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Chapter 10: Kagome's Rescue and Inuyasha's Unwanted Secret revealed
Warning: This chapter has some stuff that lingers towards the rated “R” category.
“Aww S***!” Kouga grumbled.
Kagome smiled and was going to yell for him, but Kouga covered her mouth.
“I must do this now, before he finds us.”
Kagome began to shift her body around to make it hard for him to enter, but he got his legs between her's and spread them. He just began to touch her all over, trying to coax her body into natural submission He smiled as she looked with horror, but right went he was about to “enter”
“Kagome!” Inuyasha yelled, then he found them, Kagome was scared and naked with Kouga on top of her getting himself ready. Inuyasha's eyes flashed red as he punched Kouga off of her.
“Captain!” She yelled in an exasperated voice, but a big smile.
The captain tried to restrain himself from looking at her. For some odd reason. Kagome didn't mind his occasional glances. Kouga jumped back up quickly and yelled,
“Get the hell out of here Inu-Kuso! I'm not ready to play with you!”
Inuyasha cracked his knuckles.
“Get your pants back on bastard! You are quite done! I'm going to slice your bullocks off! You sick bastard!”
Kouga had finished putting his pants on.
“ Me? The sick bastard? I'm not the one that…”
Before he could finish, Inuyasha lunged at him. Kagome tried to get her foot over to reach the covers, but it was no use. She laid there naked while 2 youkai- well, almost 2 youkai fought over.
“My, Inu-Kuso! You fight pretty well with that woman around! Another reason to make her mine.” Kouga looked her up and down.
“Who are you staring at, hentai?” She screamed.
“My women!” He grinned.
“Don't you dare look at her, bastard!”
That was the last straw, Inuyasha gave him a blow so bad, he flew acrossed the room. Inuyasha quickly rushed to Kagome's side, picking at the ropes with his claws, he'd slash them, but he was scared of hurting her.
“Am I too late?” He asked, looking into her eyes, his eyes filled with worry.
His eyes were so sad and had a tinged of fear that tugged at Kagome's heartstrings.
“No, Thank God! But a few more seconds and you would have been.”
Finally, he had the ropes untied, but froze when Kagome jumped into his arms and started to cry. Hysterically hard.
“I was so scared! He touched me and **sob** I was scared to death!”
Inuyasha stared at the naked, nearly unconscious Kouga on the ground. He held Kagome close and picked her up bridal style to sit on his lap so she'd be in the total comfort of his arms and also a good position for an escaped. He growled in his mind, looking at Kouga, who looked like he was going to awake soon.
`How dare that bastard touch her! How dare he make her cry! How dare he try to take her away from me!'
He held Kagome tight and snuggled his nose into her hair at the top of her head.
“It's okay, I'm here for you. Com'on, let's get you out of here!”
He wrapped her in a bed sheet and picked her up bridal style. But before they could leave, Kouga ignored his pain and dizziness to step in front of them.
“You aren't taking my mate anywhere!”
Quickly Inuyasha searched her neck.
“You didn't mark her, she's not yours!”
Kouga growled and said,
“Well, you certainly don't deserve her as your mate!”
Inuyasha growled and yelled,
“They will be her choice!”
Though he never would reveal that in the back of his mind that's what he wanted.
`Inuyasha!' Kagome thought as she smiled at him and blushed, but the saw Kouga relax out of his attack stance and said.
“Well, well, well. Has the Silver Hanyou, the harshest pirate on women, finally grown a conscience? Since when did you care about a woman's feelings?”
“Shut-up wimpy wolf!”
“Tell, me, Inu-Kuso. How many women have you `tooken', for or against their will?”
“I haven't! Never would I sink myself to such a disgusting level! But now it's time to take my leave!”
Inuyasha was about to leave when Kouga howled. Within a few seconds, they were surrounded by wolf youkai pirates. Kagome put both of her arms around Inuyasha's neck and held on for dear life, but yet trying not to obstruct his movements.
“Kagome, Get on my back- piggy back style”
“Just do it!”
He let her down and she quickly jumped on his back, wrapping her legs around him and arms around his neck.
“Are you ready?” Inuyasha look back and smiled.
She gave an extremely nervous smile.
“Hold on tight!” He said as he ran and jumped over the wall of pirates, then jumped straight up about 40 feet. Kagome couldn't believe he could do all this. She began to tremble when they were in the crow's nest. She whimpered. She blushed when he began to rub her leg and said,
“Don't be afraid. I promise I won't let you fall.”
She blushed at the combination of his comment and his touch on her bare leg. She wasn't aloud to show her calve, little lone her whole leg. She rubbed her cheek against him. He reached around his head to his back to cup her other cheek.
“Now we have to get Tetsuaiga before anything happens!” As he flew onto the deck, Kagome giggled as her stomach got horribly flipped. She held on tight as Inuyasha yelled,
“Sankon Tessou!”
and swung himself around with his powerful claws. He actually started to use Kagome as a counterweight, but then as he stood, something slashed him in the side. Kouga took a defensive stance, bloody sword in hand. Kagome gasped in horror as she saw the blood soak into the white sheet she was wearing, but then Inuyasha growled,
“How dare you! You almost hit Kagome! You bastard!”
“No, I have a very keen sense of aim.”
Kouga raised his sword. Inuyasha heard Miroku yell,
“Kagome! You have to find Tetsuaiga!”
Kagome stared at all of the Silver Hanyou's Pirates. They only had their bottom undergarments on. Sango was still fully dressed. Kagome was quite amused when she saw the sails were patched with their clothes! Inuyasha just stared at his once beautiful ship ;now it looked like a rag doll.
“Miroku! Take Kagome!”
“No, I have to find Tetsuaiga!” She said as she wriggled out of his grip. She ran into the captain's quarters. But first thing was first. She needed to be dressed. She really didn't want to do it, but she searched through Kouga's clothes.
*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~***~*~*
“You bastard! How dare you take her! She's…”
“…Yours? Really, puppy! What makes you believe that?”
“She… That's none of your business!”
The two pirate Captains sliced at each other between heated comments. Inuyasha had a few stabs through the shoulders and arms, Kouga had huge claw marks acrossed his chest.
Kagome had found Tetsuaiga, but not the treasure map. In her new attire, she felt confident and strapped the Tetsuaiga to her side. She walked out of the quarters. The battle stopped and everyone looked at her.
“Are… Are those MY clothes?” Kouga blurted.
Kagome stood with white blouse tucked into black pants, which were held up by a belt. The bottom of the legs were tucked into a pair of big leather boots, but the ankle straps allowed her to tighten them. She looked like a rebel pirate woman, which both Kouga and Inuyasha found quite intriguing.
“Inu- I mean Captain! Come get Tetsuaiga!”
She yelled. Before he could get it, they heard a gun shot. Kagome screamed and rushed to Inuyasha. He collapsed, Kagome ran to him,dropping the Tetsuaiga. He was still alive, but barely. She looked up. Kouga held a smoking musket.
“Inuyasha?” She whispered.
She heard a very disturbing sound. Loud heartbeats followed by a very deep, menacing growl He looked up at Kouga. Kagome beheld the scariest sight she had ever seen.
“Temei*” He growled
Kagome watched him rise slowly. His eyes were red with indigo pupils and purple streaks acrossed his cheekbones.
Miroku yelled,
“Kagome! Give him the Tetsuaiga! Fast!”
Kagome got up to get it, but everyone on the ship panicked and ran around, no place to go. She was getting kicked and trampled as she tried to make her way to the Tetsuaiga. She heard a loud chuckle and looked up. Inuyasha was slashing every person he saw in sight.
“No!” She whispered.
She crawled to the Tetsuaiga, grabbing it and getting up. She called out,
“Inuyasha! Stop! Come here! Get the sword!”
But he continued his rampage. The ship's deck was now soaked in blood. Kagome ran to the side.
“Miroku!” She called to the other ship, “I can't stop him!”
“He won't stop until everything's dead!”
Then Shippou yelled,
“Come back over here! He will come over to this ship and we could give it to him!”
Miroku bopped him slightly on the head.
“What did I just say!?”
Then Kagome heard something behind her.
“Inuyasha! Please stop! Please!”
Inuyasha didn't want to kill her. He had something else in his eyes. Lust.
“Oh NO! Inuyasha! Don't!”
He threw her on the deck, tearing the back of her shirt. When he was ready, he was about to pounce on her when she held up Tetsuaiga. He stopped dead in his tracks. She sighed in relief when she saw his eyes begin to clear up, but before the transformation was complete, He dove into the water.
“Inuyasha!” She screamed.
She ran to the side.
Everyone else called for him.
They didn't see him surface.
**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~****~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~****~*~**~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Kagome sat at the front of the rowboat. Samuel saw on the charter they were only 10 miles from an island, so they headed there for some trace of Inuyasha and maybe some previsions, but Kagome told them no pillaging! They would have to by stuff like civil people. They anchored off the Island about a half a mile away from shore. The water was to sallow, so Miroku, Kagome and Paul came along to the island. Kagome held her heart as they approached the island. She prayed a deep prayer to God, asking him to let her find Inuyasha alive.
They finally approached shore. Kagome was still in her “buccaneer” outfit. She didn't even know if Kouga was still alive or not. Probably not. She jumped into the water, knee deep, and ran on shore. There was a village. She jogged to see id anyone had seen Inuyasha and to possibly shop around. She had a smile until she saw it. Bodies all over. She covered her mouth. As she walked further in, she noticed everyone that was dead had the same wounds. 5 deep gashes acrossed the back or chest. She got up enough courage to call out for survivors,
“Hello? Anyone? Is anyone alive?”
No answer.
She started to peek into houses, just in case. Then in one house she saw something that put her in utter shock. 2 girls were sliced, but worst of all, the bottom of their under garments had been torn and stained with blood. These girls had been raped. She felt her airway get tighter, her body would not respond. She wanted to run and find Inuyasha… But what if it was Inuyasha that did this? She remembered what Kouga said last night,
`I may be forceful, but I'm not a barbarian! I don't rape women, unlike a certain Hanyou I know…Legend has it that The Silver Hanyou rapes girls when he pillages villages. Then they are lucky if they even escape alive.'
She felt on her hands and knees then fell on her elbows. No! Not Inuyasha! It can't be! Another youkai posed as him! Please let it be another youkai. She froze as she heard a familiar chuckle. She turned around. In the doorway… Inuyasha. He still had the red eyes and purple streaks acrossed his face.
“Oh, no, Inuyasha! You didn't do this, did you?”
“Of course I did!” He smiled.
She felt like she just got pricked buy thousands of ice needles all over her body when he said that.
“You...what did you just say? Why?! Why are you like this? What happened to you?”
“I need to spill more blood, but you…” He lustfully licked his lips. She screamed,
She had forgotten that she left the Tetsuaiga with Miroku.
“No amount of screaming will help you!”
He growled as he smiled.
“Inuyasha! Don't! It's me! Kagome! Kagome?”
He didn't pay attention. He got down on all fours and crawled up to her like an animal about to pounce on it's pray. She whispered,
“Forgive me.”
And kicked him in the balls.
He didn't even flinch.
She began to give a blood curdling scream as he started to rip her clothes, also slicing her in the process. She tried to curl up in a ball, but it was too late. He had her where he needed her. She growled at him and slapped him, stated to pull on his ears. Anything. He got annoyed and slapped her. She froze in overwhelming pain.
“Kagome!” Miroku yelled as he walked into the house. Inuyasha snapped his head to look at Miroku, who sternly said,
“Come and get me!”
Inuyasha leaped at him. Miroku pulled Tetsuaiga out of it's scabbard. Inuyasha stopped and beheld the sword. It started to vibrate. Inuyasha felt it. He hesitantly took the sword from Miroku. Kagome watched as all of a sudden, His eyes cleared up and his streaks were gone. Kagome quickly sat up. Inuyasha froze. The smell of blood was pungent. He looked outside.
“My God! What happened here?” He asked.
`He doesn't remember?'
Miroku silently said,
“You. You turned into a Youkai again.”
Usually Inuyasha was away from the village before he detransformed. This was the first time of him seeing his destruction. Then he sniffed the air. He quickly looked behind him. Kagome sat, scared out of her mind, around her legs, the pants were torn and she had gashes on her inner thighs. He looked at her in horror, and then looked at the other two dead girls.
“What happened to them?”
There was silence and then Kagome squeaked in an almost unaudioable voice,
“You…**gulp** raped and killed them.”
Inuyasha looked at her. The color in his face drained. Then he wanted to die when he heard.
“And…and you… try to rape…me”
Inuyasha now was beyond shock. He couldn't look at Kagome. He walked outside.
“So you are telling me that I single handedly killed a whole village while also raping women?
Miroku, “It appears to look that way, my friend.”
Inuyasha looked at his blood stained claws, fresh with Kagome's blood.
“It's not the first time though, Sir.” Paul explained.
“What do you mean?” He barked.
Miroku explained, “We were too scared to tell you. You know how in some battles, you aren't in contact with Tetsuaiga and you black out?”
“Yeah…You mean…”
They nodded.
He made the mistake of looking up the road. He saw a small bloody hand hanging out of a door, holding a doll. Inuyasha officially felt like he needed to die.
“So… Well I know I've killed people…But only men! But I kill Women…and children as a youkai?”
After a pause he continued,
“So THIS is why I'm the most feared pirate? THIS is the cause of fear?!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
He looked at his hands and Kagome.
“What the hell have I done?!”
With that he bounded off into the Jungle while screaming.
Kagome called for him,
“Inuyasha! Come back!”
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~``
Temei- very very impolitely- well, down right rude way to say “You!” In Japanese
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