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Chapter 47

Inuyasha raced down the hall of the long building on the left side of the castle. He wanted to get Kagome there as fast as he could.

"I'm telling you, Inuyasha, I'm fine!" Kagome said somewhat annoyed. "Now put me down!"

"And I'm telling you that you aren't!" Inuyasha said as he ran. "So sit there, shut-up, and let me take care of you!"

Kagome's eyes widened as she was somewhat touched by what Inuyasha had just said. Even if he had yelled at her, he was concerned for her well-being. Kagome crossed her arms over her chest and decided to just wait it out. Inuyasha soon saw the doctor closing his door down the hall. He was locking his door for the day.

"Doc, wait!" Inuyasha screamed. The doctor looked up at Inuyasha in disbelief.

"I don't believe it! Inuyasha?" he said excitedly. "Is that you? My, you've grown!"

Inuyasha stopped in front of him and nodded.

"It's nice to see you again too, but right now I am going to have to ask you to see about my friend here," Inuyasha said.

"Is this the Kagome I have heard so much about?" Dr. Masaki said.

"Pleased to meet you," Kagome said as she sweat-dropped. `Does everyone have to know who I am? It's starting to get annoying.'

"Okay, well let's go inside my office and I will have a look at her," Dr. Masaki said.

He reopened the door to reveal a very elaborate waiting room. It was the nicest doctor's office Kagome had ever seen and the waiting room was huge. They walked passed the front desk and into the back rooms. The hallway was very wide and looked like your typical doctor's hallway except everything was of the finest quality. The walls were completely white, but the floors were of the same white marble as the foyer. The doorways and the top and bottom of the walls were trimmed in a plated gold, and the doors were white. They soon reached a back room and they walked inside. Again, it was unnecessarily huge.

"Lay her down on the patient's table," Dr. Masaki said.

It was just like a regular doctor's patient table, except longer and much more comfortable. Inuyasha laid Kagome down gently. He stared at her face and softly brushed the stray hairs away from her face. He had such a gentle and loving look on his face. Kagome couldn't help, but stare back.

"So what seems to be the problem?" the doctor said interrupting their thoughts and walking over to Kagome.

Inuyasha didn't know what to say at first. How was he to tell someone he had just been reunited with that he had just hurt the savior of the human race?

"Uh…um…" Inuyasha began.

"Some debris fell on me and Inuyasha helped dig me out. I was trapped under there and I think my ankle got pinned in a weird position," Kagome said quickly. Inuyasha looked at her. She hadn't said how she had ended up under that debris. He was thankful, but at the same time it made him feel that much more guilty about the situation to know that he was responsible for hurting someone so unselfish and caring.

"I see," Dr. Masaki said.

"I think she needs a head to toe check-up!" Inuyasha said quickly. Kagome and Dr. Masaki looked at him, a little startled by his outburst. "I want to make sure there is nothing else wrong with her. It was a lot of debris." Inuyasha hung his head and looked the other way.

"Inuyasha, I…" Kagome began.

"I think he is right," Dr. Masaki interrupted. "We need to do an X-ray anyway so we might as well do your entire body. We need to make sure you're not bleeding internally and that you don't have any injuries or broken bones elsewhere."

Inuyasha flinched at his suggestion. Inuyasha turned around as tears began to well up in his eyes. Dr. Masaki, however, didn't seem to notice. He was too absorbed in his work. He took Kagome's temperature and blood pressure. He then blew his breath on his stethoscope and rubbed it on his shirt.

"Now this may feel a little cold to your chest, but I need to feel your heartbeat," Dr. Masaki said. Kagome nodded, but Inuyasha whirled around just as the doctor was about to reach up Kagome's shirt.

"WHAT???" Inuyasha said flaming with anger. "What the hell do you think you are doing?"

"Um…checking Kagome's heartbeat?" Dr. Masaki said looking at Inuyasha as if he had lost his mind.

"He's…a…doctor!" Kagome said flatly to Inuyasha as if he was being so stupid. Inuyasha growled and turned around again so that his back faced them. Dr. Masaki laughed heartily.

"I can assure you, Inuyasha," Dr. Masaki said with a laugh. "I am a professional at my work."

Inuyasha growled and folded his arms across his chest. A light blush crossed his cheeks. He knew he was being protective of Kagome, but he didn't understand why doctors needed to touch all over her anyway. This guy was supposed to the best doctor in all of Japan. If he were so good, he wouldn't need to touch Kagome to know what was wrong with her.

Kagome rolled her eyes as the doctor examined her. Inuyasha's protection of her was flattering, but there was no sense in getting all defensive over a doctor. He was the one who brought her there after all. He shouldn't complain.

"Okay," Dr. Masaki said. "Everything seems fine so far. Let me look at your ankle." He began examining her ankle. "Well, it doesn't seem to be broken, but it does seem to be sprained pretty badly. I'd like to run some tests just in case."

"Okay," Inuyasha said going over to Kagome and picking her up in his arms again. He followed Dr. Masaki out of the room and into another room that was quite dark and full of different kinds of medical equipment and machinery.

"Okay, Kagome," Dr. Masaki said. "We are going to run some quick scans so I need you take off all of your clothes and put this on. Please take off any jewelry you have as well."

"Whhhaaaattt?" Inuyasha's said, his right eye twitching in anger.

"Inuyasha, not again!" Kagome said.

"But why do you have to get naked?!!!" Inuyasha yelled angrily. "If that thing can see through your skin, why can't it see through your clothes!!!"

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled. "Sit, boy!"


Inuyasha face-planted into the ground. `I guess I deserved that,' he thought. Kagome grumbled and rolled her eyes. She took the robe from the doctor and hobbled/limped passed Inuyasha to the changing room.

"I swear, Inuyasha! This was your idea!" she said closing the door behind her.

Inuyasha propped his head up with his left hand and began tapping his fingers on the ground with his right hand. Dr. Masaki shook his head and walked over to Inuyasha. He squatted next to him.

"Well, that was interesting," he said with a laugh. "Really, Inuyasha, Kagome will be just fine."

"I didn't ask you that!" he barked at him.

"Aren't you going to get up?" the doctor asked.

"Why bother," Inuyasha said. "I know I am going to get pissed when I see her walk out wearing practically nothing and I'll end up here again. Might as well just stay down here."

The doctor laughed. It was about that time that Kagome opened the door. She had on a robe that barely covered her. Inuyasha's mouth dropped open. He began growling. The doctor stood.

"Ah, Kagome! Okay, let's get to it then," the doctor said.

"Kagome! Put some clothes on you crazy wench!" Inuyasha barked. "Have some decency for crying out loud!" Kagome opened her mouth to sit him. He saw it coming and sprawled out on the ground.

"Sit!" she said.

Inuyasha felt severe pressure plant him into the floor, but that was about it.

"HA!" Inuyasha said jumping to his feet and pointing his finger triumphantly at her.

"Sit boy!" Kagome said again.


"Stupid!" she muttered as she did her best to try to make it back to the scanning bed. Inuyasha silently cursed himself for being stupid enough to jump to his feet after that. He looked up and noticed Kagome having trouble getting back to the table. He growled and stood up. He walked over to her, picked her up, and laid her down gently on the table.

"Thank you," she said.

"Hmph!" he said turning his back to her, but softened a little when he reminded himself that it was his fault she was even in this predicament. She rolled her eyes and waited for the doctor.

"Okay, Kagome, now just relax. Inuyasha and I are going to go step behind the wall over here and take pictures of a few of your bones and organs," he said with a smile. Kagome nodded.

After they had taken the pictures, the doctor walked them out and locked the door behind him.

"Kagome should be fine," he said. "Just try to stay off your foot until tomorrow morning. I'll have your diagnosis then. Put ice on it tonight to prevent swelling and I will see you first thing in the morning."

"Thank you, Dr. Masaki," Kagome said.

"Now, Inuyasha, I trust you will take good care of Lady Kagome tonight," Dr. Masaki said. Inuyasha gave him a questioning look. "Don't look at me like that. You need to be by her side all night long. If she has internal bleeding then someone is going to have to make sure she gets to me quickly, and I highly doubt that any of the human servants around here can run as fast as you can."

Inuyasha's ears laid flat against his head. Internal bleeding? Stay with Kagome that night? He didn't want to leave Kagome alone with that new information, but he also felt awkward about staying with Kagome that night. He decided he would just try to stay up all night. He had done it before. He could do it again.

"Dr. Masaki!" Kagome said frantically. "Are you sure? I mean, is it really necessary that Inuyasha stay with me? I mean, why can't Sango? At least she's a girl!" Inuyasha growled.

"Don't worry about it, Kagome! I got no desire to take advantage of you!" he retorted tooting his nose up in the air. Kagome frowned.

`Why that little…' she thought. `Wait! What's wrong with me? I don't want him to take advantage of me! He could have at least been nicer about it though! That's fine! Two can play at this game!' Inuyasha watched as Dr. Masaki walked away.

"Wait!" Inuyasha called out. "Just what the hell am I supposed to do now?"

"I already told you," the doctor called back. "Pleasant dreams Lord Inuyasha and Lady Kagome."

Both of them blushed furiously as Inuyasha swore he was going to get a hold of that doctor first thing in the morning. Needless to say, Inuyasha was really worried about Kagome and still felt guilty about what he had done so he turned around and began walking to the royal chambers again.

Meanwhile, the doctor held a mischievous grin on his face. `Kagome is going to be fine,' he thought. `She has a pretty sprained ankle, but I saw no signs of internal bleeding. Even so, it doesn't hurt to make Inuyasha think that until tomorrow morning. Pleasant dreams Lord and Lady Takashi.'

When they finally arrived at the royal chambers, Inuyasha pushed the door open, and walked over and set Kagome down on the bed.

"Get comfortable," he said. "I'll go get you some ice for your foot. Do you want anything else?"

Kagome was surprised how Inuyasha's attitude had changed since they reached the room. He was all tough and gruff in front of the doctor, but as gentle and caring as a little lamb once they were in the bedroom. But then again, that's how Inuyasha is.

"Um, some tea would be nice," Kagome said innocently. Inuyasha nodded.

"Are you in pain?" he asked dropping his head. Kagome smiled sweetly.

"Inuyasha come here for a minute," she said patting the spot next to her on the bed. He walked over slowly, then sat down next to her. She took his hand in hers and looked into his eyes. A light blush crossed his features. "Inuyasha I know you would never do anything to intentionally hurt me so relax. You could have hurt me or let other people hurt me a million times over so why would you hurt me now?"

"That's not the point, Kagome!" Inuyasha said roughly. "The fact of the matter is that I hurt you with my own two hands. And even though I didn't mean to, it doesn't change the fact that you are in pain right now and I am the cause of it."

"I understand that, Inuyasha, but also understand that I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time," she said soothingly. "Yes, I was frightened, but what I was more frightened about was the thought that you would never forgive yourself. I know you, Inuyasha. I know you didn't mean to do it. Don't beat yourself up about it, okay?" Inuyasha nodded. "Good!"

"Are you in pain?" he asked again.

"A little," she said. Inuyasha's ears flattened against his head. "Hey! Perk those ears up!" She giggled. "Awww! You know you really are adorable when your ears lay flat. You just look like a cute little puppy!" Inuyasha glared at her through slitted eyes.

"Riiiight," he said sarcastically, crossing his arms. Kagome giggled again.

"You really are cute when you want to be," she said hoping that would cheer him up. Inuyasha's ears perked up and he looked as if his mood had been lifted a little. "I can always tell what kind of mood you are in by what your ears are doing." She giggled again then patted his head. "Such a good boy!"

"Agh! Would you stop treating me like a dog already?" he growled swatting her hand away.

"But you are part dog," she said with a giggle.

"No!" he said stupidly. "I'm part dog demon! There's a big difference!"

"Whatever you say," Kagome said with a smile. Inuyasha rolled his eyes. He couldn't believe she kept treating him like a dog, but he had to admit that it was good to see her smile. Besides, he couldn't really say that he didn't enjoy the attention.

"I know we just went over this, Kagome…but…I really am sorry for what happened," Inuyasha said. Kagome smiled and nodded her head.

"Apology accepted," Kagome said. For some reason, that seemed to satisfy him more than anything else she had said. What he did was wrong no matter how many ways Kagome tried to sugar coat it. He just wanted Kagome to accept that and then accept his apology. When he heard her say that she accepted his apology, it felt like a ton of bricks had just been lifted off of him. He gave her a weak smile. He then stood and walked over to the door and stood next to the double doors.

"What are you doing?" Kagome asked. She had expected him to be leaving, but instead he just stood there.

"The doctor told me not to leave your side…and that's exactly what I intend on doing," Inuyasha said. "I'll just have the others bring up your tea and ice. I'm sure they'll understand the situation."

"Really, it's not…" Kagome began, but was cut off when she noticed Inuyasha about to press something on the wall. Kagome hadn't noticed it until now, but there was a speaker above a button next to the doors to the bedroom. `Don't tell me they have an intercom system here,' Kagome thought. Inuyasha pressed the button, and within a couple of seconds one of the servants responded.

"Yes, my Lord?" the man on the other end said.

"How did you know it was me? And who is this?" Inuyasha asked.

"This is Satoru, sire. Dr. Masaki came by and let us know the situation so I figured it was you," he said. "What do you need my lord?"

"Oh, uh, Kagome's ankle is sprained pretty bad so we need some ice, and could you bring her some of that herbal tea as well?" Inuyasha asked.

"Right away, my lord," Satoru said. "I figured you would be needing the ice bag soon so I have it in the freezer ready and waiting. It'll be up there shortly my Lord."

"Thank you," Inuyasha said releasing the button on the intercom and turning around towards Kagome. He walked over towards the bed and smiled.

"It will be here shortly my lady," Inuyasha said mockingly and taking a small bow. Kagome laughed.

"Oh please!" she said with a laugh then looked at her hands. "It's me who should be bowing to you." Inuyasha gave her a confused look.

"Why in the world would you need to be bowing to me?" Inuyasha said walking over and taking a seat next to her on the bed.

"You're kinda sorta the Lord of the Western Lands right now," Kagome said as she nervously fiddled with the bedspread. "Ever since I was a little girl I always thought that the Lord of the Eastern Lands was so cool, but that was of course before Sesshomaru took over and appointed new Lords and Ladies of each of the Lands. I met Lord Kizoku once…when I was a little girl."

"What?" Inuyasha said half shocked and half excited. "You met my father?"

"Was that your father?" Kagome asked.

"Yes," Inuyasha said. "Kizoku Takashi was my father." Kagome smiled excitedly.

"I figured it was, but I didn't want to make any assumptions. I didn't want to be like, `Hey! I met your father!' before I knew it was actually him! I just knew him as Lord Kizoku…not as Lord Takashi," Kagome said with a huge smile. "Wow! That's so cool!"

"So continue," Inuyasha urged, eager to know how Kagome had met his father.

"Anyway, I just remember as a little girl how I thought the Lords and Ladies of the Land were so cool. It was such an honor when I finally met your father. I met your father one day as he traveled through our city. I was a little girl and there was a huge welcoming ceremony. People lined the streets just so they could see him. He was there on business with the Lord of the Eastern Lands. I remember pushing my way to the front of the crowd and staring up at him. We happened to be where he was getting out and so he was there…standing right in front of me. But what he did still astonishes me to this day. Out of everyone in the crowd, he saw me…me…just normal Kagome Higurashi. There were a few servants behind him catching the flowers people were throwing to him. He stood over me and stared down at me. He then pulled a single rose from the many he had been thrown and squatted in front of me. At first, I was scared, but more because the Lord of the Western Lands was standing right there in front of me. He then took the rose and placed it in my hands. He smiled and said, `I expect great things from you little one…when all seems lost…the answer lies within your hands.' He then stood and walked away. To this day, I don't know what he meant by that. I thought he meant something about the rose, so I pressed it in between two pages of my diary and I still have it to this day. I know now that it had nothing to do with the rose he gave me, but I still don't know what he meant."

"Hmm," Inuyasha said thinking out loud. "My father was very wise. Maybe he was just referring to the prophecy and how you would one day save the human race."

"Maybe," Kagome said with a nod. `But for some reason, I feel like he meant something else,' she thought.

"Anyway," Kagome continued. "The whole point in me telling you that is to let you know that I have always held the utmost respect for the Lords and Ladies of the Lands. I always looked up to them and admired them. I remember my grandfather telling me as a little girl that as long as Lord Kizoku remained in power, Japan would find peace. Now not only are you Lord Kizoku's son, you're kinda sorta the unofficial Lord of the Western Lands!"

"So?" Inuyasha said as if it was no big deal.

"So?!" Kagome exclaimed. "That's a great honor! Do you realize how many people would kill to be in your position right now?"

Inuyasha sighed and stood up. He turned to face her, but looked passed her and out the window behind her. He placed his left hand on the hilt of his sword, and allowed his right hand to relax at his side. He immediately appeared to be deep in thought. Kagome eyed him warily.

"Inuyasha?" she said.

"Believe me, Kagome," Inuyasha said. "I know how serious this is. That's the reason I have no idea what I am going to do yet. I am not half the man my father was. My father was a wise, noble, and great man, and even he had problems ruling his people from time to time. My father's people have been through so much. First, my father dies and then they are left with a ruler like Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru was an evil tyrant, and spread evil throughout his people, caring nothing for their welfare. Sesshomaru was dangerous as a person and even more so as a ruler, but appointing a ruler that had no idea what they were doing would be just as dangerous. Ruling the lands takes great responsibility and leadership. One wrong decision could cost you and your people everything…their homes, their loved ones, and even their lives. My father saw the good in everyone, human and demon alike. That's what made him such a great leader. I will carefully select the person to rule the Western Lands. My father's people deserve someone like my father…and as soon as I find that person…that's exactly who they will get!"

Kagome sat in awe of Inuyasha. He had just spoken to her like a true leader and she was left speechless. He sincerely cared for the good of his father's people. Kagome smiled. She reached up to the bedpost at the end of the bed and pulled herself up on her good leg. Inuyasha reached out to help her, but she motioned him away, letting him know she was fine.

"Inuyasha," Kagome said with a sweet smile. "I don't think I have ever heard you speak the way you did just now."

"Feh!" Inuyasha said crossing his arms. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"You know," Kagome said looking away as if she were recalling memories. "You led us all the way across Japan from the Eastern Lands. You always were kind of our unspoken leader, protecting us…caring for us. You looked after us the entire way here. You deserve to be happy. I want you to do what your heart tells you to do. This may be just my opinion…but…you say you want a ruler just like your father. Well…I never really knew your father, but I do know what kind of ruler he was…and Inuyasha…I've never seen someone more like your father, than the person who stands before me now."

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow and looked at her. He smiled, but said nothing. He really didn't have to. His smile told everything. Kagome thought Inuyasha was just like his father…and all but said she thought he should choose to rule the Western Lands. It really was a compliment to him. Inuyasha had always wanted to be just like his father. He had always admired him and how his people had loved and respected him. Inuyasha still had no idea what to do, however. The longer he waited to make a decision, the more likely his father's people would be placed in harm's way again without a ruler to protect them.

"I need to make a decision soon," Inuyasha said, apparently growing frustrated with the situation. "I just don't know what to do or who to appoint. I want to do what's best for my father's people. I want to make the right decision."

Kagome smiled and placed a hand on his cheek drawing him closer towards her. Their faces were mere inches apart. Inuyasha blushed slightly and placed his left hand on her waist. She stared into his eyes and he stared into hers.

"And you will," Kagome said softly. "Just take your time…and follow your heart. I know you'll make the right decision." Inuyasha nodded and leaned into her touch.

"Thank you, Kagome," Inuyasha said so low that she almost didn't hear him. He was still too much of a tough guy to show too much gratitude. Kagome smiled and rested her head on his shoulder. Inuyasha blushed, but melted into the embrace as well. He rested his cheek atop her head and wrapped his arms gently around her waist.

`Inuyasha,' Kagome thought. `I want you to be happy. I want you to make the right decision…even if that means you become Lord of the Western Lands. You would make such a great leader. You are so much like your father. But I know…that should you choose to rule the Western Lands…I may never see you again. But…I guess…we all have to make sacrifices…for the good of the people.'

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