InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Married to Mr. Player ❯ Heart Break ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
She walked through the dark woods. As night slowly crept behind the majestic sunset. All of a sudden the bushes ruffle. The sound piercing through the once silent trees that now filled with the slight sound. She turned her head the corner of her eye catching a gimps of a soon to be broken up couple. The guy was yet again with a different girl as it happened every time she took a walk here. Every freaking time he was with another woman. She would take the walk every Friday only to find him with another person. She sighed and continued her evening stroll. As she walked away she thought "Not really my problem, but I feel sorry for those girls."
The boy slowly pulled away from the beautiful girl he was once kissing. He gazed at her perfect emerald blue eyes that weer now filled with confuse meant. Her flawless blond hair slightly moved as a cool night breeze hit. Bewildered she try to lean in again. He took a small step back. A grin spread across his so called 'perfect' face. Held out a small love note. It was made out of thin silk like paper. He had received from a nervous girl a week ago. After a split second he ripped it in half. The girl watched in surprise as her note was being tore in half right before her eyes.
He walked away as his long silver hair slightly swiped a cross the girls face. Her face absolutely astonished. She slowly was on her knees. Her jeans slightly ripping. Her pale hand covering her face. As she quietly sobbed. Still now quite understanding what had just happened. Kagome came from behind the huge tree she was once hiding in. She silently made her way to the broken girl. She watched for a second then, sat next to her. Not even minding the dirt her shorts had now collected. She put an arm around the girl and gently whispered,"It's OK you deserve better, he does that to every girl."The girl cried louder and leaned to Kagome and whispered back,"I know, Thank You."
They sat in utter silence. The nigh getting colder by the minute. Kagome just sat not wanting to hurt the girl even more than she was already. After a couple more slow minutes the girl stood up and smiled. It was a pained wiry smile, but a smile non the less. Kagome smiled back and stood up as well. They turned their backs and walked the opposite direction form each other. The boy walked away as well. He had been hiding behind a small bush. As he made his way to his mansion he thought,"Why is she always there? She should learn to mind her own business."
Kagome laid herself on her bed. She instantly fell into a deep sleep. She woke up to the sound of a irritating beep coming from her pink alarm clock. She threw it across the wall not even noticing the big dent the black wall now had. She really wouldn't care anyways. Her mom, even less. That is if she had one. Her mom had walked out, and I mean walked out, as in stepped out the door and never came back. Not even sending them money. And by them I mean her and Sota. Kagome's younger brother and her had lived alone since she was 13. Now at age 16 she had manged fine. She had a job. She was a waitress at a bar. Not the best job, but a job was a job.
She woke her sleepy brother up. He ignored her as she ordered the 9 year(don't know how old Sota is T-T) old to his feet. He stood up lazily. He put on his clothes. The usual baggy jeans and sweatshirt. Kagome on the other hand had always been a sassy rebel and refused to put on her uniform. She wore a pair of shorts reached slightly above her mid thigh. Of coarse she was no ho, so she put on black tights under it. Then a blue tank top with the words "NOT A UNIFORM" in black on the front. She picked up her purple shoulder bag and walked out the door dragging Sota behind her.
She met up with her best friend Sango as Sota and Kohaku, Sango's brother, walked to their own school together. "So, You in love with Mr. Player yet?"Sango asked with a giggle.
Kagome blushed with fury,"AM NOT! I just feel sorry for the girls he dumps every week!"She stated.
As her blush went down and almost instantly came back when Sango replied,"Sure" Kagome had told her about the boy with long silver hair that dumped a girl every week.
Kagome wanting to change the subject asked,"Did you hear about the new guys that would transfer today?"
"Yeah, the new girl too. I also heard that shes a total slut!" Sango exclaimed for some reason exited.
"Yeah, cause I sure love whores."Kagome replied sarcastically.
"You know what I mean!"Sango yelled embarrassed.
"Kay, so lets go in."Kagome continued. Sango looked at her confused. Kagome motioned to the door. Sango not even realizing they had already reached the class turned her head. With a shock of realization she walked through the door. Their eyes landed on a cute guy with black jeans and purple shirt that hugged his body well. They walked over to him. "Hey Miroku." Kagome greeted him as she sat next to him. Sango on the other side.
"Hey girls."He replied as he put his arms around both girls that sat next to him each on opposite sides. His strong hand willingly slipped lower when they almost reached their destination they were sapped away harshly almost as hard as his face had been slapped.
"PERV!" Both girls yelled as they did everyday. Class started as always Miroku pouted at what the girls had done. The class continued as usual. Kagome might have been a rebel, but she had always been a smart girl. She wrote quick notes. As she slowly was about to put her pencil on the piece of paper they heard a loud announcement that was coming from the office.
"Kagome Higurashi come to the office immediately. Thank you that is all. Please continue to work staff and students."The speaker went off and heads turned their head towards Kagome. She ignored them and walked out not even bothering to ask the teacher if she could exit.
"Wonder what that was"Sango told Miroku. They listened to the teacher after two minutes they had had enough and blocked her out. At least Miroku did Sango was also very intelligent. Miroku getting board took a small glance at the gorgeous girl next to him. Deciding to take advantage of the situation he started to motion at the girl bottom. Sango noticing flinched."Don't even think about it unless you want your face to mach that shirt of yours,"She snapped at him
"Could be a new trend," He replied with a shit continuing, but after a second he was face down on the floor.
"Never learns,"Sango thought as she stared at the door wondering what Kagome could be doing. Her deep wondering were broken easily as two boys with long silver hair walked through the door. Both pretty good looking. One was shorter that the other though. The shorter one had the exact same black jeans and shirt as Miroku. Except the shirt was red. The tall one wore blue jeans that hugged his body well and a long sleeve blue shirt that did that as well."Wonder if one of those is the guy"Sango wondered continuing to stare.
The shorter one noticed and winked at the now blushing face. Miroku noticed and put his arm around Sango. Sango being to busy being embarrassed failed to notice. Miroku glared at the boy, but the boy just grinned and turned away. He wasn't really interested. "Him. That's him"Sango thought still blushing.
Kagome walked into the office hoping she had done nothing wrong. More wrong than usual I mean. Her being a rebel caused her to be in the room allot. Her eyes darted straight to the principal as she entered her room. "Hey Kai. So what did I do this time."Kagome said casually as she threw her bag to the side and sat in a comforter putting her feet up on the newly polished leather. That's when Kagome noticed a well dressed lady. Being as Kagome wasn't stupid she stood up grabbed her bag and stood straight, all in one swift motion."Principal Kaede did you need me?" Kagome asked professionally.
Principal Kaede looked relived at her sudden change of personality. The woman looked up and just stated,"We know you have been living alone for the past three years,"Kagome was shocked, but the mysterious lady continued."And I am here to tell you someone has requested to adopt you. She is a very wealthy woman, and further more do not worry the young boy named Sota will be with you."She finished pushed her black professional looking glasses and stepped out the door. When Kagome heard the last of the clings of the ground that were created from the ladies black heels she turned around. Kagome wondered how a lady that 'thick' could walk in those heels that looked as if they were at least 10 inches high.
Kagome looked Kaede,"So Kai cut the formality and tell me what's going on." Kagome asked her as she laid on the leather comforter.
"Everything that she said is true. Your new mom will be meeting you after school. You must not leave school grounds till then. After your last class you must report to my office." Kaede said in a pleading voice.
"Normally I would say' Heck no', but the idea of being rich sound like a heck yeah to me!Chow Kai! see ya later"Kagome waved and walked out.
Surprisingly one period had gone by. She was now suppose to be in math. She didn't bother to go. There were two minutes before class ended. She decide to use the time to reach the cafeteria. It was Saturday so it was half days, so after lunch she had English. When the mob of kids walked out Kagome had already gotten lunch. She and Sango, Miroku, Rin, and Kouga sat in their usual spot under a large tree. Once again Kouga and Kagome sat next to each other. He put his arm around her as they ate. Kagome didn't mind she knew they were just friends. Sango looked at Kagome.
"So how did you get lunch so fast?What did Kaede want?The boy you talk about had silver hair right?And guess how the knew guys looked like!"Sango exclaimed as Kagome tried to find the answers to all of them.
"Um, skipped last 2 minutes of class, Adopted by a millionaire,Yes and what? They cute right?Cause if not I really don't care."Kagome said casually and took a bite out of her pizza. They all looked at her in amazement.
"You got adopted by a millionaire! And how did they find out your mom left you and Sota. And yeah they are unbelievably hot and I think one f them is Mr. Player you think its possible?."Sango asked Kagome.
"Don't know don't care, but please tell me your joking! He cant be at this school!"Kagome yelled. Sango shook her head and continued eating. Kagome groaned and got up to head home. She thought she would go home and come back just before last period. No one questioned her movements and just kept eating. After a quick stop at home she came back. That's when the bell rang. She stood outside the school and waited. The soft breeze carrying her midnight black hair to her face. All of a sudden a black limo pulled up. To her surprise a woman was driving no butlers or maids , just the woman.
"You Kagome?,"The woman asked just as Kagome was about to answer a voice cut her off.
"Yeah mom that's sis,"Sota said. Kagome stood there wide eyed. Staring at the woman who was at most 25 years old. Her blond hair lose. She had chocolate brown eyes. She seemed so cool. And Sota had gotten so use to her he was already addressing her as mom.
"KK, get in girl! You ready to become a rich ass like me!"She joked and pointed at the door. Kagome smiled an walked in. 'That was one heck of a greeting' she thought. When the engine started she remembered her plans with Sango and stepped out quickly.
"Wait I gotta tell my friend that I cant go to the mall today. BRB!"Kagome yelled as she ran away. She reached the place she was meeting Sango and stopped to catch her breath. It was at the corner of the school. Right when she was about to call out to her she saw who was with her. It was Miroku and they were close. Dangerously close, Kagome panicked. She saw Miroku pull her close and kiss her. Kagome's insides were going to explode. And to her surprise Sango didn't pull back. Instead she warped her hands around his neck. She felt tears come out of her eyes. She had had a crush on Miroku since 9th grade and Sango was well aware of that. And yet there she was making out with him. Kagome turned around and ran not wanting to watch anymore. Her heart had just shattered along with her friendship.