InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The New Student and Kagome's Secret ❯ Chapter 1: The New Student ( Chapter 1 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

Chapter 1

"Kagome!" her friends shouted. "Wait up!" Kagome turned around to see her friends racing towards her. Kagome was on her way to school and the four of them usually walked together to school.

"Hi guys! How's it going?" she asked.

"Good," Eri said. They continued to chatter and talk and laugh until they finally arrived at school.

"Ugh! Math…I hate it," Yuri said as she slammed her books on her desk. "I hate it almost as bad as demons!" Her friends kind of laughed, but looked around to make sure that there were no demons around even though there was no way they would have any use with the humans' school. Most of the demons bully the humans. The demons pretty much run the place.

"Careful, Yuri," Eri said. "You don't want to offend anyone!"

Yuri scowled. "It's not like they are going to have anything to do with us! They're not going to show their "holier than thou" faces here." Her friends nodded. She was right.

"Okay, class is in session!" the teacher announced as he walked through the door. "Quiet down! Quiet down! I have an announcement to make." The students settled themselves in their desks and quieted down to hear what he had to say.

"We have a new student with us today," he announced. "I am sure you will make him welcome. His name is Inuyasha."

Just then a tall boy with black hair walked through the door. His hair was long and his eyes were an emotionless gold. He wore a black shirt and a pair of nice jeans. He carried his books in his left hand. "I believe there is a seat available next to Miss Higurashi…third row, fourth seat back. Please take your seat so we can get started." He made eye contact with no one as he made his way to his seat next to Kagome. There was something different about him. Kagome could feel it. Kagome exchanged a few glances with her friends about this new guy.

After class Kagome and her friends stood in the hallway talking. "Oh my god…he is soooo cute!" Yuri squealed. "He seems really reserved though…like he likes to keep to himself."

"Tell me about it," Ayame said. "Did you see how fast he took off after class was dismissed? He was the first one out the door!"

"There's something different about him though…" Kagome said thinking out loud. Her friends turned towards her.

"Huh?" Eri asked. "What do you mean?"

"His presence…it's just different than anyone else I've ever met," she explained. Her friends leaned in closer to her.

"Well, I admit that it is not very common for someone to have gold eyes, but maybe that's the style where he comes from. What are you thinking Kagome?" Yuri asked. "I can tell you're thinking something."

"It's nothing," Kagome replied. "I think I'll just try to talk to him tomorrow. He is new here. Maybe I can introduce him to some friends."

"That's very kind of you Kagome," Ayame said. "But be careful. He acted a little strange." They all agreed.

After school that day, Kagome proceeded on her normal walk past her friend Sango's house. Sango was a demon exterminator. She basically helped keep the humans safe. The demons have a tendency to gang up on the humans every now and then. The exterminators make sure that there is peace and keep the demons in order. Sango's entire family is exterminators. There are families of exterminators scattered all across the city, but they are all there for the same purpose. Every now and then if a demon riot breaks out, the exterminators will join forces.

"Kagome!" Sango said waving to Kagome who had just arrived. "How was school?" Sango was playing with her demon pet Kirara.

"Same old boring stuff!" she said with a laugh. "But there is this new kid who just arrived today that gave me a weird feeling when he walked through the door. I thought maybe you could shed some light on it." Sango stopped playing with Kirara and looked up to Kagome. She had an unusual expression on her face.

"Good afternoon, ladies," Miroku said suddenly appearing from around the corner.

Miroku works for a lady name Kaede. Her shrine is next door to Sango's house. It's the closest shrine to Kagome's shrine. The priests and priestesses of the city make sure everything stays pure and that evil does not linger and cause trouble. Many times, exterminators and priests/priestesses will work together.

"Hello, Miroku! I was just telling Sango about this guy that came to school today. When he walked into the room, he gave me this weird feeling…like he was somehow different than everyone else. I'm just a little puzzles by it," she said trailing off and thinking to herself again completely unaware of the glances Miroku and Sango were exchanging.

"What did you feel exactly, Kagome?" Miroku asked rather hesitantly. Neither he nor Sango moved. They sat on the porch frozen and awaiting Kagome's response. Kagome was completely oblivious to this.

"It was like he was just different. There was just something different about him. I really don't know how to explain it. He just stood out among the other students in the classroom. His presence was different. He had a different aura," she said staring off into space. "His name is Inuyasha…do ya'll know him?" Sango and Miroku both shook their heads.

"Never heard of him," Sango said. "What did he look like?" Kagome explained in detail his appearance. "Kagome could you excuse Miroku and I for just a second?"

"Sure," Kagome replied. "I'll play with Kirara." Miroku and Sango walked into the house to talk.

"What do you think, Sango?" Miroku asked.

"Half-demon. He's gotta be! Kagome said that he gave off a different aura than everyone else in the room so that means he probably has some demon blood in him, but he has enough human features to be passed off as a human," Sango said.

"Hmm," Miroku said. "And he is probably attending that human school because the demons would be able to smell his human blood and probably harass him to death. Not many humans can tell if someone has demon blood so naturally it is safer to attend a human school if you're a hanyou."

"Yes, but Kagome is a powerful priestess. She just doesn't know it yet. I know her senses have got to be correct. By the way, when is she gonna find out that she is a great miko?" Sango asked.

"Kaede said that she will find out on her own. We just need to be there to help her, support her, and explain everything to her when she finally finds out," he said. "And with all of the events taking place lately between humans and demons…it probably won't be too long until she finds out." Miroku thought for a minute. "Let's not mention any of this to Kagome." Sango nodded her head in agreement.

They both walked back out onto the porch to see Kagome and Kirara playing. "Hi guys! What was that all about?" Kagome asked. Miroku and Sango looked at each other. They had not thought of what they were going to tell. Miroku spoke first.

"I was just discussing another mission that we had coming up. I am sure that you wouldn't have been interested in that. Plus, it's top secret," Miroku said winking at Kagome. Kagome sat there with a blank look on her face. Sango and Miroku began to get nervous as they waited for her reaction.

"Oh, okay," she said and turned back to playing with Kirara. "I know that there are some things I need not involve myself in for my own protection. I could get seriously hurt if I knew too much. Thanks for considering me guys!" Sango and Miroku stood there shocked at her response. Kagome stood up and stretched. "Ohhh! Well, I guess I had better get going. I think I will talk to that guy tomorrow and see what this aura I'm receiving is all about. See ya' tomorrow!" She jumped off of the porch and took off running for home.

"Kagome wait!" Sango shouted but it was too late. Kagome had taken off so quickly that she wasn't within hearing distance anymore. Sango gave Miroku a worried look. "Do you think it's okay for her to be messing around with a half-demon? Neither humans nor demons accept them. This could bring a lot of trouble for Kagome."

"Ah, Sango. You worry too much about your friends. Besides, Kaede said Kagome would find out on her own that she was a powerful priestess. Perhaps, the time has come," he said placing a comforting arm around her shoulder. They watched as Kagome disappeared in the distance when…


"HENTAI!!!" Sango screamed as she slapped Miroku across the face. He had let his hand slide down to her butt and now the only thing he was holding was his face from Sango slapping him. `Why does he always have to do this?' she thought.

The next day, Kagome sat in class waiting for Inuyasha to arrive. She had told her friends that she was going to try to talk to him today so of course they were looking her direction from where they sat in their desks. Kagome looked at the clock. There was only three minutes left until class started. Where was he? Finally, he came through the door in pretty much the same attire except he had on a white shirt rather than black today. `He is pretty cute,' she thought to herself. He took his seat next to her and she was just about to talk to him when…

"Alright everyone settle down! Class is starting!" the teacher announced. No! Class can't be starting. She looked at the clock. It was time to start all right. `I'll try to talk to him after class,' she thought. Kagome exchanged a few glances with her friends, which told them what she was thinking.

As soon as the bell rang, Inuyasha jumped up and started for the door. Kagome barely had enough time to gather her books together before he was out the door. `Why does he take off like that?' she thought. `I'm going to talk to him!' She raced for the door as her friends darted after her. She looked left and right and couldn't see a trace of him. Suddenly, she spotted him and he sure was walking fast. She raced towards him. "Kagome!" her friends called after her. "Come back!"

"No!" she shouted back. "I'm going to get to the bottom of this." She ran straight towards him nearly knocking over a couple of students on the way over there.

"Inuyasha!" she shouted when she was just a few feet away from him. He turned to look at her with a `what the hell do you want?' look. "Hi! I'm Kagome. We sit next to each other in math class." She extended her hand to shake his hand but he just looked at her hand and then back at her. He made no move to shake her hand. Kagome stood there. She didn't know what to say. He wouldn't shake her hand and he definitely wasn't being very friendly. The look on his face was actually kind of scary.

"What do you want?" he finally asked like someone had tried to pick a fight with him. Kagome was blown away by his attitude. She was just trying to be his friend.

"Well…you just come and go so quickly during class…and…" she stopped when his expression turned so cold that she felt like it had shot straight through her.

"You got a problem with that?!" he snorted. She just stood there taken aback by his behavior.

"No, I…I…just…"

"Then leave me alone!" he said and turned to walk to his next class. Kagome just stood there frozen. She watched him disappear into the crowd. She was dumbfounded. What had just happened? Her friends raced up to her. They had witnessed the entire thing.

"Whoa! What an attitude!!!" Yuri remarked.

"Yeah!" Eri chimed in. "What a jerk!!! You were just trying to be nice to him!"

"He wouldn't even shake your hand!!! And those looks he was giving you gave me chills where I was standing!" Ayame added. "Uh, Kagome?" Her friends looked at her. She had remained in the same position since he had left. What was his deal?

That afternoon, Kagome stopped by Sango's house and relayed the events to Miroku and Sango. "HE WOULDN'T EVEN SHAKE MY HAND!" she said angrily. "I was just trying to be nice to him. He didn't have to be such a jerk."

"Maybe you should just leave him alone," Sango said. "He seems like he could be really violent!" She didn't like the idea of a half-demon getting violent. Some half-demons were just as strong as full demons. She couldn't bare the thought of her friend getting ripped to shreds. Miroku caught on to what Sango was getting at.

"Yeah. Maybe you just ought to leave this guy alone," he said. "Doesn't sound like he wants to be messed with." Kagome stood up with a determined look on her face.

"No! I am going to make that boy have a decent conversation with me if it's the last thing I do!" she said grabbing her backpack and taking off towards her house.

"She doesn't give up easily, does she?" Miroku asked Sango.

"Nope. Not since I have known her," she answered shaking her head.

The next seven days, Kagome attempted to talk to Inuyasha without any luck. She would either get scared of his behavior or he would tell her to get the hell away from him and never talk to him again, then take off running. Kagome, however, wasn't giving up.

On the eighth day, she noticed that Inuyasha seemed to be searching himself for something that morning in math class. When class started, Inuyasha wasn't taking notes. He was just sitting there. `He must have left his pencil!' Kagome thought. Suddenly, the teacher announced, "POP QUIZ!!!" As the quizzes were being passed out, Kagome noticed the discouraged look on Inuyasha's face. `Of course!' she thought. `Teachers around here don't appreciate students coming to class unprepared. If he doesn't have a pencil, he will fail and have to stand outside for the rest of the class period.' The teacher made his way over to Inuyasha when he noticed that he wasn't writing anything.

"Ahem!" the teacher said glaring down at Inuyasha. "Do you wish not to take this test or are you just unprepared?"

"Uh…" Inuyasha was caught.

"Here ya' go," Kagome said handing Inuyasha a pencil. He stared back her in confusion.

"Excuse me, Miss Higurashi…" the teacher said with a questioning look on his face.

"Oh, well, Inuyasha dropped his pencil and it rolled under my chair. He couldn't reach it so I am handing it back to him," she said and glanced at Inuyasha. He gave her a confused look. `Why is she doing this?' he thought. Kagome kept her hand extended.

"Here's your pencil, Inuyasha."

"Very well," the teacher said. "Get back to work both of you." The teacher walked back up to the front of the classroom. Inuyasha took the pencil and Kagome turned back to finish her quiz. Inuyasha still stared at her in confusion.

At lunch that day, Kagome and her friends began discussing the Inuyasha situation.

"Really, Kagome! With the way he has treated you, why did you get him out of trouble this morning? I would have let him get into trouble! It would serve him right!" Yuri said taking a bite of her sandwich.

"For real, Kagome! Why don't you just give up on the guy? He obviously isn't coming around," Ayame said stirring her fork in the bowl of rice her mother had prepared for her.

"Yeah! He didn't even say `thank you' for what you did this morning! I'd say he is an unappreciative, selfish jerk!" Eri chimed in. The others nodded their heads.

"Nah!" Kagome said. "I think he is just misunderstood."

"I really do hope you're right, Kagome, but…well…speak of the devil!" Yuri said stopping short as she saw Inuyasha appear from around the corner of a far building. They all watched as he found an empty picnic table and sat down by himself with his back turned to the rest of the students. He didn't have anything to eat with him.

"Doesn't look like he eats much either," Ayame said. "Maybe his empty stomach is what keeps him in such a foul mood all of the time!" Everyone laughed except Kagome. She stood up and started walking towards his table. "Oh no! Not again!"

"Let's watch!" Eri said.

Kagome made her way over to Inuyasha's table. He had his back turned to her so he couldn't even see her coming. "Hi!" she said when she finally got to his table. He whirled around to see her and gave her a scowl look. "Aren't you going to eat anything?" she asked.

"What's it to you?" he huffed. He stared straight ahead until he heard Kagome shuffling around in her backpack. She finally retrieved what she had been looking for. She sat a bag of potato chips and a cup of instant ramen noodles next to him on the bench.

"The cafeteria provides hot water for those of us who drink tea," she said pointing to the cafeteria doors. "The directions are on the back so it shouldn't be too hard." She zipped her backpack shut and hoisted it on her back. "I would give you something to drink, but I don't have anything." She laid a couple of quarters down on the table beside the chips. "But there is a drink machine inside, too." She smiled at him. He just had a confused expression on his face. He didn't say anything. He just turned his head and continued to stare straight ahead. Kagome sighed and turned to walk back to her friends. She was beginning to think it was hopeless. Inuyasha turned around and picked up the cup of noodles. He stared at them for a couple of seconds. `Maybe…' he thought.

"Hey girl!" he shouted back at her. Kagome turned around.

"Huh? Are you talking to me?" she asked pointing to herself. He nodded.

"Come here for a minute," he said and returned to his staring straight ahead. Kagome walked cautiously back to his table. It was actually kind of scary that he had finally talked to her. She sat down on the bench beside him. She didn't say anything. She too just stared straight ahead.

"Why are you doing this?" he finally blurted out.

"Doing what?" Kagome asked confused.

"You don't ever give up, do you?" Inuyasha asked glaring at her. `Oh no!' Kagome thought. `Here he goes again!'

"Why do you ask?" Kagome stuttered.

"You have tried to talk to me every day since I have arrived here. Why? Where are you going with this?" he asked still glaring at her.

"Going with this? I have no other motive than to just be your friend and help you become more social," she said looking back at him. "I just noticed how you stay so mysterious all of the time and I wanted to know what the mystery was all about and why you couldn't talk to the other students. I mean, I know we are here to get an education but there is nothing wrong with making friends along the way." She looked up at him with pleading eyes.

"So that's it, huh?" he asked. "You are just trying to be my friend. Well, let me make this easy for you. You don't want to be my friend." He looked away.

"Now, why would you say that? Everybody needs friends. What makes you so different?" she asked.

"You wouldn't understand even if I told you. Besides, you don't know me or where I come from," he said jumping down from the table.

"Okay, so who are you? And where do you come from?" she asked.

"You know damn well my name and it's none of your damn business where I come from!!!" he snapped. Kagome jumped back frightened by his reaction.

"It's okay. I didn't mean to upset you," she said gently looking towards the ground. "I'd better go." She never made eye contact with him as she picked up her backpack. "I wish you would just relax and let me be your friend. I'm only trying to help." She started to walk back towards her friends, but stopped and turned around. She gave him a weak smile. "You obviously want your space so I'll give it to you, but I am still here if you need anything." She walked back towards her friends' table.

`She is persistent as hell,' Inuyasha thought. `She doesn't seem to have an evil bone in her body.' He looked down at the food and change Kagome had left on the table. He was awfully hungry. He snatched up the potato chips and started eating them. He took the quarters to the drink machine and bought a Pepsi. `At least I have some food.'

Later that night, Kagome was walking home from the library. She had a huge test coming up and had stayed late at the library studying. She was a little nervous walking home. It was dark already and that wasn't good. She had only meant to stay until sunset, but had lost track of time. Demons normally come out to hunt about this time, which meant Sango and Miroku were probaby already working. She heard noises in the brush and alleys as she passed. `I can't stay here,' she thought and began to run. She ran as fast as she could, but was cut off by someone standing in front of her. She stopped right in front of him. His eyes shown red and his fangs glistened under the streetlights. He wore Japanese armor and his hair was black and pulled back into a braid.

"Fresh meat," he said flexing his claws. Kagome screamed and took off running down an alleyway. The demon just laughed at her as she ran away. Kagome soon found out why he was laughing. She had come to a dead end!!! `What do I do now?' she thought.

"It is futile, girl! Just make this easy and I will make sure that I kill you instantly instead of making it slow and painful!" he said with a laugh.

"Who are you?!" she demanded. He smiled.

"Oh, now the young lady would like to know the name of her killer," he said laughing. "Very well, I am Hiten." Kagome was shocked. Hiten? He was one of the dreaded thunder brothers. There was no way she was going to get out of this one. These guys killed everything they came into contact with. Hiten smiled. "You seem to have heard of me! My reputation precedes me. Don't worry, my brother is not here. He is off getting his own kill for tonight."

"Please, let me go! I will not tell anyone that I have met you!" Kagome begged. Hiten just laughed.

"Fool! What makes you so special that I should let you go? I haven't eaten yet today and do you honestly think that I am going to let my meal get away. I admit I would like to have someone with more meat on their bones, but I can always kill another just like you." Hiten's face became stern. "Now do not struggle. This will be over soon." He twirled his lightning staff then pointed it and headed straight for Kagome.

"Aghhhhh!!! Help!!!!" she screamed and closed her eyes. She had no choice but to let him hit her. She had no where to go.