InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Dangerous Faith ❯ Disregarding the Signs ( Chapter 1 )

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Author note: This first chapter was originally posted to Inuyasha Fanfiction on April 23, 2012 for drabble #24 Danger and won 3rd place. I apologize in advance if the priest is out of character, it has been awhile since I saw that episode.

Author note June 2012: Okay, I've had several reviews and messages asking me to expand this story. While the chapters were each originally written for challenges and thus had word limits, I concede that since the challenge is over there is no reason not to expand them. I hope this makes the story more enjoyable. This chapter in its original form came in at 500 words exactly. It has been expanded, especially the beginning.


“So what kind of youkai was it again?” Inuyasha asked his companion as they headed down the road.

“I'm not entirely certain,” Miroku replied. “The villagers were scared and would only say that it was doing unspeakably horrible things to any men it caught.”

The hanyou frowned, a thought niggling at his mind. “Only the men?”

“That is what they said.”

Inuyasha thought for a moment then opened his mouth to voice a thought. It remained forever unspoken as they rounded a bend in the road and found a woman kneeling there, crying. He immediately began scanning the area for danger as Miroku approached the woman.

“What seems to be the matter Miss? I'm sure my companion and I can be of assistance.”

“Oh!” she gasped, raising a tear-streaked face to the houshi. “It's my husband! A youkai came out of nowhere and grabbed him. Please, you must help him!” she pleaded.

Miroku patted her on the arm. “Fear not, my friend and I were told of a youkai that has been attacking men. We will take care of it and see if we can do anything for your husband.”

“Oh, thank you houshi-sama!” The woman turned her head, obviously to thank Inuyasha as well. But her mouth shut as a hateful look entered her eyes as she spotted him and she clutched at Miroku's arm.

Inuyasha snorted, he was well-used to that reaction. His eyes widened as that action caused her scent to reach him and he began to move. “Miroku! Watch out!”

Miroku turned his head to look at the hanyou from where he had been attempting to calm and dislodge the woman. “What are you talking-” He never finished his sentence as he slumped over.

The 'woman' stood over him, a sneer on her face as she regarded Inuyasha. “Filthy hanyou! I'll destroy you then enjoy the meal your friend will make.” She licked her lips, her features becoming noticeably demonic as her teeth lengthened into fangs and her eyes burned red. “That one little touch was enough to get a taste of his aura. He will make a delicious meal.”

“Feh! That's what you think. Don't underestimate me, I'm no pushover!” He cracked his knuckles and charged at her.

“Fool!” She sneered, dodging the blow before grabbing his arm.

Inuyasha hissed as he felt some of his energy drain out of him and immediately pulled his arm away. His earlier, niggling thought came back to him. She was some type of succubus, draining men of their life force. He glared at her. So he couldn't touch her, fine. His hands and claws weren't the only weapons available to him.

“Hmm, you don't taste too bad for a hanyou,” she mused. “Maybe I'll eat you first and save your friend for dessert.”

“Not likely,” Inuyasha growled as he unsheathed Tessaiga.

She sneered. “What are you going to do with that old thing? It's so rusted it wouldn't even slice paper. And I doubt you even know how to use it.”

He snarled at her and transformed the sword, watching with satisfaction as her expression changed to fear. “Now die!” he yelled as he raced at her, swinging his sword. She attempted to dodge but he was too fast and the blow landed, slicing her cleanly in half.

Inuyasha sheathed Tessaiga as the youkai turned to dust. He regarded his unconscious companion with a snort and shake of the head. “What is it with you Bouzu? Female youkai are drawn to you like moths to a flame. You're married how many years and still falling for their tricks.” He bent over and scooped the fallen man onto his shoulder after ascertaining that he was fine other than the bump on his head where he had hit it when he fell. “You're lucky Sango wasn't around to witness that or she'd have your balls.”

He sighed and considered his options as he looked down the road. There was a village not too far up the road. It was getting late, there was no way they'd make it home before night fall and despite the injury being minor, he didn't think it was a good idea for Miroku to sleep outside tonight. He glanced at the cloud-covered sky and took a sniff of the air. Nope, not a good idea with the threat of rain. He turned and started to make his way to the village.

Upon entering the village he made his way to the headman's hut, ignoring the whispered comments as he did. It wasn't like he hadn't heard it all before. Besides, they had been to this village before to perform exorcisms, he was sure they would give him a room for the night. He had no way of knowing of the danger he placed himself in by ignoring those whispers. He was so used to the comments on his appearance that he blocked them out.

“Look at him, coming here so brazenly with the houshi slung over his shoulder.”

“I thought the houshi had him under his spell?”

“He must have broken it and attacked the houshi.”

“Why would he come here?”

“Probably wants to gloat over how he's free before he attacks us all. We must attack him first.”

“But how? You've seen what he can do. Besides, look at what he did to the houshi!”

“Ungai-sama will help us. Jiro go find him and explain. Beg for his help.”

The men exchanged glances as the one called Jiro hurried away to where the visiting priest and his followers had set up camp. They decided it would be wise to keep a close eye on the hanyou until Ungai-sama arrived, and so separated, posting themselves at strategic watch points.

Jiro had quickly reached Ungai-sama's camp and explained the situation.

The old priest merely shook his head. “And this is why you cannot trust youkai. They may appear to be helping but they are merely luring you into a false sense of security before they attack. Do not worry, we will take care of this one for you. He must be destroyed as the Kami have commanded all youkai must be.” Fire burned in his eyes as he spoke and gathered his followers.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha had finished his meeting with the nervous headman, still unaware of any danger. The first that Inuyasha was aware of the danger it was too late. As he turned to make his way to the room the headman had promised him he heard footsteps behind him. As he turned back to face them he felt the flare of reiki and then the pain hit him. He groaned once as the pain wracked his body and he fell to the ground, his vision fading into darkness.

“Foul creature, I recognize you. I should have dealt with you the first time I laid eyes upon you.” Ungai turned to regard the man the youkai had dropped when his sutra did their job. “I warned you that you would regret consorting with youkai, that they would turn on you someday,” he stated contemptuously before motioning for one of his followers. “Bring him. Perhaps when he awakens he will finally have learned the errors of his ways. For now we will make ready our preparations to deal with this monstrosity once and for all.”