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Kikyo's Haunted House

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Chapter One

By animegrl13 and Mi-mi


"SIT!!! I told you Inuyasha, I have to go back to take a test!! I'm already failing in math and social studies!! Now you're going to have me fail science too?!?! Eeerrgghhh!!!!! I can't believe you!! SIT!!! I'll be back in three days so don't mope around okay?" and with those devoted words, Kagome went over the edge of the well.

"I don't mope around you stupid girl!!!" Inuyasha said after his usual curses as he picked himself gingerly off the ground. Only to find that Kagome was already gone. Inuyasha sat in his usual grumpy position and stuck his nose up in the air in a sign of arrogance.

"I don't know, Inuyasha. After all, all you do is sit around and do nothing and wait for Lady Kagome to return. It is rather pathetic, don't you say, Lady Sango?" Miroku contemplated out loud.

"Definitely, Houshi-sama, I would agree. And I'm sure Shippo would agree too, since Inuyasha does pick on him all the time when Kagome is not around." Sango said as she glanced at Miroku.

"The way he sulks when Kagome is gone, could it be that he cares about Lady Kagome more than he would like to admit. After all, it would explain his irrational behavior." Miroku was stopped from saying anything else by Inuyasha who came up behind him and gave him some lumps to the head.

`Geez, I have to get away from here for a while.' With that thought, Inuyasha bounded away from the group and decided to take a run through the forest. Only to circle back and hide in the Goshinbuku tree to wait until they left.

"You know Sango, the way he longs after her is completely clear that he loves her. It would bring infinite joy to my heart if you would do me the honor of bearing my child." Miroku said as he kneeled in the grass taking Sango's hand clasping it in his own.

Sango's eye twitched in annoyance as she prepared to slap Miroku upside the head.

"But," Miroku said before she could slap him, "if you could be different from Inuyasha and express your love to me when I am away that would bring me joy and pleasure to my heart also." Miroku finished by standing up still clasping her hand to his chest.

`His lean, handsome chest....wait! What am I thinking? It's just hormones, it's just hormones....Then why is he looking at me like that? Maybe he really does...what when is he ever away?' Sango looked puzzled up at Miroku and voiced her last thought.

"You will know Sango because when I am away, you will not feel this." Miroku said gazing into her eyes as he slid his hand down her backside for a grope.

Sango's eyes turned to fire as she brought Hiraikotsu up with her free hand and smashed it over his head. Breathing heavily from rage Sango stomped away back to Kaede's hut leaving an unconscious Miroku imprinted in the ground.

`Stupid monk. He will never learn.' Inuyasha thought making sure to keep his scent downwind from Shippo. The runt may be a weak, pathetic, whining brat but he was still full demon, with full demon senses. Inuyasha thought to himself as he watched Shippo walk over to Miroku and prod his limp body with his foot. "He will never learn will he Kirara? Just like Inuyasha will never learn with Kagome. I mean, after all he does love her so why can't he say it? He may be a stupid hanyou, but he does love Kagome. And Kagome loves him, and I don't like seeing my momma hurt. So as long as Inuyasha stops being mean to her, I think they would make a pretty nice couple. We just have to make sure Kikyo doesn't come into the picture." And with those words, Shippo and Kirara left Miroku and joined Sango in the hut. `Stupid runt. Kagome loves me? Even though I keep seeing Kikyo?' Inuyasha stopped thinking about Kagome as the smell of dead bones and clay filled his nose. `Kikyo...' And without a second thought bounded away into the forest to find the dead miko who had also been snared in Naraku's trap fifty years ago.

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