InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Cold as you ❯ Chapter 5 ( Chapter 5 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]


Chapter 5: Oh what a shame, what a rainy ending given to a perfect day
Mama Higaurashi stood at the kitchen as the sun set. Dinner had already been made and the table set. She was now waiting for everyone to get into the dining room to eat. It was pouring down rain outside now. It looked miserable outside. The day had started out so well too. Sighing, she turned away and moved to the doorway and opened it. Stepping into the rain, she lifted her face up to it, relishing in the rain.
It had been bright and sunny all day up until Kagome had returned. The clouds had rolled in suddenly. She had gotten all the bills paid with plenty to spare for once. It helped with their private benefactor that now supported the shrine. She had spoken with many people and already plans had been put in motion to start up a small dojo as well as some new events that would help bring more money into the shrine.
She sighed heavily and opened her eyes. “What a shame… A rainy ending to a perfect day…” Mama Higaurashi turned around and stepped back inside. Moving to a towel, she dried herself quickly and moved to change her clothes.