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~~Chapter 99~~
“I'm so fucking sick of hospital waiting rooms . . . .”
Kagome grinned. Almost three months since their altercation with Norimitsu, and she hardly gave him a second thought anymore. Mostly it made her sad, that one individual could be so completely obsessed with things that he thought were due him when he'd done nothing to deserve anything. All the same, she couldn't be angry about it, either, since the end result had been a strengthening in her relationship with InuYasha that might not have grown had it not been for Norimitsu, and for Sesshoumaru's desire to change past mistakes. “Calm down, InuYasha . . . it shouldn't be too much longer.”
That reassurance only served to darken his already formidable glower. He sighed in protest. “I'm missing two meetings with potential clients, and for what? I'm sitting here doing nothing waiting for that lecher to come out here and say he's solely responsible for adding yet another ass-grabbing pervert to the world's already startlingly high count,” he pointed out. “And how do they know it's a boy?”
Kagome giggled. “It's called `ultrasound', remember?”
He snorted. “Keh! I don't trust it . . . they were wrong about Akamori.”
“They weren't wrong . . . you didn't listen.”
Inuakamori stiffened his back and shrieked angrily as Kagome pulled the magazine she'd been reading out of his reach. The five-month old child wiggled as he tried to escape Kagome's grip. InuYasha took his son and tweaked his nose. The baby howled, body relaxing as his anger shifted into despair at having been dealt the ultimate in youkai punishment.
Catching his mate's disapproving frown, InuYasha snorted. “Keh! He can't get away with that, and you know it,” he informed her.
“Wench! You're not winning here.”
“He got your meaning . . . .”
InuYasha rolled his eyes but did bring the baby to his shoulder to reassure him. “No more fits, got that?”
“Oh, kami . . . .”
“Why are you here?”
InuYasha rolled his eyes as his brother strode into the waiting room with Leikizu and the girls in tow. Hiding his amusement as Sesshoumaru sat down only to be swarmed by two nearly nine month-old girls, InuYasha suddenly growled and jerked his hand back as Inuakamori sank his newly acquired fangs into his father's finger.
Kagome giggled as she dug out a diaper wipe to blot the blood off InuYasha's finger. “That's what you get for letting him gnaw on your fingers,” she remarked, “and don't you dare tweak him for that.”
InuYasha shot her a long-suffering look. “No biting,” he told the baby. Inuakamori just blinked innocently at his father.
“Pathetic, InuYasha,” Sesshoumaru remarked as Keiko leaned over to yank the little pink bow out of Kumiko's hair. Kumiko's little face scrunched up as she started to cry. “Keiko, that wasn't nice,” Sesshoumaru remarked as Kumiko batted at her sister's face. “Kumi, no hitting.”
InuYasha's gaze narrowed as he stared at his brother—tai-youkai, Inu no Taisho—calmly telling his daughters to play nicely.
Keiko retaliated by taking her sister's toy. Kumiko howled and leaned forward to bite Keiko for the transgression.
Leikizu rolled her eyes. “Sesshoumaru, are you going to let them do that?” she asked, her voice full of barely contained irritation.
“I told them to stop . . . .”
“Oh, for the love of heaven!” Leikizu grumbled as she effectively tweaked both of her daughters' noses. Twin voices erupted in inconsolable sobs. “If you don't stop coddling them, they're going to be spoiled rotten, you know.”
“But you do it so well, Lei.”
InuYasha hid his amusement as he turned to whisper into Kagome's ear. “And you think I'm bad, do you?”
Kagome giggled. “You're not bad often enough, InuYasha.”
His eyebrows disappeared under his silvery bangs. “You think so, wench?”
She blushed slightly and leaned over to kiss his cheek.
“When are the two of you going to have another?” Leikizu asked, breaking into the unspoken conversation between InuYasha and Kagome.
Kagome's flush deepened. “I don't know . . . we hadn't discussed it . . . Inuakamori's still so young . . . .”
Sesshoumaru glanced at his mate. “Perhaps they wish to do what we did . . . raise these pups then have another.”
“That's true,” Leikizu agreed. “They've got centuries, right?”
“Maybe not that long,” Kagome said, carefully keeping her tone light. InuYasha frowned at her mock bravado. “I'm human . . . I might live to be a hundred, but—”
Sesshoumaru frowned. “Totosai didn't tell you?”
“Tell us what?” InuYasha asked.
Sesshoumaru sighed and let Leikizu take Keiko as he straightened up in his chair, his arm wrapped around Kumiko's stomach. “That crazy old man forgets everything, doesn't he? Totosai was supposed to explain all of this to you once you discovered the Aoirotoku and the Mamorikoi . . . the bond he forged by creating Blue Tetsusaiga . . . so long as you honor your vow to protect the miko with the Sword of the Fang you shall live out your lives as one.”
Sesshoumaru shook his head. “Surely you're not so ignorant that you didn't understand what I just said?”
“I understood you fine, bastard,” InuYasha growled. “I just wanted to make sure you meant what I think you meant. So as long as I protect Kagome with Tetsusaiga, she'll live, right?”
“Yes, baka.”
InuYasha grinned. “Keh.”
Keh?” Kagome echoed. “All you can say is `keh'?”
InuYasha wrinkled his nose. “I suppose it can't be helped. You'll do, wench.”
“I'll do?” she countered incredulously.
“Keh. Fishing for compliments again . . . not gonna work . . . .”
Miroku cleared his throat before Kagome could retort. “He's a boy . . . he looks just like his mother . . . and we've named him Masuyo.”
Kagome shook her head. “To increase the world . . . .”
InuYasha snorted. “Told you, another pervert in the making.”
“Oi, wench! Do you know where I put that contract for my meeting with Neogen?” InuYasha called without looking up from the papers in his hand.
Kagome stuck her head out of the bathroom with her toothbrush sticking out of her mouth. “No,” she burbled, trying to keep from spitting out the toothpaste. “Heck your bweefcase.”
“Keh, and you tell me not to talk with my mouth full,” he complained as he leaned over the side of the bed to retrieve the briefcase. The folder wasn't in there, either. With a sigh, he got up and headed out to the living room where he had left the briefcase next to the sofa. Muttering a curse as he stepped on a stuffed animal—Baka. Picking up the stuffed dog, InuYasha headed off to return it to the rightful owner, before Shippou woke up in the middle of the night whining because he couldn't find Baka.
Shippou rolled over, wrapping his arm around the missing dog that InuYasha secretly believed was the runt's reason for waking the entire house up so that they could all cuddle up in the `big bed', as the kitsune dubbed InuYasha and Kagome's bed. He spared a moment to pull up Shippou's blanket and tuck it in before ruffling the kit's hair before he returned to his quest of finding the missing contract. Three steps into the living room he kicked one of Inuakamori's rattles, which might not have been so bad had it not been a pewter rattle. “Son of a . . . ouch!” InuYasha growled as he snatched up the rattle and, with a sigh, turned to stomp back down the hallway to the infant's room. He set the rattle on the dresser, paused to kiss his fingertips and rub them over the sleeping pup's cheek before moving off yet again to find the contract.
After another fifteen minutes of futile searching, InuYasha growled in frustration as he stomped back down the now toy-free hallway to his bedroom. “I can't find the fucking . . . con . . . tract . . .” he trailed off as he stepped into the room only to find Kagome sitting up in the middle of the bed with the missing contract held strategically in front of her vastly abundant assets.
“Which would you rather have, InuYasha? The contract? Or me?”
He whined as he closed the door and slowly started to drag off his shirt. “That's not fair, sneaky wench. I need that contract . . . but I want you.”
“All right . . . then let's see how well you do, looking over your contract while I sit here and read my book.”
Eyes bulging as she dropped the contract on the bed and retrieved a book that he didn't recognize right away, InuYasha snorted loudly and let his shorts fall on the floor, too. “Oi, you can't ignore me, Kagome!” he complained as he reached for the book. She jerked away. He growled as her scent shifted just a little.
“Let me restate the rules, wench, in case you weren't paying attention the first time. You can't ignore me. You can't come to bed naked and think you'll get away with it. You can't tease me with my contracts, and you cannot ever . . . is that my journal?”
“Um, no?” she squeaked as he reached for the book and jerked it out of her hands. She grabbed for it and missed.
He grinned. “Reach for it again, wench . . . please.”
She blushed, noticing that he was staring quite shamelessly at her breasts. She tried another tactic. Lowering her chin and gazing up at him through her heavy fringe of eyelashes, she blinked a few times. “I just thought that if you're busy with that contract that I should be allowed to read your journal . . . . It's fair, isn't it?”
“Keh! In what world, wench? No.”
“All right, fine,” she pouted then grinned, completely ruining the overall effect of the pout. “Do you have to look at that contract tonight?”
He sighed. “I could put it off,” he allowed as he tossed the journal across the room.
“Go right ahead, then . . . if you think you can.”
He frowned. “I don't think I trust you, wench. What are you up to?”
“Nothing . . . .”
InuYasha really didn't trust that answer. Still, on general principle, he retrieved the contract and started to read through it. At least, he tried until Kagome scooted behind him and started kissing his shoulder. Two seconds later, the contract was lying atop the journal on the floor across the room, and Kagome squealed as InuYasha whipped around, catching her shoulders and forcing her down on the bed.
“Wench wants to play, that it?” he growled as he nipped at her earlobe.
She shuddered. “I didn't say anything about playing,” she argued as his assault against her senses escalated. Scraping fangs over the softness of her skin, Kagome sighed and kissed him, held onto his shoulders as he nuzzled her neck. Teasing her with the softest whispering touches, the urgency behind his movements seemed to fade. Maybe the difference was simply having the knowledge that they didn't have to rush, didn't have to hurry, didn't have to fight for every moment. The solitary understanding that their forever would be a very long time precluded the need to satiate the flesh. Taking his time as he feathered kisses over her face, kissed her softly, gently, his lips no more than a shiver against hers, InuYasha rumbled low in his throat—the sound that Kagome had come to realize was the proof of his own sense of contentment.
Through the rising pulse of sensation, the delicious sense of languor hung over them. The current of emotion was tempered by the thorough grasp of love. Laughing as he brushed kisses over her belly, Kagome tried to roll away from his tickling caresses. The sound of her laughter prompted his, and minutes spun together as he held her, chuckled with her. “You amaze me,” she whispered as she wound down to just a gentle smile as she reached up to stroke his ears. He flicked them out of her fingers. She giggled and leaned up to kiss him.
The quick kiss she intended grew into something far more thrilling. A flower of heat blossomed in her veins as he dragged his claws along her hips, her thighs. Absolute heat rocketed through her system, spun around a rising spire of tightly controlled desire. She reacted to the pull of his body, the proximity of his lips, his hands . . .
“Mine,” InuYasha growled as he grasped her hips between his hands. “Understood?”
“Completely . . . so long as you know that this—” she said, wrapping her arms around his waist, “—is all mine.”
“You gonna use it or you gonna talk all night, wench?”
“I wasn't! You said—”
“Shut up and kiss me, will you?”
His hands brushed over her to capture her breasts as he leaned down to kiss her. “ . . . Okay.”
The melding of their mouths was mirrored as he pressed into her. She gasped softly, the sound captured within the confines of the kiss. Pure sensation, unadulterated heat, the mix of love and the promise of two hearts that sought the elusive horizons of forever coursed through her as she rose against him like the tide, like the wings of a young bird readying itself for its first flight, like the phoenix from the ashes. A surreal cushion of gentle passion cradled her. Held against his heart, against his strength, the flow of power cosseted her against the storming vortex of consummate need. Whispered promises, soft endearments, tender kisses rained down from the gruff yet gentle hanyou.
The precarious balance between yearning and fulfillment, between domination and submission, between instinct and the will to cherish warred with the steadiness of love that had come full-circle, a love that had blossomed and grown. The one chosen to be the protector had become the one to be protected in the shelter of her arms. The one chosen to purify had become the one to be purified in the tenderness of his kisses. Giving was a heartfelt thing, the beauty of the moment magnified in the rhythm of their bodies.
Unnecessary words fell away, ragged breathing became a song. He moaned against her lips; she whimpered softy in reply. Time and motion combined into a deluge of infinity, a continuum of life in the paradox of illusion. Love became liquid heat, heat grew into a white hot burn. They met and melded, fell away with the surge. His power became hers as her gentle aura surrounded them both in the soothing glow. He promised to protect her, and she vowed to cherish him.
Flesh and bone dissolved as a desperate fervor built. She whispered his name as the first ripples of repletion pulsed through her, cried out as he caught her, pushed her, goaded her until everything fell away, until the languor snapped. Her heart screamed his name, his mouth drew on hers. Unrelenting, undaunted, unbroken as emotion and need converged only to come down to one moment when everything and nothing made coherent sense, came down to the belief that they were each others' destinies. In the quiet, in the stillness, in the midst of love given freely and returned, he called out her name as she shuddered around him, caught her up in the waves of intensity. The balm of the ultimate gift given became something golden and untouchable, and she reveled in the wonder that was InuYasha as he held her closer than his own heart.
The silence surrounding them both was peaceful, punctuated by a stuttered breath, a soft moan. InuYasha rolled onto his back without relinquishing his hold on Kagome. With gentle fingers, he pushed her hair off of her face, tilted her chin as he stared into her eyes. Content to stare at each other, Kagome caught his fingers and kissed them, the softness in her smile became one with the luminous brightness in her gaze. “I'll spend forever with you,” she whispered.
“Good, wench.”
She sighed and snuggled closer in his arms, her cheek resting on his heart as she smiled at the steady beat. “InuYasha?” she finally asked, breaking the lull that had fallen as he stroked her back.
“When I was alone with Norimitsu,” she began as she shifted her position, chin resting atop his chest. “He said something about having killed us in the past . . . that Sesshoumaru was trying to change to past . . . what did he mean?”
InuYasha sighed. “I was hoping you didn't know,” he grumbled, rubbing a hand over his face. “I was hoping you'd never know.”
“You can't protect me from everything. I can handle it. Try me.”
Running his claws through her hair, InuYasha smiled just a little. Tinged with sadness and a trace of self-disgust, he drew a deep breath as he pulled her forward to kiss her temple. “I made a lot of mistakes the first time, with you. Because of me . . . everyone suffered. Sesshoumaru had a second chance to change it, when you were born. He said he watched the shrine for you, and when you were born, he knew. He and Myouga set things in motion to change the past by altering your future. See, I failed in my lifetime, but you . . . you were able to change it all, just by being you, and just by following me when I told you to stay behind.”
She giggled suddenly. “So if I hadn't followed you . . . ?”
“I don't know. I'm just glad you did.”
“But Norimitsu didn't win this time.”
“Nope . . . and I hear your son.”
She sighed as InuYasha rolled off the bed and ambled out of the room. She sighed again, this time in complete appreciation of the man. Would he ever realize how beautiful he was, in her eyes? Maybe not. `Then again,' she thought with a smile, `I'll have a very long time to convince him of that, won't I?'
Grabbing her robe off the foot of the bed, she was tying it closed when InuYasha strode back into the room. To her everlasting amusement, she was surprised to see that he was carrying Inuakamori, who was hungrily chewing on his fist, in one arm and a still-sleeping kitsune in the other. He handed over the starving pup as she giggled before he sat down to lay Shippou in the space between them. Pulling on a pair of red boxer-briefs before joining her in bed, InuYasha stretched out on his side without comment. He'd given up trying to sleep naked when Shippou had started creeping into their room in the middle of the night. While he hadn't cared, one way or another, Kagome had.
Catching her little smile, InuYasha snorted. “Keh. He'd be in here by morning anyway,” he grumbled.
“Remind me before we have any more that we're going to need a bigger bed.”
Kagome laughed as he rose up and leaned forward to kiss her cheek.
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Masuyo:  "to increase the world"
Chronicles WILL have exactly 100 chapters plus the Epilogue.
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Final Thought from Kagome:
Forever, huh . . . ?
Blanket disclaimer for this fanfic (will apply to this and all other chapters in Chronicles): I do not claim any rights to InuYasha or the characters associated with the anime/manga. Those rights belong to Rumiko Takahashi, et al. I do offer my thanks to her for creating such vivid characters for me to terrorize.

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