InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Cold as you ❯ Chapter 10 ( Chapter 10 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]


Chapter 11: And you come away with a great little story
Sango growled softly as for the seventh day in a row, Inuyasha badgered Kagome. Anyone could see that he was still in love with Kagome but it was becoming obvious to Sango that Kagome had finally let go. Apparently he was that dense. Rolling her eyes, she leaned back in the grass. Shippo and Rin had gotten Kirara to go play with them while they rested for lunch. Looking for Miroku, she frowned as she caught sight of him talking with Inuyasha. Rolling her eyes, she watched Kagome walk into the trees.
Deciding to go talk to her, she rose and followed after her. Moving through the trees, she paused as she heard Kagome talking. Who was she talking to though? Peeking around a tree, her eyes widened in shock. Thank goodness she was downwind. She had never ever seen Sesshomaru being like that before. Not even with Rin. She could only stare in open mouth astonishment. `Now I've got a great story to tell Miroku!' An evil chuckle sounded in her mind as she closed her mouth and smirked.
She hovered only for a few seconds more, listening as Kagome told Sesshomaru of her family in the future. Turning away, she silently left the two alone. Kagome definitely had someone to count on for now on. That was obvious. After all, Sesshomaru was willingly letting Kagome brush his hair and tail.