InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Everybody has a dark site. ❯ Dead Army and Naraku's Dead. ( Chapter 6 )

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„Inuyasha, come with me, forget about them.” She smiled. “You are mine, you can't run away.” Inuyasha took a step to her. “Yes, this is what I want.” his eyes widened.” “Hiraikotsu” Sango threw her boomerang on Kagome and Miroku caught Inuyasha. Kagome jumped away from Hiraikotsu. Miroku shook with Inuyasha. Inuyasha looked at Kagome, than at Miroku and Sango. “We must take her back. She can't stay like this. ”Kagome flew in the air. “So you chose.” her eyes turned to light blue and her hair grew up. Now her hair was long to her hips and turned to the grey. She looked at the army. “Kill them! Draco we are leaving.” “No I'll stay here, by their site.” Kagome smiled, ”They will need your help.” and she disappeared. “I think that we have a serious problem.” said Shippo. “I'm leaving, because I'm just an innocent kid.” Draco looked at him “I will take care of you.” The corpses attacked the couple. Inuyasha took the Tesaiga, Sango Hiraikotsu and Miroku opened Kazzana. Draco flew to the air with Shippo on his back. Sango rode on Kirala. “Hiraikotsu!” she took down 20 corpses and caught the boomerang. “Kaze no Kizu” Inuyasha jumped away because on his right site flew fire ball. “Sorry Inuyasha.” said Draco. “It's Ok, but next time tries to hit the target and not me.” Inuyasha grumbled. Miroku used Kazzana. “I can't waste the time. Miroku, Sango can you manage this?” ask Inuyasha. “We will take care of this” scream Draco. “Just go!”
Inuyasha ran across the forest and was following Kagome's scent. „Kagome, please don't do this, be like you were.” he thought. Then he felt Naraku's scent. „Inuyasha, are you trying to find Kagome?” said Naraku. “You are crazy, if you want to go to her. But if you are here”, he said “I'll kill you. You know, I will do favor to her and she wouldn't kill me. I guess.” He looked behind Inuyasha. “Kagura, you know your orders.” “Yes.” she disappeared.
Kagura POV.
She was flying on her feather. She was carrying a baby. “Where is Kanna?” she thought. She flew above the meadow. “It's Inuyasha's friends and that army is whose?” The symbol appeared on her forehead. She heard Kagome's whisper. “Kagura, take the baby to me and show me where is Naraku.” “But I don't know where you are.” “I will show.” said Kagome. Kagura saw mountains, waterfall and the castle. Castle was looking like an illusion. Than it disappeared. She again heard Kagome's whisper. „Kagura, I have Naraku's Shikon no Tama. Take here Kohaku too. I want his shard.” “I´m on my way, my Lady.” Kagura said like in trance.
End Kagura's POV
“So Inuyasha do it and die.” smiled Naraku. “You know, I can't opposite to Kagome. She is very powerful.” “I´m really sorry for you Naraku.” said Inuyasha with ironic voice. “And I can't die now, I have work to do!” he took Tesaiga. Her blade turns to red. “Naraku go from my way, Kaze no Kizu.” Around Naraku appeared a barrier. But not his. Inuyasha was shocked, “What the hell?” From shadow came Kagome. “So Naraku, we are meeting again.” Behind Kagome appeared Kagura with baby and Kohaku. Naraku looked at Kagome with fear, than he looked at Kagura. “What are you doing here?” than he gave to Kagome ironic smile. “So she is your servant. But Kagura” he looked at her”you forget on your heart.” Kagura smiled. “No she had the heart and now…” she was interrupted by Kagome. “Now I have your human heart too. The key to destroy you.” Kagura took the baby to Kagome. She slices the baby with her fangs. Naraku felt pain in his chest. “You can't escape from my barrier Naraku.” Her hand giant up and pointed at the barrier, than snapped finger. In barrier started to burn. “Naraku take it like free cremation. “You can't do it you are just human!” he started to burn. Kagome looked at him. Her light blue eyes turned to red. The barrier with Naraku exploded. “Kagura, we are leaving. Inuyasha” she turned to him “my offer still applies. Come with me.” she reached out hand to him. ”Kagome this is not you.” he said. Kagome laughed “And you know the real Kagome, right? What do you know about me exactly?” she turned away. “You can choose. Later Inuyasha.
The same time at the meadow.
“They are to many!” scream Sango. “Don't worry, we can do it.” Miroku answered and opened Kazzana. He sucks in many corpses. “Damn I can't take it.” he thought “but I must hold on.” Suddenly the Kazzana disappeared. Sango looked at him. “What's the matter?” Miroku unbelievable looked at his hand. “Kazzana disappeared, Naraku is destroyed.” Draco flew above them. “I'll finish them. Miroku can you created a barrier? “ “Yes, Sango, Shippo come to me.” Then he created barrier. Draco flew above the army. “Dead creatures, who were disturbed from their eternal sleep. Go back to your graves and rest in peace.” The army crumbled. Miroku looked at Draco. “You really couldn't do it before?” Draco blushed. “I couldn't remember it.” Sango started to laugh. “You are the funniest dragon that I ever seen. You can't remember any spell, can't hit the target. But you are great.” Draco grumbled. “Thanks, but we must find Inuyasha and Kagome.”