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Critical Decisions

Chapter 4: Death of Miroku


As the claw came rushing down at Inuyasha, he was quickly shoved out of the way by Miroku, who removed the covering from the already cracked Kazaana and began to suck in the monster.

Inuyasha, who was shoved to the ground, began to pull himself up slowly. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, monk?!” The hanyou shouted. “You’re gonna get yourself killed!”

“This is the only way!” Miroku shouted back.

Not matter how the beast tried to resist, it could not, it eventually lost its footing and was sucked into the Kazaana, disappearing into the black abyss within Miroku’s right hand.

The monk tried to close off the Kazaana, but was no longer able to control it, falling victim to the raging suction-like winds. He let out a yell of utter terror; his ultimate nightmare had come true.

By sucking the youkai in his right hand, the Kazaana had ripped even more, and was now out of control, and Miroku would eventually be sucked into it.

Within minuets of torturous screams, it had happened, and Miroku was gone.

Everyone gasped or called out to him in complete horror. Their team mate was now gone from the world, and nothing could be done to get him back.

After some grieving, they decided to turn back and go forward with their journeys. What else could they do?

Their advancement over the next couple of days was moving forward on land, but not on emotion. Emotionally, things were on an all time high.

Sango had been hit worst of all. She had loved the monk, but had always been unable to tell him.

Every night, she would silently cry to herself, far away from the keen hearing of Inuyasha and the hearing of others. She regrets; regrets that she was never able to tell Miroku what she had felt.

‘Miroku, even though you’re gone. I’ll never forget you. I’ll always love you, and I wished that I could’ve told you. That’s why I was jealous when you hit on Kagome or any other woman. Secretly, I wished that you would say those things to me.’ The dark haired woman thought. ‘I always felt special when you made advances on me. I was just afraid of what I may have felt for you. That’s why I either got angry or over reacted. I didn’t want to get close to you, knowing that Naraku’s curse could have killed you. I already lost Kohaku…

But over time I did grow fond of you…I couldn’t help it.


Now it hurts even more. I’ve lost you, just as I have lost Kohaku…’

The Taiji-ya sat under a lone, old tree with her knees up and her arms around her knees. She sniffled slightly to herself.

The woman thinks back to all of the things that made her happy, Miroku’s smiling face, his little comments and the things they used to do together. He had truly brought joy to her life; the monk actually was one of the few things that made Sango happy.

It wasn’t fair! Inuyasha could have saved him…

Inuyasha could have…

Inuyasha and Kagome sat in a small clearing, looking rather morbid.

Emotions were high since the monk passed away.

Kagome was in grieving just as Sango was, and the white eared hanyou was trying his best not to be hit hard by Miroku’s tragic death.

He too, couldn’t help but feel that it was hit fault that the events taken place had happened. The hanyou was angry with himself for allowing a team member and friend to die before carrying out their quest to defeat Naraku. He hadn’t talked to Kagome since the incident, figuring that she too would think that it was his fault.

The school girl was solemn. She like everyone else had been hit hard by Miroku’s death. However, she didn’t blame Inuyasha for it at all. She knew that Sango was off thinking to herself and had figured that she needed time alone.

Kagome knew how close she and Miroku had been. Especially as of recently.

She herself figured that Sango and Miroku possibly loved each other.

‘Sango.’ She thought as she looked up. ‘I hope you’re alright. I mean, I’ve never thought you to make a wrong decision, but you sometimes think the wrong things and get bad ideas. I hope you don’t blame Inuyasha for anything.’

She looked at the solemn hanyou. ‘He’s already taking it hard. He misses Miroku too. He’s not even talking to me. He must feel so guilty for letting him get swallowed by the Kazaana.’

The black haired girl sighed to herself.

‘I hope where ever Miroku is, that’s he’s watching you. Even if he’s not there physically, maybe he’ll be there spiritually as a guardian angel and help guide and protect you, Sango.’

Sango lay under the tree, shedding many tears into the brown earth, still thinking of Miroku and what they could have had. She regretted all of the times she had turned him down when he asked her to bear his child.

She had wished that she said yes to him.

She had wished that she was closer to him.

Now that could never happen.

She was alone in the world. In the end, there would be no Kohaku, and now there would be no Miroku either…

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