InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Everybody has a dark site. ❯ Silent hanyou and the surprise. ( Chapter 5 )

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5.Silent hanyou and the surprise.
“Do you want any help, Kags?” Draco looked at the forest. “Thanks, but I know where I can find him. Please don't show your presence to my friends. For now, fine?” Kagome smiled at Draco. “Ok I'm disappearing, ma Lady.” Kagome entered to the forest and followed the forest way to the Gods Tree. She came to the tree. “Inuyasha I know that you are her. Show yourself.” Inuyasha jumped from his branch. “So you are here just like I thought.” Kagome smiled at him. Inuyasha looked at her and didn't say anything. Kagome's face change to very and her eyes looked like they are full of tears. He smelled the salt. She came to him and caught his sleeve. “Why are you doing this? Inuyasha? Why? Say something. I came back like did you want and now, why are you leaving me? Just like this? I came back to you and I know that you will still love her, but I'm staying. Do you hear me?” She rested her head on his shoulder. With a fist she was hitting him to the chest. “Fool, you are just a fool, Inuyasha.” said and started to cry. Inuyasha hugged her and rested his chin on her crown. “Kagome, please forgive me. But when I saw that lucky faces of others I felt like I don't belong there.” She looked at him. “Baka, they are your friends like mine and you know it. They are with you wherever you are just the same like you.” Hi wiped her tears with hand. “It will be fine, Kagome. I'm glad that you are back.” He pressed tip of his finger on her lips. “Please, don't be mad at me.” “Why?” She looked at him. “Is he going to kiss me?” she thought. He smiled. “I want to do this.” His lips covered hers. She kept her breathe. He looked at her and took a step from her. “Are you mad?” “No” she smiled. “But I want to know, why it took to you so long?” He smiled at her too. “I must found my courage. But now we must go back. Sango will worry about us.” Kagome looked behind him and reach out her hand. Than she smiled. “Go alone. I have a work to do. You know I must practicing flying on dragon.” He smiled. “So good luck. But don't forget to come back.” He left her. Kagome looked to the shadows. “Kagura, don't hide anymore. What do you want from me?” Kagura step to her. ”Naraku felt some strange power. He started to fear. And I think that power is the same that you posses.” Kagome was searching her. “And?” Kagura smiled. “I offer to you a deal.” Kagome smiled. “What deal?” “I'll be yours eyes and ears, something like a spy. I know that you have the power to see and hear everything what see and hear your servants.” Kagome started to play with her sleeve. “I know what I'll have from this. But what do you want from me?” Kagura looked at her serious. “I want my heart back and be released from Naraku.” Kagome smiled. “I like it. But you must swear loyalty to me.” Kagura smiled. “I swear.” Kagome touched her forehead with a finger. On her forehead appeared a symbol. “Everything you will see, I'll see too. Every voice what you will hear I will hear too. When I order you will come.” She touched Kagura's forehead and drew the same symbol. “Now Kagura, return to Naraku.“ Kagura took the feather and flew away. Kagome was looking at her. When Kagura disappeared, Kagome turned away. “Draco we will go.” “ Like you order my Lady.” he said. Kagome jumped on his back and they flew. “Where do you want to go?” “On north.” “Why there?” “Don't ask and fly. Soon I must be back.” They flew on the north for 5 minutes. “We are here Draco, please land.” “Ok, “ he landed on the meadow “ why did you want to go here?” he asked. “Because this soil is full of the human blood and corpses.” she smiled. “And you want to reborn them?” She looked at him “ Yes, like you said. I'll build from them my army. They will be the first dish for Naraku. But now, work.” She wrote a symbol of water on the soil. The soil turned to the mud and than it dried up. “My servants stand up from your graves. Dust the dust from your bones and stand on calling of your master.
At the same time.
Inuyasha came back to the hut. “Where is Kagome?” asked Sango and Shippo in unison. “She said that she had a work to do.” Inuyasha looked at them. Miroku stood up. “Than we must help to her.” “Right, houshi-sama, Kirala we are leaving.” The couple left the village. “Witch way she went?” asked Miroku. Inuyasha sniffed. “On the north. Let's go.”
Inuyasha ran like the first. They were close to the meadow. “Damn, I feel dead and Kagome. What's happening? Please Kagome be safe.” he thought. “We are almost there.” They came to the meadow and saw Kagome and dragon. “This is the place where many people dead.” said Miroku. “Yes I feel it.” Inuyasha took a few steps to the Kagome, but he stopped. They saw her like she wrote a symbol. “What is she doing?” Sango was looking at her with not understanding look. Shippo scream. ”The spoilt, look at the spoilt.” “It dried up.” said Miroku. ”What are you doing Kagome?” Inuyasha whispered and took another few steps. They heard her every word. From the ground stood up thousands corpses. ”Kami,” Miroku said”how can she do something like this?” “Kagome!” screamed Inuyasha “what are you doing?” She astonished turned to him. “Inuyasha? Why are you here?” She looked at others. “You are here too?” She smiled. “It's not like it looks like, I swear. I just wanted to help with destroying Naraku.” Inuyasha unbelievable looked at her. “But you are not like this, Kagome. You are not like Naraku or Urashea!” Kagome smiled at him. ”Inuyasha you don't understand. I have the power to destroy Naraku.” her face turns to ironic. “If I want, I can rule the world. And no one will stop me. If I do it wouldn't be tomorrow for Naraku.” She took a step to him and with a sweat but treacherous voice she said. “Inuyasha, I know what do you want. Just ask me for it and say “I'm your servant “and I'll give you the power of youkai. You will be no more hanyou. Nobody will call you that you are filthy.” She hugged him. “Just say it Inuyasha.” Miroku took from his sleeve the magic papers and threw it on Kagome. She took a step away. “Inuyasha don't listen to her. She doesn't know what she is saying.” Miroku said. Inuyasha was just looking at her like in trance.