimed for the demon in front of him. His moves were avoided, his sword missing by mere inches each time he struck until finally he retreated, realizing this newcomer was agile. He would have to be defeated in a way other than merely attacking head on.
“Come now, that was fun!” The demon said with a crazed laugh. “Let’s dance again, shall we!”
Sesshomaru only narrowed his eyes, following the man’s every move as he slowly began circling the Demon Lord of the West.
“I see our fun has ended for now.” The man said, stopping a safe distance away.
“I demand you give me your name.”
“I will make the demands here!” The demon bellowed, nearly shrieked.
It caused Sesshomaru’s body muscles to tighten and coil, ready to spring into action, but the dark-haired demon only stood snarling back at him, his eyes mad and his stance aggressive.
“Some years ago you took what was right fully mine, Lord Sesshomaru.” The demon was informing him, the dog demon merely creasing his brow in confusion.
The demon was soon circling again, Sesshomaru watch him warily and never allowing the dark-haired stranger out of his sight. To have a character such as this to end up behind him or out of sight would be quite stupid.
Meanwhile, he had somehow never noticed that the same demon he didn’t trust had managed to move in closer, that is, not until his wrists were suddenly held tight enough that he had to drop his sword.
His eyes looked down to find his shackles were weird, black-colored tentacles and he struggled momentarily to break free. But when he freed one wrist, the other was wrapped again, with another tentacle added. He continued to fight until he found himself letting out a thunderous roar as he was pulled down to his knees, his body bound by multiple writhing, masses as his eyes glared up at the nameless demon.
Said demon on chuckled happily before he was cackling maniacally and loudly. Then Sesshomaru was biting back a sound of pain as the back of the demon’s hand hit his face hard enough that it brought tears to his eyes and welted his cheek instantly. He turned his quickly swelling face back to glare daggers at his opponent, mouth opening to bite back with a sharp insult, but he was instead seeing stars and bursts of color.
His head had been flung back by the solid kick to his nose, which was surely broken and now pouring blood down his face. When the pain had ebbed, his slowly lowered his face and was then falling limp, breathless as the same foot had then been planted heavily in his gut. He gasped in pain, before his eyes looked up at the broadly grinning demon, who was soon crouching in front of him.
“How far the mighty have fallen.” He murmured as he pet at the bruised and swollen face, before tightly fisting Sesshomaru’s hair and leaning in closer. “And you still have further yet to drop, Lord Sesshomaru. You will suffer for what you did to me.”
Sesshomaru saw when the young girl with the mirror appeared behind the stranger and he felt helpless as he watched the image of his son begging for help through the glass. His heart called out to his pup when an even bigger realization hit him. What had happened to Miroku?
“My mate-”
“Dead.” Came the abrupt answer, before he could even inquire. “Or will be soon. And the pup. . .I was always keen on having a pet.”
Sesshomaru’s head swam in a mixture of grief and anger, his heart thundered as his stomach coiled. Miroku had died, and he had not been there to protect him. Even through that, Kichijoten’s magic should not have failed. Who was this demon and how was it that he had managed to succeed where others had failed? Or perhaps, Kichijoten had somehow retracted on her agreement. The deities were fickle. They didn’t always stay true to their word for long.
“I swear on my life, you will pay for what you’ve done!” Sesshomaru growled out.
The strange demon merely laughed and stood from where he crouched, after enclosing his hand around the dog demon’s throat. The wriggling masses separated from the floor, still bound around him and he struggled fruitlessly as he was lifted by only his throat.
“What I have done is taken revenge for the wrong you have done to me!” Naraku spat, hand tightening as Sesshomaru struggled for air. “And you will continue to pay for as long as I deem it necessary for you to do so!”
At the sound of Inuyasha screaming from the mirror, Sesshomaru looked down to it and his eyes widened at the sight of the glass bulging until it finally shattered. His son was no longer there; instead it was the skull from before pushing out from the frame and growing larger by the second. Golden eyes widened as the grinning mouth yawned open to reveal the missing occupants of the Western palace. Dead and already maggot infested, or half dead and moaning miserably as they died; it was a terrifying sight.
Naraku laughed as he lifted Sesshomaru closer and his red eyes connected with horrified gold.
“You’re not the only ones with deities on their side, Sesshomaru.” He said, before he was throwing the Demon Lord toward the gaping mouth, Sesshomaru screaming as he was devoured. “Tell Izanami that Naraku says hello.”
The skulls mouth clamped shut and Sesshomaru’s scream was cut off and then in a rush, the skull was returning to the mirror. It settled as if it had never been broken and reflected like normal. The child holding it was trembling heavily and whimpering quietly, and Naraku only smiled before moving closer to pet her head.
“You did well, Kana.” He told her, the girl only nodding. “This is our new home now. Take Ungaikyo and pick out your room. I must make sure the men have arrived.”
As Naraku turned and went to pick up his discarded baboon belt, Kana headed out of the study and out into the empty halls, demon mirror clutched tight in small hands. She would look for a room that was so discreet that Naraku would have to go out of his way to find her. Any moment away from that demon was one to be cherished. She knew that the West was in for a horrendous reign of a ruthless lord and she wanted nothing further to do with it.
Miroku’s eyes snapped open as his heart clenched, and he had to lean forward with his hand on his chest as he breathed heavily. The insane sense of grief that hit him was unbearable and his vision blurred as he realized that something was wrong; terribly wrong.
“Sesshomaru.” He whispered out, tears gathering in his eyes as he realized something was wrong with his mate and lover.
His sobs were unstoppable and he shook uncontrollably as he forced himself to his feet. There had to be a way to reach him. His mate was in danger or dying. Then his steps faltered as he looked out of the few windows of his private room. The early evening sun was blocked out by dark, pendulous, ominous clouds. What on earth was going on?
Inuyasha had woken up from his nap and had searched out his Baba, but found that the man was in his praying room. Although Miroku had told him countless time that he was free to join him in there, Inuyasha knew better than to disturb him. There were very few times that Baba had time for himself and at this age Inuyasha understood that his birthing father needed alone time. So, he had headed to the garden where he was now busy chasing butterflies and enjoying the early evening air.
At the moment he was stalking a bright blue and black butterfly, huge grin marring his face as he tried his best to catch it. Finally, with a leap, he laughed triumphantly as he caught it. Carefully he opened his hands and stared at it as it slowly flapped its wings. He loved butterflies. They were always flying so free, without a care in the world and he wished that he could fly just like them.
He released a small sound of disappointment as the small creature flew away and he only sighed before deciding that maybe it was time to go in and check on his Baba. Instead, he was looking up at the sky that was turning dark and casting a deep shadow over everything. What was going on?
“It looks like a storm is coming.”
At the new voice, small eyes looked down to find a women he had never seen standing before him. Her eyes were red and her kimono, though pretty, was a bit unkempt. He had never seen her before and Inuyasha wondered if she was a new servant or a guest that Daddy trusted enough to send here to visit them.
“Hello.” He greeted, bowing as he had learned to do to his elders. “I am Inuyasha.”
“Is that so?” The woman asked, moving closer and crouching in front of him.
He stumbled back a bit, not liking the gleam in her red eyes or the small smile she now had fitted to her lips. He was suddenly wishing that his Baba or Daddy were here and he wondered if it would be rude to excuse himself before she introduced herself.
“My master sent me here for someone named, Inuyasha.” She was announcing, her hand reaching out to straighten his kimono, rumpled from his play. “He is so excited to meet you. He has so many things planned for you. Fun things. Special things.”
Inuyasha slowly shook his head and took a step back, not wanting to be around the woman any longer. He would head inside where it was safe and find his Baba, who would make sure he was well protected.
“I’m sorry. I have to go now.” He told her, backing away some more. “It was nice meeting you.”
He went to turn away but was instead screaming as an ice cold and strong grip grabbed onto his small wrist. Golden eyes, now widened with fright, looked up at the grinning woman, who only slowly stood while her grip tightened.
“Oh no, Inuyasha. You’re coming with me.”
Miroku stopped at the sound of Inuyasha’s scream, having been heading for his son’s room to make sure that the boy was alright. His heart froze at the sound of the scream. Inuyasha was in trouble. Something was wrong and his son was in danger!
His scream was loud enough to startle the servants in the castle as well, and he found some of them already running in the direction that Inuyasha had been heard. As he bolted down the stairs and out into the surrounding courtyard, Miroku’s violet eyes widened at the dark, writhing barrier that now surrounded the manor walls. What on earth was that?
Another scream snapped him out of his shock, and he was bolting to the gardens, already winded and weakening faster. It was an effect of whatever had happened to Sesshomaru. The human monk was connected to him after all, and most things he would suffer with the Dog Demon.
As he reached the garden Inuyasha usually played in, he faltered at the sight of his son caught in the arms of woman he had never seen before. Thunder crashed violently above them and he looked up with widened eyes at the sight of large, bulging eyes staring down from the clouds.
Thunder clapped again, and Miroku flinched before he was looking to the woman now laughing heartily, Inuyasha still struggling in her grasp.
“Where are your helpful gods now?” She asked before she was lifting a fan in her hand.
Miroku heard Inuyasha scream for him as she waved it and a blast of hot and somehow sharp air burst out towards him. He cried out himself as it sent him flying, and tore at his flesh, before he was landing hard on the ground.
“Raijin-sama will deal with the rest of you.” The woman’s voice was faded to him now, as he was fighting unconsciousness. “As my master has surely dealt with Lord Sesshomaru. And do not worry about the child, his fate is sealed. When my aster tires of him, he will meet you in the Underworld.”
And then she was leaving, with a screaming Inuyasha in tow, flying off on a large feather. Miroku could only let out a heart wrenching scream as he watched his son disappear and it was soon drowned out by thunderous, inhuman laughter.  Violet eyes glanced up at the black sky and saw the Thunder God rushing down for him and he gladly welcomed whatever fate was now his. With his mate and son gone, there was no reason to live.
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