InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Kagome Meet Grimmjow And Their Adventure ❯ Training ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Time skip 3 months later Normal point of view


In a clearing, you can see two females in battle. A girl in demon-slaying armor is throwing a boomerang at the other girl. This girl is wearing a green Kimono with black pants. That girl dodged the boomerang just in time to throw her own boomerang. The two girls are kicking and punching each other and dodging each other’s attacks. The girl in green, Komodo, pins that other girl down as a result she wins the battle.


"There is nothing else I can teach you, Kagome." Said the girl in the demon-slaying armor.


"Thank you for training me, Sango." Said Kagome.


"Your welcome, Kagome." Said Sango. Both girls are walking back to the village.


A month and a half later Normal point of view


In a clearing, there is a man standing at 7.5 feet tall holding on a sword in defense. The other person in the clearing was a 5.7 feet tall female holding up twin swords in X fashion and yelled "STARLIGHT SCALES ATTACK". Small starlight colored scales rushed towards the man. The man dodged the attack and yelled "DRAGON STRIKE". A dragon came out of the man's sword and headed towards the girl. The girl yelled "HELL CLAW" and a claw made of fire came out of one of her sword with a black blade with a white hilt with a 2-foot long black ribbon attached to the hilt. The attack chopped the dragon's head off. After the attack, both people ran at each other and their swords clashed making sparks flying everywhere. A few minutes later, the girl has the blade to the man's throat. At the same time, the man's sword was aimed at the girl's stomach.


"A tie then Sesshomaru." Ask Kagome.


"Agree, Miko." Said Sesshomaru.


"Miko, what do you think of this Sesshomaru?" Questioned Sesshomaru.


"I view you as an older brother. Why do you ask?" Stated/questioned Kagome.


"Would you do the honor to do a blood bond with this Sesshomaru?" Ask Sesshomaru.


"What is a blood bond?" Questioned Kagome.


"A blood bond is a ritual that demons use to adopt new members to the family." Answered Sesshomaru.


"I would be honored to do a blood bond with you." Answered Kagome.


"We will do it tomorrow and bring your kitsune as well." Stated Sesshomaru.


"Why do I need to bring my adopted son Shippo with me?" Ask Kagome.


"I asked to bring him because you and the kitsune are doing a blood bond as well. So that you two can mother and son by blood. I almost forgot you will become a half-demon." Answered/said Sesshomaru.


"Okay bye Sesshomaru see you tomorrow night." Said Kagome as she left.


Next night Normal point of view


In the clearing, there are three figures. The smallest figure looks like a 7-year-old boy with red hair and green eyes. The medium size figure looks like a 17-year-old girl with black hair that reaches to her butt and light brown eyes. The tallest figure looks to be a 24-year-old man with silver long hair that reaches a little bit past the halfway mark of the man's back. The man has gold-colored eyes.


"Alright, Kagome cut your palm of your hand and pour the blood into the two cups until the cup is quarter filled in each of two cups." Said Sesshomaru.


"Shippo and this Sesshomaru will each fill a quarter in this cup." Said Sesshomaru.


The three figures started chanting in an ancient language. The three cups of blood started to glow. After chanting for 2 minutes the girl grabbed the cup with a half-filled cup of blood in it and swallowed. The two figures grabbed one of the remaining cups and did the same.


Kagome point of view


I felt pain spread throughout my body and it felt like it went for hours, but in reality, it was a good 10 minutes. I looked at Sesshomaru's and Shippo's faces. Shippo's expression looks happy and surprised. While Sesshomaru's usually expressionless face is surprising. 


"What happened and why do you look so surprised?" I asked.


"Look here." Sesshomaru said handing me my mirror I thought I lost. When I looked I had midnight blue hair with a silver and red streak in it that reached a hair away from the ground. A pair of black doggy/foxy ears, the right ear has a red tip and the left ear has a silver tip. I have blue cat eyes with the left eye having a gold slit and the other eye a green slit. My teeth are now 3 inches long. I have a blue crescent moon in the middle of my forehead. My hands became claws. I felt like something was moving and the feeling was coming from my backside. I turned my head and I was surprised. I have 12 tails that are a foot long, half had red tips while the other half had silver tips. I look like I grew a foot taller and now 6.7 feet tall.


"Kagome I don't know what happened but you are a full demon, 50% elemental dog demon and 50% void or shadow fox demon." Said Sesshomaru.


"What happened, fluffy I thought I was supposed to become a half-breed?" I questioned. A tick mark appeared on Sesshomaru.


"Don't call this Sesshomaru that irritating name. I believe that since you are Miko, you became a full demon instead of a half-breed." Answered Sesshomaru.


"Now it is time for us to train you with your demon powers. This Sesshomaru will train you in dog demon powers and a friend of this Sesshomaru will train you in your fox demon powers." Stated Sesshomaru.


Sesshomaru handed a necklace with a golden chain. The charm is a sky blue crescent moon with a fox sitting inside with an arrow in his mouth. "Lord Sesshomaru and I made it to conceal your demon side, mama." Said Shippo.


"Kagome I am going to give you a partner like your demon Slayer friend. Her name is Shadowgear. A shadow dragon." Said Sesshomaru. 


"Come here Shadowgear." Said Sesshomaru.


A small black dragon the size of a kitten with green eyes, webbing between its claws, and three spiky tails.


In Kaede's hut Normal point of view


Kagome, Shippo, and Shadowgear walked into Kaede's hut and told her pack what happened. A few minutes later, "Can we see your demon form?" Asked Miroku. "Sure" Answered Kagome. They walked into the forest and found a clearing. Kagome removes her necklace she transformed into her demon self. She put her necklace back on and her appearance looked human again. She looks at her friends. Her pack looks surprised and awed.

"I thought the blood bond is supposed to turn you into a half-breed not a full demon." said Grimmjow.


"I had the same idea but Sesshomaru said that since I was a Miko maybe that was the cause." stated Kagome.


"It doesn't matter to me you are still my kitten, Kagome." Said Grimmjow in a loving way.

"I will always love you, my Grimmy." Reply Kagome.