InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ A Feudal Era Fairytale ❯ Chapter 3 ( Chapter 4 )

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Title: A Feudal Era Fairytale
Author: C-Chan2 aka Neptunesdemon
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Category: Adventure, romance, drama, mention of Mpreg
Pairings: Sesshomaru/Miroku, Kouga/Inuyasha
Spoilers: None at all
Warnings: OOC, yaoi, AU
Author’s Note: Yes, Naraku is not a half-demon in this. He is a full demon and yes, things will get worse before they get better, but that’s how it always goes.
He had fallen so far down into darkness that Sesshomaru had no hope of ever making his way back up to the surface again. In fact, he knew there was no escape. He had been discarded into the Underworld, into Yomi. It was the home of the goddess Izanami, who had been sealed away here after her husband Izanagi had discovered what being in Yomi had turned her into. Since that day, she had turned into a bitter, angry woman, who would encourage those that came here to eat the food of the Underworld and join her down here.
It was why it was no surprise that he had found himself waking, seated at a lavishly set table. Around the table the residents of his palace feasted, their faces shadowed and their movements automatic. A woman’s laugh had him looking up and amber eyes widened in fear as the sight of a maggot-eaten, and rotted corpse filled his vision. It was gone in an instant and was replaced with a vision of pale skin, dark eyes, silken hair and a beautiful face.
“Welcome, Lord Sesshomaru. Are you not hungry? Eat. Join us.”
He looked down at the innocent looking food and felt his stomach suddenly twist with a hunger he had never felt before, but he grit his teeth and looked back up at the woman, whose eyes narrowed as he did.
“Izanami-sama, I must refuse.”
She glared at him then, slowly rising from her seat to walk past the mechanically eating servants and soldiers, the table so long Sesshomaru wondered how it was that he had seen her so clearly from his end of the table. She topped beside him and Sesshomaru had to stop from gagging. Beautiful she seemed, but the stench of death and rotting flesh coming off of her was so concentrated that he could taste it on his tongue.
“Eat, Sesshomaru. You reside here with me now; you must eat and join us.”
“I have already refused.”
The ghostly shriek that left the figure beside him had his blood running cold, but he hardened his jaw and looked up at the snarling goddess turned demon. He would not eat. To eat would trap him here in Yomi, and he had to return to the surface to see if Miroku was truly dead and to retrieve his pup from danger.
“Then you will starve and be imprisoned here!” Izanami screamed, Sesshomaru’s ears ringing from the high tone. “Here you will not die, just suffer unending pain until you are too weak to resist!”
In a strong gush of wind, which had him blocking his face with his arms, Sesshomaru soon found himself standing in a dungeon. It was dank, damp and dark. His eyes quickly adjusted and he was aware of the writhing and moaning masses on the floor. Human and demons alike were rolling in pain, their arms grabbing at empty stomachs, caved in from hunger and yet still fighting against eating. In a far corner sat a table, topped with lavish dishes fit for not kings but the gods themselves. Around it sat the few that had given in, mindlessly eating and slowly rotting away, maggots eating at their flesh while they feasted on the food of the Underworld.
His stomach twisted again in hunger and Sesshomaru groaned. He would not give in. He would not succumb like those poor fools who sat around the table, feasting on their final death sentence to be trapped here and unable to return to his son. No. He would bear it and he would find a way to be released.
And so he fought with gnawing hunger, so painful that at times he swore there was something clawing at him from inside. He sat in his corner, watching as one by one, those that had been fighting gave in, turning into the decaying, mindless zombies like the rest. But he fought on. If he held out, Izanami would have no choice to release him, he was sure of it. He would resist, even if it took hundreds of years.
It took fifty for him to crack. Izanami had walked in to order another rotted corpse dragged out of the room. It was the last of those he had met when banished to this hell within hell. His body had wasted away to nearly nothing, his stomach was so small he feared that it would shrink and disappear. And his mind, it finally broke, going blank and thinking of absolutely nothing else but the hunger burning at his core.
Izanami’s laugh had him looking up at her and she crouched before him, holding out her hand and revealing the small peach that sat so ripe and full on her palm. Sesshomaru’s heart raced and his mouth watered and Izanami laughed.
It was a cry in the distance and they both looked out the open doorway down into the dark corridor as if it would reveal who had called out. The former goddess merely snorted before turning back to Sesshomaru and piercing the skin of the peach with the sharp nail of her index finger.
“Only a drop, Lord Sesshomaru and you will want for more.”
The small drop of juice lingered at the tip of her nail as she stretched out toward Sesshomaru. The Dog Demon’s tongue eagerly stretched out and Izanami could only chuckle triumphantly as she watched the demon’s desperation as he waited for that single drop. It was just as it fell and splashed on his tongue that the two were disturbed.
The last Sesshomaru could make out was the burst of flavor, so sweet and invigorating, before Izanami was howling in rage. His eyes closed as his body shivered from the single taste of food and it was then he realized his mistake. In his mind’s eyes he saw his pup, who burst into mist and vanished and then there was a man. Who was this man? All he could tell was that he was beautiful. . .so very beautiful. And then the man was bursting into mist and smoke as well, dissolving away into nothingness. And soon every memory, every event from his past was dissolving as well until finally, he was left an empty shell. A demon with no memory of his past and no recognition of even himself; and he slept. He slept for a long time, while outside of his dreams two deities battled for his life, or rather, what was left of it.
xoxox One Hundred Years Later xoxox
Red, entranced eyes watched the slim figure in front of him move gracefully and skillfully to the music playing. Pale skin of a slender shoulder peeked out as the fabric of the traditional Mainland dress slipped down, and fingers clutched the sake bottle in his hand tightly as golden eyes peered back at him over the tempting plane of skin. And then the figure was turning, moving, dancing intricate moves that he had been taught by women of the Mainland.
Naraku slowly sipped at his sake, enjoying the private dance and knowing full well that even though those eyes looked back at him with bashful lust, with innocent seduction, it was hiding a deep hatred within. As the music ended, and the young dancer lowered to the floor to bow at him properly, Naraku smiled.
Resting his sake on the waiting tray a servant held up for him, he stood, applauding loudly as he climbed down the stairs of his elevated perch towards the figure still hiding their face, bowed low to the ground.
“Beautiful!” He announced, stopping in front of the bowed individual. “A marvelous performance, my sweet. Please, stand. Let me praise you so that I can see that sweet face.”
Slowly, the dancer rose from a bow, to his knees and then gracefully onto his feet. But even though now he was at full height, he kept his eyes downcast, and hands hidden away in the sleeves of the dance costume, its color light blue and white. Silver locks had been pulled back into a simple bun, but porcelain hair combs and dangling pieces shaped like flowers decorated it.
His face paled further by makeup let his red-colored lips stand out brightly. Naraku reached out to gently lift the boy’s chin further and finally those eyes lifted to look back at him. And there it was.
Naraku smiled at the depths of hate, despair and fear found in those eyes, and his heart raced as the young man visibly shuddered as they made eye contact.
“You’ve become so talented, Inuyasha.” He murmured, the young Half Demon merely looking down again. So well versed in the art of bashful humility; Naraku loved it. “If I could watch you dance forever, I would. Come, you must join me. You deserve a treat for such a wonderful performance.”
“As you wish, my lord.”
Naraku smiled and was then snapping and then servants were rushing round them, setting up a table and a place for the two to sit. Once the lavish feast was set, Naraku waved them all off, all except the musicians. Then he signaled to begin playing again, and the light song that started would accompany his dinner.
Satisfied, Naraku took Inuyasha’s hand and led him to the table, the young half-demon sitting down as gracefully as he had danced. As he sat obediently, Naraku took a few moments to appreciate the nape of a delicate neck, leaning down to brush his fingers over the soft skin. Inuyasha shuddered and Naraku chuckled. So responsive the boy was, it made him ache thinking of how responsive the rest of his skin would be.
“Pour me some sake, Inuyasha.” He insisted as he sat himself beside Inuyasha.
The half-demon obediently did as told, pouring the sake into the intended cup and holding it out for Naraku. The demon king smiled, taking the cup with his left hand and quickly grabbing Inuyasha’s with his right before the Half Demon could pull away.
“So bashful.” Naraku said, drinking from the cup and resting it down when he was done. “So shy, Inuyasha? You would think we were strangers. And so quiet, too. Has Kagura finally cut out your tongue?”
“No, my lord.”
“Then you are afraid to speak to me.” Naraku surmised a smirk on his lips. He pulled the young Half-Demon’s hand to his lips so that he could gently brush the skin of Inuyasha’s hand. “Are you afraid of me, Inuyasha?”
“Yes, Master.” Came the whispered confession and Naraku’s face fell into an impassive mask.
“How frightened are you, Inuyasha?”
Golden eyes looked up at him and Naraku’s jaw clenched.
“Very frightened, Master.”
The servants jumped, a few gasping as the slap was loud enough to echo in the large room. It caused everyone to fall silent, even the musicians, and all eyes landed on the sight of a seething lord and his favored slave cradling a cheek already darkening from the blow.
“Get out.” Were the soft words and the servants looked amongst each other unsure as if Naraku meant for them to leave or Inuyasha. Then red eyes looked up to glare at them all and they all started to scramble. “GET OUT!”
The room was cleared instantaneously, doors slamming shut behind fleeing servants and all that was left was a slave and his master. Naraku reached for Inuyasha, who only cried out in objection as he was lifted to his feet and then was crying out again as he was struck again. This hit was hard enough to knock him back and he landed none too gently on the still set dining table.
“So afraid and yet so bold to admit it!” Naraku nearly shrieked, hovering over the whimpering form of the Half-Demon slave, Inuyasha merely cowering away, hoping whatever punishment Naraku had planned it would happen quickly.
“Tell me, Inuyasha, my pet! What have I done to cause you such fear?”
Inuyasha was choking back a frightened yelp as he was grabbed again, dragged into a sitting position with red, livid eyes staring back into misty amber.
“Come, my sweet, I’ll give you reason to fear me.”
The first rip of the fabric of his dress that he was always forced to wear had Inuyasha shouting out in objection, but the cuff to his mouth stunned him silent. Stars filled his vision afterwards as he was pushed down to the table, hard enough that his head cracked down hard and his vision blurred.
The sound of his clothing ripping was warped, almost distant and yet loud enough to cause him dread. He had always feared this moment and had always known it would come. Naraku’s lust had been obvious to Inuyasha when he was too young to have a name for it. And now . . . he cried out in objection, hands trying to push the Demon Lord off but having no success.
“Please, Master!” He was soon begging, words accompanied by pitiful sobs. “Please stop!”
Naraku had no intentions of ceasing his actions. His eyes were focused and his mind was set. Inuyasha would be his finally, after so many years of waiting; he would finally slate his lust and get his revenge. Or so he thought.
At Kagura’s call, Naraku merely growled, lowering to run his tongue over the naked, exposed skin of Inuyasha’s chest. It was so sweet, so addicting, his teeth ached to mark the flesh, to scar the perfect, flawless expanse of it.
“My Lord Naraku!”
It would have to wait it would seem, Kagura was insistent, and she rarely was. That meant it was important. Pulling away from the shivering, sobbing mass that was Inuyasha, Naraku watched as the young Half-Demon curled up into a tight ball, dress mere tatters.
“What is it, Kagura?” He questioned, tucking himself away. He had already pulled free his member, but it would seem it was a waste.
He turned to face her and the human woman merely bowed her head in apology, before lowering to the floor to greet him formally.
“The mikos have arrived.”
“Mikos?” He questioned, his eyebrow raised inquisitively. “I agreed to meet with one.”
“There is safety in numbers.” Kagura merely said, slowly standing again and looking up at her master.
Naraku only laughed and cupped her face as he stopped in front of her.
“Then they do not trust me.” He merely said, before gently tapping her cheek. Then he was walking away and leaving her behind, as well as the still sobbing mass that was Inuyasha. “See to it that he readies himself for my evening song. I want him in red.”
Then he was gone, Kagura bowing even though he could not see it, before she was looking back at Inuyasha. Her placid eyes merely stared before she turned to leave.
“You heard him, slave.” She said as she began to disappear down the hall. “Cover your bruises well and go and tune your shamisen. I shall lay out a yukata. It will be easier for him to remove.”
Left behind, Inuyasha could only sob harder, having narrowly escaped violation but knowing that it was being planned for tonight. How was he to get out of this? When would this nightmare end for him?
“Please!” He sobbed, trying to fold into himself even more. “Someone please help me!”
Laughter echoed over the large plain that a band of Wolf Demons had set up camp in for the evening. A large group of adolescents and just-matured wolves played happily, chasing after a ball made of the hide of what was once prey and stuffed with feathers.
“Kouga, over here! Throw it here!”
Large blues eyes looked over to the wolf running with him a few paces away, arms waving and signaling that he throw the ball. A large grin broke out over Kouga’s face and he lifted the ball ready to throw it, but stumbled.
His head turned to face West and his heart wrenched as he heard it. It was the crying, the sobs and quiet pleas. He had always heard it, for as far back as he could remember, but never had he heard it so desperate, so afraid as if whomever the voice belonged to was in imminent danger.
“My Prince, look out!”
It was too late.
Kouga grunted loudly in pain as he was tackled by three male demons, one larger than him, and he fell to the ground. The ball was released and the few demons on Kouga’s team groaned in disappointment, nearly drowned out by the triumphant cheers of the opposing team.
“No fair, Ikijou!”
Kouga, winded and still lying on the ground could only watch as the mohawked wolf that had objected to his maltreatment was now in a small scuffle with the largest of the three that had tackled him.
As he sat up with a groan, he was aware that his other cousin was trying to pry his brother away from the fray.
“Enough!” He wheezed, but it held enough authority that all the wolves stopped in their place. “It’s alright, Hakkaku. They played fair.”
“But, Kouga!”
“No, I wasn’t paying attention. It was my fault.”
Hakkaku merely huffed, before he was throwing a threatening grimace back at Ikijou who only scoffed and turned to leave with his small group.
“Good game, guys!” Kouga called out after them. “It won’t be so easy to win next time.”
As the retreating wolves waved back at him, Kouga could only sigh before standing to his feet, dusting himself off and then turning to face his two cousins. Hakkaku stared back at him, none too happy with how things had unfolded and beside him his younger brother, Ginta, smiled back nervously at him.
“So, we lost.” He said with a shrug. “Big deal!”
Hakkaku only snorted and was then yelping as Kouga cuffed him on the side of his head, Ginta giggling at his older brother’s mistreatment.
“We were so close, though.” Ginta said as Kouga looked to him, the dark-haired Demon Prince merely sighing and clapping a hand down on his cousin’s shoulder.
“We’ll get ‘em next time, guys. I promise.”
“What the hell were you gawking at anyway?” Hakkaku was questioning and then Kouga was looking West again.
“Nothing.” He merely said, though the two Wolf Demons beside him new that he was clearly searching for something. “I just thought that I heard something.”
Ginta looked to his older brother, who only shrugged before they were both looking back at Kouga. Then the howling had them all looking back to the campsite. The Elders were calling them in for supper. Though the prince and Hakkaku were considered budding adults, since Ginta still went naked and therefore was still a juvenile, they knew better than to disobey the call for young ones to head back.
Kouga and Hakkaku let Ginta lead the way, not wanting the younger wolf to lag behind and be open to attack, and when they arrived back to camp the three were greeted by the rest of the pack. Ginta ran straight to his and Hakkaku’s mother, who easily greeted her pup with a hug before settling him in next to the fire in front of their tent to feed him.
Kouga paused to greet her with a wave and the female demon smiled back at him. Hakkaku respectfully granted the prince a departing nuzzle to the underside of his chin before joining his small family for supper. That left the prince to wander the grounds, checking in on his friends and distant family, before he was treading back to the largest tent in the center of the camp. This one he shared with his mother and as he drew closer, he saw her busily working on supper. He yipped happily as he drew close and the older Wolf Demon looked up to smile happily at her approaching son. Kouga threw himself into her open arms and she laughed as she stroked his hair. Finally maturing and he was acting more like a pup then when he went about without furs.
“So affectionate you are, my son.” She said, lifting his head with her hands to look into eyes so much like his father’s. “You must have missed me. Or you must know what day draws near.”
Kouga’s smile slowly faded and his mother merely tsked, gently nudging his chin and encouraging him to buck up.
“Do not fret, my prince. You knew this day was coming the first day you were dressed in your furs.” She said, leading him to the blanket that was laid out as their place to eat. Food was already spread out and waiting and Kouga eagerly sat before beginning to gorge on his mother’s cooking. “Every male child knows the day will soon come when his mother hand’s him his furs. And spring is already here.”
Kouga lost most of his appetite at the words and he looked up at his mother, who brought off the last of the dinner and placed it on the blanket, before sitting on it herself. Her gray eyes looked up at her son’s worried face and she felt her chest tighten at the sight. She herself had dreaded that the day she spoke of was soon here, but it was something they could not avoid.
“You will be back, Kouga, I am certain of this.” She said softly, her son gazing back at her with uncertainty. “You are the son of the Wolf Demons’ Ruling Lord. You will come back to me in the spring of next year and I will be able to spoil you again.”
Kouga could only chuckle at that, his mother giggling as well, before she was falling silent and watching as the Wolf Demon prince began eating vigorously again. She couldn’t help it as her smile softened at the thought that any day now, her mate would return to the pack. Usually, it was a joyous occasion, and it still would be, but this time he would come and leave again, taking with him the males who had entered maturity. They would brave the world on their own for the first time without their mothers or pack-mates for a year and then return stronger and weathered for their future; at least for those who came back.
That was the part that scared her the most. There was a chance that Kouga would not return, was a chance that he would be unable to brave the unforgiving world or would meet a demon too strong that he could not match or exceed in strength. Being a prince, he was not exempt from this rite of passage. She would have to sit in worry for a year, like other mothers, wondering if her son would return to her.
The sight of Kouga’s head snapping off to the West had her frowning as she watched her son frown deeply as well, ears twitching. It had been one hundred and fifty years since he had first heard this strange crying and he still heard it to this day.
The Demon Prince turned to look at his mother, who used her chin to point at the food still laid out before them.
“Our supper is getting cold. Eat up, my son. You’ll need your strength in the days to come.”
He nodded obediently and began to eat again, but she saw the way his head tilted slightly towards the West and she sighed. Perhaps Kouga would spend his year away searching for the stranger that always called to him from the West. As Kouga’s head turned to look off in that direction again, she was convinced that it was exactly what he would do, even if he did not intend to at first.
Violet eyes snapped open as lungs heavily gasped in air. Soon he was coughing and Miroku sat up, heart racing and mind a jumble of confusion. He grabbed his chest as his coughing calmed, aware that his heart was racing but no longer heavy as he had last remembered it being. Before . . .before what?
He lifted his eyes and had to frown, overtaken by even more confusion. Where was he? This wasn’t his manor, this wasn’t the home that his lover had built for him and that he now shared with his pup.
His pup. . .
“Inuyasha.” He was croaking out, trying to lift himself on legs that had not been used in quite some time. He fell to the floor then with a pained grunt before he was looking up and out of what used to be a wall. It was crumbling, obviously suffering from lack of maintenance.
But that didn’t make any sense, how could such damage happen in such a small amount of time?
And then his mind was remembering. It was remembering strange woman, who took his only child away and the sight of some demon or monster in the sky, raining down destruction and death in claps of lightening. Miroku gasped, suddenly aware that his home had suffered an attack from some unknown enemy. How long had he been unconscious for and why had Sesshomaru not returned as of yet?
What if he was dead?
He quickly cast that thought aside as wrong. If Sesshomaru was dead, he would be dead himself. No, there was something else going on here. He was able to slowly lift himself after sometime and took to slowly shuffling about the manor grounds. Everyone was gone and everything was ruined or falling apart. He had come to Inuyasha’s room, covered in heavy dust and devoid of any sign that his son had been in here for a long period of time. He released a shaky breath at the sight of the rumpled sheets, disturbed from the last time he had set Inuyasha down on the bed.
He made his way toward it, reaching out and lifting a stuffed toy shaped like dog but dressed in human clothing. It was robes that were reminiscent of Sesshomaru’s own getup and Miroku managed a sad smile. With this still here, it was proof that Inuyasha was gone. If his son had gone of his own free will, he would have taken it with him. Miroku hugged it close to him with a sob and he sat on the bed, crying for quite some time for his pup that had been stolen from him.
Where was he now and why had he been stolen? Who was so cruel as to take a Half Demon child so young away from nurturing parents? Inuyasha was at such a fragile state in his life and Miroku was certain that being kidnapped would be so traumatic that he would barely recover.
He heard a sound and looked up; finding nothing in the doorway but it had been enough to motivate him. He was soon walking out into the courtyard; the sound that had led him here had turned out to be nothing more than some rummaging raccoons. Miroku held the stuffed toy in his hands tightly to him and he hated to know that there was no one left. No servants, no guards, and there was no sign of his family.
His eyes looked up to the skies and he was glad to see it was blue and the only clouds were the thick, fluffy white ones that were usually expected. His eyes slid closed as he tried his best to see if his mate was alright, knowing that they were connected by Fukurokuju’s spell. It was so faint that it was almost non-existent. What had happened to his mate and husband?
He figured that it was best to wait. Sometime soon, he was bound to find out what had happened and what was still going on. Looking down at his son’s favorite toy, he felt sadness take his heart as he thought about the young child. Where was his precious Inuyasha now? Was he even alive?
He shook that last thought from his head, refusing to lose hope before he had barely started to find it. He would meditate and pray to the Great Buddha for guidance. And hopefully he would start to get some answers.
Brown eyes looked about as she kneeled patiently with her two other sisters. Dressed in the traditional garb of mikos, Kagome and her elder siblings waited patiently for the Lord of the West to receive them. Kaede sat quietly, sipping the tea that they had been offered and Kagome was amazed that she was brave to drink it. It could have been poisoned for all they knew, but Kaede was a gracious guest and did not refuse. Besides, if it had been poisoned, the skilled miko would have known from the first sip.
The middle child turned to face her younger sister, her only remaining eye winking back at the younger girl. She had lost it in battle against some pesky imps. One of their soldiers were lucky and took advantage of Kaede’s being distracted with tending Kagome’s wounded leg and shot an arrow straight into her eye. Luckily, she had only lost her eye, but it was replaced by an eye stolen from a Hawk Demon during a different battle. She left it covered by the patch as it made several of the villagers uncomfortable to look into it.
As Kaede made a face, Kagome giggled; but it was short lived as her eldest sister looked to her with a look of disapproval. She bowed her head in apology and waited patiently, willing the Demon Lord to come and meet with them soon.
After a few more minutes of waiting, Kagome was looking up at the sound of the main doors opening, and the three sisters stood to greet the Ruling Lord of the West. He was a wicked looking man, with long, wavy hair and pale skin. He looked so sickly and yet so strong. Kagome didn’t like him at all.
“Welcome, ladies.” He greeted, the three women bowing and waiting until he had sat in his proper place before kneeling again. “I must say it is a surprise to find all three of you here. Tell me, Kikyo; do not trust that this meeting would be peaceful?”
“I would be a fool trust any demon that would extend an invitation to his enemy.” The eldest miko simply stated, her eyes watching Naraku’s with a sense of calm ire.
Naraku merely laughed before his eyes traveled down the line of sisters before stopping on Kagome, who merely stiffened and made a small yip of surprise to have those red eyes boldly staring at her.
“Ah, this must be the youngest. She has grown quite a bit since I had seen her last.”
“Yes, I believe she was an infant when you had slain our mother over her sleeping form.”
That had Kagome’s eyes widening and she looked to her older sisters in disbelief. Kaede merely motion that she be calm, but Kikyo was still staring back at Naraku.
“Come now, that was in the past. Besides, I was merely making a point.” Naraku said, waving her accusations away as if it were nothing more than a pestering bug. “Refuse my commands or fight against my will and you will suffer the consequences.”
“And what be your will, Lord Naraku?” Kaede was asking, looking up with her single eye glaring back at him. “That we bow to your every whim? Allow ye to usurp our authority over our human village and render our fields and crops desolate? To kill our livestock so that ye may watch us suffer, struggle and fight to survive?”
“What I expect, my dear Kaede is for you three to give in and be welcome into the Western Palace. You are far too vulnerable out there on your own. I offer you permanent residence and all I ask in return is your loyalty and that your miko powers be used when I see fit.”
“See fit to kill, destroy and taint everything else that is still good in this world!” Kikyo snapped; her anger evident. “We refuse! We are not so desperate that we would offer you our very lives. We still have pride and we still meticulously wait to exact our revenge for what you did to our mother. If that was all, Lord Naraku, then my sisters and I will take our leave. Kaede, Kagome, let us go.”
She stood then, her sisters following her example and then they turned to leave without a parting bow. Naraku merely snarled at the obvious gesture of disrespect, but he could only smile as the youngest of the three peered back at him. He would be patient. He’d have the mikos in the palm of his hands soon enough, and when he finally did, he would crush them. For now, he would rid his mind of this nasty visit by listening to his lovely Inuyasha sing him a lullaby, and then he would ensure that he and his toy would get a night that was good but lacked very little sleep.
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