InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Seeing Each Other 500 Years Into The Future ❯ school mischief part 3 ( Chapter 12 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

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The next morning, when InuYasha and Kagome got to school, they felt amazing and everyone noticed, even the little naughty teens who think their bad asses noticed, when they walked into class, they were both bombarded by Kagome's friends.

“Hey you two”Megan said totally oblivious to the calm and loving aura coming from the couple standing in front of her.

“Hi” InuYasha and Kagome said in unison and then shared a loving glance at each other, while this was happening her other friends watched intently and curiously at exchange between the two.

Molly then took a step close to Kagome and whispered into her ear “something happened didn't it,”when she saw Kagome turn a pretty shade of pink, her assumptions were confirmed “I knew it, come on spill” she exclaimed.

Before she could say any thing, InuYasha butted in knowing where this would go if it went wrong and said “we kissed so what” as a blush kissed his cheeks when he winked at Kagome, who's blush only seemed to increase.

Her friends missed his wink, as they were to busty taking about how they must be dating as InuYasha thought 'you don't even know the half of it', they carried on saying that they should set them up on a date some time.

Kagome gave her friends a worried look and they gave her a secretive smile, as she though 'boy to days gonna be an interesting one' as she shook her head.


Right now they had history and all their teacher was talking about was the suffragettes, so InuYasha and Kagome  where sending little paper notes to each other and Kagome did a picture of the teacher sat on the toilet reading a world war one history book and threw it to InuYasha, she had even signed it.

When he saw it he started laughing and it caught the teachers attention, we walked up to InuYasha and took the piece of paper out of his hand and looked at it.

Everyone saw his face turn red with anger as he shouted angrily “TASHIO, HIGURASHI detention this lunch time !”.

“Yes...Mr...Naziman” they said in-between fits of laughter.


It was lunch time and they were heading to their detention, while laughing about the picture that Kagome had drew earlier.

When they got to their detention, they took a seat at the back of the class, the history class rooms were actually part of a different building altogether, it was actually built away from the main school building.

“I’ll be back before the end of lunch, don't leave this room”he said in a stern voice as he locked the only door to the room.

“Hey InuYasha” Kagome shouted in a hushed voice.

“Yeah what is it, is anything wrong?”he asked as his golden orbs shone with worry.

“No nothings wrong, its just that I feel like a prisoner in here”she said as she fiddled with her hands nervously.

“Well if this is a prison then I’m happy to be hear with you” he said in a husky voice as he went on to say “ and besides the warden isn't here.”

He stood up and walked over to her and then picked her up as his hand started examining her body memorizing ever soft and sensitive place, then he moved his hand to cup her right breast and started gently needing it soothingly, a moan escaped her plump and luscious lips, which were captured by his moments later, as he flicked her nipple with the pad of his thumb.

A louder and more pleasurable moan escaped her mouth and vibrated his lips, he then moved his left hand and started rubbing the soft fabric of her panties under her skirt, as she continued to moan into InuYasha mouth, he then moved his hand into her panties, as he rubbed her most sensitive spot, causing her leg to twitch with pleasure, he then thought to himself 'man do I love the feel of skin on skin',he then slipped his fingers in between her lower lips and started running his fingers along her clit, while caressing it.

She suddenly broke the kiss as she let out a heart stopping moan, as his finger made its way deep into her core, while slowly going in and out, gradually he picked up speed, bringing Kagome's climax closer, when he suddenly stopped.

She then thought to her self 'why'd he stop, hummmmm oh well now its my turn', then she moved her right hand and grabbed his hard pulsing member and slowly started to massage it, she then grabbed and rubbed his balls as she got faster with her menstruations on him and she then increased her speed even more.

A low husky moan escaped his very kissable lips, while she was pumping him, she took her hand away and fully unzipped his pants, she placed her soft lips over his hard member, as she got on her knees and started licking him from bace to tip, each time she got to his sensitive tip she would flick her tongue, causing him so shiver with pleaser, she carried sucking him, taking his length in to the back of her throat.

While she did this InuYasha unbuttoned her school blouse, while grabbing her left breast and needing it, as he flicked her erect nipple with his thumb. Causing her to moan, which vibrated his manhood making him moan in return from his slightly parted lips.

Suddenly he heard someone coming up the stairs at a slow pace with his enhanced hearing and put his put his hands on Kagome's shoulders as he said “someones coming, I can hear their foot steps” as his ears twitched.

They both rushed to tidy themselves up, as Kagome fixed her skirt and buttoned her blouse back up, while she was doing this InuYasha was zipping his pants up and his now creased shirt.

When the teacher walked in, she was quite old, short and had squinting eyes, while her glasses rested on the bridge of her nose as she said “i will be watching you while you teacher is out of the room.”

She looked at Kagome with a scrutinizing stare and Kagome started fidgeting in her chair, she then turned her gaze to InuYasha, who had his bag on his lap, while looking longingly out the window as he thought to himself 'why did she have to come in and ruin everything, for me and my mate, we were about to have some fun', he smiled slightly.

As he twiddled his fingers, he felt that they were wet, so he suddenly tuned to look at his finger and a devilish smile crawled up his lips, he then got a piece of paper and threw it at her, when Kagome turned her head to look at InuYasha, he smiled at her and licked his two wet fingers, her only reaction was to blush deeply and his smile grew wider, I dare say that he looked like a cheshire cat, as he sucked the ends of his fingers and her face turned a darker shade of red, if that was even possible.

The teacher did notice, the sudden redness in the young girls face and thought to herself 'I wonder what that child is thinking.'

Then the bell went signalling the end of lunch and the pair couldn't be more grateful for it, as they both sighed a sigh of relief as the both said in union “ saved by the bell.”


It was now the last lesson of the day and they both had science, they were leaning about DNA and genetical diseases.

So Kagome went up to InuYasha and said seductively “ do you wanna skip this lesson and go some where else?,” he first gave her a confused look, until he got a whiff of a spike in her sent, but shrugged it off and followed her any ways.


They were now on the school roof and he got another whiff of that spike in her sent, then he realized what the spike was, she was aroused, very aroused, she then took a step closer to him and leaned up placing her delicate lips against his in a warm and loving kiss, which he was more than happy to comply and return her kiss, as their hand explored each others bodies.

InuYasha made a trail of butterfly kisses down her neck and nipped her mating mark, causing a passionate moan to escape her pleading lips, he carried on by kissing another trail of kisses over her collar bone and then moved her blouse out of the way as he captured her nipple in his mouth and started sucking it like a baby but a little more rough,while he massaged the other with his other hand, causing s bone shattering moan to pass her lips.

He then stopped his attack and looked into her eyes, to see nothing but pure love, desire and lust, as he then made his way southwards and spreaded her slightly as his tongue found  her clit and plunged into her core after about 10 minutes she couldn't stand.

So he laid her on the roof floor, he slowly removed her clothes and she did the same to him, she stood up to meet his hard throbbing member with her hand , earning a delightful moan from him.

He then took a step closer and as she moved her hand away, he started rubbing his manhood against her wet womanhood, he then lifted her up slightly in a loving hug, when she slowly pushed her body down on his growing erection.

He then lowered them both on the roof floor, as he plunged into her and at a slow pace he moved him self in and out of her, as he started picking up speed, her moan escalate in sound, as she said “h..harder....ah ah....oh there.... ha..harder...Inu..Yasha..ah.ah..,” he did as she asked.

He changed their position as he pushed her back up against the one of the roof walls and pounded into her as her moans escalated again, he then kissed her as they moaned into each others mouths, this whent on for and other 10 minutes.

They kissed again and only parted for a much needed breath of air, he then separated from her for only a minute and she whimpered at the sudden separation, InuYasha thought it was so cute when she did that, he then turned her back against his chest as he lowered to the floor as he plunged back inside her warm and very wet core.

After about another 15 minutes they both came shouting each others names at the top of their lung, they then laid there in each others embrace for about five minutes catching their breath.

And once they were dressed they walked back to their lessons as InuYasha asked “ so Kags what lesson have you got now.”

“ and whats with the nickname”she answered with another question, as she reached for his hand and laced their fingers together .

“Uh.. I thought I should call you something other than what your friends call you, plus it sounds cute, just like you” he said as pink dusted his cheeks .

“Awww thats so sweet, and I think your right, so how about a call you Yashie?” she said as she leaned her head in his shoulder.

“Sounds good Kags so let get to art ok” he suggested and she nodded her agreement.


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