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"Okay, I'll get to it in a minute, gee. Don't have a cow," I yelled. However, the words didn't quite make it to my grandma's ears. She was too busy fusing about the mess all over the place in the house. Well, that was my life. It was always like this just about every single day of my life. I'm a girl of 30 years old and I have yet to even get a boyfriend. But do I care? No I don't. Every time I thought I'd hit it big I find out the guy would rather be doing something else than be with me.

I am five feet and one inch in height, a bit on the short side for my age. I also weigh very low at 115 pounds. Not my fault. I'm always getting one infection after the other, so my weight is a bit low, even though I eat like a pig. I do have very pretty hair though. It goes down to my butt and is very thick and very dark brown. As for bangs, I don't have any. I let them grow out and I'm always pushing the hair out of my face, where, a pair of rounded glasses sit over my hazel green eyes. And like I said, I stay sick a lot, so my skin is very white and pale looking all the time.

I also suffer from IBS a lot and I had been feeling bad that day, so I never got to cleaning my two cats litter box. Which is what my 83 year old grandma was complaining about. And even though I told her I'd get to it in a minute, seeing as I was starting to feel better she went ahead and did it anyway, still fusing at me about this or that.

'AGUH! I can't stand it! Will someone just kill me and get it over with?!' I yelled in my head out of frustration. My 83 year old grandma lived out in the house right next door to me and both houses are on a huge private land, very close to each other. Both houses really belong to her but I live in the older house. Of course both houses are very old and this one is falling apart badly. But hey, this is the only place I can afford to live, on my income since I'm unable to work anywhere and get money from SSI. The house was in such bad shape I couldn't even take a proper bath. I always had to bathe at the sink.

That was another thing my grandma complained about, is me getting hair all in the sink. Well, it's not my fault I have such thick hair. No, I can't go anywhere whenever I want to and get away from things. I can't drive a car and my only mode of transportation is my mom, who works a lot and the nearest shopping area would be a 3 hour walk from here, way too far for me to walk, not to mention the heavy and dangerous traffic along the way. Anyway, my name is Stephanie and that's my life.

My grandma then left the house after one more grunt of complaining about being embarrassed about anyone coming in and seeing the mess in the house that I had no control over. It's a small house and I have a lot of stuff.

After she left and I made sure she wasn't close enough nearby to hear me I broke down sobbing, "Why? She never listens! I told her she's stressing me out and making me feel sick but then she just complains more!"

"Meow," one of my cats, Nala came up and rubbed on me as I sat in the chair in the living room, sobbing. I picked her up and hugged her. She begin purring.

"You cats are the only ones who understand what I go through," I told her as I petted her and kissed her on the forehead. Other than my cats my only other comfort was a fictional character by the name of Sesshomaru. I had always considered the guy my boyfriend, even though I knew he wasn't real. I always liked to think that he was real. I turned on the TV and put an InuYasha DVD into my Blu-Ray player. That's the anime he's on. I then started playing the next episode I was on.

Once again, Sesshomaru was trying to steal the Tetsusaiga from Inuyasha. Even though I had watched all the episodes tons of times and knew by heart how this one was going to end I still acted like I had no idea as I tuned into the episode. By now Nala had curled up on my lap and had fallen asleep. It was about 5PM in the evening right now.

Just as Sesshomaru had lifted up the Tetsusaiga and was able to hold it with that human arm that Naraku had given him, with the jewel shard in it, my stomach started growling. I then realized I was hungry. I made my cat get up and I went into the kitchen to grab me a bite to eat.

"Hmm, let's see here. I have soup, Pot Pies, a frozen dinner or a frozen pizza," I looked over my choices before deciding on the Pot Pie. I took it out of its box, cut a slit along the top and put it into my Microwave for nine minutes. While waiting I fixed me another glass of cold water and went back into the living room to watch InuYasha for nine more minutes. Water was mostly all I ever drunk. Most other drinks bothered my stomach.

I turned the DVD back on and right when my cat got back on my lap my microwave dinged, signaling my food was done. "Sorry," I told her as I picked her up and laid her next to me. I went and got my food, going back to the TV afterwards. There I sat on the chair watching the show and eating while my cat laid on me. I kinda dozed off a bit while watching and didn't even notice the time fly by. Before I knew it, it was 8PM.

I jumped up from the chair, "Oh no! I have to take a bath." It was the night right before pay day, during the month of June. Tomorrow, my mom was going to take me and my grandma to get our monthly groceries and I needed to bathe tonight because I wouldn't have time the next morning.

I went and got my bath things, going into the kitchen up to the sink, where I always took my baths. I removed all my clothes and took a bath. After I was done I slipped on my underwear and bra. Then I put on a jean colored sundress that had a bow without ribbons tied along the chest part and red outlining the straps part around the neck, and the bow, but also, red outlined the bottom as well, which went down to my knees. There was also red along where my elbows were.

As I went to the bathroom and started brushing my hair I hummed the second ending theme song to the InuYasha anime. I then thought about the show as I brushed my hair, "Hmm, wonder what it would be like if the series was real and Naraku wasn't the bad guy. What if another demon was behind it all?" I then thought of an OC I had created in my fan fiction called, 'Tales of the Western Lands,' which had my own OC, a priestess and Rin's older sister with Sesshomaru. The OC was Sakura and she alone had the power to take down the evil that was Orpheus. Just as I was thinking I wish all that was real and I could be with Sesshomaru for real there was a bright flash of light right outside my window.

"Wait! What was that!" I gasped. I peeked out the window, and not seeing a thing I thought it must of just been a car. "Hmm, but maybe I should go check just to be sure." So, after brushing my hair I put my glasses on and slipped into my flip flows and headed outside, grabbing a flashlight on the way out.

As I walked around in the dark I heard the various noises of the night. Mostly just crickets and an owl hotting away. It was then that I saw a light coming from an old storage shed. No one used it much anymore. The building was practicality falling apart and very unsafe. It belonged to my next door neighbor that had lived on the other side of me. Him and his wife had both died a long time ago. So, both the house and the storage building stood abandoned.

I gulped a bit in fear as I entered the neighbor's yard and approached the shed. I then peeked inside, "H… hello?" But no one answered me. I went a bit further inside. It was then that I saw it. A bright light coming from under the floor boards, "What is that?" I leaned down to get a better look. However, just then, the boards gave away with my weight and it was like I fell through, "Aiyahhhh!" I screamed as a bright purple light engulfed me and I fell through and blacked out.

When I came to, it was morning, "Ah, what a weird dream," I yawned, rubbing my eyes, thinking I was in my bed at home. My eyes were still closed and I had yet to open them. "I guess I better get up and get ready to go buy food. But why is my bed so hard this morning? I guess I'll need a new mattress again." I then opened my eyes and looked up at… sky and trees? I then jerked up, realizing I was outside in the woods, "How did I get out here?"

I got onto my feet, dusting the dirt and dust off my dress. Then I grabbed my pink flip flops that had somehow fallen off my feet and started walking through the many trees around me. However, no matter how far I walked I never got to my house. Giving up I sat on the ground against a tree and started sobbing. I was lost in the woods and didn't know what to do. However, the good news was it wasn't cold. It was quite warm out today. But the bad news was I didn't know where I was.

I then took both my hands and slapped myself on both cheeks, "Okay, get a grip Stephanie. Just keep walking and soon you'll find some sign of life around here. After all, I can't be the only person out here right? I'll just find someone to help me get out of the woods." Deciding that, I took off my glasses, wiped my eyes, put them back on, before getting up and walking on. I wouldn't get anywhere by just sitting there after all. I needed to figure out where I was and how to get back home.

"Ahhhh! Someone help me!" I heard the scream of a child as I walked through the trees.

"Someone's in trouble!" I gasped. I ran in the direction of the yells, my natural instinct to help others kicking in. I then came upon a clearing, it looked like a huge field of flowers. As soon as I reached the field though, I couldn't believe what I just saw. There was a small girl with long black hair tied in a small pigtail on the side of her head and she was wearing a long white and orange checkered kimono. She also seemed to be barefoot.

However, what really caught my attention was the huge thing chasing her, "Heh, that looks just like a… a… MONSTER!" I cried out in terror. That wasn't even the worse of it either. They were both heading right towards me. As soon as they were close enough I grabbed the child into my arms and started running. The thing, whatever it was gave chase. It was right behind me and closing in.

"Can you run faster lady?" The child begged.

"Give me a break! I'm running as fast as I can," I huffed out in a deep breath, "This can't be happening! If I knew this was going to happen I would of exercised more." I was breathing very hard as I ran, the child under one arm. My arms and my legs felt very sore. And my stomach started cramping up very badly. I felt like I was going to pass out, or throw up. However, I knew I had to keep going. If I stopped that would be the end of me and this child.

I kept running until I came upon a cliff. Down below I could see a waterfall and a ragging river below. If I jumped I'd surly die. However, if I didn't jump I'd still die. The hungry beast closed in on me. I sobbed, and not knowing what to do I shielded the child with my body. If I died, fine. But there was no way I'd let this child be killed. I watched as the thing brought down its long hairy and clawed arm onto me and everything then went black.