InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Everybody has a dark site. ❯ Chapter 1

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Higurashi Shrine
Kagome was at home already for five daises and Inuyasha didn't appear. “Kagome, how long will you stay?” ask her mother “you know, you never stay at home for so long.” “Mum, I don't think if I ever come back to the Feudal Era. Inuyasha only want me like a shard detector and I don't think if he really want me, he just want Shikon no Tama and Kikyo. Not me.” “I'm feeling sorry for you my dear, is it hard for you” said her mother with a sad smile.” If you don't want to come back there, then start to live normal life.” “Ok I'll try it.”
“Grandpa do you want a help with this?” she looked at the old mummified leg and very old things, “this, this garbage?” “Thanks, you can start, just don't break anything.” “I thought that you want to throw it. Oh, never mind.” She picked up from the ground old pendant.” Hey what's this?” she showed the pendant to the grandpa. He looked at the pendant. “Don't you remember it? You always wore it. It's a Dragon's Lord Pendant.” “And?” she looked at him with no interest. He looked at her in shock. “You really don't remember anything?” “Remember what?” Grandpa looked very confused “so she don´t remember her attempt to rule the world, that's better. “He thought. “For example: flying on dragon or your friend Draco, or your abilities of controlling all the elements? Remember now?” “Sorry no, but can I keep it?” “It's yours.”