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Author's Notes: Surprise! Here's a much cooler epilogue!

Well, I wasn't originally going to write this, but after a while I kinda realised that I didn't like the way I ended it before… so I've stretched out that postscript type of ending into something more substantial. I was getting a lot of questions about Inuyasha and Kagome's fates - the main one being 'Why didn't they get married?" I never said they didn't! I normally hate spelling things out since with open endings, you can pretty much judge for yourselves what will happen to them. This time it being, they're in love, they're working side by side - of course they're going to get married eventually! Just not when Kagome's only fifteen!

But since even I desire a little bit of closure, here's a more detailed ending to the story. There will be no more after this. Please don't ask for a sequel. I won't be writing one. Please don't accuse me of being evil for simply ending a story (as has been the case) since all stories must come to an end and I'm not going to spend the rest of my life writing new chapters for Dead Famous. So please just enjoy the ending and if you need to read more, you can always reread the entire story. ^_^

Oh! And I've also changed my penname at last. Seriously, I was getting sick of Rosefire and needed a little change. But since I can't change my penname over in, that will stay as Rozefire. So no accusing me of plagiarism! I'm still me!

Ok - enough of that - read the ending already!

Dead Famous


Pink Socks and Nose Jobs

"I have to admit that I'm surprised, Kagome. We've been here nearly two whole months and so far none of us have shot at, kidnapped, maimed, traumatised or pushed off cliffs."

Kagome knocked on Souta's head. "Touch wood."


Mrs Higurashi smiled as she continued to chop the carrots for lunch. Cook obviously appreciated the work that Kagome's mother did - it freed her up enough time to talk on the kitchen phone to German relatives, which she was doing at that very moment in time.

"Is Grandpa gonna make it back in time for dinner?" Souta asked, not looking up from the bowl of cake mix that he was scraping clean with his finger.

"Possibly." Mrs Higurashi said over the loud nattering of the German cook with verbal diarrhoea. "He might be a bit busy with the Shrine, but do you know who else is coming back today?"

"Inuyasha!" her children chorused happily.

"About time!" Souta said around his chocolate covered finger. "We've been living in his house long enough."

"Well, this isn't his only house, you know." Kagome pointed out, stealing a little slice of carrot while her mother's back was turned. "He's been living up in his American mansion for the last two weeks."

"He better bring back some souvenirs…" Souta got back to licking the bowl.

It was typical really. Souta had yet to meet the richest, most popular guy in the world and already he had the big brother vibe going for him. Kagome brushed a hand over his head fondly and hopped down off her stool to go find something interesting to do until dinner was ready.

No sooner had she stepped out of the kitchen than three rather wet blurs hurtled past her.

"Jiro! Give me back my inhaler!"

"Why?! You don't need it! You just stole it off some nerd!"

"Hey! I'm not a nerd!"

The triplets did nothing but play in the pool when they were around. Once again, their father and his secretary had gone off on another one of their 'top secret' business trips and thus dumped all the little darlings on the villa staff. Kagome had to wonder what Sesshomaru and his secretary did on these 'business trips'… they went so often and for such a long time that the triplets were practically living full-time at their uncle's place.

And they were having a rather sinister influence over Souta too… much to Mrs Higurashi's disapproval. After all, there were only so many times Souta could watch the three boys push unsuspecting passers-by (usually Miroku) into the pool in the morning when it was at its coldest without joining in.

However, there was at least one perk of having Sesshomaru's children in the villa. Besides not having to worry about trespassing paparazzi (chasing men with cameras was the triplets' speciality) the villa was also graced with their younger sister.

Sakura was a living doll. There was no other way to describe her.

"Miss Kagome…?"

Kagome looked down at the small girl with a fisted hand in Kagome's skirt. She was like a miniature version of her father - white, chic hair and sharp angled face, but there was a child-like softness about her…

Probably due to all the ribbons and bows Mrs Higurashi liked to dress her up in.

"Yes?" Kagome looked expectantly at her.

The little girl was hopping from one foot to another in the classic "can't hold it in" dance. "I really need to go toilet…"

Her appearance was where all the similarities with her father ended. Despite her ability to give the perfect deadpan expression at the goriest of films, she was as cute as a button.

"Well… can't you go by yourself?" Kagome asked.

"If I go alone, the clown in the skylight will get me…" Sakura whined.

Kagome sighed and took Sakura's small, moist hand in her own. "Ok then. Let's go together."


"Here's a picture of him on his twenty-first birthday, last month." Kikyo handed Inuyasha the A4 sized photograph as the limo bounced along the bumps in the road.

"Disgusting…" Inuyasha wrinkled his nose at the perfect face staring back at him. "Why are you showing me these? Are you just trying to crush my self-esteem?"

"And here's a picture of him on his eighteenth birthday three years ago."Kikyo smirked slightly as she handed him the last picture.

Inuyasha's eyes widened. "My god! That nose!"

Kikyo folded her arms primly. "He had a major overhaul of plastic surgery when he was nineteen to get a face to match his voice." She raised her chin. "Looks like our Latino lover boy is actually-"

"-As ugly as sin." Inuyasha couldn't have been more delighted. "Kikyo, you wonderful girl. Two months on holiday and I get back to this wonderful present!"

"He also has a lot of unpaid speed tickets and goes bar hopping every week with at least five prostitutes in tow." Kikyo informed him.

"Wow, that's more than I-" Inuyasha broke off under Kikyo's scrutiny. "Um… would ever dream of doing."

Kikyo rolled her eyes before turning to the tinted windows to watch the approaching villa in the distance. "I hope you know what you're doing."


"Inviting Kagome Higurashi's family into the villa and making said girl your personal stylist."Kikyo slanted an unreadable look towards him. "An interesting move. I would have made her famous if I were you… she has an unusual talent with the piano. She could have gone far."

"She doesn't want to go any further than the garden gate." Inuyasha shrugged. "If that's what she wants, then it's not for me to exploit her talent."

"That sounds unusually wise coming from you…" Kikyo frowned.

"I'm an unusually wise person, Kikyo." he quipped.

"Of course you are."

"So." Inuyasha cast the photographs back onto his agent's lap. "How do you plan to control the Higurashi situation?"

"Well, seeing as how the tabloids will eventually get wind that Kagome Higurashi is now a permanent resident in your villa, there are naturally going to be a few eyebrows raised." Kikyo demonstrated with her eyebrow, but that probably wasn't intentional… "We'll just say that she found her calling as a stylist and since you needed one - you chose her. That will be all. We'll also say that her mother is a superb chef so we took her on as well, in the kitchens."

"That won't be enough to satisfy their lust for rumours…" Inuyasha reminded idly.

"Persistence, my dear Inuyasha." Kikyo brushed off his concern. "The media will lose interest after a few weeks if we give them no indication that there is anything more to the situation. So no going on public dates with her for a while - and if you marry her, it has to be a secret wedding. Besides, I'm not having any superstar bachelor of mine settling down before he's even hit his prime… at least not publicly."

Inuyasha blinked at her. "What on earth makes you think that there is anything between Kagome and me? And marriage? Puh-lease."

"Maybe because you bought her an engagement ring in Venice?"

Inuyasha's ears drooped slightly. "You saw that, huh?"

"I also saw that you're a cheap bastard."


"Inuyasha, you're currently the twenty-eighth richest person in the world. The eleventh richest man and THE richest hanyou. With your kind of money, you could have bought her something exquisite. A real blue diamond - or better yet - a red diamond. You could have gotten her twenty-four carrot gold, a black pearl necklace, a whole dress made of emeralds. But what did you get her?"

"A silver ring. What's your point?" Inuyasha rebuked her harshly.

"At least tell me you were ripped off for it. I'd hate to think you spent any less than fifty thousand on her…."

"It was a nice ring! I don't care how much it cost and - more importantly - neither will Kagome. You know how snotty she is about material stuff like that…"

"Yeah, she's a real snob, isn't she?" Kikyo gave him a stupefied look.

"Exactly." He gave a decisive nod. "I go for personality, not price tag."

"Ok then." Kikyo folded her arms. "Let's have a look at this ring with more character than zeros."

It took a minute or two of rifling around the various jackets, coats and bags that lay strewn around the limo. Eventually he found it, in the pocket of his hand luggage beside Kikyo. He knelt down to unzip the compartment, and by that time the limo was already slowing down outside the villa steps.

"Ah ha!" he announced as he pulled the little velvet box out of the pocket and presented it to Kikyo with a flourish. "What do you think?"

"It's a little plain." she remarked, scanning her critical gaze over the double entwined silver bands. "Not exactly remarkable, and I fail to see it's 'character'."

"But admit it…" he chided. "You like it, right?"

Kikyo smiled slightly as the limo door was suddenly pulled open. "I do."


Kagome's scream startled both the superstar and his agent into snapping alarmed eyes on the girl. She stood on the lowest step with one hand clamped over her mouth while the other was employed and pointing at the pair in horror.

Inuyasha blinked, trying to understand why she was so shocked. He looked down at himself - kneeling on one knee in front of a sitting Kikyo - and then he looked to Kikyo - who was in the middle of having a ring presented to her. Oops.

Kikyo had cottoned onto what it looked like long before he had. With a roll of her eyes and a flip of her hair, she got out of the limo abruptly. "Oh please." she admonished Kagome before marching up the steps into the villa, in the process of getting out her phone to chat to someone more intelligent.

"It's not what it looks like!" Inuyasha yelled as he snapped the box shut and hid it behind his back like that would erase the problem.

"This looks like you bought me some kind of engagement ring and was showing it to Kikyo to see if she liked it!" Kagome yelled back, still horrified.

"Oh…" The volume of his voice died somewhat. "Then it's exactly what it looks like."

Kagome still didn't lose her doe-caught-in-headlights stare. "And what the hell are you wearing?!"

"Huh?" He looked down at himself. Beige pants, dark blue button up shirt. Smart but casual… so what on earth was her problem?

"You're wearing black shoes with beige!" she pointed, horrendously offended. "What's the matter with you?! Brown would have been so much better!"

"Hey - I've been living without a stylist for the last two months!" he shouted defensively. "How am I supposed to know what goes with what?!"

"Are you telling me you can't get dressed properly without someone there to tell you what to wear?"She gaped at him.


"Then I'm being underpaid!" she declared, folding her arms.

"Wait! You haven't seen my socks yet!" he told her as he hiked up the leg of his pants, as if incredibly proud of the fact that his socks were-

"Pink." Kagome blinked. "Well, at least they're baby pink… not neon pink…"

With a sigh, Inuyasha stepped out of the limo onto the gravel before the girl. "This is one kick ass of a 'hello', you know."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Kagome hopped off the last step and ran forward to embrace him, squeezing tightly and letting him swing her gently. "I missed you! I was so worried as well - especially when I saw how heartbroken you looked when Joi dumped you."

"She didn't really dump me." he mumbled over her shoulder.

"You still looked really pathetic though." she told him. "And Souta has been dying to meet you, plus, no matter how many times we point you out to Grandpa on the Tv, he still has no idea who you are or what you look like, so you're going to have to wow him too and then… hey…" she trailed off as she began stiffening in his arms.

"What?" He pulled back to look down at her.

"I smell smoke."


"Um…" Inuyasha flailed for some decent kind of excuse. "You know Kikyo… and her fetish for wackybaccy…"

Kagome drew back with a stern glare. "Inuyasha - you've been smoking again, haven't you?

"Might have been…"

And so began the trend of many arguments to come that marked the end of an addiction.


"Man, he isn't even through the door and she's already nagging him." Miroku sighed over his beer in the security room. "Typical girlfriend…"

Sango stopped twisting her hair around her pen to look up at the screen that viewed the front of the villa. Low and behold, there was their employer being berated by his stylist for some reason or another. "They might as well just get married for all the way they act around each other. They look like they've been married for years, anyway."

"Distance makes the heart grow fonder…" Miroku reeled off yet another of the lines he'd picked up off a fortune cookie.

"Presence working the opposite way, of course." Sango watched the arguing couple critically. "Go on Kagome, give him what for…"

"Oh, look!" Miroku cut her off. "They're making up."

"They're making out." Sango said bluntly, cocking her head as she picked up her glass of water. "Boy, they're fast…"

No sooner had that slipped from her lips than the door burst open and their tyrant returned.

"Two months," Kikyo began. "I left you two in charge and look what happens."

Sango and Miroku both gave her appealing looks. "What happens?" they chorused quietly.

"Nothing, apparently." Kikyo frowned. "I'm sure there's some part of this place that has been partially destroyed and hastily patched up in time for our return." Speaking of destruction to building integrity… "Where are the triplets?"

"Playing in the pool with Souta Higurashi." Miroku pointed to the pool cam.


"Playing 'Pony' with Bess and ten body guards in the gardens." Sango answered primly.


"Uh… cooking?"

"Any tabloid infiltrations of any sort while I was gone?"

"Well," Miroku stroked his chin. "There was this one guy who managed to scale the cliffs with his bare hands, his camera and a tent -never mind how -but he got about as far as the pool and the triplets before he came running to security, begging to be released back into the wild."

"No explosions?" Kikyo narrowed her eyes.

The two members of the entourage shook their heads.

"Kidnappings? Bombs? Maiming? Shootings? Police investigations?"

They shook their heads again.

"Good." Kikyo swept a brief gaze over the monitor depicting the two reuniting lovebirds still dawdling on the steps before gaining a cool smile. "Keep up the good work." she told them evenly before sweeping out to prey on more unsuspecting workers.

Sango cocked an eyebrow at Miroku as she settled back down in her seat with her drink to her lips. "What a joy it is going to be to have her back with us." she murmured.

"Here's to merry hell!" Miroku beamed and offered his beer in a toast. Sango grinned back and clinked her glass with his bottle. They both took a large swig each and crashed their drinks down in unison.

"Come on." Sango gripped his shoulder. "Let's welcome him back."

The End.

I swear.