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~~Chapter 62~~
~Shooting Stars~
"InuYasha! Come look!"
Seconds later, InuYasha skidded to a stop just behind her. “What?”
She pointed up at the sky. “It's amazing,” she breathed, staring at the stars shooting across the heavens.
“There's so many of them,” he murmured as he watched the sky.
“I guess it's a meteor shower,” she told him. “I read about them, in science. I've never seen one before . . .”
“Meteor . . . ?”
She giggled softly. “I could explain them to you . . . or we could just watch . . .”
She ran forward into the grass and sank down, ignoring the wet land. InuYasha sat beside her. “It's beautiful, isn't it?”
He didn't answer as he leaned back on his elbows.
Kagome lay back, folding her hands together on her stomach as she stared at the streaking stars. “I remember . . . you used to hate it when I bugged you about watching stars with me,” she said.
“I didn't hate it,” he argued.
“You did. You asked me what the point was. You said they were just stars.”
She didn't have to look at him to know he was scowling. “You said that you couldn't see them so well in your time.”
“I remember every time we ever watched the stars together.”
“Keh. Maybe that's what happened.”
She glanced at him. He looked a little sad. Profile etched in the darkness, a shadow veiled in the mysteries of the night, his eyes alone were bright, shining, reflecting the trailing lights of the meteor shower. “What do you mean?”
He shrugged, as if the answer were simple. “Maybe the stars have already fallen. Maybe that's why you can't see them so good.”
“That means a lot of wishes were granted. They say if you wish on a falling star, your wish will come true.” She frowned. “I wonder if that works on meteors . . . ?”
“Make a wish and see.”
She smiled. “Okay.” Closing her eyes, she wasn't surprised when InuYasha's face came to mind. `I wish . . . I wish to be with InuYasha forever.'
She started to open her eyes but sighed when the warmth of InuYasha's mouth closed over hers. Tender and soft, a whisper of movement, a flutter of sensation shot through her as her belly erupted, tumbling over and over. Beautiful threads of undeniable fire inundated her, a rancorous tide of obsession swelling, tugging, creating an explosive incineration of heat and light.
He leaned away from her, gentle fingers trembling as he brushed her hair away from her face, gaze bright, challenging. The things he never said, the emotions he tried to hide, the absolute wealth of love, of cautious hope filled his eyes, made them glow as another star streaked overhead. He opened his mouth to say something but the words wouldn't come. A quiet sense of wonder, the feeling that she was exactly where she wanted to be, the fruition of a beautiful dream . . . She brushed her fingertips over his lips, felt him shiver at the contact. “InuYasha . . .”
He caught her fingers, held them against his chest as he kissed her again. The wild fluctuations of his heart punctuated the stillness of the night, of the new world, washed clean in the torrent of rain. The gentle crush of his lips on hers, the shock of his fangs as he sucked her bottom lip, as he flicked the tip of his tongue over her swollen flesh made her shudder. He pulled back suddenly, eyes registering concern as her body protested the abrupt departure of his mouth. “Kagome? Are you cold?”
Shaking her head as her words failed, she tried to smile, to reassure him that she was fine. He dropped his lips to her throat, nudging her head to the side as he assaulted her senses once more. She tried to pull him closer, tugged on his shoulders as he held himself back. Suspended above her, just out of her reach, lingering promises hanging in the air as thick as the stars above them.
Contradicting emotions warred in her. The consuming burn, the overpowering need, the lure of him seemed somehow at odds with the slow torture of his controlled movements. Longing became needing, needing became an ache, a pain that made her whimper softly. A vortex of sensation caught her up, pulled her closer to the spiraling darkness, but InuYasha was relentless.
His hand sought the warmth of her skin, pushing under her blouse as he moaned against her throat. She sucked in a sharp breath as her body undulated under his perusal, as though her flesh was trying to meld into him. The remnants of coherent thought fled as the power of speech abandoned her. Her senses concentrated on him, on the painful ache that twisted her. She didn't comprehend how he managed to unfasten her blouse, didn't feel as the thin material slipped away from her skin. With a ragged sound, almost a sob, almost a groan, the shocking feel of his mouth on her breast drew her off the ground as she strained against him.
His breath fanned over her in waves, setting off a chain reaction in her nerves that shot straight to the dull ache deep inside. The warmth of his hand on her other breast was almost too much for her to bear. When he squeezed her gently, she cried out, fingernails digging into his shoulders as her body seemed to fall apart. If he noticed, he didn't react. Concentrating on his thorough discovery of her body, his rumble that was meant to soothe her only pushed her further. His hands slid down her body, caught on the waist of her skirt. She heard the fabric rip, felt the cool night air hit her overheated flesh as a welcome surge of fever enveloped her again. His claws trailed over the cotton panties, the heat of his hand caught between her conflagrant skin and the material was enough to draw a whimper from her.
He nuzzled his way to the peak of her other breast, lathing her skin with his tongue, scraping his fangs over her in an invisible brand. She ran her hands up and down his chest, his sides, his back, as though her fingers could map out the complexities of the muscles laboring under his skin. Her entire body shook as she struggled with the emotions he unleashed in her, the overwhelming need to show him how much she loved him, how much she wanted him. As if her soul had known from the start, as if every single moment had led to this one, memories were hazy, jumbled, and all of them centered on InuYasha.
His hands shook as his control faltered. She could sense the barely-contained youkai blood surging inside him, thundering with the beat of his heart, and she understood. Fumbling with the knot at his waist, she managed to loosen his hakama, shoving them aside as her hands traced over the defined hollows of his hips. He shifted his legs, kicked off his pants as he pressed wet kisses against her stomach, trailing his lips over her skin. With a tug, a snap, her panties fell victim to his claws, too, and when his hand returned, her hips rose to meet his touch. Compelled by the whispered promise of something wild and beautiful, of something that had been worth the wait, Kagome gave herself up to him, let him lead her as her fingers tangled in his silvery locks, the coolness of his hair a balm on her nerves as the soft strands trailed over her in the wake of his scorching mouth.
Nibbling the delicate skin of her hip, InuYasha growled low as she gasped, as she tried to escape his perusal. She felt as though she was going to die, but it wasn't clear to her if she would die if he stopped or if he kept going. The feelings that rocked through her were almost painful now, her body so overwrought that she felt like she was going to break into a million pieces. His fingers rubbed against her as his torturous kisses continued. She opened her mouth to beg him, to plead with him. The words were lost as his finger slid into her, setting off a chain-reaction, wrenching a cry from the depths of her soul.
The world combusted in his touch, the universe exploded in a wash of color and light, of shadows with no real form as he soothed her, as he gently goaded her further. She felt like she was melting, dissolving, flowing into him in a gush of liquid heat. A searing detonation of fire ignited all over, a tumultuous sense that the earth was fading below her as the insistent flick of something molten seemed to engulf her again.
“K-Kagome . . . your scent . . .”
Forcing her eyes open, she gasped softly as another wave of sensation hit her coupled with the low growl that welled out of InuYasha's throat only to reverberate straight through her. He held her thighs apart, his tongue licking at her with a gentle insistence, his golden eyes locking with hers. The absolute pride, the complete arrogance of ownership was strangely welcome, and Kagome fell back, reveling in sensation as he stripped away the last layers of thought, of reason, of sanity.
Relentless, unyielding, InuYasha learned everything about her; the things that made her shiver, moan . . . the sighs, the uncontrollable seizing in her body . . . the things he'd always known about her mingled with the beauty of her. A free heart, a giving soul, an inner fire that dragged him closer and closer to the person he wanted to be, for her.
As much as his body ached, painfully so, the torment was worth the effort every time Kagome responded to him. Controlling his baser instincts was harder, goaded as he was by the dreams he tried to forget. Somehow her reactions were the same as they were in his dreams, but this time there was a level of emotion that had been missing all those nights. Her rain-dampened skin seemed to reach for him, jumped under his fingers, her heart, her soul, her being . . .
`Mine,' his youkai blood rumbled.
InuYasha flicked his ears, trying to ignore the desperation of his own body. The burn was excruciating; the devastation to his senses was painful. Her heartbeat pounded in his ears as her scent spiraled further and further out of his control; the taste of her engulfed him. She trembled in his hands like a wild creature, a wanton soul.
“Please,” she breathed as she tossed her head back and forth. That quiet plea, that request . . .
With a low growl, he slid his body against hers, slowly, carefully. A thousand nerves exploded, shooting through his system to his brain before it rebounded back to the lower ache deep inside. Kagome tugged at his shoulders, wanting him closer, needing him closer. She pulled herself up against him, capturing his lips in a frenzied kiss.
“Mine,” he mumbled as her kiss deepened.
She uttered a soft growl in response, her body pressing against him so tightly he gasped at the absolute heat of her, the burning skin that marked him.
He braced his knee on the slippery grass, pressed into her as she let her head fall back again, as she cried out. The shock of pure sensation was heady, overwhelming. He bit his lip as he struggled to contain himself. She quivered around him, her body convulsing as she whimpered softly. Movements stilted, hesitant, balanced on the very edge of self-control and the need that consumed him, he gritted his teeth as Kagome writhed under him. “S-stop,” he hissed.
She stilled immediately with a whimper of protest. His youkai blood raged within him, dark and foreboding, demanding satiation as his human blood tempered him. Slowly he moved inside her, gently soothing her as he held her close to his heart. Her ragged breathing, her soft shudders were magnified in his ears, around his spirit. She took what he offered, gave back what she could as she opened her eyes, as she gazed at him through the heavy fringe of her lashes. Everything necessary culminated in her as she became his will, his sense, his focus. The sun rose in her smile, the moon shone in her eyes, the stars that streaked across the heavens couldn't shine brighter than she did.
She pushed against him, told him with her body, what she wanted, needed from him. Wrapping her arms around his neck to draw him back into a kiss, Kagome's lips opened to him, swelling beneath the crush of his mouth. She tasted like the morning dew, like the wind that whistled through his hair when he ran through the forest. Vibrant, alive, comfortable and wholly exciting, she surrounded him in her aura, accepted him for who he was as she clung to him, trusting him to lead her, to guide her, to shelter and protect her.
The steady rhythm of their bodies contradicted the erratic syncopation of their beating hearts. The rush of their kiss was dictated by pulsing sensation, by the united feel of completeness. She mumbled nonsense words against his mouth, lost in the silence of the night. His lips dropped to her throat, his tongue bathed her skin, nibbled her flesh as his movements grew more demanding. She met his body, lifting her hips against his. His breath became choked gasps, and she whimpered softly, burying her face against his neck.
Unnerving tension built inside him, the knowledge that the end they both strove for was just out of his grasp. Her body shuddered around him as she held onto him tightly, as though she was afraid to let him go.
As if in silent consent, Kagome opened her eyes. Hidden in shadows, the glimmer of the stars reflected in her gaze, her eyelids drifted closed as she nodded at him. The unspoken acknowledgement sent shivers down his spine, a heady realization that she knew and understood how much he wanted to give this part of himself to her.
The feelings intensified, the subtle need burgeoning into a white-hot burn. Somewhere in his mind, he heard her call out his name as her body constricted, tightened almost painfully. The salt of her tears invaded his nose as the ache inside him suddenly broke free, as the sound of her laughter, of her sobs confused him, thrilled him, protected him, and he collapsed against her as she showered his face with kisses.
When he finally opened his eyes, he was flat on his back with Kagome sprawled over his chest though he couldn't remember rolling them over. She was still preoccupied with covering every inch of his face with her kisses, not that he minded. He grinned then winced, gaze falling on the silvery paths on her cheeks, left in the wake of her tears. “Kagome? Did I . . . ?” he trailed off, a sickened feeling turning his stomach.
“What? No! No, I . . . I'm happy.”
“You cry when you're happy?” he asked dubiously.
She shrugged. “Sometimes . . .”
He shook his head slowly as Kagome laid her head on his shoulder and stared up at the sky. “I don't get it.”
He tightened his arms around her. “Hmm?'
“Does this mean . . . we're mates, right?”
He shifted uncomfortably, wondering where she was going with this. “Yeah . . . Why?”
She giggled and snuggled closer. “I just wanted to make sure, that's all.”
“It's . . . all right, isn't it?”
She leaned on her elbow to stare at him as she carefully smoothed away the scowl on his features. “Why wouldn't it be?”
He shrugged, trying for an air of nonchalance. “Dunno . . . thought maybe you'd change your mind.”
She kissed him gently before rubbing the tip of her nose against his. “You're the one person I've been sure of all along, InuYasha. Don't you know that?”
He snorted. “Keh.” A little smile turned up the corners of his lips, and Kagome kissed him again. “Thought you said you had to come outside for a reason,” he pointed out.
Kagome made a face. “Well, sort of. Would you rather that I waited till the middle of the night to go? Alone? In the dark?”
InuYasha leaned back on his elbows. “You'd better hurry then, wench. You're missing your shooting stars.”
She sat up and grabbed her blouse. It fell into her lap as she lifted an eyebrow, dangling her bra from her finger as she shifted a pointed stare at the hanyou. “I could have unhooked this,” she remarked mildly.
He hid his smile as he looked away. “Keh. You didn't even notice.”
She sighed and pulled her blouse back on. “At least you unbuttoned this,” she reasoned as her nimble fingers reworked the fastenings.
“I'm not an animal,” he pointed out.
She leaned over and kissed his cheek before swiping up the destroyed skirt and panties as he pulled on his hakama again. She clucked her tongue but didn't comment. InuYasha couldn't hide his smile as she ran back into the cave for a change of clothes.
`Shooting stars . . .'
The ribbons of light that streaked through the night sky were stunning, beautiful. Kagura stood at the window staring at the melancholy wane of the twinkling lights. Why did they make her sad?
`An omen? A warning that my light shall fade, too?'
Kagura sighed as a sudden throbbing erupted in her veins. She knew what it meant. She'd tried to ignore it. How much longer could she get away with such deceit?
A shadow moved in the shadows, a black outline in the darkness under the sakura trees. Kagura winced as a searing pain shot through her. Hisadaicho was growing impatient.
Casting a quick glance at Sesshoumaru, she smiled sadly as she slipped from the chamber. Running down the hallway, her feet barely a whisper against the floor, her heart thundered in her ears as a terrible sense of foreboding crept up her spine.
The night air was cool, the lingering scent of the cleansing rain thick in her nose as she stepped out of the castle.
“You're to come with me.”
Kagura gasped and spun around. Barely discernable in the blackened shadows next to the door, the man stood up, his eyes catching the faint light of the shooting stars as his face reflected a ghostly white pallor in the night. She recognized him. Hisadaicho had sent him.
“I cannot,” Kagura hissed as she peered up at the open bedroom window. “Sesshoumaru will notice if I'm gone in the morning.”
Iwazawa shrugged. “That isn't my problem, now come.”
Frustration welled up inside her, bitter anger as the body that housed her soul moved on its own accord. Pulling the feather from her hair, she tossed it into the air. The feather grew into a makeshift transport, and she climbed on as Iwazawa clumsily sat behind her.
Casting one last glance back at the window, she wasn't certain whether she ought to draw comfort from the empty darkness or not. `He . . . he won't see me go . . . and maybe it's better that way . . .'
`Meteor showers, huh . . .'
InuYasha shifted slightly, pulling Kagome closer as she slept. Her sheer exhaustion kept him from bothering her even though he wasn't tired in the least. The complete sense of utter contentment was an unsettling thing for him. He couldn't help the worry that chafed him, the stupid thought that something was going to ruin it all, or that someone would wake him up, tell him that it was only a dream, and that Kagome wasn't really his.
`Mine . . .'
He grinned as he pulled his haori closer under her chin. The brisk night air was soothing to him. Kagome, on the other hand, was less resistant to the weather. A pathetic human, maybe, but she was his pathetic human, and he liked having her underfoot . . .
A sharp twinge on his cheek drew his slapping palm before he could think about it. Myouga groaned and fell away in InuYasha's hand as the hanyou glared at the flea youkai. “InuYasha-sama . . . so good to taste you again.”
“Save it, Myouga. What do you want?”
Myouga sat up straight, his buggy eyes shifting from InuYasha's face to Kagome's sleeping form. “InuYasha-sama! You've done it! Congratulations!”
Reddening under the flea's scrutiny, InuYasha looked away. “Was there something you wanted, Myouga?”
Myouga sighed. “Not really . . . I was just passing through . . . tell me . . . if you and Kagome-sama mated, why do you still have traces of the toxin in your blood?”
He grimaced. “I do?”
Myouga nodded. “It's still there, yes . . . You didn't act out your dreams, then?”
InuYasha didn't answer as his face darkened just a little more.
Myouga stared thoughtfully at Kagome before hopping onto InuYasha's chest to peek at the vial. “You'd better shake that then,” he remarked off-handedly.
“Fuck,” InuYasha snarled as he shook the vial and stared at Kagome. The last thing he wanted to do was wake her up and admit that the toxin hadn't been broken, after all.
Myouga seemed to understand InuYasha's current upset. “You're mated now. Your blood is one in the same. The bond is complete. Only one of you should have to shake the vial to activate it,” he explained as he poked around for a good place to draw some blood.
InuYasha glowered at the flea youkai. “Only one of us?”
Myouga nodded. “Yes . . . and since I answered your questions, I think it only fair that you allow me a simple meal.”
InuYasha snorted. “Keh! Forget it, flea!”
“Master Totosai asked that I remind you that you need to bring Tetsusaiga to him for sharpening,” Myouga said, his voice mulish in his disappointment.
“I don't have time to go visiting,” InuYasha growled as he let go of the talisman.
“Perhaps not, but you ought to ask Totosai to make a protective charm for Kagome-sama. She is mortal, after all.”
InuYasha considered that. “What do you mean, a protective charm?”
Myouga grinned. “I'm feeling a little faint . . . if I had a decent meal, perhaps I could remember more about the charms . . .”
“You little—” Cutting himself short, InuYasha heaved a sigh. “Fine. Make it fast, Myouga.”
With a giddy cackle, Myouga wasted little time in helping himself to InuYasha's blood. By the time he'd finished, he was roughly double his normal size. “Totosai can make a protective charm for Kagome-sama that should help you locate her, if you are ever separated, and it should offer a little more of your own powers to her, for example, your faster rate of healing. It wouldn't be as fast as you, but it should help her immensely.
InuYasha nodded slowly. “I get it . . . maybe I do have time to see the old codger . . . what does he need to make this talisman?”
Myouga shrugged. “Nothing fancy, just one of your fangs.”
InuYasha made a face. “My fangs? Keh! The last time I let him yank one of my fangs, the old bastard enjoyed it a little too much.”
Myouga bowed. “You wouldn't give up one of your fangs for your mate?”
“I never said that,” InuYasha snarled.
Myouga nodded slowly and peeked up at InuYasha again. “So, InuYasha-sama . . . why don't you tell me what you have been dreaming about since the mating didn't break the toxin, after all?”
InuYasha blushed as he flicked the flea away. Myouga yelled as he flew through the air. InuYasha grimaced as he gazed down at Kagome's sleeping form. Cuddled against him with all the trust in the world that he would keep her safe, he couldn't help the twinge of guilt as memories of his twisted dreams accosted him. Grasping the talisman in one hand, he shook his head slowly.
`I . . . I can't tell her . . . she'd never . . . and I don't want her to . . .'
He sighed. `Why can't anything ever be easy?'
Kagome squirmed closer to him. He lay back in the grass, staring as the last few trailing stars sailed high overhead. A startled smile surfaced as realization dawned on him. `I . . . I don't have anything left to wish for. Kagome was the only one I've ever wanted.'
“Inu . . . Yasha . . .”
Tightening his arms around her, InuYasha held her close, content to hold her, to be near her, to be with her and to know that he'd finally found a place to belong, a place to call home, because Kagome . . .
Kagome was his home.
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Final Thought fromKagome:
So . . . did we break the toxin's effects?
Blanket disclaimer for this fanfic (will apply to this and all other chapters in Metamorphosis): I do not claim any rights to InuYasha or the characters associated with the anime/manga. Those rights belong to Rumiko Takahashi, et al. I do offer my thanks to her for creating such vivid characters for me to terrorize.

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