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Critical Decisions

Chapter 3: Selfless


They began to journey towards Mushin’s Temple, with time running short. Everyone had been walking for what seemed like an eternity and as the time passed, Miroku’s Kazaana only seemed to rip more and more.

‘If we don’t get to Mushin’s Temple in time, that Kazaana will swallow Miroku alive. I cannot let that happen.’ Sango thought to herself as she paid the monk the occasional glance of sympathy.

‘I don’t know what I would do without him.’

Kagome glanced over at Sango. ‘Miroku’s condition really seems to be bothering Sango. I hope she’ll be all right. We just have to keep up hope and hope that Miroku’s Kazaana can hold out until we get to Mushin’s Temple.

We have a long way to go, but I’m confident that we can make it!’

They continued to travel, some paying attention to the land around them, as to get their minds off of Miroku’s dilemma. They hardly took any breaks, for time was of the essence. Every second counted against them.

As they traveled, they got closer and closer to their destination. It was a true pity that they had to go back when they had journeyed too far, but if Miroku was alive, that’s all that mattered.

The monk stayed at a steady pace, feeling the occasional sharp pain from his laceration and fearing for the worst.

This was a life or death situation.

Everything was on the line this time, and there was no instant pull around victory like it would be in a battle. Miroku was well aware of this, and yet, he still thought of Sango, and how he longed to tell her of what he felt for the Taiji-ya.

When Sango wasn’t glancing at him, he was glancing at her, admiring her beauty. The way she walked, like a divinity or a queen to her thrown, yet it was intimidating like a shogun.

Beauty, grace and power.

A super power with a lovely face.


As the group walked through a wooded area, the monk was on high alert. Inuyasha was also on high, sniffing occasionally and feeling a chill go up his spine at the amount of demonic activity going on.

“Does anyone else feel that?” He asked.

“You mean that demonic aura?” Miroku replied.

“Yeah. Something’s not right here.”

“I agree. I sense a great evil and by the aura’s I’m feeling, it can’t be that far away from us.”

“I’ll be anything it’s another one of Naraku’s detachments.” Kagome stated. “I don’t sense any of the Shikon Shards though.”

The small group of misfits stood silently I the woods, heightened senses all around and the air think with anticipation and tension. All around it seemed that anything could lunge out at any given moment, and the group had to be prepared for what would come.

Eyes darted all around for any sight of what they were sensing.

Yet nothing could be found.

There were no Hell Wasps.

No demons.

No Naraku.

Just the aura of evil.

Suddenly, a demon with numerous spikes jumps out of nowhere into the clearing, almost landing on top of Kagome and Sango, but some quick maneuvering on Sango’s behalf saved the two from any impending danger.

Kagome thanked her team mate for saving her life.

Inuyasha ran at the beast, Tetsusaiga drawn and ready to cut into some demonic flesh. The hanyou tried many tactics, and all of them seemed effective, yet only weakening the beast and not truly defeating it.

Though the youkai seemed to diminish in power, it was still a hard foe to topple.

Inuyasha and Sango were busy with the Hirakotsu and Tetsusaiga. Many, many strikes were made and some evaded, other’s blocked. Some of the attacks hit the youkai, in which only made it attack with more tenacity then before.

It struck down fiercely, making Inuyasha and Miroku jump out of the way and dodge from the multiple strikes it made with its large, well-muscled arms.

‘Man, we’re getting’ no where fast.’ The hanyou thought to him as he stands, panting and out of energy from launching all out assaults on the beast.

Suddenly, a well-muscled arm struck down at Inuyasha.

The hanyou looked up in surprise.

“Inuyasha!” Kagome turned around and yelled as the claw neared the hanyou, going at light speed.

‘I’ve got to do something.’


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