InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Everybody has a dark site. ❯ Two souls in one body. ( Chapter 7 )

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Inuyasha jas looking at Kagome. “Don't go, I want to be your servant.” She turned to him. “You chose?” she reached out hand to him and he caught it and smiled. “Once you said that you will never leave me.” he hugged her. “Kagome stay forever with me and do what you want.” Kagome's eyes again turned to red. “I'll do yokes from you.” “No you can't, Erleene, don't do it to him!” screamed Kagome in her mind.
Draco and others came to them. “Kagome stop it!” said Draco. “I'm trying but she is more powerful. Draco If you hear me, than attack me, please! “She said in her mind. Draco looked at Kagome in shock. I'll do it. Fire ball.” he said and attacked her. She escapes without Inuyasha. Inuyasha angry started to scream at Draco. “Why did you do that? We could be together forever.” “Inuyasha, she didn't want to do it. She said to me that I must stop her.” Inuyasha laughed at him. ”She said? And how?” Draco looked at Inuyasha very seriously. “She and I, we can talk to each other in our mind. And now is time to say you something about Kagome. Kagome and I were born in the same day, the same time. I started to be her guardian dragon. But when she born the lost soul came to her body and Kagome must share her body with her. That soul was Erleene, The Dark Princess. She escaped from hell and found the best place to live. The body that was too powerful. Kagome's grandfather sealed Erleene. But when Kagome has 13 years, Erleene has possessed her and tried to rule the world. We defeated Erleene and sealed her again.” “But why don't you separated her from Kagome? “asked Miroku. “You know it was too risked and we want Kagome live. But now is the save way. We created this mirror” he showed it to them.“ If Kagome look in the mirror, Erleene will be separated from her body and will be seal forever.” Draco smiled. “So she must look in the mirror? I have a plan, how I can do this. I'll go to her with it.” he took the mirror and turned away. “Wait!” said Sango “We are going with you! Right guys?” she looked at others. “Right!”