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“Miroku?” Sango said as she started to make her way over to him.

“Stay away!” Miroku yelled at her and Sango stopped in her tracks, “Don’t come any closer! I don’t want to hurt you if this vampire takes me over again.”

Sango didn’t know what to do. Her attention was quickly turned to the door that led out into the hallway when she heard a very loud and close howl come from there. Miroku stood, he had managed to get this split personality in check. He walked over and stood in front of Sango as a figure walked up to the doorway. As it stepped into the moonlight, Sango and Miroku got a better look at it. It was tall, gangly creature. Its clothes appeared to have been torn as if the creature had suddenly grew and the clothes no longer fit properly. It appeared to look somewhat human, but a lot hairier. Sango felt her head go light as she realized that the figure in the door was no human. The figure stepped completely into the moonlight and Sango got her first glimpse of a creature that had haunted many of her childhood dreams. The werewolf sniffed and then let out a piercing howl into the night.

Demon High
Chapter 6

Sango released a light shriek of fear as her eyes went wide. The werewolf’s head snapped in the direction of Miroku and herself and Sango paled as her gaze was caught by the werewolf’s blood red eyes. Upon spotting them it licked its upper lip and began its approach. Sango stood in frozen terror. Without realizing it she had inched closer to Miroku and currently had a handful of his shirt clutched in her hand. Her semi-trance was broken when she heard a quiet whisper.

“Sango, I’m going to distract him and while I’m dealing with him I want you to run and hide yourself then call for help.”

Sango’s eyes shot to Miroku’s strained face; his gaze held by the werewolf. She was speechless for a few seconds, but the creaking of floorboards quickly brought her back to reality.

“There’s no way I’m leaving you here to face that alone,” she argued. “Besides I don’t even have a clue as to where we are. How am I supposed to call for help when I can’t tell them where to find us?”

Miroku slowly began to push Sango backwards as the werewolf edged closer.

“I don’t have any recollection of us coming here, but my best guess would be the old mansion in the forest on the west side of town.”

Sango felt Miroku slip a small device into her hand. When she looked down she realized that he had handed her a cell phone.

“InuYasha and Kagome’s cell numbers are programmed into my phone. Just get to safety and give them a call, okay? Promise me that you’ll find a safe place to hide until they get here.”

“But Miroku…”

“Promise me!” he sharply whispered.

Sango hesitated. “I… I promise…”

She felt his sigh of relief as she turned her attention back to the werewolf. He had managed to get pretty close to them during their little discussion. Sango quickly eyed the room looking for an exit. She spied a door just to her left. If she could just get past the werewolf she should be home free to call for help.

“On the count of three.”

Sango swallowed nervously and Miroku carefully edged her closer to the door.


She closed her eyes tightly.


Sango opened her eyes and took a deep breath…

“Three! GO!”

With every ounce of courage she could muster, Sango released her hold on Miroku and darted toward the door. She had made it to the doorway when she heard a crash behind her. She whipped around to see Miroku hunched against the far wall clutching his arm.


His eyes caught hers and widen.


Sango’s hold on the cell phone tightened and tears brimmed in her eyes as she turned around and made a mad dash for the stairs. She flew down the stairs and flew down the adjacent hallway as fast as her legs could carry her, blocking out the crashes and yells above her. She entered a random room, but appeared to be a bedroom judging by the deteriorated bed frame and dresser that furnished the room. In the far corner of the room Sango spotted a closet as the sound of breaking glasses erupted from above. She quickly situated herself in the small space and flipped open the cell phone.

‘Thank God! A signal!’

Her hands trembled and she navigated through Miroku’s phone book looking for InuYasha or Kagome’s phone number. She found InuYasha’s first and frantically pressed the call button. The phone thankfully began to ring. But after four rings she got his voice mail.

‘Damn it InuYasha! Why can’t you answer your stupid phone?!‘

Luckily Kagome’s name was listed right after InuYasha’s. Sango waited anxiously as the phone rang. After the third ring, Sango was becoming nervous and more frightened. What if she couldn’t get ahold of Kagome or InuYasha? She hadn’t thought about that back when the werewolf had been staring them down.


Sango snapped back to reality at the sound of Kagome’s voice on the other line.

“Kagome! Oh my God Kagome. You have to help us! Miroku’s a… but he doesn’t… and now there’s this werewolf… and Miroku is… and I don’t know what to do!” Sango cried.

“Wait… A werewolf?! Sango, where are you?! And where‘s Miroku?!”

“I’m not exactly… sure. Miroku… said something about… a mansion in the woods… on the… west side of town…” Sango managed to say through sobs.

“Okay, are you safe? Where’s Miroku?”

“I’m fine. I’m hiding in the closet of a bedroom on the first floor, but Miroku…” Sango’s voice caught.


“I don’t know, Kagome,” Sango said as tears cascaded down her cheeks. “He started to fight off the werewolf so I could run and call for help.”

“Okay, Sango, listen to me. Are you listening to me?”

Kagome sounded so calm and collected that Sango felt a little confidence work its way through her being.


“I want you to stay right where you are. Don’t go anywhere. Stay quiet and hidden. InuYasha and I are on our way.”

With that the line clicked, signaling that Kagome had hung up. Sango closed the phone and wrapped both hands around the little device. She held it close to her chest, rocking herself slight, and sent up a silent prayer to whatever deity there was to help her get through this and to protect Miroku and her friends.

Sango sat in silence for what seemed like eternity. The breaking of glass had been the last sound she had heard from upstairs and now the doubt of Miroku’s safety was beginning to take its toll on her. Had she signed Miroku’s death warrant by leaving him up there to fend for himself? Sango shook her head. That wasn’t possible, right? Miroku was a vampire. Wounds wouldn’t necessarily kill him, would they? She couldn’t seem to recall any of the folklore about vampires at the moment. But what would it matter if the werewolf simply tore him to pieces?

Sango released a small screech, closed her eyes, and shook her head in attempt to rid the horrid image from her mind. A creaking on the floorboard of the room snapped her back to reality. Sango froze for a second. Then she heard another creak. It sounded like footsteps.

‘It must be Miroku! Or Kagome! They don’t know exactly where I’m at and don’t want to be too loud in case the werewolf is still around!’

Hope surged through her heart as swung open the closet door.

“Kagome!” Sango yelled with joy as she practically flew out of the closet.

She stopped dead in her tracks and her eyes went wide with fear when she realized it wasn’t her friend that had walked into the room, but the werewolf. Sango paled as the werewolf’s bloodshot eyes locked onto her and his tongue moved slowly over its upper lip. It was then that Sango noticed the blood that coated its claws and arms. Tears filled her eyes as she realized that the blood most likely belonged to Miroku and judging by the amount of it…


The werewolf lunged toward her prepared to strike. Sango quickly stepped backward but only managed to trip herself. She landed hard on her bottom but her eyes never left its.

“No…” she whimpered as its arm swung back behind its head.

As its arm came down, Sango saw her life flash before her eyes. She wasn’t ready to die. What about Kohaku and her mother? Or Kagome and InuYasha? She hadn’t even had a real relationship yet. And what about Miroku…? As all the emotions of a lifetime bottled up, Sango closed her eyes and let out one final bloodcurdling scream.


The sound of breaking glass greeted Sango’s ears as she waited for the pain to sweep through her body. But… it never came. Had death come that swiftly? Sango slowly opened her eyes, not sure what to expect. She was looking down at the floor and there were a pair of black boots situated not two feet in front of her. Her eyes slowly traveled up the black pants attached to the boots and further up the blue shirt above the pants. As her eyes traveled up further and further her eyes gradually got larger and wider and disbelief and happiness filled her entire being. When she saw that time ponytail of black hair she thought she might just faint from joy.

“Miroku…” A smile graced her face for the first time in hours.

Miroku, however, gave her no sign that he had heard her. Sango watched amazed as he pushed the werewolf with inhuman strength. The werewolf flinched back, obviously caught off guard by the sudden attack. In a swift second Miroku whipped around and caught her eyes. Sango’s smiled faded as his blank black eyes bore into her warm brown ones. Before Sango realized what was happening, Miroku had reached down, pulled her into his arms, and was on the move through the door to the room. He moved with un-human like agility and grace. Sango’s regained her wits in a matter of seconds when she realized that the werewolf, having recovered from the surprise blow was right on their backs.


The pendant shone for a split second and Miroku fumbled.


Sango’s eyes snapped from the werewolf to Miroku’s face. His eyes had returned to their normal blue color. Sango was baffled.

“What happen…” Sango was cut off by the howl that resounded behind them.

She turned just in time to see the werewolf leap towards them.

“Miroku, watch out!”

Miroku had little time to react, but Sango felt him suddenly clutch her closer to him. Suddenly they flew to the side and crashed into the neighboring wall. Somehow in the process of flying, Miroku had managed to twist his body and take the brunt of the blow and wall impact upon himself. They clamored to the floor. Sango, after catching her breath, quickly pulled herself from Miroku’s grasp.

“Miroku.” She shook him gently, but there was no response.

Sango placed her hands on the sides of his head and gentle lifted his head to get a good look at him. She gasped when she saw his pale face and closed eyes. It was then she noticed the warm sticking sensation on her fingertips. She pulled one hand away and forgot to breath when she realized that the substance on her hand was blood.

“No…,” Sango whimpered. “This can’t be happening… No…”

Sango was so preoccupied with Miroku’s wounds that she failed to notice the advancing werewolf. She started shaking.

“No… Miroku answer me!”

Fear and grief gripped at her heart. It hurt so much that the tears poured effortlessly out of Sango’s eyes. The thought of him gone killed something inside her. The werewolf growled behind Sango and she knew then that she was a goner. She threw her arms around Miroku’s prone body.



Sango’s gaze flew to the sound of a new, but familiar voice. She should have been used to surprises at this point, but she was still shocked to turn around as InuYasha with dog ears and claws easily sliced through the werewolf, killing it on the spot.

“Keh! That was too easy.”

“Sometimes I think you have way too much fun doing that…” Another familiar voice vibrated through the room.

Sango slowly released her grip on Miroku as she slowly turned and stood as the owner of the second voice entered the room.
Kagome’s eyes widened as she spotted Sango and Miroku.

“Oh my God! Sango! Miroku! Are you all right?!”

‘She has cat ears and a tail…’ was Sango’s final thought as she let the dark oblivion of unconsciousness take her.

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