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Chapter 2: The Day After

A slash of ice cold water cascaded over Kagome as She got nudged in the side with a boot.

"On your feet, Wench!"

She squealed when the water hit her. She sat up quickly… holding her throbbing head. She was in chains and it wasn't even sunrise. She looked up to her captor with half open, blood shot eyes.

"Oh no… It's you again."

"On your feet, Kagome!"

She looked at him in shock,

"How do you kno…"

"It was the name your parents were yelling when I took you."

He said in a cold tone.

Kagome's look of loathing returned to her dirty face. The Captain kneeled in front of her. He saw she wanted to cry, but her pride wouldn't let her.

"Are you scared of me?" He said in a viscously mocking voice.

She quickly glared at him. It almost scared him. Never had a woman glare at him the way she did.

"Why should I be scared of you?"

"Evidently you don't know who I am"

"You are the Silver Hanyou"

The Captain looked at her with a cocky smile.

"That's all you know, isn't it?"

"Well, I was told you are awful and the worst natured pirate ever. I just see a coward."

He slapped her right acrossed the face,

"Wench! How dare you speak to me like that. You are trying my patients, which I have little of!"

"What are you going to do? You can't kill me for the sake of your stupid deal."

She said trying not to whince at her stinging, throbbing cheek.

The Captain grabbed her chin, she couldn't budge. He smiled with his bright white fangs,

" You belong to me now. As long as I have you, you are mine! Which means until then, you belong to me! You are my servant, my slave, maid and possibly my wench. We'll just have to see, now don't we?"

He said with a devious smile.

She spit on his face. He wiped it off and wiped it in her hair. Kagome cringed. He looked into her deep brown eyes, which had a tinge of cobalt in them.

"Listen, girl. You don't realize who I am. You don't know what I am. I am stronger than 100 of the strongest men in the world. Think about that!"

He let go of her chin, pushing it to the side, jerking her neck.

"I will have one of my men bring you on deck. You will do what I say. I think that deal is important, but if you get too be too much, I will break the deal. I will see you in a while, wench!"

He stood and starred with a stern, emotionless face at her, almost expecting her to say something. She gave him that same scary glare, huffed then looked away.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*

Kagome stood up straight in front of the band of pirates. One of the men, by the name of Charley, handed her a mop.

"Swab the deck!"

She threw it down.

He tried again.

She stood up straight with her nose in the air. The Captain lounged in his huge chair that was perched in front of the helm. He had his elbow on the arm rest with his hand over half his face. After a few more times he yelled.


Kagome quickly turned around with a look of shock, but it turned into a look of ridicule.

"Don't use such a tone to a Lady!"

The Captain jumped straight up into the air about 20 feet and landed in front of her. He got in her face and shrugged,

"Lady? I don't she a Lady here!," Then he got into her face, "All I see here is a lazy wench that has no clue what she's up against! Now you will take that mop or---"

A shriek came from under the deck as Sango ran up onto the deck in just her undergarments, attempting to cover herself while running behind Kagome.

"Get away from me! Pervert!" She cried.

"Sango-chan!" Kagome yelled in Surprise.

The Captain looked almost puzzled.

"Do you know her?"

"She's my attendant and best friend!"

Miroku finally emerged battered and bruised. There was a mix between hoots, howls, and chuckles amongst the crew.

As Miroku staggered toward Sango, Kagome spread herself in front of Sango.

"You leave her alone as you will pay."

"Aww, but I was just getting to the fun part!" He cried.

Kagome got fire in her eyes as Miroku tried to reach around her, she slapped him and broke the mop handle acrossed his shin. Miroku fell over holding his leg while rolling on the ground moaning. The crew was very amused by this, but the captain had a mix of amusement, anger, and horror on his face.

"Don't touch her again! How dare you strip her without her knowing of it that's just--- ---"

She looked at the evil grin on the captain's face as he stepped in front of her. She stood in silence, but screamed when with a few swipes with his claws, her dress was in shreds and fell off of her. Now she too was in her under garments. She was too shocked and embarrassed to move or anything. The captain stepped back with his arms crossed with a devious, satisfied look on his face. Kagome's face turned scary as she gritted her teeth and clinched her fists. Sang held her around the waist,

"Don't do it, Kagome! You'll get us into more trouble! Please!" Sango cried.

"You had better listen too your friend, wench!"

Kagome tried to release herself from her friend yelling,

"Stop calling me Wench! I have a name! Kagome! Ka-Go-Me! I---"

The captain picked up a barrel and put it just a few feet infront of Kagome. He tossed it in the air like it weighed nothing, then with his claws he sliced it up, metal rings and all. Now Sango and Kagome were hugging each other, both scared now.

"If you push your luck too much, WENCH, next time you will be in the barrel!"

He walked behind her and took out her bun. Her hair dropped in a perfect braid all the way to around her knees. He chucked.

"I think it's time for a hair cut!"

He swiped just below her shoulder blade. She looked in horror as about 4 feet of hair dropped to the ground. Tears began to accumulate in her eyes as she yelled.

"I've grown my hair out since I was 6!"

The Captain picked it up and held it in front of her face.

"Be careful as I'll cut the rest off! Maybe I'll cut wrong and cut your jugular as well" He was very angry at this point.

"Now that you broke the mop, you two will have to scrub the deck by hand. Shippou?!"

The little fox-demon boy ran up to him and stood at attention.

"Yes, Sir?"

"Consider this your day off!. I don't want to catch you helping them either! Got that"

Shippou looked at Sango and Kagome with pity.

"Aye, Aye, Sir."

"Now pick up those buckets and scrub every inch of the deck up here, including the railing. I want it done before sundown!"

"But that's impossible!" Sango cried.

The Captain said in a cocky voice, "Well, you'll just have to make it possible and to make it possible, you better start now!"

Kagome and Sango grabbed a bucket and a brush each. They headed to the same side but the Captain stepped in front of them.

"No, you will start at the back, Wench. Your friend will start at the front. There is less deck and she has learnt not to defy me."

Kagome growled at him as she turned to head to the back. The Captain stepped in front of her.

"You want to growl? Well, you are awful at it!" He then growled at her. It sounded just like a dog. She gave him a confused look. The she noticed he had no ears.

"Where are your ears?"

The crew started to gasp and whisper. But then she did the worst thing she could do, he went on her tip toes and took off his hat.

"Oh! You have dog ears?"

She saw that he was more then pissed at her. She got nervous as the crowd started to yell,

"Stupid wench! That was an awful move!"

She smiled nervously and said while a bit scared,

"But I don't think you should hide them! I think they are cute!"

The crew began to laugh. The Captain put his hat on and growled.

"The did you just---just--- called me cute?"

He threw her down.

"You just called the most fierce pirate on the 7 seas CUTE?!"

"Oh, no!" She whispered.

He grabbed her by the back of her bodice and went over to the side of the ship. She screamed as he held her over the edge suspending in the air with nothing below her but the rushing waters. She heard Sango scream her name.

"Do you think I'm cute now?" He snarled

she quickly shook her head.

"Next time you call me cute, I will drop you!"

He turned and threw her acrossed the deck. She screamed in pain.

"Now grab your bucket and get to work!"

Kagome winced in pain as she crawled over to get her bucket and brush, trying not to show her weakness by crying. She knew she had to be brave.

Kagome was scrubbing the railing as hard as she could, but the salt build up was incredible. Then the pirate that was chasing around Sango limped up to her. She got in a defensive stance.

"Don't worry! I come in peace." He said as he put his hands up.

She eyed him as he tried to lean against the rail.

"Oh, no! Not on that side! I just cleaned it!"

"Oh! Sorry!" He said as he went to the other side then he struck up some conversation.

"Where are you from? I know you aren't European.

"I was born in Japan. I lived there till I was 8. My parents lived there all their lives. I can tell you aren't European either."

He smiled and said.

"No, I too am from Japan. So are Shippou and the Captain.

"The Captain? He doesn't look Japanese! His eyes are big like the European's!"

"Well, I guess that's the dog demon in him. He's a ha..."

"Hanyou. I know that. It's kind of evident by the name, 'The Silver Hanyou'". What is his real name?"

"No one knows. He won't tell anyone. He gets really mad when anyone asks him."

Kagome looked frustrated.

"Why is he so cruel?"

Miroku laughed. Kagome glared at him,


"Well, number one you agued with him! He sees himself as a king. Would you argue with a king?"

"I suppose not." She looked out to the sunset.

"As long as you don't argue with him, he'll treat you better. He's not really that bad as long as you get on his good side."

"But I stand up for myself. I'm not going to be his dog that he commands me to sit or roll over!"

"Why are you stubborn? Is it because you are a rich spoiled brat?"

Kagome glared him.

"No! I'm not spoiled! I see it as degrading. I guess I am because I've been made fun of since I moved to England. About my eyes, the way I stand and talk. I guess standing up for who I am and what I am seeped into every other matter. Including being pushed around. I'm used to doing chores. Sango is my best friend--- actually my only friend. She's supposed to be my servant, but I never wanted one. I helped her with all of her chores."

Then she giggled as she commented,

"My parents used to get so mad at me, but then they saw how happy I was just to have her as a friend."

Miroku looked at her with admiration.

"You sound like a really good friend. Don't stress yourself so much."

Kagome glared at him,

"What was that business this morning?"

Miroku laughed very nervously.

"Well, um, you friend is just so irresistible."

Kagome stopped scrubbing for a second and put her hand on her hip.

"Let me guess, she's YOUR prisoner?"

Miroku looked scared. He had learnt by now that Kagome was no one to mess with.

"Uh, Yeah, but I mean she's your best friend so I think it was kind of a blessing that I took her and---"

"--- Miroku, if you lay one forceful hand on her, so help me---"

"Okay, okay! I'll try to keep my hands of her (yeah right)"

Miroku looked as her hair blew in her face as she began to work again, then without fear he asked,



He grabbed her hand

"Will you bear my child?"

Even the captain heard the slap she gave him.

"That stupid pervert!" He grumbled.

The captain marched out of his quarters to find Kagome hard at work and Miroku on the ground with a huge hand print on his cheek.

"I was some how waiting for him to ask her" He thought with a smile.

At least now Kagome looked peaceful, all though she was in under garments. He growled at himself for having a tingling feeling when he saw her hair blowing in the breeze with the setting sun.

"Wench! You better work faster! Your time is almost up!"

Some how he felt relief that she didn't glare at him. He huffed and went inside his quarters. After he went inside, she stuck his tongue out in his direction and continued to work.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*

The captain came out to find Kagome and Sango sprawled out on the deck, half asleep. He gently kicked Kagome in the side.

"Get on your feet, Wench!" He yelled.

She moaned and lethargically stood up. Her eyes were heavy and bloodshot and her hands were waterlogged, blustered in some places. Miroku picked up Sango, who was too tired to fight. Kagome shot him a look and he smiled. The Captain grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him.

"You look at me when I'm speaking to you! It's inspection time."

Kagome groaned and almost fell. He grabbed her by the v-neck of her bodice. She smacked his hand.

"I see that caught your attention." He grinned.

He grabbed the back of her bodice as he pushed her up the stairs. She was almost awake, but not quite. After about a half hour of inspection, the captain smiled.

"Looks like you do know how to clean! But that doesn't get you off for this morning!"

Kagome looked horrified,

"What are going to do?"

He looked her up and down rubbing his chin. She had a lump in her throat.

"I'd have you sleep with me, but you are to dirty and smelling."

She gasped and back away. He grabbed her.

"I didn't say you can go yet, did I?"

She trembled, "I wouldn't go to bed with you anyway! I'm a decent Christian woman and I'm too young!"

"Oh? How old are you?"


He smiled at her. She couldn't move because he held her arm, his claws digging into her. He said,

"You aren't too young! You are just about right!"

"You awful pervert!"

"No, Miroku is a pervert, I'm a---"

"Please don't say it."

"Please? Did I just hear please?" He smiled

She didn't know how to react.

He said,

"I was going to make you sleep in the hold tonight, but I guess you can sleep where you did last night."

"Isn't that the hold?"

"No. The hold on my ship is pitch black. No light shines in it."

He jerked her as they swiftly walked into the belly of the ship. He threw her down.

"Sleep now! You have more work tomorrow!"

With that he walked off, quite satisfied with himself. Kagome curled up in a ball and cried herself to sleep.

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