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Summary: Many schools are known for how well the students are taught. Some schools are known for their attendance. And others are known for their strictness. But in the cases of Kagome Higurashi, Inuyasha Tama, Miroku Houshi, and Sango Taijiya, this school would be based on what attended, not who.

A preview from last chapter:

{ "I'm killing my guy by public humiliation, how do you plan on killing Miroku?"

"Rin wants to know who Kag-chan's going to kill!"

Sango smiled wickedly, "I'm going to pull out his finger nails and stab them into his heart. Then I'm going to tie him to the bumper of the bus and drag him for thirty miles going at fifty mph. Yes, perfect."

Rin and Kagome blinked. They both made the conclusion that their friend was insane. }

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Item Four: Meeting Miroku

Kagome and Rin talked a little as Sango continued her rant about the available tortures to inflict upon Miroku. Kagome shook her head, "Does she do this often?"

Rin sighed and nodded, "More times then I can count." Rin rested her head in her small hands. She was just so cute!

Kagome couldn't resist, she wrapped Rin up in a tight embrace. "You are just to cute!"

"Uh. . . Thanks?"

"Anytime, anytime." More hugging.

"Air!" Rin gasped out. This crazy woman was trying to suffocate her!

"Oh, right. Oxygen, we need that to breathe." Releasing Rin from her bear-like grasp, Kagome laughed anxiously. Now I've done it, I almost killed the big dude's daughter! Gulping audibly, she turned to Sango. "Sango." The girl kept ranting. "Sango!" More ranting. "SANGO!"

The girl being yelled at fell off her bed. Jumping to her feet she gave Kagome a death glare, "What?!"

"Where's the wash room?"

"Right, we need a bath." Kagome shook her head. Sango's weird. "Well, Kagome? You coming?"

"Uh. . . Yeah, hold on let me get my stuff!"

"Of course." Kagome grabbed her hakama, and some underclothes. Following Sango out the door, they both said goodbye to Rin. On their way down the hall, they both heard strange noises coming from Kagome's room. Running up to the door, Kagome fumbled around for her key. Pulling it out of the chest pocket of her night clothes. Opening the door, Kagome's and Sango's mouths dropped.

On Kagome's bed was Kikyo and some long, black-haired guy having sex, a famous band screaming lyrics came through Kikyo's boom box to block out the 'passionate' noise. The two girls and the involved couple stared at each other, that is until Kagome let out a scream and dragged Sango out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Clutching her ears and shutting her eyes tightly, Kagome kept chanting a soothing rhyme her father had taught her.

Opening her eyes once more she turned to the door to her room. "I don't think I ever want to sleep in there again. . ."

Sango glared at Kagome, "Why'd you have to go and open the door?"

"Why heard that noise to, you were as curious as I was." She looked back at the door, "But I wasn't that curious. . ."

Sango dug her knuckles into her eyes, "I can't believe what I just saw."

"I was there to you know!"

"I know! But we shouldn't have opened that door!"

"Not my fault!"

"Who cares who fault it was! We shouldn't have opened that door!"

"Kikyo could have been in trouble!"

"Why would you care? She's the one that more than likely ruined your stuff."

"I know, but still, I couldn't take that chance!" Kagome slapped her cheeks twice. "Let's just put this in embarrassing memories and move on, we still need a bath!"

"I seriously didn't need to see that at my age!"

Kagome shook her head at her traumatized friend. "Calm down. One day you are going to be doing the same thing."


Kagome giggled. Sango, you are a riot. Kagome took one last glance at the door and shook her head in disapproval. I can't believe Kikyo would cheat on Inuyasha! I thought they were in love or something, and to think, he has no idea about her affair. he might be a jerk and a complete ass sometimes, but still, he has a nice side, I'm almost positively sure of it. . . Glancing at Sango, Kagome smiled, "Ready for your bath?"

Sango glared at Kagome, "I'm not a friggin' kid!"

Kagome glared back, "'Frig' is my word!" She started to chase her friend.

"Of course it is, I'm just borrowing it!" Sango took off.

"Get back here!"

...................Some five minutes later...................

After chasing Sango all the way to the bathing house, Kagome was out of breath. Dropping her clothes into a cubby, she grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her body. Walking into the large washroom, Kagome wasn't to surprised to find a hot spring. Sighing, she dropped her towel like Sango and lowered herself into the steamy waters.

"Ah, this is the life!" Kagome took a deep breath and plunged under the water, after a few seconds she came back up, her long black hair sticking to her back and front. Lifting the mess of curls, Kagome looked at Sango. "So?"

"So what?"

"What do you want to talk about?"

Sango shrugged and rested her head against a rock. "I don't know. Do we have to talk?"

Kagome blinked, "I guess not."

"Good." A wide yawn, "Cause I am tired."

"Well you're the one that set the alarm clock!"

"Well, if you want to take a bath and not be interrupted, you take it during seven and eight in the morning."

"And how many know this secret?"


"And they are?"

"You, me, Rin, Kikyo, and Miroku."

"A guy knows when the best time to get a bath is?"

"No. He knows when the best time to spy on me is."

"I almost forgot he was your stalker." At that point, the door to the bathing room opened. Both Kag and Sango looked up. Standing there was tall girl, her black hair cropped short, brushing across her shoulder's. She wore a long skirt and a shirt that obviously had a padded bra underneath. "Hello, I'm Kagome and you are?" She smiled at the new girl.

The girl cleared her throat. "My name's Miroki." Her voice was squeaky, not exactly fitting the girl at all.

Both Kagome and Sango looked at each other. One named resounded through their mind, Miroku. Glancing back at 'Miroki,' they both formed the same plan. Smiling they both stood, the water trickling down their body's. 'Miroki' couldn't help but watch the water form wet patterns over the girls' bodies. Kagome and Sango grabbed a towel, wrapped it around themselves, and walk over to 'Miroki.'

Sango grinned, "You know, you look a little cold."

Kagome smiled, "A little to cold." the girl's patted the cross dresser's back and pushed him into the water. "Try and get warmed up!" They both laughed like lunatics as Miroku came sputtering to the surface, the make-up he had applied, to have less of a chance of getting caught, was running down his cheeks. The girl's high-fived each other and walked into the changing room. That would show that lecherous hentai, what's what! Yeah, right. This is Miroku we're talking about. . .

...................another five minutes later...................

Both girls exited the washroom, replaying the memory of Miroku in the hot spring. "Hey, Sango?"

"Yeah, Kagome?"

"Did Miroku ever get out of the wash room?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Then the girl's that just walked in. . ."

Sango shook her head, "I actually feel sorry for the lech. . ." A scream and pounding could be heard from the bathing house. "Never mind, he got what he deserved." Both girl's laughed as Miroku came running up to them, a long stream of wash basins and soap bars following him. Ducking behind Kagome, Miroku smiled lecherously.

Kagome felt a misplaced hand rubbing her backside. Her eyes widened and a small blush appeared on her face. She whimpered softly. Sango turned around and banged Miroku over the head with a large boomerang. Where'd that come from? Kagome thought as she watched Sango continually beat the shit out of Miroku.

"You hentai. You friggin' lech. You lecherous hentai! I can't believe you!"

Kagome sweat dropped, "Uh, Sango?"

"Yes, Kag-chan."

"I think he's unconscious."

"Uh, right." Nervous laughter, "No one saw that. Was me, didn't do it." Sango slinked away from the almost dead lech. "Come on Kagome, we gotta get outta here. . ." Kagome followed Sango away from the scene. when they were far enough away, Sango started ranting, again, about the many torture's she could try out on Miroku.

"Come on Sango, I'm sure it was out of good jest." Kagome said, not paying attention in front of her. Tripping over a large rock, she let out a small squeal before two arms wrapped themselves firmly around her waist, and pressed to a hard chest. Looking up she found herself staring into twin orbs of molten gold. "Inuyasha. . ."

"You should watch were you're going, Kagome." He sat her down on solid ground. Inuyasha smirked his patented smirk, and left the bewildered Kagome to her own resources.

What just happened there? Was Inuyasha being. . . Nice? And did he just use my name? What was he doing here anyway? Kagome shook her head roughly. It was all way to confusing. "Sango, why didn't you tell me Inuyasha was here?"

"I didn't know! Sorry, Kag."

"It's alright, nothing to apologize for."

"Well, come on." Sango started to run towards the school building. "Saturday is school, Sunday is mall trip!" Kagome chased after her friend.

Sabishii School for Unwanted Children had four buildings. When you first walked through the gate you stand in front of a one story building, this was the office/ teacher housing. That building was surrounded by three other's, one on each side and one behind it. The west building is also a one story, this is the bathing house. The east side is a two story and contains the school. The largest, the four story building in the back, was student lodging. All structures were the same. Blue roof and white walls, sorta made you want to puke, it was so pristine.

Kagome caught up with Sango. "Don't we need to get our stuff?"


Sango pivoted and ran back to her room, Kagome went to hers. Taking a deep breath she opened the door. Stepping into the now empty space, she dragged out the suitcase with all of her school supplies and money inside of it. Tossing it all into the yellow schoolbag her father gave her, she smiled. Kikyo hadn't messed up all of her stuff, that was good.

(A/n: How do you know it was Kikyo! WHAT IF IT WASN'T! Sorry for that outburst, I just needed to say that)

Finished her packing, Kagome stuffed her suitcase back under the bed. After being done with that, Kagome looked around for any sign of forgotten things. Opening the closet, she found that her uniform from her old school was still intact. "Yes! Kami loves me!" Pulling the outfit from the hanger, she proceeded to toss it in her bag. After a few minutes of scouring and only finding her diary, untouched, under her second suitcase, she left the room. "I never want to go in there again!" Shaking her head, she pulled out the schedule she had been given, by the office, out of her pocket. Glancing at the Saturday column, she glanced over her classes.

...................eight minutes later...................

Kagome tapped on the glass to her math class. Math this early in the morning is torture! when the door open she found herself staring at nothing, glancing at her feet she noticed what was like a green toad, giving her a disapproving shake. "You're late." The voice was croaky, and his yellowish eyes closed. "Get to your seat, human."

"Yes, sir."

"Well, I guess humans do have some manners."

Kagome twitched, how dare he act like she was some kind of lower being! Looking at the little toad demon, she noted that he held onto the two headed staff of his a little tight. Pulling the wand from his hands and placing it on the desk, which was three times his size, she took a seat to the far right. Not paying attention when he started to yell at her and call her a witch.

"Shut your mouth and teach, you mutated germ!" A voice yelled from the back. A very familiar voice.

Turning in her seat, Kagome looked in the back. A flash of silver and yellow. "INUYASHA!?"

"The one and only."


Author note: There we go. Another chapter down. I wonder if Inu calling Kagome her name and catching her before she fell would be classified as fluff? Oh well, I can guarantee that next chapter, there will be a kiss between the two. Here have a preview:

{ Kagome slapped Inuyasha as hard as she could. How dare he say that to me! Breathing heavily and glaring at the amber-eyed hanyou, Kagome's thoughts turned to killing that bastard. "How dare you? I am not like that!"

Inuyasha smirked, "Are you sure? I bet that if I tried to woe you right now I could."

"Try it, I dare you!" Kagome didn't have time to prepare for what happened next. Inuyasha grabbed both of her wrists and now held them above her head, her large sleeves falling to her shoulders, leaving both of her arms bare. His body pressed up against hers causing heat and a dull throb to erupt in her lower belly. "Wh-What are you doing?"

"Giving you exactly what you want." Inuyasha's lips came crashing down on her own, taking her first kiss in their brutal demand of dominance. }

There. Some kissage! I am so blushing right now. My fingers are shaking, and it's taking me like five minutes just to type this paragraph. . .