InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Everybody has a dark site. ❯ True in the mirror ( Chapter 8 )

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True in the mirror.
In castle Kagome was sitting on her throne. “Kagura I have your heart. Come closer.” She reached out hand with Kagura's heart. Kagura came to her. “My heart, at last.” she smiled at Kagome. Kagome looked at the door. ”Ah, we have a guest. Come in, I'm waiting for you.” She gave the heart to Kagura. “But you have forgot that you are now in my world, where are my rules.” She took the dust in hand and threw it at Inuyasha and others. The dust took them to the illusions. “Kagura” she looked at the wall in trance. “So Kikyo is back from the hell again?” she thought “find Kikyo and introduce her here.” Kagura smiled and disappeared. Kagome looked at the remainder dust in her hand. “Lets see what's your fear.”
Miroku's illusion.
He was again little child. He ran to his father. “Father, come back, close Kazzana!“ But his father was always to far from him and he couldn't reach him. Suddenly Naraku appeared. On Miroku's hand who was again adult, appeared Kazzana. “No, it can't be, you are death! “ Naraku smiled “I'm not.”
Sango's illusion.
She was fighting with Kohaku again. “Kohaku stop, it's me, your sister. Kohaku don't!” Kohaku hit her with all his power.
Shippo's illusion.
He was alone in the forest. In front of him he saw Sango, Miroku, Inuyasha and Kagome like they are leaving. “Come back, I don't want to be alone!”
Inuyasha's illusion.
“So, Inuyasha do to me a favor and die.” said Kagome and took to her hand bow and arrow. Inuyasha was in front of God's Tree. “Kagome don't do it.” She shoot the arrow.
End of illusions.
Kagome looked at Draco in shocked. “Don't you have any fear?” Draco smiled “yes I have one, I fear for you, Kagome, not for Erleene.” He dust the dust from the couple and they woke up. “Are you all right? he asked. Miroku looked at his hand. “it was just an illusion. Nothing else.” Sango looked at Kohaku, who was sitting next to Kagome's legs. “Kohaku?” Inuyasha stepped to the Kagome. “Please, we came here to help you.” “No you came to drive me crazy.” She smiled and took the last shard from Kohaku's back. She took it to the incomplete Shikon no Tama and it started to shine. Than the Shikon was complete. Kagome stand up from the throne . “And now my wish. I wish for eternal dark in the world and I will be the Dark Lady!” She started to laughed. Inuyasha jumped to her and showed her a mirror. “Erleene look how you look like.” Draco said. Kagome saw the death woman. In her mind she thought “this is the end Erleene , you will be sealed. ”NO!” Erleene screamed and was sealed in the magic mirror. Kagome changed to normal and fell down. She still holds the Shikon no Tama. “Please don't grand that wish. She covered jewel with her palm. “I want you to purify!” The light covered Kagome and the jewel purified. Kagome was wearing gold shinning kimono. “Friends, so you save me. I thought that I will be crazy from it.” Sango and Miroku hugged her. *slap* “Miroku where did you took your hand?” Kagome smiled. “Pervert monk” Sango grumbled. Kagome looked at Draco. “Are you mad at me?” He smiled “Not at all.” “Thanks.” Kagura and Kikyo came to the castle. Kagome looked at Kikyo. “So you are back?” “Yes I came from for that escaped soul. In hell are waiting for Erleene.” Kikyo smiled. “So you are free from her? Kikyo smiled at Kagome. Kagome smiled at her “yes”. “You know Kagome, I thought that you will kill Inuyasha, but you didn't.” She took the mirror and disappeared.
Kagome looked at Kagura. “You are not my servant anymore. You are free.” Kagome turned away and stopped. She looked again at Kagome “Thank you.” and left.
Sango came to Kohaku. “Is he dead?” Kagome came to him too, “Yes,” touched his forehead with fingers and they started to shine, “and now is alive.” Sango, Miroku, Kohaku and Shippo left Kagome, Inuyasha and Draco. Inuyasha looked at Draco `Aren't you leaving too?” Draco smiled. “Off course. My Lady call me. Don't forget.” He disappeared. Inuyasha looked at Kagome and blushed. “Kagome, I…” Kagome smiled. “Inuyasha forgive me please for everything that I said to you.” He smiled “ You didn't say anything, because it wasn't you. So will you stay by my site?” “Do you want me to? she blushed. “Yes and I must answer on your one question. “ he smiled. She didn't understand. “What question?” “If you don't remember, that why did you asked it?” “Do you mean that question in the rain?” He nodded. “Did you heard that?” Second nodded. She blushed. “And what is the answer?” He came to her and hugged her. “Yes I love you. I tried to not, but it was to strong.” She smiled and kissed him. The silent whisper flew to the sky. “I'll stay forever.”