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Summary: Many schools are known for how well the students are taught. Some schools are known for their attendance. And others are known for their strictness. But in the cases of Kagome Higurashi, Inuyasha Tama, Miroku Houshi, and Sango Taijiya, this school would be based on what attended, not who.

A preview from last chapter:


Kagome nodded dumbly, she seemed to be doing that a lot lately. "Thank you so much, Ms. Kaede." Wrapping her arms around the stout woman, she hugged her warmly. "Thank you."

Kaede chuckled, "Of course, my dear. Now go to bed."

Kagome smiled, "Yes, ma'am." With that, Sango and Kagome left, the promise of a new day clear in their minds.


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Item Three: Sleep Over

Kagome and Sango made their way back to the exterminator's room. Waiting for her to unlock the door, the younger girl fingered the outfit in her arms. I wonder why Kaede gave this to me. Glancing at the other girl, she found the door open.

Sango walked into the small space. "Come on in," she said, clicking on a table lamp, flooding the room with light.

Walking towards the middle, Kagome stared in awe. The walls were a pale purple, the borders were an off-white, giving the room an almost princess look. The windows were covered by simple white blinds. "Wow Sango, this place is beautiful."

Sango grinned, "Of course it is, I room with the lord's daughter."


"Yeah. He's the demon that created this school."


Sango sighed and flopped on her bed. The black sheets clashed with the color's of the room. "His name's Sesshomaru. Everyone calls him Lord Sesshomaru, or my ever favorite, Fluffy."

"Fluffy?" Kagome dropped her new outfit on Sango's pillow and sat on the floor.

"Why are you down there?"

"I'm still wet."

"Yeah, I meant to ask you about that, how'd you get wet?"

"Inuyasha decided that I wasn't allowed to sleep and splashed me with water to wake me up." Kagome lifted the hem of her skirt. It was indeed, still wet.

"You met Inuyasha?" Sango asked.

"More like my knee met Inuyasha's nose," Kagome laughed nervously, scratching the back of her neck.

Sango shook her head, "What exactly happened?"

Kagome recited all the events from when she first punched Inuyasha, up to the point where she smashed his nose flat. Kagome watched Sango's eye widen. "What? What did I do wrong?"

"I guess you didn't know."

"Know? Know what? Sango, what's going on?"

"Inuyasha's. . ."

"Yes. . .?"

"Inuyasha's Sesshomaru's brother."

"Oh, frig!"


"It's my way of not saying the 'f' word."

"Oh, I see."

"Yeah. . . shoot." Kagome rubbed her temple's, "Do you think he'll really go to Sesshomaru and complain a girl hit him?"

Sango tapped her chin, "Since you put it that way, I guess not. . ."

"Good. Now," Kagome's sadistic smile from the chapter before returned. "Since you know so much about this school, do you think you can get me Inuyasha's room number?"

Sango raised an eyebrow, "Why would you want Inuyasha's room number?"


"Revenge for what?"

"Come on Sango, you can't be that dim! I need to exact my revenge for dumping water on me." Kagome smiled wickedly. "You do understand don't you?"

Sango shook her head, "You're going to make my stay at SSUC interesting, Kagome."

Kagome winked, "Of course. Now here's my plan."

# # # # I'm evil, I won't tell you what the plan is. # # # #

After twenty minutes of reviewing and tweaking, the two strategists had the perfect plan. Sango sprawled out on her bed. "Well since that's done, what do you want to do?"

Kagome shrugged from her position on the floor. "I don't know what do you want to do?"

"When are we doing the plan again?"

"The new moon," Kagome yawned.

Sango nodded, "Okay, so the new moon's in how many days?"

"Three. It's on a Monday."

"Good, there's a trip to the mall this weekend, we'll get the stuff we need then."

"Yatta!" Kagome piped enthusiastically before falling on her back. "Hey, do you think I can sleep here tonight?" Her answer was a pillow in the face. "Thanks." Laying the pillow on the floor, Kag stood. "So, can I borrow some night clothes?"

Sango rolled her eyes, "No. You have to sleep in your wet clothes."

Kagome blushed, "Hehehe. . ."

Sango stood and walked over to her bureau. "I don't have any under things you can borrow, but here." She tossed Kagome a pair of silk-like pajama's, "You can borrow those."

"Thanks." Kagome pulled her wet shirt over her head, soon followed by her tank top. Pushing her arms through the sleeves of the shirt, she took a few minutes to fasten the button's. (A/n: It's those snap buttons, like the one's you find on baby clothes) Pulling off her skirt, socks, and shorts, she dragged the pj bottoms on. Gathering all her hair, she dug through the pockets of her skirt for her hair band. Putting her hair up with it, she glanced at Sango, and gasped.

Sango was pulling on her shirt but Kagome still saw it. "S-Sango?"

"Yes, Kagome?"

"How'd you get that scar?"

"That old thing?" Sango craned her neck to try and get a view of the mark in the middle of her back. "I thought it had gone away."


"Remember when I said my brother was forced to kill my village?" (A/n: First chapter, when Sango is showing Kagome to the infirmary)


"I might have been the only one to survive, but I didn't say I left unscathed." She pressed a hand to the scar. Shaking her head and pulling the rest of her shirt on she continued. "I guess this is what I deserve. I should've stopped my brother when I noticed something wrong. I just blamed it on puberty."

Kagome walked up to Sango and hugged her. "It's alright, everyone wants to believe that they could have stopped something from happening, but things happen. There's no way to stop them. You can't fight fate. Even though your family's gone, know that you're not alone. I'm here, so is Shippo. I don't know if this helps or not, but Sango, it's not your fault."

Sango nodded, "Thanks Kagome."

"Anytime I can help."

Sango smiled and walked over to her bed, "Oh, Kagome."


"Meet Kirara."

"Kirara?" A cream colored cat with three tails popped out from under Sango's covers. It's red eyes and black ears followed Kagome. "So cute!" Kagome picked Kirara up. Scratching her ears, she giggled. The little thing was so soft! Letting Kirara go back to her master, Kagome smiled. "That has to be the cutest cat demon ever!"

Sango nodded and jumped on her bed. Pulling a spare sheet from under her extra pillow, she handed it to Kagome. "Use that to sleep with. The rug's so comfortable you don't need a sheet under you."

Kag nodded, "Thanks, Sango."

"Just go to bed, Kagome."

"Goodnight." Kagome turned the lamp off.

"Night, Kag."





"Sango, shut off the alarm clock!" Kagome shouted irritably.

"You!" Sango rolled in her bed and stuffed her head under her pillow.

"It's not mine!"

"Who cares!"

"Fine!" Kagome kicked her way out of her sheet. Standing she stumbled towards the annoying sound thingy. "Stupid frigger!" Clicking the button to turn off the annoying machine she turned to the sleeping Sango. "When did you turn it on? And why set it to 7:30? In the morning, at that!" Noticing she was talking to a slumbering body, Kagome groaned. "Is this what I deserve?"

Sango tossed her pillow at the ranting Kagome, "Shut up and let me sleep."

"No! If I can't sleep neither can you!" Pulling Sango's comforter off, she grinned like an idiot when Sango jumped. "Uppy, up, up!"

"Give me the damn blanket!"

"No! Mine!" Kagome wrapped herself up in the blanket. "Try and get it."

"GIVE ME," Sango pulled the blanket from Kagome, "THE DAMN BLANKET!"

"Okay, okay! You have it."

"Oh, yeah. You're right." Sango giggled uneasily. "My bad."

"Yeah, your bad." Kagome muttered, glaring daggers at her friend.

"Well since we're both up, might as well as get dressed."

Kagome scratched her head, "I gotta take a bath and get some underwear."

Sango nodded, "You're right. Well, let's go."

Kagome yawned. "I don't wanna get up!"

Sango grabbed her lazy friend's wrists, "Get your fat butt up!"

"I do not have a fat butt!" Kagome stood quickly, knocking Sango off balance, sending her into the bed.

"Okay, alright. No need to be a total bitch about it."

More daggers, "I'm not a female dog."

"Yeah, if you were, you'd be perfect for Inuyasha."


"Jeez, talk about edgy. I say one thing about him and you're so bent out of shape. Is it, because you like him?"


"Denial is the first step to acceptance." (A/n: Oh God, my psychologist said that to me and I all but killed him. Acceptance my ass! I'm not insane! Do I seem insane to you? Don't answer that. . .)

"I'm not accepting anything!"

"Right just like last night you weren't screaming his name to the mountains, and baying your love for him to the moon."


"Violence is the sincerest form of flattery."

"FLATTERY MY ASS!" (A/n: If you can't tell this is my favorite saying. . .)

Sango smiled. "You really need to work on your anger."


"The anger you're expressing now by yelling."


"Maybe we should go get your stuff now."

"Oh, yeah. We should." Kagome smiled. Gathering her clothes, the blue outfit and the new on from Kaede, she walked out of the room.

Sango sweat dropped, Bipolar, much?

"Coming, Sango?"

"Right behind you."

After retrieving her clothes and bedding from Kaede, she did such wonderful work, Kagome and Sango returned to Sango's room. Opening the door, the two teenagers were surprised to see a little girl about eight sorting through a drawer. Sango quickly recovered, "Hey, Rin."

The girl turned. Her brown eyes twinkled and flashed with the sun coming through the window. Her long brown hair was pulled into a half ponytail off to the left side of her head. She wore a checkered kimono, the fabric had a few holes, but was mostly in tack. "Hey, Sango!" She looked at Kagome, "Who's she?"

Kagome smiled. "Hi, I'm Kagome."

"I'm Rin."

"Nice to meet you."

"You too. Oh, Sango."


"Miroku was here again. He tried to pick the lock. . . again."

Kagome giggled, "So Sango, do you have a stalker?"

Sango hung her head, "I do." She raised her shaking fist, "And one of these days I'm going to kill the lech!" She looked up at the stunned Kagome and the smiling Rin. "What? There's someone you want to kill right?"

"Yeah. . ."

"So why can't I kill someone?"

"I'm killing my guy by public humiliation, how do you plan on killing Miroku?"

"Rin wants to know who Kag-chan's going to kill!"

Sango smiled wickedly, "I'm going to pull out his finger nails and stab them into his heart. Then I'm going to tie him to the bumper of the bus and drag him for thirty miles going at fifty mph. Yes, perfect."

Rin and Kagome blinked. They both made the conclusion that their friend was insane.

Author's Note: Okay this has to be the longest chapter I've ever written. I've already started the planning process of how to make a little fluff for Inu and Kag. Oh! And since I can't resist, a preview for the next chapter.

Preview for Chapter Four:

{ "Come on Sango, I'm sure it was out of good jest." Kagome said, not paying attention in front of her. Tripping over a large rock, she let out a small squeal before two arms wrapped themselves firmly around her waist, and pressed to a hard chest. Looking up she found herself staring into twin orbs of molten gold. "Inuyasha. . ."

"You should watch were you're going, Kagome." He sat her down on solid ground. Inuyasha smirked his patented smirk, and left the bewildered Kagome to her own resources.

What just happened there? Was Inuyasha being. . . Nice? }

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