InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ A Feudal Era Fairytale ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 3 )

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Title: A Feudal Era Fairytale
Author: C-Chan2 aka Neptunesdemon
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Category: Adventure, romance, drama, mention of Mpreg
Pairings: Sesshomaru/Miroku, Kouga/Inuyasha
Spoilers: None at all
Warnings: OOC, yaoi, AU, child-abuse
Author’s Note: I’m glad to see people are enjoying this. I hope it turns out as I envision it and I don’t stray from what I originally set out to do. Well, let’s see what happens.
A single statue stood beside a roadside shrine, the image of a beautiful woman; a goddess of fortune, of beauty, of abilities to bless the barren with fertility. Above her the sky was grey and lightening began to clap. The wind began to stir and the leaves above her danced. Thunder crashed and dark eyes snapped open.
Lightening lit the sky again and the rain began to drizzle down. The drops fell on her cheeks, reminiscent of tears and she blinked, before looking up at the sky. Lightening streaked across the sky, bright enough to blind and when things settled again, she was gone.
Thunder was booming loudly, demonic laughter echoing amongst it as black clouds rumbled high in the sky. Bellow was the residence of Sesshomaru’s mate and the barrier of magic that had protected those inside had been eradicated and replaced by a dark barrier of evil magic.
Kichijoten released a shriek of pure rage and the booming laughter suddenly stopped. Bulging eyes hiding in the above clouds grew wider at the sight of the goddess and Raijin gasped in dismay. He had been caught. Kichijoten was awake.
The beautiful goddess was screaming again, this time drawing a sword that she ever rarely took into her hands and Raijin bellowed in horror. He did not want to fight Kichijoten, let alone and angry Kichijoten. With a loud cry of dismay, his eyes were disappearing and the clouds were clearing in a large tunnel of wind until finally he and his magic was gone.
Her anger had not left with Raijin’s retreat, and Kichijoten gave a war cry as she swung her sword at the barrier she had not put into place. It shattered into fine dust before dissipating into mist and rising off into the sky. Once it was gone, she sheathed her sword and entered the mangled front gates and had to stop in shock at the sight of bodies strewn across the courtyard. Such destruction had happened here and for what purpose?
Her eyes lifted to the place, burning in different places and she felt her heart dropped. What had happened to the family she had helped with Fukurokuju? As if thinking of him had been enough, Kichijoten turned at the sound of a cane hitting the stoned pathway of the courtyard and found the elder god shuffling along. His sad eyes looked about as he muttered under his breath, head shaking solemnly as he drew nearer to Kichijoten.
“It is truly a shame what mortals do to each other.” He muttered quietly. “What happened here?”
“This was no mortal’s doing.” Kichijoten said and Fukurokuju looked up at her. “Raijin had a hand in this. I met him here and he retreated when I went to retaliate.”
“And what of the mortals we both gifted?”
Kichijoten merely turned and started leading the way, heading to a side courtyard where there was more bloodshed, fire and destruction. Fukurokuju shuffled after her silently and soon the two were standing beside the still figure of the human man that Lord Sesshomaru had sacrificed so much for.
“The poor thing.” Fukurokuju said, both hands resting atop the head of his cane as he looked down at the pale man. “I had envisioned such a bright future for them and many years of happiness. With the demon lord gone, he will die and their pup will perish to the unforgiving world.”
Kichijoten frowned, before lifting her hand to rest it on Fukurokuju’s shoulder, the old deity looking up at her.
“Sesshomaru is gone but not destroyed. Let us meddle a bit longer.”
“We have done enough and look what has happened.” He told her with a shake of his head. “We shall meddle no longer. Let us return to the heavens.”
“No!” Kichijoten insisted, her hand tightening on his shoulder. “I will travel to the Underworld. I will find him before Izanami can do damage. Until then, you will do your part here.”
She let go of Fukurokuju and knelt beside the still form of Miroku and touched his place lips. They instantly brightened and the man took in a shuddering breath before it was released with a soft sob and a whispered, “Sesshomaru.”
As Kichijoten lifted the man into her arms, Fukurokuju merely sighed before nodding slightly. Together the two gods took him to a bed within the palace and laid him in it. Fukurokuju muttered a soft spell, placing the human man into a sleep reminiscent of death and then the two were leaving with Kichijoten setting up a barrier again, this one stronger than the last.
As they walked down the road that led them away from the manor, Fukurokuju looked to the solemn goddess and stopped her so that he could warn her properly.
“Your trip to Yomi may bear no fruit.” He explained and she merely nodded at the words. “Miroku will sleep so long as Sesshomaru is there and will wake once he returns. However, my spell will only last three hundred years, if by then you have not returned with Lord Sesshomaru, the human mortal will die.”
“Thank you, my friend.” Kichijoten said with a bow of her head.
The older deity merely nodded, before he was rapping his cane on the ground. From the forest emerged a crane, alongside a large turtle and as the animals stopped beside him, he was carefully climbing atop the turtle’s back, the crane settling in beside him.
“Good luck, my friend.” He called back, as the turtle began to walk off. “Farewell.”
Kichijoten smiled softly before she was looking up to the sky. In the blink of an eye she was gone in the shape of a bird setting off for the entrance to the Underworld.
Inuyasha had stopped screaming for his father once the manor had long been out of sight but that hadn’t stopped his crying. Lying with his face buried in his arms as he was flown through the skies on a giant feather, he sobbed quietly hoping and wishing that his Baba or Daddy would come for him soon.
Somewhere during the trip he had fallen asleep, but was soon jerked awake as they landed. The woman with the fan smiled own at him with that same eerie smile and the pup whimpered, wanting to shrink away from her.
“Come, Inuyasha.” She was coaxing him, reaching down and firmly taking his hand. “It is time to meet your new master.”
He winced as her grip became painful as he tried to pull away, and had to give in. Standing up, he reluctantly let her pull him through the large palace they had arrived at. Inside were many different demons, dressed in armor or servants clothing. They walked about looking very busy, moving out of their way as the woman with the fan kept pulling him around.
Where were they and where was this woman taking him?
They were soon standing in front of a large set of doors and as the woman glared at the guards standing in front of it, they moved aside and pulled in open. In he was pulled and his eyes looked about at the decorated room. It reminded him of Daddy’s sitting room back at the manor, where the demon would meet important guests and carry out important rulings.
His eyes then searched out the throne and found it occupied by a sickly looking demon, with dark, wavy hair and red eyes that stared at him. Inuyasha stumbled and would have stopped if the woman hadn’t been pulling him.
They were soon stopping and Inuyasha was hiding behind the fan woman, far more afraid of the man they were now in front of. Amber eyes peeked out from behind the skirt of Kagura’s robe and he whimpered again, eyes tearing as those evil eyes instilled fear in him that made him want nothing more than to be safe with his parents.
“My lord and master,” Kagura greeted with a bow, before she was pulling Inuyasha out from behind her, the child shrieking in objection and trying to fight his way back to hiding behind her, “I have found you the boy. This is Inuyasha, the one you wanted, yes?”
Inuyasha stilled as the man stood and he couldn’t stop the tears as he drew closer, his body and soul telling him that this was a very bad demon. He shrank away as the man crouched in front of him, turning back to Kagura, hoping to hide away, but she merely forced him to face the demon, whose smile was far more unnerving than Kagura’s had ever been.
“Oh, Kagura. You have done very well.” He said, merely looking the pup up and down. “Hello, little one. I am Naraku. Aren’t you a pretty thing?”
Inuyasha couldn’t help himself and he started bawling, sobs and hiccups loud as he begged Kagura to take him back home. He cried for his Baba, he cried for his Daddy and soon he was screaming out as a hand ripped across his face.
He stifled his cries as those red eyes were now angry. The demon had hit him hard, and his poor cheek was swelling and red. He had never been hit by his parents before, in fact, no one had dared and it hurt more than his flesh that it had happened.
“Your Baba and Daddy are no more, Inuyasha.” The evil demon told him, reaching out and grabbing him by his wrist in a painful grip. It had Inuyasha crying again, this time in pain and fear, which had the bad demon frowning further. “You are mine now, Inuyasha! Mine! You will do well to please me and make me happy. I will give you treats and nice things when you are a good boy but if you disobey me. . .”
Inuyasha was screaming as with a simple twist, the bad demon broke the wrist of his left arm. His screaming didn’t stop as he was pushed back to Kagura, Naraku standing with a scowl so vicious it had Inuyasha screaming and bawling louder.
“Shut him up!” The evil demon bellowed, and Kagura quickly covered his mouth, muffling the noise but not stopping it. “Take him away! Lock him up until he is ready to behave and have a healer set his arm. I want him to heal properly so I can break him again.”
Kagura bowed and was towing the pup away, leaving Naraku behind, who was soon screaming for service from the many whores he kept around. The next hours passed like a painful blur for Inuyasha and luckily, somewhere along the line he had fallen unconscious. Sometime after the sun had set, amber-gold eyes slowly opened, still drenched in tears. Inuyasha sat up with a wince and looked down at his tightly banged wrist. He found he had been redressed in a girl’s kimono and he could only sniffle, before he found himself sobbing again.
“Baba. . . Daddy!” He sobbed loudly, hoping his voice left his window and spanned the distance to his parents. “Please help me!”
Out the barred windows the echo of the pup’s cries of dismays reverberated through the trees and over mountains, into valleys and soared over plains. In a small camp, blue eyes looked up at the night sky, nose and ears twitching.
“What’s the matter, my son?” A female demon asked, gently crouching beside the naked boy.
He was a wolf cub, and cubs did not wear clothes until the first signs of maturing. He looked to his momma with sad eyes and hugged on to her tightly.
“Momma, someone’s crying.” He sniffled.
The female wolf merely frowned, trying with all her might to hear the cries that her son did. She heard nothing but her pup’s ears kept twitching, a sign that he clearly heard what he had described to her.
“It’s ok, my prince. Don’t cry. I’m sure whoever it is will stop crying soon.”
The wolf prince only nodded, before snuggling close to her and settling in for the night, thumb planted firmly in his mouth and eyes falling closed. As she watched him fall asleep, the female Wolf Demon could only sigh as he son’s ears continued to twitch, and his nose crinkled and brow furrowed with a frown.
“Whomever you hear will stop crying soon.” She repeated gently, stroking loose black locks. “And if they do not, I’m sure you will find them and rid them of their tears.”
She leaned in and gave him a kiss, before settling down beside him to sleep for the night.
“I’ll find you.” The young prince was murmuring in his sleep, as the rest of their tribe settled down for sleep. “I promise.”
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