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Critical Decisions
Chapter 5: Decision Made
By: Melissa Norvell
In the midst of her sorrow, Sango soon felt the after math of her thought process involving the silver haired hanyou known as Inuyasha. He could have saved Miroku. They were fighting the same battle, after all.
“Inuyasha, why?” She allowed the words to escape from her throat in a tone mixed with anger and sorrow.
Her tears mixed with the rich, brown earth.
After moments of weeping for her lost love, the Taiji-ya returned back to the remaining members of her group with a face stained with tears. Too many times has Sango returned with such a face.
The dark haired girl was greeted by a sympathetic Kagome and an annoyed looking Inuyasha.
“It's about time you came back.” He snorted.
“Inuyasha!” Kagome turned. “How can you be so cold? Miroku was my friend too!”
“Cryin' about it isn't going to solve anything.” The dog-eared boy argued.
The school girl and the hanyou began to argue once more, Sango remaining silent and observing them both.
“Why, Inuyasha…”
Her silent words were lost in the squabble between Kagome and Inuyasha. She closed her eyes and turned away from the two of them, willing her mind to rule out the negative words of Kagome and Inuyasha.
She just couldn't take them fighting. Not today.
As usual, their conversation resulted in “Ousawari!” and toned down grumbling.
After what seemed like an hour of silence between the three, the dark haired girl turned around to see Inuyasha sitting Indian style on the ground and Kagome standing a distance away, with her arms crossed and nose in the air.
“Why?” Was all the two heard.
Kagome turned her head, as did Inuyasha.
“Why didn't you save Miroku?” The Taiji-ya asked the hanyou.
“You were there. You could've done something, but you just let him die!”
“I didn't just let him die, he did that on his own!” The silver haired hanyou told her.
“Sango…” The brown eyed school girl said as she watched from the sidelines.
“How can you be so cold? He gave his life for you?” The angry woman yelled.
“How can I save him when he's the one who used the Kazaana knowing that that would happen with a wound that deep?”
She couldn't take it any longer.
Sango ran off crying, Kagome looked towards her, then looked angrily back at Inuyasha.
“Sango's right, you are cold, Inuyasha!” She scorned as she ran off. “Wait! Sango!” She cried after her friend.
DAMN IT!” The hanyou yelled, stress taking him to the limit in this situation as he slammed his fists on the ground.
The dark haired girl ran as fast as she could, with Kagome in pursuit. Knowing that her friend was following her, the Taiji-ya ran faster and made twists and turns, trying to avoid being found by her.
`Sorry Kagome, but I just can't come back. Not now.' The dark haired girl looked back at her friend, who was disappearing as she lost pace with the Taiji-ya.
The lone woman ran for quite sometime, until her legs gave out. She collapsed onto the lush, green grass and cried, shaking from exerting herself too hard.
In the middle of her crying, she hears a childish voice, asking her if she's alright.
Tear filled orbs look up to see a small child, adorned in a checker patterned kimono, with black hair and brown eyes, holding a crumpled wild flower in her little hand.
“Are you alright? Why are you crying?” She asked.
“Huh?” The small noise was emitted.
“Rin! You can't go off leaving me like that! You know that Lord Sesshoumaru won't tolerate it if I loose you!” Jakken came tumbling out of the bushes, carrying his staff.
“Jakken, there's a woman and she's sad. She needs our help.” Rin told her little green friend.
The Taiji-ya sits up and leans against a tree, tears falling from her eyes and streaming down her face. She remains silent.
Suddenly, she feels something crawling in her lap. It was Rin. The small girl hugged the Taiji-ya.
“Don't worry.” She said, smiling.
“Rin, we don't have time for this! We were supposed to stay with Ah-Un until Lord Sesshoumaru got back!”
“Jakken, we aren't that far away. Lord Sesshoumaru will find us.”
The three of them stayed there for quite some time, talking of the recent events and how Sango at the time, felt betrayed by Inuyasha.
But their conversation was cut short as none other but Sesshounaru came walking through the bushes, standing with his regal pure blood heir.
“Rin, what are you doing here?” He asked as piercing golden eyes scanned over Sango's being.”
“Lord Sesshoumaru!” Rin beamed. “This is my friend. Her name is Sango and she's real sad. I was wondering if we could keep her around until she got better. Can we? Please?”
ABSOLUTELY NOT!” Jakken yelled. “That's the Demon Slayer who travels with Inuyasha, sworn enemy of Lord Sesshoumaru!”
“But she doesn't even like Inuyasha. She said he betrayed her!” Rin argued back.
Golden eyes glinting at her comment as he remained silent and stoic.
He walked over to Sango, and the two of them had a short conversation while Rin and Jakken argued. Then, Rin ran back and hugged Sango.
“So, can we keep her? Please?” The dark haired girl begged.
The silver haired youkai was silent for a while.
“She can help us.”
“Fine. She shall stay, but she must prove herself worthy of staying here. There can be no cause for error, especially if she was traveling with my brother.” The stoic one answered.
“YAY!” Rin celebrated. “Did you hear that, Sango? You get to stay with me!”
“I appreciate your kindness.” The dark haired girl replied.
“But Lord Sesshoumaru!” Jakken squealed.
“We don't have time to argue, Jakken. She could prove useful.”
“You'll like it here.” The girl told her new found friend. “Maybe you can stay with Lord Sesshoumaru, Jakken and I forever!”
And to Sango, that didn't sound so bad.
“Maybe I can.” She replied as she wrapped an arm around Rin in a loose hug. “Maybe I can.”
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