InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The New Student and Kagome's Secret ❯ Chapter 10: Destiny Endures ( Chapter 10 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

Chapter 10

As Inuyasha and Kagome kissed, time seemed to stand still for the young miko and hanyou. Kagome gripped onto Inuyasha shoulders tightly as Inuyasha had one arm wrapped around Kagome's waist and the other behind her head. Sango and Miroku watched in amazement. The two had finally confessed their love for each other. Sango and Miroku waited in anticipation when what they were waiting for finally happened. Suddenly, a burst of pure, white light and immense wind exploded from the miko and hanyou's embrace. The force of the energy was enough to knock anyone in its path to the ground. The light and wind continued to travel throughout the world. Sango screamed as she held onto Miroku for dear life in fear of being blown away by the powerful winds. Kagome and Inuyasha's hair flapped in the wind. They held on to each other tightly for the incredible force that was emerging from the two was their powers. Inuyasha screamed Kagome's name when she began to scream.

"Kagome!" he shouted. "Hang on, Kagome!" He gripped onto her tighter refusing to let her go. Kagome writhed in pain. `This is taking a lot out of her!' he thought. Suddenly something came to his mind.


"To give a quick summary, Kagome is the reincarnation of a great and powerful priestess named Kikyo that lived many years ago. Back then, the same war between demons and humans emerged. Because of Kikyo, the humans were victorious and the demon/human laws were passed. Now, history is fated to repeat itself," Miroku explained. "Kagome is far more powerful than Kikyo, but something she lacks is experience. I'm sure that when the demons sensed Kagome's powers emerge, they wanted to attack her as soon as possible so she could not learn of their full potential." Inuyasha looked at Kagome as he let all of this new information sink in. He looked from Kagome to his opponents.

"What happened to Kikyo?" Inuyasha asked. Miroku gulped.

"She died saving the human race," he said almost under his breath for he knew that Inuyasha would not take this information well.

**End Flashback**

`No!' Inuyasha thought. `No! This can't be happening!'

"Kagome!" he shouted trying to be heard over the roaring gusts of wind. "Are you okay?!" Kagome looked up at him with a painful smile.

"It's happening Inuyasha!!!" she shouted. "Everything is going to be okay, now!!!" Inuyasha shook his head.

"That's not what I asked!" he shouted. "I asked if you were okay!" Their hair flapped wildly in the wind and their eyes were squinted from the bright light. Kagome wouldn't respond. "KAGOME!!!" he shouted again. Kagome's scream was the only response he got. Inuyasha watched in terror as the woman he loved writhed in pain in his arms leaving him powerless to save her. He held fast to her waist with one hand and grasped one of her hands with the other. "I'm not going to allow you to do this alone!!!" he shouted again. They both closed their eyes and turned their faces towards the sky. Another bolt of light jolted from them as if the first bolt of light had been given a power surge. Sango and Miroku were thrown back yet again by the extra boost of energy. Sango looked around and noticed that humans and demons lay everywhere on the ground. `When is this going to be over?' she thought looking at her friend.

"Kagome!" she yelled to her friend as if it would offer her some assistance. Suddenly, Sango noticed something. She could sense evil disappearing. She looked around. Some demons were disappearing completely while others just seemed as if they were changing.

"Miroku!" Sango shouted over the winds as a thought registered in her brain. "Will this have any affect on Inuyasha?!" Miroku hadn't thought of that and looked in the hanyou's direction. The light was too bright. He couldn't see anything but a silhouette of the hanyou's form.

"I don't know!" he shouted back. Worry spread over the exterminator's face. `No!' she thought. `Kagome! Inuyasha! Hang in there guys!'

"Miroku?! Kagome doesn't have the power to purify the entire world does she?!" Sango shouted. Miroku nodded his head.

"Yeah!" he shouted back. "But what affect it will have on the poor girl is yet to be seen!"

"You mean?" Sango asked. Miroku nodded his head. `No!' Sango thought. `Could Kagome really die from this?!

Meanwhile, Inuyasha and Kagome were beginning to weaken. Inuyasha writhed in pain now as well. Kagome was mostly held up by Inuyasha and the winds now. Inuyasha looked at Kagome whose eyes were closed in a painful expression.

"Don't you leave me, KAGOME!!!" he shouted to her. She didn't respond. "Kagome!!!" Again, no response. "KAGOME!!!!!!! Kagome, come back! I love you! I need you!!!! Don't leave me here!!!!!!!!!" She couldn't respond. Tears welled in Inuyasha's eyes. He gripped onto to her tighter than he had ever gripped anything. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he yelled so loudly that Sango and Miroku could hear him over the winds and as far away as they were.

"Kagome!" Sango shouted trying to move. Miroku jerked her back down.

"There is nothing we can do until all of this subsides!" he shouted. "Just wait!!!" Sango looked despairingly in her friends' direction. There was nothing she could do, but sit there and wait for it all to end.

"No, Kagome!!!" Inuyasha continued ranting in a desperate attempt to revive the woman he loved. Kagome's expression began to calm and become emotionless. "NO!" Inuyasha thought out loud. "NO! YOU'RE NOT GOING TO DIE, OKAY???!!!!! You're going to be okay," he said more calmly through tears of sorrow. "You're going to be alright." He was crying now. He couldn't hold back any longer. He thought out loud to Kagome in between sobs of grief. "You're going to be a great miko…*cry/sniff*…you're going to help a lot of people…*cry/sniff*…you're going to go to the movies with me…*cry/sniff*…and ride with me through the night again…*cry/sniff*…and let me show you everything I should have shown you a long time ago!!! C'mon Kagome!!! You're more of a woman…*cry/sniff*…than to give up this easily…*cry/sniff*…I love you! You can't leave me here…*cry/sniff*…you just can't! What will I do then, huh? You're the only one…*cry/sniff*…I've ever loved or trusted…*cry/sniff*…you can't give up now…*cry/sniff*…you just can't! Not when we have just started…*cry/sniff*…just started our lives together!" He looked at the expressionless Kagome he held in his arms. The wind flapped her hair wildly. Even with her bloody, bruised, and dirty face…she was still beautiful to him. He leaned down to her and gently placed a kiss on her lips continuing to cry. He then pulled her close to his chest. That's when it him. The searing pain he had ignored when he was trying to revive Kagome. It hit him like a ton of bricks. His vision blurred and then all went dark. The last thing he remembering was telling Kagome he loved her one last time.

Finally, the sea of winds and bright light began to die down and everything was visible once again. Sango and Miroku looked straight towards Kagome and Inuyasha to see what had happened to them. As soon as the wind and light died down completely, Kagome and Inuyasha were still there kneeling and holding each other. Sango and Miroku were about to heave a sigh of relief until they next witnessed Kagome and Inuyasha both fall limp and lifeless to the ground.

"Kagome! Inuyasha!" they shouted. They stood up and ran towards their friends.

"Kagome!" Sango shouted when she finally reached them. She knelt next to her friend cradling her in her lap. "Kagome, wake up!" Miroku meanwhile checked out Inuyasha. He shook the hanyou violently as if trying to wake him from a deep sleep.

"Inuyasha! Inuyasha wake up!" he shouted. Inuyasha rolled over moaning. Inuyasha was alive, but barely. Miroku was about to ask about Kagome, but Sango's desperate screams answered any question he had had.

"Kagome! Kagome wake up!" Sango screamed frantically searching for a pulse or any sign of life. Inuyasha stirred. His body lay in a heap facing Kagome. Though his body couldn't move, his mind was racing. He heard Sango's desperate screams for Kagome to wake up. He knew something wasn't right. The scent of death lingered everywhere so he wasn't quite sure if the scent hung over Kagome or not. He wanted to run to her. He wanted to get up and hold her. He didn't care what happened to the demons now. He just wanted to know that Kagome was okay. Miroku's words about Kikyo dying saving mankind flashed back through his mind. He shook the thought from his mind. Kagome had to live. She just had to. Inuyasha was slowly starting to come to his senses.

"Inuyasha!" Miroku shouted. "Hey, man! Wake up!" Miroku looked at Sango. "I think Inuyasha is going to be okay. He is improving by the second. How's…" Miroku trailed off as he witnessed tears streaming down Sango's face…. "Kagome?" he finished rather reluctantly. Sango brushed a stray hair from her friend's face as the tears began to fall harder.

"She's not responding to anything!" Sango finally said sobbing. Inuyasha's entire being stiffened. He tried to force himself to wake up, but his body ignored his pleas. Miroku rushed to Kagome's side. He too searched for life unsuccessfully. He wanted to scream for Kagome to wake up too, but he knew that he had to hold it together for Sango's sake. Miroku rested a comforting arm around Sango's shoulders.

"Let's get her back to your house," Miroku said soothingly. "I'll do what I can."

Before leaving, Miroku stood up to scan the area. Demons lay everywhere, but the humans seemed to be okay. Something was odd though. A few demons were killed while others had just changed form into what appeared to be human. But the thing that surprised him the most is that not the smallest amount of evil lingered in the area. The sound of oncoming sirens interrupted his thoughts. He looked up to see police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and a large amount of priests, priestesses, and demon exterminators rushing towards them.

"We did it! It's over!" he heard people shout as they ran towards them. The policemen began gathering up the demons that were still alive while the firemen put out the flames around them and the ambulances began collecting dead bodies. Miroku looked down to Sango who was staring at everything around her in confusion.

"We need to get them out of here!" Miroku said to her. "Kagome doesn't stand a chance with a human doctor! We need to get her back to your place! Her only chance of survival lies within your medicine cabinets!" Miroku urged. Sango nodded her head and motioned for Kilala to come over. Kilala was badly injured as well, but knew she still had a job to do. She limped over to Inuyasha and Kagome. Miroku and Sango hoisted Kagome and Inuyasha onto her back.

"I'm sorry, Kilala," Sango said hugging the demon cat. "But we still need you!" Kilala nodded her head obediently and took off towards Sango's house with Miroku and Sango running behind. Time was of the essence. They knew they had to help the two as soon as possible if they had any chance of survival. Some of the other priest, priestesses, and exterminators shouted out to them as they ran past. A few of them saw Kagome and Inuyasha's condition and gasped. Miroku and Sango ignored their calls focusing their entire attention on getting Inuyasha and Kagome back to Sango's house. One time, a doctor that had arrived on the scene tried to stop them, but Miroku and Sango ran directly over him.

"I'm sorry!" Sango yelled. "But they're going to be okay! We've got everything under control!" They continued to run until they finally arrived at Sango's house. They walked into her empty house. It was so quiet. The house seemed somewhat sad and lonely as they walked inside. As soon as Miroku relieved Kilala of Inuyasha and Kagome, Kilala transformed back into her smaller size. She was hurt and she had pushed herself. Sango scooped the kitten in her arms trying to care for the demon cat as much as she could for the time being. Meanwhile, Miroku placed Kagome in the first room where she had originally been. He laid her softly on the bed and then left to do the same for Inuyasha. He laid Inuyasha in the second bedroom and then left to get the herbal antidotes. When Miroku arrived in the kitchen, Sango was just finishing patching up Kilala. She patted her cat on the head and then turned to help Miroku who was frantically searching through the cabinets.

"Miroku…is there something that I can do?" she asked calmly and somewhat sadly. Miroku stopped his search to turn to look at her.

"Yes," he said. He looked back at the cabinets. "Pray!" This made Sango's heart skip a beat. She was beginning to realize how desperate a situation this was. She ran into Kagome's room and leapt onto her knees beside the bed. She held her friend's hand and began to cry.

"Kagome, you just have to wake up!" she said into the covers. "You just have to!" She sat there for a couple of seconds before standing up and drying her tears. She walked back into the kitchen and began to gather bandages and ointments. She didn't know how to heal someone internally, that was all Miroku, but she did know how to bandage up a few injuries. She knew that she would be of no use to Miroku if she didn't gather herself together and start doing something productive. She gathered the last of the bandages and walked into Kagome's room. She sat on the bed and began to doctor Kagome's injuries trying desperately not to look at her face. `If I look at her in the face, I will know that this is Kagome and I will lose it!' she thought. `Just don't look at her face!' She gently swabbed ointments and alcohol over her injuries taking special care to get them nice and clean. She soon began to bandage them ever so gently. Miroku soon arrived in the room. When Miroku entered, Sango jumped to her feet as if she had been doing something wrong. Miroku gave her a quick confused look, but soon understood that Sango didn't want to be in the way. He smiled at her.

"I'll take it from here," he said softly. "Why don't you go `tend to Inuyasha?" Sango nodded her head and made her way to the second bedroom. Inuyasha had moved. She sat next to him on the bed and began the same process she had practiced on Kagome, cleansing, swabbing, and bandaging. Since Inuyasha was half-demon, he would be injured for quite some time, but he would live. Sango knew this. She also knew that Kagome was only human. She quickly tried to remind herself of how Kagome had managed to survive saving those victims at her house earlier. Immediately after she had reminded herself of that, she also reminded herself of how weak she was from saving three people. Kagome had just cleansed the entire world. Tears began to fall down Sango's cheeks as she continued to bandage Inuyasha. She couldn't lose her best friend!

"K-Kagome?" Inuyasha stuttered. Inuyasha had startled Sango. She stared at him making sure that he had really spoke.

"Inuyasha?" Sango asked hesitantly leaning over him. His eyes twitched a couple of times before painfully opening to meet Sango's gaze over him.

"S-Sango?" he asked. Tears started to run down Sango's face. She wrapped her arms around his neck into a tight hug. "Ow! OW! OW!" Inuyasha grunted.

"Oh sorry!" Sango said jumping back. "I'm just so glad that you are alive!" She sat back down on the bed next to him and continued to bandage his wounds. Inuyasha looked at her. He had to know.

"Where's Kagome?" he asked her quietly. Sango flinched at the mention of her best friend's name.

"Oh, she's in the first bedroom with Miroku," she said without looking up and continued to bandage his wounds. She was desperately trying to avoid the subject of Kagome's condition, but she knew it was coming.

"How is she?" Inuyasha asked softly. Sango didn't respond and pretended that she didn't hear him. "Sango?" he said again. "I said how is she?" Sango didn't say anything again. Inuyasha was just about to get angry when he felt a tear hit his arm, the one Sango was bandaging. Her bangs shielded her eyes from view. "Sango," he began softly. She finally looked up at him. Her eyes were red and her cheeks were stained from her tears.

"The truth is," she began, "we don't know how she is. We don't know if she is going to make it or not. It's too soon to tell," she lied. Sango knew that Kagome had hardly any vital signs when they reached her house. She also knew that Miroku must be working really hard to still be in there with her. She also knew that Kagome's chances of survival…were slim to none. Sango continued to cry onto Inuyasha's bandages. Inuyasha's eyes began to tremble with fear. `No!' he thought. `She HAS to live!' Inuyasha lifted his arm away from Sango. Sango looked at him with shocked and confused eyes.

"Inuyasha?" she began. "What are you…"

"Leave me!" he snapped cutting her off.

"What?" Sango asked. "But your wounds, they…"

"I said leave me!" he snapped again. "I'll be fine. Kagome needs you more than I do."

"But…" she began.

"Sango!" he said scoldingly. Sango nodded her head in obedience. She knew that Inuyasha meant business even if he was injured. Sango said nothing more and stood up to leave. She walked out the door softly closing it behind her. Inuyasha watched her until she was finally out of sight. He let out a deep breath.

`I'm sorry, Sango,' Inuyasha thought. `I didn't mean to lie to you about my condition…but I would rather die than know that you were with me when Kagome needed you.' Inuyasha closed his eyes to fight back the incredible pain that engulfed his body.