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~~Chapter 8~~
~Dancing with the Devil~

"Oi!  Kagome!"

To InuYasha's surprise she did stop though she didn't turn to face him.  He grimaced as he ran after her.  "You can't just leave," he told her.  Arms crossed over her chest as she stared at the ground, Kagome didn't answer, and she didn't move.  Trying to keep from letting her see how guilty he felt about being caught, InuYasha grabbed her arm.  "It wasn't . . . it's not what you think."

Her voice was husky, thick with barely controlled emotion.  "You don't have to explain it to me.  I'm not a baby.  It's fine, really.  At least, it'll be fine."

"Damn it—"

She sighed.  "I can't do this right now . . ."

He watched as she brushed past him and headed toward the meadow.  A sudden scent came to him, one that he vaguely recognized.  Eyes flaring wide as he darted forward, he yelled, "Wait!"

She stopped again.  "InuYasha—"

He cut her off by grabbing her around the waist and leaping into a nearby tree to deposit her on the branch.  "Stay here, wench," he ordered as he hopped back down.

"This isn't funny, InuYasha!" she hollered angrily since she was at least fifty feet off the ground.   'Just where does he think I'll go?  Baka!'

"Might as well come out.  I can smell you," InuYasha growled as he stood below the tree, staring off into the foliage.

Kagome's frown deepened as she leaned over as far as she dared without letting go of her branch to see who InuYasha was looking at.  She gasped as a giant, lumbering man stepped out of the forest.  Human, certainly, and entirely intimidating, InuYasha only stood as tall as the man's chest, and, in Kagome's opinion, InuYasha definitely wasn't what she'd consider short.

The man's shaggy, mud brown hair hung in oily strands in his face, nearly covering the deep hollows where tiny glints showed where his eyes should have been.  Deep folds of skin that looked flabby belied the definite muscle under the superficial fat cushioned the man's entire body.  Raising a fleshy arm to poke a fat finger in InuYasha's face accusingly, the man demanded, "What'd you do with my monkey?"

InuYasha scowled.  "Your what?"

"My monkey!" he growled.

"Ichisaru," Kagome murmured, worry for the small monkey youkai nudging aside her upset with the hanyou.  "InuYasha!  The monkey youkai that tried to steal the jewel!  That's his master!"

"Keh!  Sending a runt like that to do your job?  Or are you too fucking fat to catch Kagome?" InuYasha taunted.

The man's face turned a ruddy shade, and for a moment Kagome wondered if he was about to pass out.  As it was, he lumbered forward to tower over InuYasha.  The hanyou didn't move.  "Big words for such a little youkai," the man said.

InuYasha didn't correct the assumption.  "Even if I knew where the hell your monkey was, do you think I'd tell you?  Stay away from the Shikon no Tama or I'll introduce you to Tetsusaiga."

"Tetsusaiga?  Who's that?"

"A close friend of mine," InuYasha snarled.  "Now get out of my face before I change my mind and slice you to ribbons."

Kagome made a face.  'Stay away from the jewel, huh?  What about the girl who's got the jewel?' she fumed then shook her head.

The man moved so quickly that Kagome had trouble seeing his hands.  With a mighty shove, he pushed InuYasha hard.  InuYasha hadn't been ready for the action, and he flew back, right into the tree trunk.  Kagome screamed as she nearly toppled off the branch.  She slipped but managed to catch herself, locking her fingers together around the branch as she dangled over the ground.  The man saw it as his opportunity and stalked toward her.  "InuYasha!"

InuYasha staggered to his feet, shaking his head to clear the cobwebs from his mind.  At the sound of her screaming his name, he uttered a curse as he shot forward.  InuYasha caught the man with his shoulder against his torso.  The human was the one to be sent airborne this time, and Kagome screeched InuYasha's name once more.  Her fingers were slipping; she could feel them coming apart.  With a muttered curse, InuYasha leaped up to catch her as her fingers gave way.  Her arms wrapped around his neck as she hid her face in the folds of his haori, struggling to breathe as she fought to gain control of her trembling limbs.

She didn't notice that he didn't put her down right away.  "You all right, Kagome?" he asked in an unusually soft tone.

Lifting her face, she blinked as she stared into his eyes.  Late worry lit his eyes with an unnatural light, an amber shade that penetrated Kagome's brain, froze her in place, made her forget everything but the flames that danced in the swirling depths of gold.  The angles of his face, the hollows under his cheekbones, the stark contrast of silvery hair and the blackest eyebrows entranced her.  He was everything to her, everything she dreamed of, the unattainable dream that she just wanted to touch.  She swallowed hard, her mouth suddenly dry, as his gaze dropped to her lips.  She gasped as her belly erupted with a thousand different sensations, none of them unpleasant, all of them unsettling.

Her gasp seemed to shock him out of his apparent trance.  He cleared his throat and set her on her feet before stepping back and turning away.  Kagome pressed the palm of her hand against her stomach and suppressed the urge to sigh.  The man had taken the opportunity to escape, and judging from InuYasha's current preoccupation, he wasn't thinking about going after him.  For a moment, Kagome had to wonder if that wasn't a mistake.

'Now that's what you're supposed to feel like right before a guy kisses you,' her mind piped up.

Kagome made a face.  'I'm going to ignore that . . .'

'Ignore it all you'd like, Kagome . . . you know I'm right.'

Blushing at her own thoughts, Kagome shuffled her feet and stared at the grass.

Seconds dragged into minutes, minutes could have given way to hours, everything that combined to bring them together were the same things that fractured as they stood so far apart.  Kagome realized the complexity in this, and yet she refused to acknowledge the rift.  As though he needed the time to gather his composure, Kagome couldn't help but wish once more for things that no one could ever guarantee.

InuYasha finally turned around and started walking toward the forest path.  "Come on, Kagome.  We can't stand around here all day."

Staring at his retreating back, Kagome heaved a sigh and fell in step behind him.  It didn't occur to her that she had been going home as she followed him into the forest again.


Hisadai cho surveyed the interior of the castle with an approving smile. It wasn't so difficult to acquire. Simply a matter of locating the most strategic place, really. Close enough to keep watch, far enough away to escape notice for awhile, this one was also very spacious and came with a host of servants.

'Perfect,' she thought. Seducing the previous owner of the castle had been a simple affair. Acquiring his soul had been her true pleasure, once she had obtained the necessary signature on the document that gave her full control of the man's wealth, and now the castle was hers. Old and ailing, the man had welcomed the attention of the 'beautiful girl'. His death had seemed quite natural, and he had died with a smile on his face.

Sauntering over to the window, Hisadaicho stared at the lands around the immense castle. It was too soon to hope for Oro's return. He, too, had been simple to manipulate, and once she was finished with him, he, too, would be simple to dispose of.

Wandering through the spacious rooms, touching everything, she didn't think she could get enough of the tactile sensations, the significance of the senses that had been dormant far, far too long. She craved touch, feel, pleasure . . . as though her body had been brought back, fevered and starving, a voracious need accompanied her every movement, her every thought, the will to dominate as she had once been dominated, the desire to have the carnal sins that had eluded her for so long.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed one of the young servants watching her. His spirit was strong, unbroken, and his gaze full of a darkening burn. Still a boy trapped inside the well honed body of a man, Hisadaicho size him up, savored the unbridled lust in his unabashed stare. She beckoned him to her. She nearly laughed as he hurried to her side. "Mistress?" he said, his voice deep, husky.

"I will have need of you," she informed him as she grabbed hold of him through the bindings of his clothes. Springing to life under her touch, his body untried . . . and she would have him. "Come to me when you've finished your tasks . . . I'm certain I can find something that might interest you."

A quick smile as the young man bowed to her, and she smiled as he rushed off to finish his duties.

With a sigh, she turned and headed toward the stairs, to the privacy of the master suite. Anxious to be alone, her body screamed with the need to be touched.

Everything about this place bespoke wealth, fine things. Hisadaicho's smile widened as she ran her fingertips along the gold inlaid banister. This place would be perfect. 'Koishii . . . only the finest for you . . .' She sighed, lips pursing in a slight pout. 'But first . . .'

Opening her mouth and uttering the soundless cry, Hisadaicho stepped inside her chamber and waited for the one she had summoned. Hating the confines of the charade, the restrictions of the role she must play, 'Be patient,' she soothed herself. 'Koishii will be my reward . . .' Fleeting memories of hours of pleasure, of being taken by numerous men, men whose faces she didn't recall but the pleasure had been lasting enough to sustain her, and she would have it again.

The one known as Iwazawa lumbered in and silently awaited her instruction.

Regarding the captain of her guards, she stepped over to him, ran her fingers over his sunken cheek. He didn't flinch or shy away from her. Slowly, deliberately, she drew her hand back, cracked it against his face. The alabaster skin gained no color. She slapped him again and smiled as a trace of pink edged into the marble-like flesh. "It is time. Send your best men. I require information on the one they call Sesshoumaru."

Iwazawa grunted in reply as he backed out of the chamber and slid the door closed. Hisadaicho stripped off her kimono and lay on the mountain of heaped pillows on the thick futon mattress. 'Soon, koishii . . .' she thought as her hands trailed up her body. 'Soon . . .'

Brushing her palms over her stomach, up the rising swell of her breasts, the ache in her nipples painful as she squeezed them, flicking her thumbs over the nubs of flesh again and again. 'My koishii,' she thought as her hands became his, as her touch melted into the one she longed for. A low moan escaped her as her head fell back. Delicious sensation, the need for repletion, she brought a hand to her lips, let her tongue swirl over them.

Rolling her nipple between her fingers as her body coiled around the central burn, an ache so strong erupting deep within, the need for the satisfaction of the primitive desire grew. Fingers still damp from her own saliva, she lowered her hand to the thick curls. Heat washed in the air, the quivering mass of flesh that desired touch called to her as wetness dripped down her thighs. Erotic visions of hands, of mouths, of men and women, of bodies left exhausted and bloodied . . . Her koishii had taught her well, these things , taught her how to take pleasure in the insanity of pain, how to accept the act, how to bend the will.

Plunging her fingers into herself as she imagined the body of her beloved, his touch, his caress, his brutal ravaging of her mind, body, and soul, a cry of satisfaction echoing through the chamber as her hand was drenched in her own liquid heat. Absolute pleasure, absolute sensation as she pumped her fingers in and out. Licking her other fingers, she reached down to nudge herself completely open, finding the place that ached, stroking it, rubbing it, touching it, moaning as tremors rocked through her, thrashing her body as the first spasms of bliss surged in her . . .

Throwing her head back as her pleasure came, screaming out in the silence of the chamber, she trembled, shook. Opening her eyes, she saw him, the servant she'd ordered to come to her, staring at her with a mixture of desire and fear.  She pulled her fingers out of herself and slowly, deliberately sucked them.

"Pleasure me," she ordered softly as she stood. The servant struggled with his clothing. Hisadaicho stalked him; waited until he shed the last of his clothes before she pressed against him, let him feel the softness of her body against the throb of his desire. "Lay down," she murmured in his ear. "I'll show you how I treat my servants."

He did as he was commanded, taking the place she had just vacated as his body trembled. She stood over him, straddling him, letting him stare up at her as she deliberately reached down to stroke herself again, as her fluid stimulation dripped down her legs.

"Do you wish to touch me?" she asked as she lowered herself to her knees. Unable to speak, the man nodded. "What's your name?"

"Aki," he answered in a hoarse whisper.

She didn't respond as she crawled forward, straddling his face. Lowering herself over his lips, she demanded, "Devour me."

Instantly his tongue darted out, touching her, teasing her, the delicate dance of flesh against flesh. Rocking her hips over him, she moaned as he clumsily fed on her. Arching back, hands on the pillows, she thrust her sex against his mouth as he groaned, arms wrapping around her thighs as he pulled her more firmly against his lips as his tongue reached inside her, stroked her, writhed in her. Pleasure exploded deep inside her, goaded further by the sinful sounds as Aki slurped up her moisture, as he ingested the very essence of her

'There is nothing dirty in pleasuring the flesh,' her koishii had assured her. When she had been young and frightened . . . the first time he took her had been vicious, brutal, leaving her bloody and broken and burning for more . . . insatiable, he had called her. She preferred to believe that he, who had taught her so very much, enjoyed watching as she had succumbed to all manner of beings . . . castle servants, wandering samurais, whomever her koishii could find to satiate her newly awakened desires . . . She learned to accept pleasure from man or woman, from youkai or beast . . . it mattered not, so long as her pleasure was reached, and in the end, it was always her koishii who pleasured her last and best.

Turing around so she could lay on his chest, Aki continued to flick his tongue against her, to plunge inside her, to discover more liquid heat as she roughly wrapped her hands around him. With a gasping moan his hips rose off the pillows as she opened her lips, drew him into her. Biting down on him as he whimpered, she took her mouth away long enough to reprimand him, "I didn't tell you to stop."

Sucking on her as she lowered her mouth over him again, Hisadaicho closed her eyes. Images, faded and wan, memories of her koishii teaching her how to love and be loved, how to give pleasure and accept pain spun through her mind, tumbled one upon another . . . bittersweet and poignant, she tried to recreate the wonder, the bliss, the consuming fire of the flesh.

When his body started to constrict, to thicken between her lips, Hisadaicho pulled away. He sucked harder on her, drawing out every drop of her as he shuddered beneath her. Pulling away from him, she turned around again, and, bracing her feet on the mattress, she slammed herself down on him. Pleasure so intense gripped him as he sat up with a rough cry, she showed him no mercy as she pistoned herself up and down on him as her mind called out, 'Koishii . . . koishii . . . my koishii . . .'

Pleasure burst through her with the consuming force of her voracious need. His end came with hers, his cry echoing off the walls as she convulsed around him. Primordial lust was still unsatisfied, a voracious appetite simply whetted and unrequited. She demanded more that he could give. With a frustrated sigh, pulled away from him only to straddle his face once more. "Clean me," she instructed, lowering herself over his mouth again. An expression of disbelief was soon forgotten as he did as she instructed, taking in his own fluids mixed with hers. She smiled, grinding herself into his mouth, losing herself in the complete pleasure of domination, in the complete act of debilitating lust.

Finally satisfied for the moment, Hisadaicho stood and moved away. The young man who had entered her chamber at her bidding had become a man, for her. "You pleased me, Aki, and for that, I shall allow you to live. But you shall be at my whim, when I will, where I will. Is that understood?"

"Yes," he answered, his gaze bewitched, his body hard and ready again.

She smiled. "Kiss me . . . and then you may use this in me," she promised, stroking his shaft as it jerked in her hand.

He did as she instructed. She felt the repletion of his soul fill her, and though she wanted it all, she forced herself to leave just enough . . . enough of his soul to bind him to her, her servant forever. When she broke the kiss, she smiled, pleased that his eyes were still filled with passion, his body still ready for her. "Are you ready?"

"As you wish, my mistress," he answered, his voice a dull monotone. Grabbing her and turning her, he forced her to bend as he entered her savagely from behind.  Eyes rolling back in her head as she moaned and panted, gasped and groaned, the incredible fullness of feeling him deep inside her was torturous and magnificent.  Slamming into her with a brutality that bordered on pain, Aki grunted as his fingers dug into her shoulders, pulling back on her as he thrust deep inside her.

Hisadaicho smiled as pleasure coursed through her body again. 'If I cannot have my koishii yet . . . I can have this . . .'


Kagome stepped outside the hut and stared up at the stars hanging so high above, thick and pure in the moonlight.  A gentle smile surfaced as she tried to count them, despite the understanding that she'd never be able to track them all.  'The skies don't look like this in my time.'

"Ain't you supposed to be sleeping?"

Kagome gasped and turned to stare up at InuYasha, who was lounging on the roof of the hut on his side, knee raised, arm draped casually over it while his other hand was propping up his head as he stared down at her, platinum hair glowing in the moonlight.  His face was darkened by shadows but his eyes glowed bright, intense.

"I couldn't sleep," she whispered, knowing that he would hear her.

Moving in a blur of crimson color, he hopped down and scooped her up before returning to the roof once more.  "Cold?" he asked, noticing that her hands were trembling.

Kagome blinked as she glanced down, hoping that her flush didn't show.  "N-No . . ."


She frowned slightly.  Why did he sound disappointed with her answer?  "Maybe . . . a little . . ."

He didn't answer but suddenly she found herself wrapped in his haori-clad arms, and she relaxed against his chest as the trembling spread to her knees, shivers running rampant up and down her spine.

She turned her head to look at him only to find him staring at her in the same way that he had earlier, in the clearing by the well.  The same reaction shot through her.  He sighed and forced his gaze away, staring out over the village.  "What are you thinking about?" she asked.

"Nothing . . . everything . . . It don't matter."

"It matters to me."


Kagome sighed as she settled more comfortably against him.  "Because you matter to me."


Biting her lower lip, Kagome stared at the moon.  'Tell him . . . there's not going to be a better chance . . .' She sighed again.  "InuYasha, I wanted to ask you something."

"You didn't find a stray rabbit youkai, did you?  Because that runt fox was enough, and now that fucking monkey—"

Poor little Ichisaru had been frightened to come face-to-face with InuYasha again.  Cowering behind Shippou, the youkai looked remarkably human, other than his long monkey tail and his toes that better resembled fingers.  Sango had insisted that he have a bath since he had been quite filthy.   His dark brown hair had shone in the firelight, shaking with the rest of him as he told InuYasha his reason for trying to steal the jewel.  He told her later that he had reverted to his monkey form in order to get close enough to grab the Shikon no Tama.  InuYasha had growled when Ichisaru confessed that.  Luckily the monkey youkai was out of InuYasha's reach.  Ichisaru's great blue eyes had stared, unblinking, as Kagome had informed InuYasha that he wasn't allowed to be cruel to such a young youkai.

Ichisaru said he thought he was seven years-old.  He didn't really remember since his parents had died before he should have been able to fend for himself.  What had surprised Kagome, though, was InuYasha's comment to the monkey youkai, that, so long as he promised not to try to take the jewel again, he could stay.  She'd expected him to be much more irritated than he actually let on.

"No," she assured him with a soft giggle.  .  "No, it's  . . . it's something I've been thinking about a lot."  When he didn't speak, she took that as his compliance.  She drew a deep breath.  "If you could do something to make someone you cared about really happy . . . would you do it, even if you weren't sure how hard it would be to do?"

Eyebrows drawing together in a thoughtful scowl, InuYasha shook his head and shrugged slightly.  A single laugh escaped him; an entirely dry sound that held very little real humor.  "I do that every day."

"What do you mean?"

He sighed and shook his head.  "Keh.  No changing the subject, wench.  Of course I would.  Ain't that what you do for a friend?"

She shook her head slowly.  "InuYasha . . . you don't understand, I—"

"I do," he argued.  "Your friends are your pack.  In a pack, you do whatever you have to so that everyone is taken care of, right?"

"I suppose, but—"

"No 'buts'.  Keh.  I thought you liked helping people."  Abruptly gathering her up again, InuYasha hopped back off the roof and set her on her feet.  "Get to bed or you'll never get up tomorrow, and since you're the one who talked me into this fucking celebration, then the least you can do is wake up before noon."

Kagome wrinkled her nose and shot him a mock-glare before tossing her head and pushing back into the hut.

He didn't smile until the mat fell closed behind her as he leapt back onto the roof again.  Stretching out on his back as he crossed his ankles and folded his arms behind his neck, InuYasha stared at the stars.  Kagome's words came back to him, and he sighed.

'If you could do something to make someone you cared about really happy . . . would you do it, even if you weren't sure how hard it would be to do?'

It was true.  He did that every day, and as long as Kagome never knew . . . He stayed as far away from her as he could, and every day it became harder and harder to do.  'She deserves so much better . . . a home, a family, a life free of youkai chasing her for the Shikon no Tama . . . a life free of the stigma of the hanyou . . .' Ears flattening against his head, InuYasha sighed again into the stillness of the night.  'I think about her constantly, can't stand to be away from her . . . Kikyou was right, but . . . she's Kagome, and I'm . . . nothing.  How much harder could it get?'  He winced.  Somehow that question wasn't much consolation.

And yet the way she looked at him . . .

Deliberately pushing that thought aside, InuYasha scowled into the darkness.  With a soft growl, he sat up, slapping at his chest as he pulled open his haori.  "Myouga . . . I knew it.  Where the hell have you been?"

The flea youkai groaned as he fell onto InuYasha's leg.  "I've been around, InuYasha-sama . . . was there something you required?"

"Keh!  Yeah, there is.  Have you heard anything lately about anything unusual?"

"Define 'unusual'," Myouga replied as he hopped up onto InuYasha's shoulder and started to inch closer to his neck.

"Do it and die, you little bastard," InuYasha warned.  "I mean, out of the ordinary.  Kagome and I went to see the old sage, but he was dead."

"Ah, yes . . . I heard he had died . . . He was quite old.  Are you sure that he didn't just die naturally?"

Remembering the look on the sage's face, the absolute horror, the shock, InuYasha shook his head.  "He was killed."

"Hmm," Myouga pondered as he sat down on the hanyou's shoulder.  "There have been rumors of a dormant power in the south. . . They say that the power has begun to shift, and something about a cave . . ."

"Where is this cave?"

Myouga shook his head.  "That I do not know, but I can look into it, if you wish?"

InuYasha nodded.  "Might as well," he agreed.  "I got nothing otherwise.  Just hurry it up, will you?"

"Why the urgency?"

InuYasha lifted his fingers, poised to flick the flea off his shoulder.  Myouga, who had been trying to scoot closer to InuYasha's neck, stopped and folded his arms together.  Satisfied that the flea got the warning, InuYasha snorted.  "Keh.  Just a weird feeling . . ."

Myouga hopped up and bowed.  "All right, then . . . I'll hurry . . . I don't suppose you'd allow me a small meal before I go?"

InuYasha narrowed his eyes on the youkai.  Myouga quickly hopped down and disappeared into the night.

'Protect Kagome,' he thought with a sigh.  It had become his mantra, his salvation.  'Protect Kagome . . . guard the Shikon no Tama . . . but Kagome . . . the unattainable dream . . .'

Drawing a deep breath, InuYasha smiled just a little.  Kagome's scent was near, strong, comforting.  That had to be enough.

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Iwazawa: Rock of the Swamp/Marsh.

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Final Thought from Myouga
Must find this cave . . .
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