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Critical Decisions
Chapter 1: Miroku's Dilemma
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Everyone traveled, passing through partly forested plains. They seemed calm, yet alert. A youkai could jump out at any given time, and they had to be prepared. Each one of them looked around intently, never letting their guard down for even a moment.
They stopped at a resting point, still weary of their surroundings. The air was filled with silence, and uneasiness so thick it could be cut with a knife.
There was complete silence.
Eyes slowly scanned the surroundings, covering every square inch.
`Something's not right here.' A certain Taiji-ya thought to herself.
Something indeed wasn't right.
The trees rustled above them, leaves began to fall at a steady pace.
“What's happening?” The monk beside of her asked, holding a hand out and examining the falling leaves.
“I dunno, but something's definitely not right here.” Inuyasha replied. “And it reeks of demons.”
“I don't sense any jewel shards though.” The schoolgirl replied, sticking close to her hanyou companion.
Suddenly, a giant, bird-esque youkai appeared above them, knocking several trees down. The massive greenery falling at the group.
Sango turned to see that Kagome was right in it's path.
The raven haired girl shrieked and clenched her eyes shut, fearing the worst. She then found herself being airborne.
“Huh?” Kagome cracked open her eyes and looked around, to meet the brown eyes of her savior.
“Are you all right, Kagome?” Sango asked.
“Yeah, I'm ok. Thanks for saving me.” The school girl thanked.
“No problem.” The Taiji-ya replied as they landed on the ground, a safe distance from the bird youkai.
“What about Miroku and Inuyasha?” The black haired girl looked worried.
“I'm going to protect you. We wouldn't want to leave you unguarded.”
Miroku and Inuyasha stood back to back, as the massive green youkai edged closer to them. Inuyasha has tried Iron Reaver Soul Stealer to the monstrous form before them, but the attack proved fruitless. It only gave the bird cut that soon healed due to its regenerative, plant-like abilities.
Both men fought hard and long against the being, both failing and no attack seeming to work.
`What in the hell is this thing?' The dog-eared hanyou questioned mentally.
The monstrous avion launched an attack with spikes flying out of its back, their targets: Inuyasha and Miroku.
Both targets immediately jumped out of their path.
By this time, the hanyou was out of breath and had several lacerations on his body, the blood oozing out slowly from each wound. The monk stood a few feet away, watching both Inuyasha and the youkai intently.
`If I don't do something Inuyasha will die.' Miroku thought. `But…What do I do?'
The monk examined the youkai, and only one possibility came into his mind.
The Kazaana.
Miroku ran over to Inuyasha and stood in front of him.
“Eh?” The hanyou questioned.
“Stay back, Inuyasha.”
“Miroku, what are you doing?”
“I'm going to use the Kazaana. It's our only hope. You can't take on this youkai all by yourself, Inuyasha.” The Houshi replied.
Swiftly, he removed the prayer beads.
The suction began the bird youkai trying it's best to resist the void, flapping its wings against the current to stay airborne. Screeching noises emitted from its beak. The monk was still standing his ground, trying his best not to suck anything more then the youkai into the void known as the Kazaana. All around, trees, rocks, and numerous other objects were being sucked into his right hand.
Finally, the youkai lost strength and was sucked into the tunnel. But, as it was being sucked in, the spikes on its back sliced Miroku's hand, causing him to wince in pain.
He quickly covered the Kazaana with the prayer beads and sunk to his knees on the ground.
Everyone ran to the injured monk, who sat on the ground.
“Houshi-sama, are you all right?” Sango asked.
“I think that when I sucked that youkai in, the spikes in its back ruptured the Kazaana.”
“Oh no.”
Kagome ran up to Miroku. “We have to close the Kazaana some how. By the way, thank you for saving us, Miroku. That was really selfless of you.”
“I don't see why he had to go and do that. I almost had it.” Inuyasha protested.
“You can't even be thankful…” Kagome crossed her arms over her chest.
A black eyebrow quirked. “Oswuari!”
“You're so insensitive!”
Sango helped the injured monk up.
“Thank you, Sango.” He thanked her.
“Come on, we have to get you somewhere safe and try to stop the Kazaana from ripping any further.”
“Right.” Kagome agreed.
They all began their journey once more, hoping that the void on Miroku's hand would not further damage itself along the way. Sango was determined to find a way to seal up the Kazaana.
The group advanced to the outskirts of a nearby city.
“We'll rest here.” Sango replied.
“Good. I'll find a place we can stay. “Kagome replied. “Inuyasha you take care of Miroku.”
“Why do I have to do it?” The hanyou complained.
“Because Sango and I are going to look for some place to stay and some medical aid for Miroku.” Kagome replied.
Inuyasha sighed. “All right, all right.”
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