InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Detention Stories ( Chapter 3 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

“Will you be okay?” Sango asked her friend.
“Yes, don't worry, I'll survive.” Kagome replied as she smiled weakly at Sango.
“What happened back there, I swear I saw sparks flying?” Miroku asked.
“That baka has a way of making my temperature rise.”
“Oh…?” Miroku wiggled his brows suggestively.
“Don't start Miroku, you know Kagome was home-schooled.” Sango replied as she bopped the monk.
“What are you talking about?” Kagome asked again and Miroku and Sango sniggered.
“Oh, so innocent.”
“What?! Stop talking gibberish!” Kagome complained, her temper shooting up as they neared the detention room. She sighed and looked at her friends.
“I'm sorry for losing my temper, Sango, Miroku. It's just that…
“We understand, Kagome. Don't worry.” Miroku consoled.
“Also, you're not the only one to face detention, Kags. I mean a student has to experience at least detention once before he or she is considered normal. So what can we say! Congratulations!” Kagome laughed at her friends' effort.
“Oh, should I wave at the crowd?” She joked as she adjusted her imaginary crown and cradled her imaginary bouquet.
“Yep, have fun inside, I bet there are at least twenty of you in there.” Sango hugged her friend tightly as she and Miroku turned to leave.
“Okay, thank you for making me feel better.” Kagome waved and opened the detention room with a smile. Her smile however evaporated when she saw only one person inside the room…
“Hello, kitty…” Inuyasha grinned.
“Of all the…” Kagome hissed as Inuyasha intentionally brushed against her when he passed by her chair.
“What?” he smirked as Kagome glowered.
“Don't push it too far Hirohito.” Kagome ground out.
“Are you going to purify me Higurashi?” Kagome's blood boiled and she quickly averted her gaze counting slowly in her head to control her temper.
“Baka…!” Kagome murmured.
“What was that? I didn't hear it, kitty…” Inuyasha grinned, teasing Kagome Higurashi is as easy as breathing and Inuyasha tremendously enjoys the task for reasons he really can't put his finger into.
“Shut up…” Kagome whispered.
“Or else…?” Inuyasha taunted.
“You'll what…?”
“Ohhhhhhhhhh… you're impossible!” Kagome clenched her fist as her aura flared.
“Careful, Kagome. You don't want detention, do you?” Inuyasha whispered as he grinned evilly at Kagome. “Or did you enjoy being with me too much?”
“Duh I enjoyed it or duh I did not?” Inuyasha taunted as they heard the bell rang.
“Do you mind?” Kagome snapped as she rushed out of the classroom and Inuyasha followed her relentlessly.
“Do I mind what? One more hocus pocus Higurashi and you'll be expelled…” Inuyasha knowingly smirked as Kagome stopped in her tracks huffing like a winded rhino. Her thoughts drifting to the day she and Inuyasha were given detention….
Her day positively darkened when she discovered that she and Inuyasha were the only ones given detention that day. She sat quietly on her chair and tried to not pay the hanyou attention.
“What did I ever do to you?!” Kagome snapped as she threw back at Inuyasha the crumpled papers he kept throwing at her.
“Don't be a nun, Higurashi, I'm just having fun.” Inuyasha smiled sweetly at Kagome. The fact is he likes making her angry, she's more alive when she's angry and he loves the warmth the flare of her aura gives him, it makes him feel - secure. Weird.
“At my expense? Do you want me to blast you off?” Kagome gritted her teeth and watched as Inuyasha stared at her flaring aura almost happily. Sick bastard!
Just then, Mr. Yakamura, the gym teacher who was suppose to look after their detention came in and Kagome's aura's flare died instantly. For some reasons, Inuyasha was saddened by this.
“Hirohito, Higurashi! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! What's wrong with you kids? You're not supposed to get detention on a Monday. That's just so wrong.” Mr. Yakamura seated himself in front of his `wards.'
“We're sorry, Sir.” Kagome said meekly.
“Can I trust you to behave yourselves?” Mr. Yakamura asked the young Miko kindly.
“Yes, sir.” Inuyasha replied smelling Kagome's salty, unshed tears.
“Good. The school is here to help you train your powers and to give you a chance to live the life you choose. We're not here to blast people off, Higurashi or throw energy balls at them though I'm quite impressed, energy balls are higher Miko levels. But still, it does not make it right, you could have seriously hurt someone. In this regard, the school has started drafting some serious rules on rule breaking, I mean, we can't keep on buying new chairs and tables because you kids are feeling sad or just broke up with your girlfriends and boyfriends…” Mr. Yakamura gently explained as he watched Kagome sniff.
“I'm truly sorry…” Kagome tearily said.
“I know you are…” Mr. Yakamura said.
“And you Hirohito. What's the deal about starting a fight? I expect more from you, we never experienced this kind of trouble when Sesshoumaru was here.”
“I did not start a fight and Sesshoumaru is a prude!”
“Now, now, Hirohito. It's not polite to call your brother that. I know you like, Kagome that's why you continue on taunting her….”
“What?!” Kagome and Inuyasha both screamed.
“Now, now. It's common knowledge that youkai and hanyou sense their mates. For all we know these little display of animosity towards each other is the start of a very interesting courtship.” Mr. Yakamura stared seriously at his students although inside he was laughing like a maniac. He always liked it when he told them that. Gotcha. He thought as he stared at a pale Kagome and a blushing Inuyasha.
“You're kidding me, right?” Kagome felt like gagging at the thought.
“I don't like her!” Inuyasha stood up and declared.
“Sit down, Hirohito. Calm down Higurashi.” The teenagers sat and tried to calm down, they looked at each other and said…
“Now, now, about Youkai and Hanyou courtship, I'm sure Higurashi here is not familiar with the rules…” Mr. Yakamura grinned as both teenagers sweated profusely. Ah, the joy of teaching… He though as he tried to appear mildly interested with the subject.
“I'm not sure we'd like to hear it, Sir.” Inuyasha said in a grim voice.
“Oh come on, Higurashi has to know if she plans on settling down with a youkai or a hanyou.”
“I don't!” Kagome stated with vehemence.
“You don't what…?” Inuyasha cut her off, feeling angry at her reaction. I'm hanyou and you're telling me this? He thought. Wait, what do I care? He frowned. This bitch is annoying!
“I don't want to get married ever!”
“Now, now, it's too soon for that decision Higurashi.”
“Are you sure you don't want to get married or you just don't want to marry a filthy, half-breed, hanyou?” Inuyasha challenged standing up.
“Baka, who gives a shit if you're hanyou, youkai, pokemon or astroboy! I would never marry you even if you're surname's DiCaprio and your names Leonardo!” Kagome stood up facing Inuyasha squarely, her fists clenched.
“Kagome…” Inuyasha stammered as Mr. Yakamura gasped.
“What?!” Kagome yelled.
“We are in a barrier…” Inuyasha said slowly.
“A barrier erects itself when I feel threatened! So?” Kagome said with annoyance.
“Yes, but I'm inside it…” Inuyasha replied.
Kagome shivered remembering their last conversation with Mr. Yakamura and for a day, Inuyasha has paid her no attention and she was truly grateful, she did not tell anyone about the weird barrier thing though because she was thoroughly confused. Why did it include him? She thought as she absentmindedly fiddled with her locker combination.
I could not risk blasting him off for I might be expelled although Mr. Yakamura announced the expulsion will be on a case-to-case basis, but still….
“Come on, Kagome, admit it -“Inuyasha continued and Kagome nearly had a cardiac-arrest, she totally forgot that Astrodog was following her. Astrodog? Cute. Kagome smiled as she looked at Inuyasha's ears.
“Kagome! We're going ahead, Kohaku and Souta are already there, do try to catch up!” Sango waved at her friend and Kagome stared at them in return. Traitors, leaving me at the hands of the enemy!
“You enjoyed it, right?” Inuyasha continued to taunt and was disappointed when Kagome remained impassive. He spent sleepless nights thinking about the barrier. He never told anyone that he felt secure and loved while inside it. Secure and loved? Come on give me a break. It's a barrier you're supposed to feel secure. His human side reasoned. And loved? His youkai taunted as it tried to break free and sniff Kagome.
“I warn you Inuyasha…” Kagome said at last.
“What are you going to do? Blast me?” Inuyasha smirked and stopped as Kikyo and her gang headed their way. Kagome raised her brow at her enemy's sudden tamed behavior, she turned her head and smiled. Oh, the lady-love bitchiness is here, that's why. She sneered as a plan formed in her head…
“Blast you? Goodness no.” Kagome answered as she stepped closer towards Inuyasha seeing Kikyo walking towards them. “Why should I blast you when I could just kiss you in front of your girlfriend?” Kagome bumped her nose against Inuyasha's and laughed when he trembled.
“Oi, Kagome…”
“Inuyasha!!” Kikyo yelled loudly seeing that the transferee was all over her Inuyasha.
“Bitch, keep your filthy hands off my boyfriend!” Kikyo said.
Kagome smiled in Inuyasha's face as she covered his mouth with her hand. She leaned closer and continued to look at Inuyasha as she bent down and slowly kissed the hand that covered his mouth - slowly and deliberately. Inuyasha's eyes widened and Kikyo gasped.
“Funny isn't it how things backfire?” Kagome whispered succinctly in Inuyasha's ear as she tweaked the shocked hanyou's nose and waved happily at Kikyo.
“Your boyfriend's yummy…!” She said as she walked towards the cafeteria.
Doggies and their bitches! Arrggghhh….so annoying. Kagome thought as she looked back at Kikyo and Inuyasha and flipped her hair.