InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The Ages and Between ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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The Ages and Between
by Kuronohime
Disclaimer: Done for purely non monetary pleasure. I do not own Inuyasha or the franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
All characters © Rumiko Takahashi
Inuyasha unceremoniously wiped away a trace of grease from his chin before continuing to devour a bowl of pork teriyaki. Kagome watched the unappetizing display before her and reached for a napkin from the pocket of her school uniform.
“Here, use this, you slob.”
The hanyoo disregarded the offered item with an uninterested glare. Shippo sat next to Kagome and happily accepted the piece of paper to clean his mouth with.
`Well, at least some demons do have manners.' Kagome thought as she surrendered a read and blue paper cloth to the small kitsune.
The whole Inutachi had retreated from their, yet again, latest Shikon hunt. The jewel was half way completed and Kagome found it only just that she go back to her own time to enjoy a well-deserved, long, soaking bath with the company of Ayumi Hamasaki. In fact, she had already packed, but agreed to stay for the meal.
When they were finally fed, Kagome bid her companions farewell and headed for the well with Inuyasha. He had insisted on accompanying her for the sake of her security. As of late, there had been an increasing number of spider demon activity near the well. Surely a human weakling such as Kagome, could possibly not defend herself against such foul beasts. Even though the demons in question were barely the size of a thumbnail and possessed very little threat to anyone who wasn't a flea demon. But Inuyasha had chosen to leave that bit out.
Still, Kagome knew the real reason why Inuyasha just had to see her off every time. He missed her. Even if he wasn't man enough to admit it. Sango had disclosed the fact that often times he would either perch in a tree near the well or just stare at the pits in anticipation of her return. Of course, he had tried to do so in secrecy, but it was a demanding task to try and hide things form an extremely well-trained demon hunter - who had a nosy little kitsune accomplish. Even though Naraku would more likely be riding on unicorns on a rainbow bridge before Inuyasha admitting to such conduct. Kagome was happy, nevertheless.
It wasn't always a picnic leaving behind her friends and family only to return to the warring ages where demons roamed the land and people still died from such simple things as flues. But knowing that at the end of the well, midst the horrors, there was someone always anxiously waiting for her, made it much more reassuring to return.
Inuyasha and Kagome halted at the well. They stood in silence for a while. Lacking the courage to do or say anything more, Kagome turned to look at Inuyasha and said: “Well, I better be going now.”
The half demon laid his boyish, pale, golden eyes on her and stayed quiet even though his eyes spoke out his unvoiced feelings of hurt that she was leaving. Leaving him, again. Then it seemed like he was mustering up his courage to say something. But his nerves failed him and he turned his gaze away.
“Be back soon, ok? I don wanna come down and drag yer ass back by force.”
Kagome sighed and smiled. “Aye, aye, boss.”
`I will miss you, too.'
She gave him a carefree wave as she leapt into the pits of the well.
Back at her own room, she gave her desk full of homework a pleading look. She quite didn't know which was worse. The definite possibility of being eaten alive by a 15-feet serpent demon in the Feudal era or Algebra in the modern era. She tossed her backpack on the bed and left to downstairs.
“Hey, grandpa!” Kagome greeted the elderly man who was immersed in a newspaper in the kitchen. “What's my illness of the week?”
Her grandfather was roused by her voice and put aside his paper. “Oh, hello, Kagome. Yes, if your friends are inquiring, you're suffering from arthritis.”
Kagome grabbed an apple form the kitchen counter and grimaced. `C'mon grandpa! I'm only 15!'
When she had compiled enough food, she return to her room with her loot and slumped unwillingly to her seat. She reached for her math book. Ayumi Hamasaki would have to wait.
It was a new day and Kagome was full of renewed energy. She had managed to finish a wekk worth of schoolwork and couldn't wait to get back to the Inutachi. Yup, she would definitely on any given day rather take on the demons than the Algebra. She approached the shrine with a backpack full of food and other supplies. She fixed the bag on her back and peered into the well. Hopefully Inuyasha was already there, waiting for her. She had brought him a special treat this time. The girl smiled and leapt through time.
For a moment, Kagome was blinded by the light that burst into her vision as she exited the time vortex. From the bottom of the well, she looked up at the cloudless morning sky. She climbed up the slippery rocks and heaved herself over the ledge of the well. To her dismay, Inuyasha was not there. But she didn't dwell on it for long. The air felt crispier than in ages. The sun was warm and bright. She breathed in deeply and headed to Kaede's village.
As she entered Inuyasha's forest, she marvelled everything around her. She never did pay enough attention to her surroundings. Everything looked so new, fresh and interesting. Had that sapling always been there? Or that trail of yellow flowers? How about that little pond over there? Kagome frowned. She seriously should stop walking around blindfolded from now on.
When she reached the edge of the forest she expected to be greeted by the villagers who should be cultivating their fields at this time of the day. There usually were women carrying water and children playing in the field. But the sight that unfolded before her instead was horrifying. There was nothing. A patch of grass and more woods, but besides that, nothing.
Surely she couldn't have gotten lost? She had walked that same route hundreds of times. It was not simply possible that she was lost. Kagome turned back to the direction of the forest and was about to return to the well when she sensed a presence near her. She caught movement in the corner of her eye and jumped. “Who's there!” She demanded. But there was only yellow flowers swaying in the breeze. Had she imagined it? All kept quiet.
Her features relaxed and she straightened up from her slight shrivel. She still glared at the silent edge of the woods suspiciously, but decided to head back. When she turned her head, she almost bumped into a tall man with silver hair who stood right before her. Familiarly golden eyes studied her calmly. “How did you see me, human?”
A/N: Yeah, not much of a cliffy, considering that most of you probably read the summary. ON THE NEXT CHAPTER: The stranger is oddly familiar in both appearances and demeanour. Kagome also makes more horrifying discoveries.