InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The New Student and Kagome's Secret ❯ Chapter 2: The Unexpected ( Chapter 2 )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

Chapter 2

Kagome closed her eyes tight and covered her face as if trying to keep herself from getting hurt.

"Aghhhh!" she screamed. "Someone help me!"

"Leave her alone!!!" she suddenly heard someone shout and opened her eyes to see a guy dressed in a red kimono jump in front of her. He knocked Hiten's staff away as Hiten did a back flip away from him.

"What do you want?" Hiten asked angrily. "You are interfering! Go get your own meat! I found this one first!" It was in the dark so Hiten couldn't make out his competitor. Then, the moon came from behind the clouds and shown down on him. Hiten stood and smiled. "Ah! Inuyasha! Still protecting humans I see!"

Inuyasha? Kagome stood up to look at him. She couldn't see his face because he was standing with his back to her, but his hair was silver and she noticed two small things atop his head though she couldn't really make out what they were in this dim light. "Leave her alone, Hiten!" Inuyasha drew a sword that suddenly transformed into a giant fang.

"I'm afraid I can't do that Inuyasha," he said and charged Inuyasha. The staff and sword clashed time after time as the two fought. Kagome stood back and watched shocked by the events taking place in front of her.

Finally, Inuyasha cornered him and knocked away Hiten's staff. `I can't do this by myself,' Hiten thought. Hiten jumped up and did a front flip over Inuyasha. He grabbed his staff and took off running down the street. "This isn't over Inuyasha!!!" Inuyasha returned his sword to its scabbard. `BASTARD!' Inuyasha thought. `I almost had him that time!'

Kagome started taking a few cautious steps toward him. Inuyasha heard her and turned around quickly. The moon had gone back behind the clouds so she couldn't really make out his appearance. Suddenly, the moon appeared again revealing Inuyasha's entire true appearance. His hair was silver. He had two ears atop his head and his eyes shown a bright gold. Kagome also noticed that he had fangs and claws. Was Inuyasha a demon in disguise?

"What are you staring at?!!" he snapped and jumped over her and atop the building next to them to run off. "And what the hell are you doing out at this time of night?! You could have been killed! Go home!"

"WAIT!" she shouted. "Don't go!!!" He stopped and turned to stare down at her. "Are you…are you…"

"I'm a hanyou!" he said angry that his secret had been revealed to her. "But I'll kill you if you tell anyone that. Now, I don't have time to hear you make fun of me so if you don't mind…I'll be leaving."

"Why would I make fun of you?" she asked timidly. He jumped down in front of her.

"Huh?" he said out loud.

"I said why would I make fun of you?" she asked with an innocent face.

"Um…well…" he began but couldn't think of anything to say. "Most people always either make fun or are scared to death of me and run away even when I save them. Why should you be any different?" He growled at her.

Kagome smiled. "So that's why you have kept yourself from interacting with the students at school! Why didn't you just say so? I wouldn't have told anyone." Inuyasha was shocked.

"Didn't you hear me right? I am half-demon," he said. "No one would understand me."

"I would," Kagome said taking a step closer to him. "I understand why you kept this a secret. Most humans don't like demons because of the way they think they are better than us and hunt us down at night. Most of the students would probably fear you, tell their fathers, and here goes a riot. I understand completely, but now I am really happy because that explains you're behavior towards me."

"How do you know all of this and why do you act so trusting of me?" he said confused. Kagome smiled.

"I have been in this situation before. My next door neighbors had a half-demon little girl. I didn't know how to act so I asked my friends Sango and Miroku. Sango is a demon exterminator and Miroku is a priest. They both told me not to tell anyone because it could make the child's life a living hell because of the humans hating her because she had demon blood and the demons hating her because she had human blood. Sango, Miroku, and I protected and played with the little girl until they finally moved away," she said. Inuyasha couldn't believe it. She actually understood him. He still held up his guard, though.

"Do you mind explaining a couple of things to me, though?" she continued. He gave her a look that told her to continue. "You look different. You have ears and your hair is silver. You're also dress differently."

"Huh?" he said looking at his clothing. "Oh, this is made from the fire rat. It's really tough so it is kind of like armor. It protects me. As for my ears, I just tape them down and cover them up with my black wig during the day."

"Uh huh," she said taking a couple of steps closer.

"Wha-What are you doing?" he asked taking a step back. She reached up and rubbed his ears.

"They're so cute!" she said playfully. He swiped her hand away from his ears.

"Agh! Stop it!" he said. She giggled a little. Suddenly, Inuyasha started to sniff the air.

"What is it?" Kagome asked. Can he smell something? Kagome remembered that demons have keen senses.

"Get on my back, NOW!" he said. She obeyed more out of fear than anything else. As soon as she was on his back, he jumped and went flying through the air.

"Agh!" Kagome screamed. "Slow down!" Inuyasha's ears laid flat on his head from her screaming.

"I can't and would you please stop screaming?! You're going to have every demon within a mile radius come running!" he shouted. She had forgotten that part. She held on to Inuyasha's shoulder and just nuzzled her head into his back. "Sheesh!"

Finally, after traveling for a few minutes, they landed next to the Priest/Exterminator Headquarters. This is where the priests and exterminators gathered for meetings and where the head priest and head exterminator resided. The headquarters were pretty far out. They made the headquarters that far out so that no one, humans nor demons, could really know when there was a meeting unless they intentionally traveled out there. No one actually would, however, because demons feared that many priests and exterminators gathered in one place and humans had no use for it. With Kagome still on his back, Inuyasha ran into a plot of woods next to the headquarters. He ran as deep as he could and finally said, "We should be safe here." He let her down and she took a look around. There was nothing but trees as far as the eye could see. Then she noticed Inuyasha. He walked over and pulled back a flap covered in leaves and revealed a cave. She followed him into the cave. As soon as they were inside, Inuyasha started a fire and lit a few lamps and lanterns to give the cave some light. He then thrust his sword against the flap. "This barrier should keep anyone out," he said. Kagome could barely see a blue barrier illuminating on the leaf flap. She looked around the cave. There was a mat with a pillow and blanket and a small box, but not much else.

"Is this where you live?" she asked. He sighed.

"Unfortunately, yes," he replied poking at the fire. "Half-demons can't really survive without their mother and father. Full demons will sniff them out and kill them if they are left unguarded."

Kagome scooted closer to him. "What happened to your mother and father if you don't mind me asking?" He looked at her and then back at the fire. "My father was a full-blooded dog demon. He was a ruler of the western lands. He married another full demon and had a son named Sesshomaru. Their marriage didn't last long, however. She soon wanted to explore other options. A few years later, my dad met my mother."

"And she was human," Kagome said. Inuyasha nodded.

"A few years after they had me, demons started to find out. My brother Sesshomaru hated my mother and me. His disrespect for my father marrying a human soon turned to hatred and he set out a pack of demons on our family. My father died protecting my mother and my mother eventually died protecting me. I managed to escape." He looked at his sword. "That is tetsaiga. It was forged from my father's fang by a man named Toutousai. Toutousai told me that it was my father's wish for me to have this sword so that I could always be protected. Only half-demons and humans can touch it."

"So how did you end up here?" Kagome asked.

"After the fight was over I fled and tried to take care of myself on my own and attend school so that I could lead a normal life. I attended various schools. Sometimes I would let my guard down and trust someone only to have them betray me as soon as they found out I was half-demon. Other times demons would be able smell my human blood and attack me. I had almost thought there was no use living until my servant Myouga told me of a recipe for cologne that could hide my demon scent and another that could hide my human scent. The only people my scent cannot be hidden from are priest/priestesses and exterminators because they do not go by smell, they go by a person's presence or aura. I made the cologne and it seemed to work on new people, but my secret had already been revealed to too many back home so I fled here. I hid my demon scent during the day and my human scent at night. But should anyone be able to see through this cologne one day, I needed a place of refuge. I figured no demons would come here next to the Priest and Exterminator Headquarters and this barrier blocks out any smell of me should the cologne wear off in the middle of the night."

"I see," Kagome said looking around the room. "So you live here? What do you do for food and water? Do you have any money?"

"No. Working would be too risky. I could get caught up on the job and forget to reapply my cologne and then my secret would be revealed. I mostly hunt for food and in desperate times, I will steal. Every now and then, when my servant Myouga comes to town, he will bring me a lot of food. He is the only one who knows where I fled. He often comes here to run errands for my brother. There is a natural spring nearby. I go to it for water." He finally just threw the stick he had been playing with into the fire and looked sternly at Kagome. "I still have no idea why I told you all of this, but you had better not breathe a word of it to anyone!!!" Kagome looked shocked at his sudden aggression. His face remained cold and stern. Kagome smiled.

"Inuyasha," she said picking up his hand. "Your secret is safe with me." Inuyasha blushed a little and then jerked his hand back.

"Well, it sure as hell better be!!!" he said. He then leaned closer to Kagome and sniffed her a little. "What about you? You don't have the same smell as some of the other humans in our class." Kagome looked confused.

"As far as I know I am 100% human!" she said with a smile. "My grandfather is a priest and I live at my family's shrine back in the city. I help my mother and grandfather take care of the shrine. My father died when I was a child." Kagome brought her knees to her chest. "I would really like you to meet my friends Sango and Miroku. I think they could be of help to you especially when it comes to relaying news of demon/human interactions. They always know what's going on." Inuyasha pondered this for a moment.

"I don't need anyone's help. I am perfectly fine on my own!" he said roughly.

"Well at least meet them," she pleaded.

"I can't!" he snapped. "I told you that my cologne doesn't work on them!"

"So…what are they going to do?" she said placing her hands on her hips in defense of her friends. "I told you before how we took care of that other hanyou. Not once did they think of revealing her secret. Besides, they're after demons that are hurting humans. As long as you are not hurting anyone, by law, they can't do anything to you."

Inuyasha sat there for a minute. "But why would you want me to meet them?"

"I told you," she began. "They could help protect your secret. They would know what is going on in the community and could relay news to you."

`It's not that bad of an idea, but can I trust this girl?' Inuyasha thought. `She seems okay and she already knows that I am a hanyou. She hasn't run away scared yet.'

"You really don't care that I am a hanyou, do you?" he said staring at her.

"What kind of a question is that? Why would I care? If you were a mean person and threatened to take my life, I would care, but you are none of those things. In fact, you saved my life so I know you're not a bad guy." She stood up. "I believe everyone deserves a fair chance. Even though I am human, I believe that not all demons are bad and not all humans are good. We are born with good and evil paths. Which path we choose is up to us." Inuyasha just stared at her. `How can someone be so pure and good that they are almost naïve?' he thought. He stood up.

"Fine. I will meet this Sango and Miroku you speak of tomorrow after school. Right now you need to rest," he said. Kagome looked at her watch.

"It's 1:00 a.m.!!!" Kagome shouted. Kagome sunk to her knees. "My mother is going to kill me." Inuyasha came over to her.

"Would your mother really kill you for being home too late?" he asked shocked. "In that case you are welcome to stay here." Kagome looked at him.

"No, no. I just meant that she is going to pissed and I will be in trouble," she said worried about the fate awaiting her arrival home. "What am I going to do?"

"So, just tell her that you were attacked," he said.

"No! Mom would never let me out of the house again!" she said. "I know!" She picked up her cell phone out of her backpack and called her mother. "Hey, mom! It's me! Yeah, I am over at Yuri's house studying. I know it's late and I am really sorry that it has taken me so long to call you. We just got caught up studying and lost track of time. Is it okay if I just stay over here? Demons are out at this time and I would be scared to walk home…oh…okay…thanks mom! I love you, too!!" Kagome hung up the phone. "She is going to let me stay. She was just worried about me trying to walk home this late."

"Okay," he said and walked over and sat by the entrance. Kagome looked confused.

"Aren't you going to go to sleep?" she asked.

"I'll sleep fine over here. You can have my mat and blanket. It's probably not as comfortable as you're used to but it's all I have," he said staring off into space. He said it with no emotion. `He's so afraid to be nice to people,' she thought. "No really! That's okay. I can sleep on the…"

"Sleep there!!!" he shouted. "I am going to be fine sleeping upright." Kagome took a step back.

"Fine! You don't have to yell at me!" she said and turned to walk to his blanket. "Besides…" she walked over to him and got inches from his face. Inuyasha blushed heavily and didn't move. "I think this place is kind of cool!" She patted him on the head. He growled a little at the thought of being patted like a real dog. She turned to walk over to his mat and blanket. "Oh, and Inuyasha?" she said as she settled herself under his blanket. "Thank you." She smiled. Inuyasha nodded his head but still didn't look at her.

"Get some sleep," he said. She nestled herself into his covers. It was actually very comfortable.

"Good night, Inuyasha," she said and then drifted off to sleep. Inuyasha looked over to where she was laying.

"Good night, Kagome," he said contently.

That night, Kagome woke up in the middle of the night. She rubbed her eyes and looked around. The fire had begun to dwindle down to a mere spark and Inuyasha sat as she had left him asleep. She noticed him shivering. She felt fine with the blanket on her, but he had to be freezing. Kagome started the fire up again and moved her mat and pillow close to the fire so she could keep warm. She looked at Inuyasha. He seemed so peaceful. She walked over to him. "Here," she whispered and wrapped the blanket around him. She returned to her mat and quickly went back to sleep. It wasn't long after she had fallen asleep that Inuyasha woke up. `Where'd this blanket come from?' he thought. He looked up to see Kagome lying close to the fire without a blanket. `Can you really be that unselfish?' he thought. He noticed that she had obviously started another fire. It, too, would be out within another couple of hours. He could stand the cold more than she could. He was used to it and he was half-demon. He stood up and moved closer to the fire. He placed his blanket back on her. He stared at her for a minute. He just couldn't comprehend how someone could be so kind. His whole life people had been mean to him because he was half-demon. This time was different. Kagome was different. `Perhaps, this time I have found a friend,' he thought as he settled himself in a spot closer to the fire. `Nevertheless, I will keep my guard up. I can't trust anyone…not even her.' He looked at her one last time then drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Kagome and Inuyasha raced towards school. They had woken up later than they thought and Inuyasha was having to jump from building to building with Kagome on his back. They finally got through the classroom just as the bell rang. They slammed down into their seats as the teacher eyed them warily. Kagome also felt other stares on her. She turned around to see her friends giving her looks.

"Where have you been?" Yuri whispered. "Did you come to school with him?" Kagome nodded. Yuri gasped and relayed the message to her friends.

"I'll tell you the rest after class," Kagome whispered back.

After class, her friends rushed up to her and asked her a million questions. "How did that happen? We didn't see you guys the entire way to school." Eri asked. "Are you going out with him?"

"No!" Kagome said. "I…I…" She didn't want to reveal Inuyasha's secret to them so she had to think of something quick. "Well, I was actually running late to school today so I just started running down the sidewalk to make it on time and ran into him. Since we started talking to each other yesterday, I spoke to him and we started talking." It was kind of a lame excuse, but she had to think of something believable that didn't involve demons.

Around the corner sat a perceptive set of ears. `She didn't tell them!' he thought. `Why didn't she tell them? They are her best friends so why didn't she tell them?' He pondered this for a minute.

"Kagome, is he a nice guy?" Yuri asked. "He seemed so reserved before. What's different from then and now?" Ugh! She had to think of something again.

"Well I guess my persistence paid off," she said smiling. "He really is a nice guy. He just hides behind this `tough guy' image."

"Ahhhh!" her friends said in unison.

That was it! He had had enough! He walked around the corner as Kagome's friends gasped at his presence. He gave Kagome a weak smile as he passed by as if to say hey. They all watched him until he was out of sight. Ayame grabbed Kagome by the shirt and said, "You can't tell me you don't want that!!!" Kagome blushed.

"I…I…" Kagome stuttered. "He's my friend. Nothing more."

"But you would like for it to be more," Yuri chimed in with a grin. Kagome blushed again.

"C'mon guys! Lay off me! Can't we change the subject or something," she said releasing herself from Ayame's grasp.

"Fine!" Ayame said. "But if you don't want him, can I have him?"

They all sweat dropped. Ayame was so boy crazy.

After school that day, Kagome waited outside the school for Inuyasha to show. Her friends showed before Inuyasha. "Hi Kagome!" Eri said waving.

"Hi guys!" Kagome said. `Oh no!' she thought. `I am waiting for Inuyasha and I am going to have to make up another lie.' Her friends started walking passed her.

"Uh Kagome? Aren't you going to walk with us?" Yuri asked.

"I would, but…" Kagome was cut off short when she saw Inuyasha walking out of the schoolhouse. Her friends looked at her.

"Oh, so that's what this is all about, huh?" Yuri said with a grin.

"Oh my god he is so hot!!!" Ayame said like a little girl.

"Control yourself, Ayame!!!" Eri said. "He's coming this way!" Inuyasha walked straight to Kagome, but said nothing and just looked from her to her friends.

"Inuyasha, this is Yuri, Ayame, and Eri," Kagome blurted out before Ayame could say something stupid. He nodded his head at them. They smiled and said hey.

"So," Yuri started. "Where are you two going?" Inuyasha froze as if he had been caught doing something he shouldn't.

"We are just going to study for tomorrow's test!" Kagome said quickly. Inuyasha gave her a confused look. "He doesn't really know the teacher that well so he asked me to help him study since I have taken one of the teacher's tests before." Inuyasha continued to stare at her with the same confused expression.

"Mmm Hmm!" Ayame said with a mischievous grin on her face.

"Well, anyway, we have to go!" Kagome said and she grabbed Inuyasha by the arm and started pulling with her as she almost ran down the sidewalk. "See you guys tomorrow!"

She waved back to them.

"Wait! Kagome!" Eri hollered after her. "Darn! She is always taking off like that!"

"I would too if I got to study that!" announced Ayame with a devilish grin. Eri and Yuri sweat dropped.

"Is she ever going to get over the fact that Inuyasha is a total hottie?" Yuri asked Eri. Eri shook her head no.

"Whew!!!" Kagome said with relief. "That was a close one!" Inuyasha looked at her.

"Why did you lie to them?" he asked confused. Kagome stared back at him.

"Because I needed to save your secret. If I had told them that we were going to see Sango and Miroku, they would have started to think all kind of things about you. They might have even thought that you were full demon, and we can't have them thinking like that. Your secret needs to be kept from as many people as possible," Kagome said intently.

Inuyasha just stared back at her. `She is really intent on keeping my identity a secret,' he thought. They continued walking until they finally reached Sango's house. Sango and Miroku were sitting on the porch, but stood up as soon as they saw them coming.

"Do you feel that, Miroku?" Sango asked.

"I sure do," he said. "He's half-demon."

Kagome and Inuyasha finally made their way up Sango's walkway. "Hey Sango! How's it going?!" she asked happily.

"Fine," Sango replied. Her face held no expression and she stared straight at Inuyasha. Inuyasha began to growl.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome said wondering why he had suddenly started growling. She looked up to see Sango's expressionless face. She looked to Miroku for help.

"Easy guy! We're not going to hurt you, but you have to remember that we hunt demons for a living making sure that peace remains in this city," he said. "But you seem to have a good heart…hanyou." Inuyasha looked away from him and huffed. Kagome looked surprised that Miroku and Sango had figured it out so quickly. Sango's expression softened at hearing Miroku announce that he had a good heart.

"I am sorry for my rudeness," Sango said. "I must always be on the alert. Won't you come in?" They both followed Sango and Miroku into Sango's living room. "I'll go get us some tea." And with that, she left to go into the kitchen. Kagome and Inuyasha sat down on the couch. Miroku sat in the chair across from them. Sango soon returned with the tea and poured everyone some. As they sat there sipping on their tea, Kagome began to tell Miroku and Sango everything that Inuyasha had told her from his childhood to present. She then told Sango and Miroku how he had saved her life.

"Oh, you poor thing!" Sango cried out. "You are welcome to stay here with us. We have an extra bedroom. It won't be the first time we have housed a hanyou."

"I'm perfectly fine where and how I am," Inuyasha said abruptly.

"I decided to introduce you guys so then you relay messages to Inuyasha if anything starts to happen between the humans and demons. His safety is at risk no matter where he goes so you guys are going to have to promise me that you will take his secret to the grave," Kagome said hopefully. Inuyasha looked surprised. He knew she said she would keep his identity a secret, but he never imagined that she would go through with and so desperately. `Why is this girl so concerned about me?' he thought.

"Of course we will keep it a secret," Miroku said. "If humans were to ever find out, he wouldn't be able to attend school, and if the demons ever found out…they would kill him!" Inuyasha jumped up.

"I ain't about to be killed by no damn demon!!!" he shouted placing his hand on his sword.

"You may be a powerful fighter Inuyasha, but can you take out thousands of demons? You know as well as I do there are thousands of demons in this city alone. If your scent were ever revealed, it wouldn't just be the demons in this city that would be after you. They'd come from miles around to rid the world of a hanyou," Miroku said calmly. Inuyasha knew he was right. He probably could take on hundreds of demons by himself, but not thousands. He sat back down with a defeated look on his face.

"Cheer up Inuyasha!" Kagome said smiling and resting a hand on his shoulder. "That's why I introduced you to these guys in the first place. They can help you and let you know of anything they hear or sense. You can continue to be safe and lead a normal life." Inuyasha looked up at Kagome.

"Why are you being so nice to me?" he asked. "I haven't done anything for you to be doing this. What do you want?"

"I don't want anything from you," she said stunned. "You saved my life. Now, I am just trying to give you a life." Inuyasha looked stunned. He smiled a little though.

"Inuyasha, if you ever need anything you can always come to us, okay?" Sango said. "And your secret is safe." She winked at him. How could these people be so nice to him and know he was a hanyou?

`These people are different,' he thought. `Different from all of the other assholes I've met before. They actually have kind hearts.' They all continued to talk for a couple of more hours. Everyone got to know Inuyasha a lot better and Inuyasha opened his heart to them a little more the longer he stayed.

Finally, Kagome said, "Whoa! Look at the time! It will start to get dark in about an hour. I should probably head home before I become someone's dinner again." For some reason, the thought of that happening stung Inuyasha like a knife.

"You have nothing to worry about, Kagome. I'll walk you home," he said. Miroku and Sango exchanged glances as if to say `what did he just say?' Inuyasha walked towards the door. Kagome hugged her friends good-bye and then walked to the door.

"Be careful you two," Miroku warned. "And hurry!" They both nodded their heads. Inuyasha really had to hurry because he still had the human scent on him and had to get back to his cave. The two of them began walking towards Kagome's shrine.

"So? What do you think of the Miroku and Sango helping you idea?" Kagome asked eagerly. Inuyasha looked away from her.

"It sounds good, but then again everything sounds good in the beginning," he said.

Kagome frowned. "We're really going to have to do something about that negative attitude of yours." They looked at each other and said nothing for a minute. Then, Kagome smiled. "Cheer up! Things aren't as bad as you think they are! Besides, you have friends now who are going to look out for you." That definitely caught his attention. He hadn't had friends in a long time. He had come to the realization that Kagome could be trusted…it was just going to take him a while to actually fully trust her. He had just met Sango and Miroku so he was still unsure of them being trustworthy.

"I guess I will eventually find out if everything you speak of is genuine," he said. Kagome looked a little hurt by his comment. They arrived at her shrine safely.

"Inuyasha?" she began. Inuyasha turned to look at her and could have been knocked over with a feather when he saw her hurtful expression. `Did I cause her to look so hurt and sad?' he thought. "You can trust me, you can trust Sango, and you can trust Miroku. We are your friends Inuyasha! Maybe one day you'll realize that." She turned to walk up the steps to her shrine.

"Kagome?" he called out. She turned to look at him. "Thank you!" he said and before she could react he flew off into the sunset.