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I'm really glad you posted this. You see, Kagome, Miroku, and Sango are all human. They know very little about the rituals and rules of demons. I mostly wrote that chapter to clear up any confusion any of you may have had on the status of Inuyasha…thus another reason I allowed Kagome to stay in the dark. Now, the question still remains…shouldn't everyone with a brain have figured it out? First, let's address Kagome. She just saved the human race and obtained a precious and powerful jewel. She is still learning to be a good fighter and control her powers, and she also is having an emotional struggle about her feelings for Inuyasha. She was too focused on other things to figure out the situation at hand, and all she knew was that Inuyasha could choose to stay in the castle, leaving her by herself. That's pretty much Kagome's character in this story. She is always the last one to figure it out. Once they arrived at the castle, Kagome pretty much had an idea of what was going on, but just wanted someone to confirm it for her. Again, I made Kagome the ditz in this situation so I could explain a few things. Then there's Sango and Miroku. They pretty much knew everything from day one. The ONLY reason they were shocked when Myouga was speaking was because they didn't realize that Inuyasha was practically the Lord of the Western Lands except without the formal title just yet. He had all the power and inheritance. They had thought that basically there was no one in power right now and that Inuyasha had to choose whether or not to take over that power so that he could restore honor to his father.

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Oh and quick WARNING: Angst Ahead!

Chapter 46

The servants smiled and bowed slightly to show their acceptance of what Inuyasha had just said. Myouga, Sango, Shippo, and Miroku just stood there wondering where the real Inuyasha had gone. They weren't used to seeing Inuyasha being mature and expressing his desire to do what is right for someone…other than Kagome that is. Kagome just stood there, happy as a little lark. She smiled and walked over to him.

"I have faith that you will do what it is right," Kagome said with a sweet smile. "You're right. This is your decision, but we are here if you need to talk about it." Inuyasha smiled.

"Thanks, Kagome," he said with a soft smile.

Kagome jumped a little because she really wasn't used to Inuyasha showing gratitude just yet, but she smiled at him nonetheless.

"Now…I think you owe me a tour of the castle," she said happily. Inuyasha rolled his eyes. Kagome gave him puppy dog eyes and pleaded with him.

"Please, sire," Kagome said sarcastically, acting like a distressed damsel. "It would be my honor if you could take me on the tour of your majestic castle."

If it had been anyone else, but Kagome, he would have been a little peeved. But since it was her, Inuyasha merely rolled his eyes and extended his arm.

"Fine, fine," Inuyasha said as Kagome took his arm. "If it will get you to shut-up, I will show you the castle."

Kagome squealed in delight, and the two began walking into the foyer, leaving the others behind in the neighboring great room. The servants all smiled excitedly at one another. Myouga shook his head, and Sango and Miroku were still in a state of shock. The servants even started rejoicing a little.

"Wow!" Satoru said. "Lady Kagome sure has had an effect on Master Inuyasha!"

"You have no idea!" Miroku said looking at him. "When I met Inuyasha, he was cold, hot-tempered, and very closed to everyone and everything. He kept to himself and allowed no one inside his head or heart. Now, Inuyasha actually calls us his friends. He protects us, and has even risked his life for us. He is open with Kagome the most. I am sure there are things she knows that none of us know to this day. She has somehow managed to heal the wounds to his heart."

"Yep," Myouga said. "That Lady Kagome is one amazing woman!"

"We have heard rumors of the relationship between the two, but found it hard to believe because we actually knew Lord Inuyasha before he ever left for the East," Satoru said, but then he smiled. "Now, we see with our own eyes that the rumors are somewhat true. Lord Inuyasha is still as stubborn as ever, but Lady Kagome somehow manages to break down his emotional barrier. He is happy when she is around, and it seems like he would do anything for her. Is he in love with Lady Kagome?"

"We think he is," Sango said. "Though he would never admit it to any of us or even to Kagome for that matter."

"Besides," Miroku said eyeing Satoru skeptically. "It's obvious that you and the other servants want Kagome to rule by Inuyasha's side. You keep calling her Lady Kagome, meaning you want her here with your `Lord' Inuyasha." The servants smiled sheepishly and held a look of guilt on their face, confirming Miroku's suspicions.

"You have to understand," Satoru said. "For one thing, it is written in the prophecy. For another we have heard of Lady Kagome's pure heart. She would be an excellent asset to the Western Lands and she reminds us so much of Lord Inuyasha's mother."

"Inuyasha's mother?" Sango said.

"Yes," Satoru said. "Kind and gentle, but not afraid to stand up for what she believes in."

"That's Kagome all right!" Sango said.

Meanwhile, with Kagome and Inuyasha….

Inuyasha walked Kagome into the foyer. He released her, however, when he picked up the scent of his parents again.

"Damnit!" Inuyasha said sniffing the air.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome said, wondering what he was doing.

"I keep smelling the scent of my parents in this one room," Inuyasha said. "But why this one room?"

Inuyasha continued to walk around the foyer, sniffing the ground and the walls as best he could. Kagome watched, and for some reason began getting a little worried. `Why does he smell his parents?' Kagome thought. Inuyasha continued sniffing until he came to the back right corner of the foyer. He drew away and put his arm to his face. The scent was overwhelming over there. Kagome ran over to him.

"Is everything okay?" Kagome asked. "What is it?"

"Their scent," Inuyasha said. "It's…it's overwhelming right here and even smells putrid…." Inuyasha's voice trailed off and his eyes widened in horror.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked when she noticed his disposition. Ignoring her, Inuyasha began ripping away at the floor and wallpaper.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome exclaimed when she saw him tearing apart his beautiful castle. "What on earth are you doing?"

Everyone in the neighboring room heard the commotion and ran into the foyer to see what all of the fuss was all about. When they saw what Inuyasha was doing, the servants' eyes widened in fear and dismay.

"Inuyasha, no!!!" Satoru called out, but it was too late. Kagome screamed and Inuyasha turned around and began vomiting on the floor. Miroku and Sango ran over to see what was going on and gasped loudly. There, underneath the tiles and wallpaper, were huge bloodstains. When Inuyasha was done vomiting, he turned around and stared at the stains.

"This…this…is my parents' blood," Inuyasha said in a state of shock, still feeling like he was going to throw up again.

Everyone except the servants gasped. Tears began flowing down Inuyasha's cheeks though his face held no emotion except anger. He stood, still staring at the bloodstains on the wall and floor. Kagome just stood there with her mouth agape. She didn't know what to say or do. She felt helpless. She was angry, sad, shocked, and confused all at the same time. Inuyasha then walked passed Kagome and the others until he reached the servants. He towered over them angrily as they quivered beneath him in fear.

"You knew about this…didn't you?" Inuyasha said in a low, angry growl.

"But Master Inuyasha," Satoru said. "You have to understand we were given orders by Sesshomaru to cover up the blood with new tile and wallpaper! He killed two of the servants that were trying to clean it up! I cried the entire time! You have to believe us! We would never do such a horrible thing intentionally! He even ordered us to just burn the body of your parents and let their ashes blow away in the wind! However, we managed to sneak the bodies out and bury them behind the castle! Please forgive us, sire!"

All of the servants, including Myouga fell to their knees and bowed down before him, begging for forgiveness.

"You knew about this, Myouga?" Inuyasha asked in his low, angry growl.

"Unfortunately, yes sire," Myouga replied still with his head bowed before him. "Though I did not take part in putting the wallpaper and tiles up because I was in a different sector of the castle, I knew about the orders. I was also one of the ones who helped sneak your parents' bodies away so they could have a proper burial."

The servants quivered beneath Inuyasha knowing their death would come at any second. They trembled and waited for the inevitable…until they heard something they didn't expect. Inuyasha growled angrily and instead of hitting them, he turned around and released an attack on the unsuspecting walls and floor that still held his parents' blood.

"Sankon tessou!" Inuyasha shouted releasing the attack on the wall and floor, but someone was in the path of his attack. "Kagome! NO! Get out of there!"

"Kagome!" Sango and Miroku screamed towards her.

"Lady Kagome!" Myouga and the servants screamed.

Kagome screamed and jumped out of the way just before the attack made a direct impact on her. She landed a few feet away flat on her stomach, but screamed again when various debris began showering down on her. Surprisingly, the wall still stood, but with severe damage. However, the wall and floor were finally relieved of its bloodstains. Unfortunately, much of the debris had landed on Kagome.

"KAGOME!!!" Inuyasha yelled as he stood there shaking in fear and disbelief at what he had just done. His eyes were wide with terror as he ran over to her and began removing various debris.

The servants and Sango and Miroku immediately joined in while Shippo and Kirara waited in fear. They soon reached Kagome and found that not as much debris had fallen on her as they had thought. Inuyasha gently lifted her to a sitting position. Her head fell back limply in Inuyasha's arms.

"Kagome!" he said shaking her and patting her face. "Kagome! Come on! Come on, Kagome! Wake up! Come on!"

Kagome's eyes soon fluttered open and she started coughing. She looked up to see who held her and met Inuyasha's concerned, golden orbs staring back down at her. She sat up and began coughing more.

"K-Kagome…are you okay?" he asked her. She looked at him.

"Whew …*cough*…that…*cough*…was a close one," she said through coughs.

"Kagome," Inuyasha mused. She looked at him with soft, sweet eyes to let him know she was okay. She knew he was going to be worried about her. She knew he would never forgive himself for this, and she didn't want the added stress on him.

"Kagome," Inuyasha mused again scooting closer to her. He touched a scratch on her cheek.

"Really, Inuyasha, it's…" she began.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha said throwing himself on her and crying like a little baby. "Kagome, I am so sorry! I am so sorry, Kagome!"

His actions had startled Kagome. She looked up at Sango and Miroku who had tears in their eyes for their hanyou friend. Inuyasha had gone through more than what a normal person could stand and still maintain their sanity. Now, he was letting it all out. He had almost severely hurt Kagome, and he lost it. Kagome stroked his back gently. She allowed him just to sit there and cry for a minute. She wanted him to let it all out. She thought it would be good for him to finally be able to release his pent up tension and anxiety. When, he finally started calming down a little, she decided to speak.

"Shhh! Look, I'm fine," she said soothingly. "I'm okay. You didn't know I was going to be standing there. I shouldn't have been in the way. Everything's fine. I'm not hurt and everything is going to be okay. It's okay."

Kagome continued to stroke his back and even moved up to scratching his head and ears. She was doing her best to try to relax him. Inuyasha had a death grip on her. He thought he had really hurt her. He thought that he had finally gone off the deep end and hurt the one most precious to him. He was so relieved to find she was still alive and well.

"I didn't mean to!" Inuyasha said through his sobs.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome said scolding him a little. "I know you didn't mean to! Don't be silly! I know you would never hurt me on purpose!"

He lifted his head from her shoulder and looked into her eyes. He just stared at her for a minute, then began searching her body for injuries. Everyone else looked on in concern and sympathy as Inuyasha frantically searched Kagome.

"Inuyasha, I said I am fine!" she said. He finally stopped and looked at her.

"Do you think you can stand?" Inuyasha asked.

"Yeah," she said. "If you can help me."

"Of course," he said and began lifting her to her feet.

When Inuyasha set her down on her own two feet, Kagome winced in pain. Her ankle had gotten twisted underneath some of the debris. She didn't think anything was broken. It was pretty much just a sprain and should heal itself within a day or so, but she didn't want Inuyasha to know she was hurt in any way, shape, or form. She knew he would totally flip out so she tried to stand without showing any pain. Miroku and Sango, however, knew better. They could tell Kagome was in pain. They assumed it was her ankle since she didn't show any pain until she stood up. She tried to stand there without a look of pain on her face.

"See," she said. "I'm fine."

When she tried to take another step, however, she almost fell flat on her face again, and she would have…had Inuyasha not caught her. She couldn't walk…and she knew it. She could barely even stand. She looked up to Inuyasha to make sure he wasn't about to flip out when he realized she was hurt. He had a shameful look on his face and then looked to Myouga.

"Is Dr. Masaki still here?" Inuyasha asked.

"Yes, my Lord," Myouga replied. "He is still in the same place in the castle as well. Is he there right now, Satoru?"

"Should be," Satoru said. "He was going to be heading over here to get some dinner soon so you need to hurry!"

"What???" Kagome said. "I don't need to see a doc…agh!"

But before Kagome could finish her statement, Inuyasha had picked her up bridal style and was on his way to see Dr. Masaki. Everyone shook their heads as they watched Inuyasha disappear around the corner.

"Inuyasha is never going to forgive himself for this one," Miroku said.

"I see what you were talking about now," Satoru said. "That's the first time I have ever seen Lord Inuyasha cry. I never thought it would be over a woman."

"I think Kagome had a lot to do with it, but I really think that Inuyasha was just finally letting everything out," Sango said. "Inuyasha has been through a lot. I mean he found his parents' bloodstains and hurt the woman he cares about the most within five minutes of each other. That's enough to make the strongest man in the world cry."

"I agree," Myouga said. "Because he just did."

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