InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Ours ❯ Naraku2 ( Chapter 4 )

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A lot of people don't know this about me; actually no one does. But I'd trade places with Inuyasha in a heartbeat. That hanyou has everything I never did. Everything. So many friends around him, who love him...Kikyo's heart, Kagome's heart, a family.

I know what you're thinking. Is this the same Naraku that constantly called human emotions "weak" and "useless"? Yes, but I didn't realize this myself until I started thinking about exactly why I was doing those things...why I enjoyed breaking people so much.

I don't want anyone else to be able to have what has been denied to me.

I'm not the only one who's made mistakes, I'm sure, but most people have at least one, no one. Everyone hates me and they want me dead. I can never have what Inuyasha has. It's not right for them to be happy and ignore me. It's not right for the world to laugh while I'm lonely and not even care, and not even notice that I am.

So, when I see this injustice, is it so wrong of me to stop it? Why should they be able to have what I can't? They never did anything to deserve more than me, so they shouldn't have it.

Whatever. Knowing the world, it'll find some way to make it my fault anyway. Well, I refuse to be the victim.

I guess that's why I started calling those things useless and petty. Because I didn't want to admit, or even realize, the real reason why I hated seeing people love each other. I didn't want to admit to myself that it angered me because I wanted it, but didn't have it and couldn't have it. So that was my cover-up. My excuse, my disguise for what was really going on in my head. I lied pretty good. I lied so good to myself I didn't even realize I was lying until today.

But there's no turning back now. It's too late. It's not like the world's gonna change for me because of it. Nope, it's proven a thousand times over it hates me.

"Fire!" I shouted, focusing all my hatred for the world on the enemy. Zearth started shooting a bunch of...lasers, were they? Lasers. Those at the enemy. It went straight through the enemy and hit the mountain instead.

"It-it disappeared!" shouted Koga. "And you didn't even hurt it."

Thanks a lot for stating the obvious. No, but the mountain collapsed because the enemy teleported out of the way.

And now, it was flying at us. I changed my mind about its shape; now that I look at it, it doesn't look like a pear. It looks much more like a sword; the biggest sword in the world, probably. Headed right at us.

I put up Zearth's arm to block it, and as the robot's arm was torn off, my own arm started to feel like it was being ripped off. I gasped a bit; I wouldn't scream. I'm used to pain.

"I can feel it." I glared at Dung Beetle, who had not told me about this. He shrugged.

"The robot's linked to you telephathically. You control it with your mind, so it shouldn't be a surprise you can also feel what's being done to it."

"Here it comes again!" shouted Sango. I re-focused my attention on it and shot more lasers at it; as many as I could. Still, no effect. This time I used my other arm to throw it off me.

Miroku decided to butt in. "There's a hole between its legs."

"Where did the arm fall?" I shouted at Dung Beetle.

"Don't order me around!" it snapped at me. "I already said it'll do what you will it to!"

I look down at the portal-thing; the arm is deep underwater below us. The enemy had recovered from being thrown and was charging at us again. I fired more lasers.

"If that didn't work the last time why would it work now?!" Kagura screamed at me. Annoying bitch.

The enemy was distracted; I used the time I had to grab the arm that had been ripped off me. I threw the arm and it hit the enemy and pierced its center. Not from the pointy, sword-like side, but from the blunt side. It stopped flying and fell into the ocean. It was still squirming a little bit.

"Go on!" Kagura shouted again. "Finish it off!"

"No need." Dung Beetle intervined. "You hit its vital spot perfectly. It's a goner."

It was, was it? I wanted to see. "Take me outside."

He did. We went on top of Zearth's head.

Zearth was even bigger than I imagined. From this height, I could barely see anything. It was like I was reigning over the world as its ruler. I won. I did it. And now, my enemies would die as well. I did it.

"Kukuku..." I started to laugh, making everyone stare at me apprehensively. Steadily my laugh became louder and stronger until I was basically screaming at the world below me. I feel good. I turned around and continued laughing. I can see Zearth's face; with its fifteen lights, and I knew that-

...Wait, did one of those lights just blink?

"Naraku, stop making a scene and just go." Kagura says, and shoves me forward, signaling me to start walking. For some strange reason, this knocked me off balance.

I am falling off Zearth's ledge. I can't summon the energy to fly off. My body lands with a loud crash on Zearth's shoulder.

That light. The one that was just went out for good.

(Normal P.O.V.)

"No doubt about it. He's dead." Koga confirmed. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru both nodded in agreement; they could tell by the scent of him that he was definitely dead. Miroku opened his hand just in case; the wind tunnel was gone.

Naraku was dead.

Their mortal enemy that they had struggled to defeat for so long was finally dead.

But no one was rejoicing because his sudden death was very...suspicious.

"How...?" Kagome whispered. "Why? He's been indestructible for so long, and yet, all he did was"

"I didn't even push him that hard." said Kagura, biting her lip. On one hand, she was free, but on the other hand, she got the feeling there was something else headed their way.